Race Play Ch. 11

My name is Miranda Hill. A tall, red-haired and gray-eyed, forty-something white woman of Irish descent living in the city of Buffalo, New York. I’m openly gay, and work as a waitress in a restaurant. Life hasn’t been easy for me since my divorce from my ex-husband Joaquin. I’m just trying to make it through the hell that is my daily life. Some things you basically have to go through in order to understand. That’s just the way life goes.

I’ve always been a slut and a loser my entire life. Basically I drift from place to place, relationship to relationship because I’ve got zero structure in this life of mine. Fortunately, I met a strong black woman named Mistress Pauline and she brought structure into this life of mine. Mistress Pauline is the owner of Chez Pauline, the black-owned and Caribbean-themed restaurant where I work. When I first walked in, begging Mistress Pauline for a job, she took me in for the useless slut that I am.

Mistress Pauline understands who and what I am. She believes that white women are the laziest and most pampered creatures on the planet. When faced with real hardship, we tend to whine and eventually fold. We’re opportunists who almost always take the easy way out. And of course Mistress Pauline is absolutely right. That’s the way most white women are and I am no exception. I need someone stronger escort and smarter than me to take me in and bring structure into my life. Mistress Pauline is the strong black woman who gives me the structure and discipline that I need in my life.

Mistress Pauline showed me the value of hard work. Black women are stronger, faster, smarter and sexier than white women will ever be. Black women aren’t lazy or pampered. Most of them have to work for a living. They have to take care of themselves, their communities and their families. White women don’t have the same worries. Since white men used to run basically everything, white women could afford to be lazy whores. Now that people of color are dominating the workplace, and white men’s political and economic power has been reduced, white women can’t afford to live like pampered, lazy whores anymore. That is the wisdom that Mistress Pauline taught me.

Mistress Pauline put me to work in her restaurant. She made me wear a uniform and refer to her as Mistress. I wondered why and Mistress Pauline smacked me hard across the face. That’s what I get for questioning a strong black woman like her. According to Mistress Pauline, since black women are the strongest and smartest women in the universe, lazy white women like myself aren’t fit to question them. I apologized profusely bursa eve gelen escort for daring to question this strong black woman and promised her it would never happen again. Mistress Pauline accepted my apology. To prove myself to her, I worked hard in the restaurant and dedicated myself to being the best damn waitress I could. This meek white woman wanted to do her strong black mistress proud.

Life wasn’t all work and no play at Chez Pauline. When my mistress was mad at me, she gave swift canings to me. I don’t really mind because it’s what I deserve. Mistress Pauline is a strong and demanding black woman who likes to punish her white female servants. When one of us crosses the line, she likes to whip us back into shape. Sometimes quite literally. That’s okay by me because I am quite turned on by my mistress and her sensually authoritarian ways. She’s simply gorgeous when she’s angry.

Sometimes, in spite of my best efforts, my mistress had to punish me. When I made a mistake or became unruly, Mistress Pauline liked to put me in my place. Sometimes, she would bend me over her knees and spank my big white ass until it turned crimson. I would scream and yelp as my mistress heavy hands landed on my booty. Hot damn it hurt. Leaves my pale white ass all tingly and stuff. görükle escort Other times, my mistress asks me to get naked and show her my body. She would inspect my pussy and asshole with her fingers after putting on latex gloves. I didn’t really mind the inspections. Mistress Pauline likes it when her white female servants stay clean. Like I said before, this strong black woman is very demanding

Mistress Pauline sometimes likes to fuck me. It’s her right since she’s the dominant black mistress and I’m her devoted white female servant. Mistress Pauline whips out her strap-on dildo and inserts it into my asshole while fingering my pussy with her sleek fingers. I would scream like a woman possessed as she fucked me silly. While fucking me, Mistress Pauline berated me senselessly. She called me a useless slut and a lazy white whore. I endured my punishment because I knew deep down it’s what I deserved. I deserved to get dominated by a strong black female because I’m a lazy white woman living in America. I got off on her punishment, to tell you the truth.

Yes, my life has really changed since Mistress Pauline came into my life. I think it’s for the better. She’s strong, smart and ruthless. She is showing me the ropes. This strong black woman aims to transform me from a lazy white slut who benefits from being white in America into a self-sufficient and hard-working individual. I’m glad Mistress Pauline bothers with me. I’m lucky she’s in my life. I think of all the other women like me out there. If they had someone like Mistress Pauline around, they’d be better people. And the world would be a better place.

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