A Friend’s New Direction

I met my girlfriend, Claire, for lunch recently and we caught up on our most recent adventures while eating and watching the crowds pass by on a busy NYC sidewalk.

As many of you know, I cuckold my husband but recently we have lightened up on it, for how long I can’t say. I still see other guys but now my dear hubby is in the mix again, as well. I went first and filled Claire in on a recent Sunday morning gathering with my hubby and three new friends, each having a turn with me and one vigorous fellow having a second turn as a finale. I was a total cum-filled mess after 5 big loads were pumped into my married pussy. Hubby enjoyed adding his load instead of just watching as has been his usual cuckold routine for so long.

After we ordered two espressos and an Italian dessert to share it was Claire’s turn to fill me in on her doings. With her husband’s knowledge she had been seeing another guy for several years. It was a familiar routine of going out to dinner Friday evening at a nice restaurant then her spending the night at his place. Sometimes she’d spend all of Saturday with him as well and sleep over a second night, returning home on Sunday morning. So I was expecting to hear something about which restaurant they had gone to and what they had ordered. Instead she surprised me by saying, “Omg, Tammy, I met someone!.”

I was caught totally off guard as Claire seemed so settled into her routine with her hubby during the week and seeing Eddie, her date night guy, on weekends. She could tell I was surprised by this news so she launched right into the story.

“I had to attend a trade show for work recently,” she began. “You know how much I hate them but my boss insisted I go. It was down in Philly so I took the train down and booked into my hotel where the show was held. The first day went by and I was hoping to get finished early on the second so I could catch the train back in time to meet Eddie for dinner at some new restaurant he’d heard about. But before I could get out of there a man approached me and started asking questions about our business. I could tell he was a potential client so I gave up thoughts of leaving early in hopes of making the show a success. I texted Eddie saying I might be getting in late so he should re-book for Saturday night. Getting that out of the way I smiled at my potential new client and extended my hand to shake his. Instead he raised it to his lips and kissed the back of it in the French manner. I was a bit flustered and he smiled over my hand still holding it.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Claire, I hope we can do good business together.” He let go of my hand and smiled, “If you are free let me take you to dinner and we can discuss whether out companies could further their mutual interests.”

I agreed, figuring I’d text Eddie after dinner with an updated time and we proceeded to the elevator, taking it to the rooftop restaurant. After pulling my chair out and seating me he sat down opposite me and we began exchanging some personal information. I told him I was happily married and had no kids. I didn’t think it was pertinent to mention my boyfriend, Eddie. He said he too was married and had 2 children. He took out his wallet and showed me their photos. His wife was attractive but rather plainly dressed by NYC standards. The kids, a boy and girl, looked happy and bright.

We chatted lightly through dinner, enjoying one another’s company. When it was time for dessert I declined and he suggested we escort bursa have coffee and a nite cap in his room. I accepted and we took the elevator a few floors down. Once inside he took me in his arms and kissed me. I kissed him back, pressing my body into his as he back-walked me towards the big bed. I could feel his bulge pressing into me and as he sat me down on the edge of the bed I was staring directly at it.

As he looked down at me he smiled and said, “Open my pants and take my cock out, I want to watch you suck it.”

I looked up smiling and said, “That’s a great idea!” I should mention here that he was of east Asian ethnicity, His family had moved to the US when he was quite young and he attended schools in the Midwest, so he spoke perfect, unaccented English. His skin was a light brown. “Not as dark as you in summer, Tam,” she teased, knowing how dark my olive skin tanned during the summer when I spend a lot of time at the beach.

“Anyway,” she continued, “I undid his belt buckle, unzipped his fly then reached in and brought out his fairly hard cock. Given his skin color I was surprised at how dark it was, like you in late September, hon,” she teased again. I should point out that Claire and I spent summers together at the beach, I tanned easily and she did not. Her fair Danish skin burned easily, so where I ran around all day in my bikinis she stayed under the umbrella and often wore a coverup as well.

