Working Hard

We’re fortunate that we both work out of our house. Our offices are set up in a spare room. You glance over at me sitting at my computer working and see how tense I am. The muscles across my shoulders straining against my shirt. I bring my hands up to massage my neck as my head bends forward.

As you try to work on your computer you are constantly distracted by the movements of my head and arms that you catch in the corner of your eye. You lean back in your chair and look at me again.

“You need to relax baby,” you tell me.

Quietly, you stand and walk over to my chair. You run your fingers lightly over my shoulders and through my hair. I move my head back against your hand as you bend forward and kiss my forehead softly.

As you move around to the front of my chair, you kneel down in front of me and look up at my face saying, “Let me see what I can do to help you.”

Seeing the anticipation in my expression, you run your hands over my body and stop to unbutton my jeans. As you undo them, I raise my hips so you can slide them down easy. You slide down the zipper then pull down my shorts and jeans. I sit back down and raise my feet as you tug my jeans off. My cock is hard and waiting already. You move closer to me and touch me with your hand. I moan softly.

“Oh, sweetie, you are waiting for me,” you whisper. “My mouth is hot and ready for you.”

I salivate as I think of you wrapping your tongue and lips around my hard cock. I spread my legs wide and you slowly move towards me. Your left hand comes up to hold my cock steady, while your right hand runs over my balls. You bend my bursa escort bayan hard cock towards your face.

I moan softly as I settle back in my chair. You run my cock over your face. You feel it touching your skin, the head of my cock is so smooth.

“I love this,” I whisper to you as I reach my hand out and run my fingers through your hair.

You know I am watching your every move with a smile on my face. Your mouth opens as you move your lips towards my cock. Your tongue slips out of your mouth and touches the head. Loosening your hand you let my cock fall onto your tongue. You keep your tongue still so that I can see my cock laying on it, waiting for you to take it into your mouth. My cock jumps and a drop of hot cum appears on the head.

“Beautiful,” you whisper.

The drop of cum starts to slide off my cock and you wait until it rolls onto your tongue. Your mouth is still open, with your tongue out and the head of my cock resting on your tongue. You can feel my cock getting bigger and harder as it lays there, knowing the sight is arousing me further.

Pulling your head away you use the bit of cum on your tongue to moisten your lips. Opening your mouth you move towards me again. My cock seems to reach for you, throbbing as you move closer. I moan as I feel your hot breath on my cock.

Again you use your tongue to support my cock as you take it into your mouth. You keep your mouth open so I can see myself slide over your tongue and enter your mouth.

“Your tongue feels like fire on the underside of my cock,” I whisper hoarsely.

“You are so hard,” gorukle escort you reply.

My cock slides over your tongue and into your mouth. You adjust your head and relax your throat muscles so I can slide in deeper.

“Oh, gaaaaaaaaawd,” I groan.

Your lips close over my cock as I slide deeply into your throat. You can feel me start to spasm so you move your head. Again my cock rests on your tongue outside of your mouth as more cum slides off the head onto your tongue. You let me see and my cock jumps on your tongue in response.

You control all of your desires to lick and suck me so you can show me how this looks. You want me to see my cum there on your tongue. Desire rises in you as you think of how this must look. Slowly you pull your tongue back into your mouth with my cock on it, wrapping your lips tightly as you suck my cock deeply into your mouth.

I groan and grip the arms of my chair. I move my hips forward to press my cock even deeper into your mouth. You curl your tongue around my cock and your lips hold it tight as I move into you. You suck on me more.

“So hot,” I whisper, “my balls are churning, can you feel them?”

You touch my balls with a hand and you massage them gently. You move your mouth off my cock.

“I want to know when you are ready to cum,” you whisper when you slide my cock out of your mouth, “I want to have my mouth open so you can see your cum on my tongue.”

I nod in agreement, barely able to speak. You suck on my cock again, hard, and draw it back into your mouth. I feel my cock slide over your tongue and bursa merkez escort bayan into your throat. You move your lips back and forth on my cock, massaging it with your tongue and using your lips to hold it tightly.

You moan in delight as you feel my cock engorge. You increase your movements, licking and sucking, moving me in and out of the back of your mouth and throat. The sides of my cock seem to throb against your lips. You massage my balls gently, and make sounds of pleasure and I move my hips forward sliding my cock deeper into your mouth.

You can feel I am getting ready to cum. You lick and suck on my cock, arousing me to the point where you can feel my cock jumping inside your mouth at the slightest movement.

“Now!” I call out with a strangled groan.

You use your mouth, lips and tongue as my cock throbs in your mouth. You can feel me arching my body more towards you so you pull back. You hear me gasp as you move your mouth off my cock. You hold your tongue out and let my cock rest on it. You stroke the base of my cock with your fingers.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I cry out as my body spasms.

The cum explodes from my cock. You tilt your head a bit and let my cum spurt into your mouth covering your tongue. You hold your mouth open so I can see. After I stop throbbing and spurting you look up at me. Your eyes are bright as I stare at your mouth.

You resist the urge to swallow, wanting me to savor the sight of my cum there in your mouth.

Finally I tell you. “Swallow it,”

You start to let my cum slide down your throat. I watch fascinated. As I watch you take it down, you lick your lips slowly, then stand and kiss me passionately, allowing me to taste my juice on your tongue.

With a big smile on my face I say, “There are some great advantages to working at home!”

Smiling back at me you say, “Now now, break time’s over, back to work!”

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