Restaurant Escapades

I glanced down the street for what was likely the millionth time in the past five minutes. Seeing only an elderly man and a mother with two children rambunctiously jumping about, I leaned back against the brick wall I was waiting at. The sun was going down, but the temperature was still hot and sticky and the brick was warm against my back from being heated by the sun all day. Every time I made a fidgety movement, which given my anticipation was quite often, the rough surface would scrape against my skin through my light cotton dress. I picked the cool dress to wear both for comfort and convenience. I constantly prayed that a strong breeze wouldn’t pass by and lift up my skirt, but then again…

It had been such a lovely day, meeting such a sweet girl with my lover. The initial awkwardness soon faded, and we joked and giggled like best friends. Of course more like best friends who were intending to fuck each other. The three of us got along splendidly for a first date, we talked about sex, we talked about our gaming interests and other nerdy qualities, my lover quickly tried to end any conversation that headed towards the direction of sports, but we just laughed and kept on. We knew that we’d have time for the three of us to play, to introduce her to the immense pleasure of experiencing a man and a woman at the same time. But tonight, tonight was for her and me.

I sighed and looked up again and immediately pushed away from the wall and grinned. Joellle was walking towards me in a sundress of her own that beautifully complimented her curvy body. At 5’8 she was significantly taller than my petite 5’2, a trait that I quite enjoyed. There really was nothing like the feeling of being both physically and mentally overpowered by another woman.

“Lizzie! You’re adorable! I’m so sorry I kept you waiting, I took a wrong turn and didn’t realize…”

I cut her off with a brief peck on the lips and grinned. “You’re forgiven! Now let’s eat!”

We turned and started walking down the sidewalk in the direction of the restaurant we had our reservations at. Chatting and lightly playing with each other as we walked. Caressing each other’s sides with a playful squeeze here and there. It was innocent and playful, describing us both to a T. But we both knew how the night would end, and the pleasant moments and the playful touches did nothing but start that slow burn that was bound to turn into an uncontrollable flame by the bursa eskort end of our night.

We eventually arrived at the cute Italian place and were seated in a booth by the window. Sitting across from one another, we smiled, feeling that typical awkwardness that inevitably happens as you sit down to eat dinner with a new acquaintance. I smiled, blushed and giggled a little and she responded similarly.

“Okay, this is silly, I’m breaking the awkward silence now! At this point there’s really nothing either of us has to be shy about!” I declared with a sly expression. “You look gorgeous tonight, you clean up well!” She let out a laugh and replied, “Well track clothes, sweat and mud aren’t really my best look.” Referencing our afternoon race across her campus that resulted in our competitive natures taking over and sabotaging the other girl by pushing them in a particularly muddy ravine. But I disagreed, she looked beautiful disheveled, covered in mud, flushed from the exercise and just full of joy. It was natural and genuine and made me look forward even more to pleasing her completely.

Conversation flew easily from there, us bantering back and forth, flirting brazenly with one another. And suddenly, as I was putting a forkful of eggplant parmesan in my mouth I felt her foot lightly graze my bare leg making its way up to my thigh, an easy feat for her mile long legs. A flush colored my face as I swallowed and made eye contact with her. She smiled sweetly and I playfully glared.

“Tease.” I accused. “Guilty!” She responded. I rolled my eyes and continued eating, when all of a sudden I felt a shift on my seat. I looked sideways and saw Joelle sitting demurely with her hands crossed on the bench next to me.

“Yes dear? Do you need something over here?” I asked sarcastically.

“Oh no! Carry on, don’t mind me!” She said waving her hands dramatically. I giggled nervously, suddenly on edge. I didn’t know Joelle all too well yet, but I knew enough to know she liked to make things topsy turvy on poor girls like me! I slowly leaned forward to cut my food when I felt her fingertips dance across my thighs, right on the hem of my sundress. I froze. Her fingers lightly continued moving, softly tracing up and down, teasing and tempting as they went.

