Finally Sally Gets Her Prize

This in an ongoing narrative of my journey into my newly discovered bisexuality..

Chapter 03: Sally

It had been over a month since my time at Cambridge and the wonderful experience I shared with Emma, those images of her sexy body now firmly planted in my mind, the times we explored each other’s bodies and the numerous orgasms we gave each other. I’ve been masturbating every day since remembering every little, kiss, every lick and certainly every orgasm.

It had been an incredible awakening of my bisexuality and from the moment we departed I knew she was a special person in my life and we’d meet up again and enjoy each other’s bodies with the same intense desire and lust for each other. However the dominant thought right now was that of my relationships and feelings towards Sally and most of all Valerie.

Both Sally and Valerie had pushed my most intimate and secret desires to the brink of exposure and now that I’d taken those first fulfilling steps with Emma I wanted more. It was never going to be difficult with Sally as she had been flirting with my hormones for the past 12 months and only during the last 4 month or so had I seen it as something more direct and sexual. Having sex with Sally was going to be a joy to plan and I knew it would become an on-going thing for sure, I think you could say it was a “banker”

Valerie however was another situation all together, just the thought of this mature goddess of a woman holding me, kissing me and potentially making love to me made me go all flush and weak at the knees, pictures of her in my mind instantly made my pussy ache and nipples harden, I’d lay in bed at night thinking of the fun and pleasures I could have with Sally, but when it came to Valerie I’d become so very aroused and it was always her in my mind at the time of orgasm, I was beginning to have her in my mind most of the time, most of the days.

Another week went by before I had arranged for Sally to come over, I’d planned it so she could keep me company whilst mum and dad were out and so giving us the chance to be alone together, I had pondered how I would turn the tables and seduce her and after many sexy scenarios thought the best bet was the usual underwear topic. We always talked about clothes and Sally always took the conversation onto underwear, occasionally we’d look on line at some sexy lingerie web sites and usually she wanted to show me her latest purchases, but I never really exposed myself to her in a sexual way, but that was about to change….

I’d recently purchased a lovely peach coloured matching bra and pant set, the bra was very pretty as you’d expect but best of all the cups were completely see through as was the front of the little panties, if I stood in front of sally in only bra and pants she’d see more of me than ever before, and not only that she’d clearly see my nipples erect and then looking down she’d be able to see my bare smooth pussy too.

The scenarios I had painted were very sexy but I wanted her to be in a similar state of undress and vulnerable to my plan, then I thought about getting her to try on some of my underwear which was becoming too tight for my developing boobs, perfect!

I smiled to myself as my plan became clearer and more devilish, I was going to try on my new items and also ask Sally if she wanted to try them too, she wasn’t much smaller than me in the boob department, but it was obvious that I was a little fuller than her and filled them out better. And so the night came round and I was pretty excited long before Sally was due to arrive, we’d been shopping together in the afternoon so Sally knew exactly what I’d purchased, after saying our goodbyes until later I went home and relaxed in a bath for ages and taken time to shave my pussy to the smoothest it had ever felt. Usually I just use the ladyshave to trim my pussy but tonight I wanted silky smooth skin and know only a waxing or proper wet shave would do, even whilst doing that I was aroused and touched myself many times before slipping the handle of dads razor inside my young pussy, it all ended with me finishing my shave and then masturbating in the bath to a wonderful slow and powerful orgasm.

Sally arrived around 7:30pm before my parents left around 8pm, they said they’d be back around midnight so don’t wait up if I didn’t want to, and help ourselves to a bottle of wine if we wanted. So there we were my pretty blonde haired friend Sally and me, as always we went through familiar topics and spoke about the usual suspects but unlike other occasions I was making sure Sally drank more wine the I did and it helped topping mine up with water!

Being honest though Sally wouldn’t need alcohol to play the games she usually plays and within half an hour of me getting my brother and sister to bed and us being alone she was following a familiar orhangazi escort path of turning the conversation onto sexual matter; along with that I’d ensured the dvd I had put on had many love scenes in giving us another reason to dirty talk.