“I know you’re wondering how big it was, Tammy,” she smiled as she held her hands apart to show me. It wasn’t a huge space between her hands but she explained, “It was about 2″ longer than Eddie’s which is 2” longer than my hubby’s. And much thicker than either of them. But more than anything it was the color that excited me the most. That dark chocolate brown of his cock contrasted so nicely against my pale, white hand. For once I didn’t envy you your olive skin!

He told me to tug his pants and shorts down, so I did, which exposed his dark balls to my view. I must have groaned because he reached down and tipped my chin up to look at him, “Lick my brown balls, my little white bitch,” he grinned. I swear my pussy clenched so hard on hearing that my panties were drenched by my juices!

I was still holding his fully hard cock so I raised it and tipped my head at an angle so I could lick his big brown balls all over. “That’s it, lick every square inch of them then I’ll let you suck my brown cock,” he assured me.

After some time I felt my scalp stinging; he had gripped a fistful of my blonde hair and yanked me forward off the bed onto my knees. He then sat where I had been and yanked me into position between his parted thighs. He leaned back on one hand as the other pulled my head over his fully engorged cock, the flared head stretched tight. “Worship my dark cock, Claire and then I will fuck your married pussy like it’s never been fucked before!”

I went at it eagerly fully believing he meant what he said. His groans as I sucked his cock were getting louder so I thought he was about to explode in my mouth.

Instead he yanked my head again and pulled me off it. My mouth gaped as I gasped for air, like a fish out of water. He laughed at the sight of me looking this way. “Stand up, white bitch,” he demanded, letting go of my long hair. I shakily got up and stood before him. “Go pour me a whiskey, then after you give it to me I want you to strip down and get naked for me.”

(Let me interject here that bursa merkez eskort Claire is stunning. She is 5’9, 120lbs, 36D breasts, a slender waist, long toned legs, long, natural, platinum blonde hair and such amazing pale blue eyes that most people can only steal glances at them such is their beauty.)

I went to the mini-bar. poured his whiskey, then brought it to him; he took it and sipped, “Well, bitch, what are you waiting for, strip!” I was wearing a pearl white blouse and a black skirt. I started to unbutton the blouse as he watched and my same-colored lace demi-bra was revealed. He smiled, then sipped his whiskey and said, “Remove your top but leave the bra on for now.” I did as he instructed then waited. “Remove your skirt,” he said next. I undid the button and lowered the side zipper then removed my skirt revealing the matching lace thong I wore under it.

He sipped again then indicated with his finger that I should make a full circle so he could see me from all sides. I turned slowly, even pausing slightly when my ass faced him before completing the turn. “Excellent,” he smiled, I can see you like to obey me, isn’t that so?” I nodded in agreement but he wanted to hear it. “Say it out loud, bitch.”

“I like to obey you.” I surprised myself by how easily that came out of my mouth. He smiled and told me to walk to the door and back, so I did.

( Claire and I had both done runway modeling of lingerie and bikinis in our 20’s so I knew she could struct her stuff.)

I walked to the door, did the model spin, rested one hand on my hip, then walked back.to him. I could tell by his expression he wasn’t expecting me to be so adept at it. He nodded in appreciation then told me to go open the curtains to the large window overlooking the city. I walked to the window and stood to one side as I pulled the curtain open. It was dark out and hard to see past the room reflections in the glass. I didn’t think there were any buildings nearby but couldn’t tell for sure as I tried to peer out.

“Move to the middle of the window, Claire, then unhook and remove your bra so your big tits are exposed to the outside world.” I did as he instructed, knowing it was unlikely anyone was close enough to see them bared but it still was a bit unsettling not knowing.

While I had been doing that he had gotten off the bed and silently crossed the carpet standing behind me. I felt his hand lie flat between my bare shoulder blades pushing my breasts against the cold glass, mashing them and making my nipples tingle. His head leaned close to my ear and he whispered softly, “Look what a married slut you are, Claire, bare tits pressed to the glass for the world to see, maybe not closeup but someone with a telescope could be admiring them right now.”

