Wrestler Fucks for Dorm Rent Pt. 07

Samuel Tanner (20 yrs.) stands at 5’10” and weighs a 184 lbs. He has a white and shiny bald head with a big chest and broad shoulders. He’s a mean college wrestler who makes others fear him. He had gotten tired of his single dorm room and applied for a bigger one the following semester. His athletic scholarship could cover a larger room too. He was told to talk with the office of college housing.

Susan Asherman (32 yrs.) handles student athlete housing and financial payments. She’s single and a former athlete (32-24-32) whose black hair falls to her shoulders. Samuel had called her, but she held him off until the end of the semester. He decides to go over to college housing.

Susan sits at her desk and looks out of the window. Samuel walks toward the office wearing tight jeans and a college t-shirt. She notices his muscular thighs and the crotch bugle under those jeans. The sunlight reflects off of his shiny bald head.

Samuel steps into the office and strides over to Susan’s desk.

He asks, “Can you help me? I’m looking for Susan Asherman?”

She smiles, “That’s me. How can I help you?”

He answers, “I’m Samuel Tanner. I called you several times about a bigger dorm room.”

She says, “Yes, I got your calls. Your dorm is too small?”

He answers, “Yes, it is. I was hoping that escort bursa a larger dorm would be available this coming semester. My scholarship can cover a more expensive dorm too.”

She says, “I found something after two students moved off campus.”

He asks, “How big?”

She answers, “Twice the size of yours. I can show you the dorm tomorrow night. Don’t let anyone know that I showed it to you.”

He chuckles, “Okay, I won’t say anything.”

She replies, “I’ll leave the keys with you after we look at the dorm.”

It’s Saturday night inside a large dorm room. Three ceiling lights brighten up that room. Clothes, socks and shoes leave a trail across the floor. A queen-size bed mattress stands against the wall with a strong wooden bed post.

Both Susan and Samuel are naked on top of that mattress. His wrists are handcuffed around that vertical bed post. He’s on his back with both legs spread open. She is kneeling in between those legs with her hair tied into a ponytail. His bald head lifts up to watch what she’s doing.

Susan’s right hand grips his large, round balls. She deep throat’s the length of his 6 and 3/4-inch cock.

She’s been “Teasing” him by sucking and stopping and then sucking again. It drives him crazy who tries to hold it together.

He says, “Fuck… bursa merkez eskort Take it all in… Take it.!!”

Her wet lips clamp hard over his shaft and they slide down touching his black crotch. Those lips come back up and lift off of his throbbing member.

She whispers, “You’ve got such big balls Samuel.”

His wrists pull on those handcuffs.

He replies, “S-Suck me dry… Suck me dry.!!”

Her lips clamp around his shaft again. She goes down and back up gripping him tightly.

Down and Back up…. Down and Back up…. She lift’s off of his cock-tip once more.

He replies, “You F-Fucking tease… Fucking tease… I-I can’t take it.!!”

His wrists pull on those handcuffs.

Her lips clamp hard around his shaft again and she goes all the way down. She holds his length down her throat for a few seconds. She then goes up and down as tightly as she can.

Up and Down…. Up and Down…. Up and Down.

He responds, “Ohhh… Fuckk… F-Fuckk… Susan… G-Gonna Fucking-Explode.!!!”

She goes up and down his shaft a few more times. She finally holds his shaft down her throat.

Samuel explodes, “Ohhh-Ohh-Gu-aaaawwwwdddd.!! Fucking-Gaaawwwddd.!! Gaaawwwddd.!! My-Gawd.!!!”

His load slides down her throat.

35 bursa sınırsız escort minutes later. Both Susan and Samuel are still naked on top of the bare mattress. This time she is handcuffed to the vertical bed post. She lays on her back with both legs bent at the knees and spread open. Her hair hangs loose covering her face as she breathes hard.

He kneels in between her legs and leans over onto his strong fists. They are placed on both sides of her waist. His eyes look down at his stiff cock which is buried inside of her shaved pussy. His black crotch hits her “bare lips” after each thrust.

He whispers, “You’re such… A Fucking Tease… I Love A Fucking Tease.”

Both of her wrists pull on those handcuffs.

She replies, “Unhh.. Unnhh.. I-I… Love your… Big Ballzzz.”

He replies, “Oh yeah…? Oh yeah…? Do you want… Another big load?!!”

She answers, “Yes… Yes… S-Samuel… Y-Yesss.!!!”

His eyes keep watching his shaft push in and pull out.


She replies, “Unnh.. Unnhh.. Unnnhh.. G-Gawd.. My-Gawd.!!”

He grunts, “You’re a… Fucking Tease.. Aren’t you.!!? Aren’t you..!!?”

Her hands struggle with the handcuffs.

She answers, “Yes I am… Samuel… I am… A Fucking Tease.!!”


He grunts, “Fuck… You’re gonna… Get it… Fucking get it.!!”

He thrusts a few more times and then stops.

Samuel explodes, “My-Guu-aaaaawwwwwddddd.!! Fucking-Gaaaawwwwdddd.!! Gu-aaawwwddd.!!”

She watches his muscular body clench and squirm through a powerful orgasm.

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