Sally looked really pretty in her white summer dress accessories with a patent white leather belt and flat shoes, her bra was a very pale pastel yellow and so I assumed her panties were too. Her top was quite low cut allowing me to see plenty of her chest and the edges of her pretty bra and as she sat with crossed legged on the sofa opposite me I could see bare skin up to the middle of her thighs.

If I were to describe Sally I’d say she was very pretty in a young woman sort of way, you’d question her for ID even if she were in her twenties but her short cropped blonde hair was complemented by lovely green eyes and a smile to melt your heart, standing a few inches smaller than my 5’10” she was a size 10 at the most and I’d say she was a 34B bra size, in fact I know she was as we have had that bra size conversation on many occasions.

I was wearing a pretty little flowered dress with lots of frills, only this time I wasn’t wearing the usual tights but had my peach panties set on, I think Sally noticed the absence of the tights because the dress is quite short and without them it’s quite revealing. I was so enjoying the feeling of Sally’s eyes follow me around the room that I was becoming quite aroused and in turn more daring, when I filled her wine glass and was giving it back to her instead of handing it to her I placed it on the floor and so gave her a full view of my breasts as I bent over, and before I stood back up I looked up to catch Sally red handed ogling my breasts; I smiled a knowing smile and giggled:-

I really wanted to just grab her and kiss her, or put her on the spot but something held me back and the desire within my gut grew and grew, my nipples were beginning to ache and my pussy was throbbing with all of my pent up lust I felt for this young woman, but at the same time the game was so fulfilling it couldn’t end here.

“That’s a lovely bra Beth, is it new?” Sally said

“Oh yes” I stammered, “It’s from Oasis, but I seem to be growing out of bra’s quite quickly”

That was my cue to put the plan into action, but to my surprise Sally beat me to it,

“Noo, all of those pretty bra’s you have!”

“I know” I said shrugging my shoulders “but hey, it’s no issues so long as my boobs are getting bigger and not smaller!” I laughed

“I know” I chirped up and then stopped to ponder

“oh no, forget that, you wouldn’t want my cast off underwear!”

“What, are you kidding” she quickly responded, I’d love any of you stuff, it’s always so pretty and feminine”

“Tell you what, why don’t we go up to my room and see what we can sort out”

I grabbed her hand as we both grabbed our drinks and skipped up the stairs to my bedroom, Sally jumped onto my bed sitting with crossed legs and allowing her the hem of her dress to pull tight between her thighs. I knew that if I wanted to I’d be able to bend down a little and see right up to her crotch and see her knickers just like all the other times, only this time things seemed more sexually charged and much more likely to end in us finally playing with each other.

“Right then” I said in an authorative voice, “let’s see what I have in here”

I pulled my drawer right out and placed in on the bed, in it were 20 or so nearly new bra’s many of which had matching panties too, I was clear on what I was going to do as I’d played out the scenario many times in my mind. I wanted to feel like I felt standing in front of Emma and revealing my body to my voyeur’s eyes, and so my thing was to decide which bra does, or doesn’t still fit, simple!

Sally just sat there and began to rummage through the collection, “ooing” and “arghing” about this bra and that bra, but for me it was time, this was the moment which I’m positive Sally had dreamed about, and the moment our friendship was about to change forever, with a big gulp of wine I continued with my plan

“I’m not sure which still fit and which don’t, so I’ll have to try them on first”

“That’s fine with me” came the reply, but unusually for Sally it was a meek almost nervous response, and not her usual chirpy one

“Blimey” I thought to myself “I’ve got her exactly where I want her” and when I looked into her eyes I knew I had her fully undivided attention, all those time Sally was getting off on flashing me her boobs, knowingly exposing her skimpy panties and the many sexual innuendo she’d enjoyed but now she was in my control and about to get her wishes granted.