I shivered at the thought, thinking it unlikely but still finding it erotic that this man I met just hours ago had taken charge of me so easily. Next, I felt his hand move between me and the glass, sliding into the top of my thong, pausing briefly at my narrow landing strip, then moving down over my bare lips feeling my wetness. “My god, Claire, you are so wet!” he exclaimed gleefully as he cupped my pussy so the edge of his palm pressed against by clit. “Did you think when I first approached you at the trade show you’d end up like this?”

“No, of course not!” I protested, “I’m not that….” then I paused.

“You’re not what? Not “that kind of girl,” he mocked bursa sınırsız escort as he pushed me closer to the glass, my tits totally flattened against it and my face sideways with one cheek to the glass. “I think you are very much that kind of girl, in fact, the second I laid eyes on you I imagined this moment because I knew your were this kind of girl.”

He turned me around to face him, my mashed tits resuming their normal shape and the nipples both pointy hard. My back was now against the cold glass and my ass was flattened against it just like my tits had been. As he eyed my tits he said, “Let them see your ass now, that slut-thong barely covers anything buried between your cheeks.”

My face colored a bit with embarrassment at his words though in all likelihood no one was actually seeing my ass. He kissed me roughly and I tasted the whiskey on his lips. He poured some on my breasts and I felt it running over them and onto my belly. He started licking the whiskey off my tits then followed the trail to my belly button. I was moaning as his tongue slid over my whiskey-wet skin. He had gotten down onto his knees and with one finger pulled the thong elastic out and poured some whisky down my landing strip onto my already wet pussy lips. He looked up smiling as he set the glass on the floor and used both hands to peel the wet thong off me, sliding it between my ass and the glass then leaving it around my ankles. He started licking the droplets off my pussy lips,up over my clit, up to my belly button and then back down. Then he shoved his tongue inside my very wet pussy and without warning my pussy clenched on it and I started to cum, “Oh fuck! I’m cumming!.” I cried out. He mumbled something but I was so overtaken I couldn’t make sense of it.

When my orgasm subsided I blurted out the most ridiculous thing, “Oh shit, I was supposed to text Eddie to let him know if I was getting back the city tonight!”

I heard a noise and looked down; my new friend was literally rolling on the floor laughing at the absurdity of my comment… I stepped over him to grab my phone when I felt him grab my ankle, “Yes, tell Eddie that you were so busy getting your hot, little, married pussy licked that you forgot to text him. Then tell him as soon as you finish texting I’m going to fuck that same pussy with my big brown cock!”

I somehow managed to type that my last meeting was running late so I decided to stay over and return in the morning. I put my phone back in my bag then turned around.to see he was now lying on his back one hand on the base of his dark cock as it pointed at the ceiling. “Get you ass over her, slut,” he demanded, “and sink on this hard brown cock!”

I moved closer and straddled his lower body above his cock, I lowered myself so my knees were on either side of him and my pussy was angled above it so as I lowered towards him, he could line the head up with my entrance. I felt it part my lips and I gasped as the big head entered my pussy. “Sink onto it, my sexy white slut,” he encouraged me. I did as he said, letting my body weight sink me onto his cock. The color of it didn’t matter now but I imagined that dark flesh inside my pink pussy. It was big but not too big. It stretched me but I could handle it. It was better than Eddie’s cock and way better than my hubby’s much smaller cock. When my ass touched his balls I knew I had taken all of it. I opened my eyes to see him smiling up at me. I smiled back and began to ride him. He put his hands behind his head and grinned at me.

(At this point our waiter had been circling anxiously for some time now. I checked the time and realized we had run way past our usual lunchtime. I made Claire promise me to finish her story at our next lunch which we decided would be sooner than later!)

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