“Why did you stop eating?” She asked softly, but the undertone clearly stated that I was to continue, she wanted me distracted, she wanted to bursa bayan escort see how long I could hold out. I continued. And so did her fingers. They deftly moved under the hem of my dress and stroked my thighs as they automatically opened to accommodate her hand. Slut, I thought to myself, your legs practically open on command! There was a slight tremor in my hand as I lifted my forkful of food to my mouth, chewing slowly, trying to concentrate on that and not on the pretty girl’s hands that were slowly dancing their way up my thighs.

My panties were slowly growing damper and damper, which was almost certainly directly correlated to her proximity to my pussy and the teasing nature of her actions. I was sure she could feel the heat radiating from me, but her fingers kept lightly pressing, getting close and then flitting away. Her nails were raking across my thighs and I had effectively ceased eating at this point. My juices kept flowing and she just leaned against me, lightly resting her chin on my shoulder, smirking softly. She leaned up, nipped my ear and grinned.

“I’ll be going to the bathroom now.” She said, her tone utterly taunting yet inviting. I watched her and her body sway through the tables, making her way to the one person bathroom on the other side of the restaurant. She exuded confidence as she walked, granted, who wouldn’t be confident knowing they just turned a girl into a quivering pile of goo and that she’d likely be tripping over herself eagerly to get to the bathroom. And, she’d be right.

As she disappeared from view I slowly stood up, smoothed out my skirt and followed the same path she just made on my way to the bathroom. As I got to the door I slyly looked to the side to ensure I hadn’t drawn the attention of myself, the coast was clear, and well, even if it wasn’t it would take a fire to stop me from going into that bathroom. I slid into the small room and deftly locked the door behind me.

The site I was then met with was an extraordinary one. Joelle stood leaning against the wall, dress up around her waist, no panties, and her fingers lightly touching her pussy which I could see glistening with juices in the fluorescent lighting.

“Is there something over here you’d like pretty girl?” She asked condescendingly. I nodded my head eagerly. “Yes, I do think I see something that looks quite appealing.” She donned an expression of bursa ucuz escort faux shock and looked down at her pussy, removing her fingers. “Oh! Do you mean this?! I do suppose my pussy could use a little attention, are you saying you’d like to pay it some attention?” I nodded and walked slowly over towards her, dropping to my knees in front of her, the cold tile pressing somewhat uncomfortably against me. With one hand pressed against the wall and the other bunching her skirt up around her hips, she parted her legs to allow me further access.

I gently placed my hands on her outer thighs and placed light kisses around her thighs, so close to her pretty little cunt, yet so far. I lightly leaned in and placed my mouth over her lips and slid my tongue out and rubbed it up and down the sides, never quite licking her clit. Her head fell back against the tile as breathy moans began coming out of her mouth, slowly picking up and becoming louder as I continued my teasing of her pussy.

“Lizzie! Please, my clit…pleaseee.” She whined out, I grinned and kept my face buried in her cunt, slowly licking up and down, applying just enough pressure. Apparently, as good as this must have felt, she had reached her limit, my hair was soon grabbed and yanked, my head jolting up. I looked up at Joelle, her juices coating my mouth liberally. “I said. Lick. My. Clit. Now. Slut, do you hear me?” We both nodded my head, her dragging it up and down with the grip she had on my hair and me because I was eager to please. I reattached my mouth to the spot she had requested and flicked my tongue over her clit, increasing in pressure gradually.

She started panting as I flicked my tongue rapidly over her clit, sucking it into my mouth and she screamed. “Oh god oh god, please please please!” Her hips twisted and pushed her cunt into my face even more, so close to the edge of orgasm. My jaw began to ache and my tongue felt tired but I wanted more than anything to make this beautiful girl come all over my tongue. As she continued to writhe, I rubbed my fingers against her hole and thrust two fingers into her, moving them in her deeply. I could feel her soft and wet insides spasm against me. And then, all of a sudden, her body tensed, her mouth opened and let out a silent scream and stuttered out “I’m coming!”

I removed my mouth from her and rested my head against her thigh. Feathering it with light kisses as she came down from her high. Her hand fell down to my head and lightly stroked it. “That was lovely” she said to me, out of breath, sounding like she just ran a mile. I smiled “I’m so very glad you enjoyed yourself.” She pulled me up, kissed me gently and nuzzled the side of my neck. “Mmm, now it’s your turn.” And I grinned.

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