I felt a little bit nervous but a lot excited, without doubt my nipples would be very hard and obviously noticeable nilüfer escort but Sally hadn’t seen them in the flesh before so it might not be that much of a giveaway. Suddenly it dawned on me I was wearing a dress and so couldn’t just remove my top to swap my bra over, to continue with my plan I’d need to remove my pretty dress and stand before Sally in just bra and panties. I think Sally had realised the same thing at the same time and as I spun around to face her and pick a bra Sally was clearly distracted with what was about to happen, not her usual probing confident self, but quietly sitting there watching my every move.

“Well, here goes” I told myself and reached for a bra from the drawer

I chose a conservative white one which was pretty but not too revealing and as to make it as natural as possible I placed it on my dresser and turned away from Sally’s prying eyes, with my back to her I lifted my dress up and over my head knowing her eyes were probably feasting on my bottom and proceeded to unclip my bra and swap them over.

We continued to chat and I half turned to look at her knowing the profile of my young breast would be very obvious to her, by the time I turned fully to show her that the bra still fitted her eyes were fixed upon the chest and she looked more than a little flush.

Here I was now standing in front of one of my best friends in just my pretty little panties and a nice white bra, I felt so naughty and so turned on but tried to keep my cool as far as Sally was concerned, watching her eyes move up and down my body was amazing and then when she stopped and her eyes rested on my panties I almost wet myself.

Feeling her eyes burning into my pussy was wonderful and knowing that she’d be able to see I was completely shaved down there took my inner desires to another level, my plan now was to change to another bra but this time a smaller tighter one and this time without turning away from her gaze.

That exactly what I had planned and now was the time to finally offer my young body to my voyeur friend,

“I think I’ll keep this one” I said quietly as I reach around to unclip the strap

Sally eyes were all over me but as she realised I was removing the bra her eyes quickly settled on my chest again, she was now quite a fidget and not able to sit still confirming that I was having the desired effect on her, I could see little bumps in her top confirming she was aroused but I guess I didn’t need that to know I was fulfilling my objective. Finally I allowed the strap to fall and pushed one then the other shoulder strap of my shoulders, as my hands reach up to cradle my breasts I leant forward and allowed the bra to fall into my hands, in turn it revealed my very hard nipples standing proud on my firm young breasts.

As I allowed the bra to fall I stood proud only feet away from Sally, I was complete bare apart from the little panties which did little to hide my modesty, Sally stared at my breasts with an open mouth as I just stood there offering my body for her viewing pleasures. I giggled about my hard nipples and pretended to be embarrassed and cover up, Sally quickly replied and told me I had and amazing body and that my breasts were perfect. For those few moments I felt like I was floating and at the same time my pussy was throbbing as much as my heart was thumping!

As I bent over for the next bra her eyes never left my boobs and I deliberately stayed bent over for a longer period of time than I needed to, just so she could feast her eyes on my firm titties; and she didn’t let me down at all. The look on her face was so perfect, it confirmed to me she was very aroused and without warning her right hand lifted to her breast to lightly caress it. I’m not sure if this was deliberate or just her desires getting the better of her.

Knowing my nipples were at bursting point and that Sally was exactly where I wanted her now left me with another quandary, how do I move it onto the next stage?, how do I turn this situation into my fantasy of full blown sex with my pretty girlfriend?

The first thing for me to do was to try on the bra I had picked up, it was a pretty pink and grey bra with little ribbons in it, I knew it was too small and would give me a lovely cleavage and so I proceeded to cover my breasts and ask Sally what she thought,

“You look beautiful” she said “Too beautiful!”

“Too beautiful?” I quizzed, “How can I be too beautiful?” and as I posed the question I unclipped the bra and offered it to Sally,

“Do you want to try it on?”

I’m not sure if it was a look of terror on Sally’s face or one of excitement, but suddenly her eyes were staring into mine like a scared rabbit in car headlights, I had to giggle to myself as she just sat there looking at me.

“Well, are you just going to sit türbanlı escort there gorping at me, or are you going to try this on?” and I handed her the bra.

Slowly she rose from the bed an as I covered my breasts and aching nipples with another pretty bra Sally placed herself right in front of me, not quite toe to toe but very much in my close personal space. For all the dialogue and innuendo Sally and I have had, we’ve never really been anywhere close to undressing in each other’s company and now here we were but aroused and I was almost naked.

“Come on” I giggled, “Let’s get this off” as I tugged at her belt “it’s not fair I am nearly starkers and you’re sitting there looking all pretty in you dress

“Beth!” she gasped, in a pseudo reluctant manner, pretending to show some sort of resistance but actually not making any moves to stop me. The next few moments seemed like moments of slow motion, the whole passage of the next minute seemed to last for an hour as I unbuckled her belt and pulled up on the waistband of her pretty summer dress.

I wanted her naked and she obviously wanted it too, moments later my pretty friend was standing in only her yellow bra and panties and looking like an angle for the planet sex!

“That’s better” I said “now am I going to have to fit the bra too?”

Sally paused as she looked right into my eyes and she smiled, “I think you need to fit it”

The intensity of my desire was overflowing and my hands were shaking as I stepped forward and reached under her arms and round her back to unclip her bra, all of the time Sally stared into my eyes however my eyes couldn’t resist dropping down to her soft breasts in anticipation of exposing her nipples and finally taking this situation to a place we both really wanted it.

As I pulled the strap from around her back the shoulder straps slipped off each shoulder and suddenly I had either hand millimetres away from the cups of her breasts, all I had to do now was pull the bra away and her breasts would be naked, I looked up for approval and still with a nervous look in her eyes she smiled. It was a knowing smile and one which made her look like a pretty little girl who would let me do anything I wanted, and so I did the only decent thing.

My eyes once again dropped to her breasts as her eyes followed, together we watched as I pulled the soft fabric away from her young curve to expose the pale soft skin of her breasts, wow was I so aroused! Sally’s nipples were small and pale pink in colour, also in comparison to Emma’s wonderful big breasts Sally still had the look of a youth rather than the fullness of a more mature woman, but saying that she couldn’t have looked any sexier than she did, my pussy was aching and my own nipples felt like bullets.

Another silent moment came as I stood admiring my pretty young friend, Sally just stood there as if you say “what do you want me to do next” until I looked up into her eyes again. At the same time I raised my hands to her breasts Sally stepped closer and without saying a word she reached under my arms to unclip the pretty bra I’d just put on.

So here I was, in my room standing in just my panties, toe to toe with another young woman who just happens to me one of my closest friends and who I know would let me do anything I wanted to to her, As Sally allowed my bra to drop to the floor her eyes feasted on my breast and simultaneously our fingers rested on soft skin and sensitive nipples. The feeling was electric, it was so exciting I felt my pussy twitch violently and I knew I could cum in seconds if I slid my hand in my panties.

Considering I thought I was in the driving seat I was a little surprised that Sally just dropped her mouth onto my breast and kissed my nipple before sucking it into her mouth, I felt her hips push into mine and her hand reach round my back to pull me closer, she was not letting me go and could tell all of her sexual desires were taking over her self-control.

For the next 5 minutes or so I held her head close as she moved from breast to breast, sucking and licking each hard nipple with my cries of pleasure obviously driving her on, my juices were flowing whilst so desperately wanting to touch myself or more preferably have Sally pleasing me but I knew it would happen very soon.

Suddenly Sally stopped, she stood upright and whispered “Beth, Kiss me” to which I responded immediately, it seemed so natural and felt so wonderful as our lips touched for the first time, that first kiss was so passionate and at such a highly charged moment I nearly wet my pants, then as our tongues touched and probed each other’s mouth I’m sure Sally was having mini orgasms.

This moment will stay in my mind forever as it is the beginning of our physical relationship on the other side of most people’s boundaries; it lasted for so long, deep passionate kissing with our bodies pressed tightly as if one complete unit, nothing about it felt alien or wrong and what made it even more electric was opening my eyes mid kiss to see those beautiful bright green eyes wantonly looking back at me.

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