Risk Versus Reward Ch. 18

Author’s Note

Risk Versus Reward is a prequel to Girl Friday and focuses on the story of Karin, the ‘H.R. Lady’ who provided Charlotte’s rather unique interview experience when she was hired. You do not need to read Girl Friday to understand what’s going on in Risk Versus Reward. But if you enjoy this story, Girl Friday should most definitely be on your reading list.

The last chapter of our continuing saga found Karin in the home of everyone’s favorite P.E. teacher, Betty Nguyen. But we discovered that Betty’s persona at home is very different from the one she displays at The Academy. We also find out that there is no love lost between Mistress Nguyen and Doctor Moreau.

Now that everything appears to have turned upside down, how will it play out for our young heroine and her girlfriend? Keep reading to find out.

I hope you enjoy Karin’s continuing story.


* * * *

Chapter 18: All Fucking For the Rest of the Day

I woke to the smell of something wonderfully breakfasty and a faint tingling in my buttocks as I looked over at the two empty spots in the big king-sized bed that dominated the small farmhouse bedroom. Mistress Nguyen had certainly given me a workout last night with twenty sharp smacks all over my tender ass. Granted I could have gotten off with just the original ten — I had Desi moaning and thrashing and ready to scream my name — but the closer she got, I purposely held back and didn’t push her over.

She was positively livid at being left in such a state when by all rights she should have been clutching the prize, and she started in swearing at me with some choice words that I’ve never heard fall from her lips before.

Betty Nguyen had looked absolutely pleased as punch when she asked me if I was sure this is how I wanted to play it. I pulled my face out of Desi’s crotch just long enough to smile and nod my agreement, after which I was subjected to ten more stinging stripes before I decided it was in my best interest to let Desi ultimately claim her release.

“How’s your ass, Baby?” Desi was holding a plate of Belgian waffles and ginning madly.

“Oh Desi, I think I’m in love.” I batted my eyes while I watched her rolled hers in return. “How do I look?”

“I don’t know, let’s see.” Desi set the waffles aside and unceremoniously yanked the rumpled comforter and top sheet from the bed in one fell swoop, leaving me naked and shivering in the cool morning air. “Roll over, Baby.”

I did as she asked.

“Oh my gawd.” Desi’s eyebrows were knitted together and her mouth made the shape of an O.

“What?” I said, “What? It doesn’t feel that bad. Oh my goodness, I’m not permanently damaged am I? Des?”

I watched a broad grin creeping over Desi’s face.

“You’re fine,” she said and looked rather pleased with herself for pulling one over on me.

I was just getting myself up to be in a better position to wrestle her to the bed when Betty Nguyen strode in clad in yet another elegant and loosely-tied silk robe. After putting my tongue back in my mouth I turned my thoughts to Betty’s closet and began to contemplate just what exactly was in there. As far as I could determine it held a red track suit for each day of the week, a nice selection of ravaging silk robes for the weekend, and maybe one tailored woolen suit — quite possibly with a bedazzled strap-on to match — for formal occasions and all. But I wasn’t feeling quite cheeky enough yet this morning to mention it.

Instead I slid out of bed and knelt on the floor. I kept my gaze lowered. “Good morning Mistress,” I said.

“Jeez Karin,” Betty laughed, “is that what Moreau has you trained up to do?”

“Um, no — uh — I just thought …” I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks.

“Relax, Honey. We’re not quite that formal at home.” She put a finger under my chin and raised my head.

I looked over at Desi who was absolutely grinning from ear to ear. So I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Let’s get one thing clear,” Betty said. “I don’t expect you girls to fetch my slippers, or make me toast the morning, or any of that fifties housewife crap. Though I don’t imagine I’d turn down a nice foot rub after breakfast while we discuss the remaining details of our business plan. But that’s it. After lunch it’s all fucking for the rest of the day. You girls cost me a lot of money last night and I plan to wring every penny’s worth out of your precious little hides.”

I didn’t think it was possible, but Desi’s grin got even bigger at the mention of the mistress collecting on our auction price, and while I knew that meant a good time for us, I pushed the thought aside for a moment. I was intrigued to get a more intimate look at what Miss Betty Nguyen was hiding under that robe and I thought it might be easier to do while I wasn’t pushed face first into the mattress, bouncing around and unable to see straight.

“Betty?” I said. “Would you be willing to talk business in the bath? I noticed last night bursa escort bayan that you have one of those old claw-foot tubs, and I thought …”

“Eat your waffles first, Karin.” Betty winked.

“Yes, Miss.”

* * *

“There’s no way we’re all going to fit in here. You know that, right?” Betty was staring at me with a frown while Desi fiddled with the taps.

“If you just prop your feet up on this end, I’ll rub them while Desi shampoos you at the other end.”

I guess she agreed with my proposal. She didn’t answer me, but I watched her tug at the belt that was securing her robe to let it fall open. That was the moment I had been waiting for and it certainly was a sight to behold, but when she shrugged out of the sleeves to let the robe slip from her shoulders and fall into a puddle around her feet, I felt my breath catch in my throat.

“Karin, be a dear and hang that up for me please.”

“Um, yes, Mistress.” I knelt to grab the robe and hung it on a hook near the towel rack that I assumed was for that very purpose. I didn’t take my eyes off of her the entire time. I couldn’t. I was positively mesmerized.

Betty Nguyen smiled. I’m sure she knew I was checking her out, and I also think she knew that I liked what I saw.

Certainly she was slimmer than me, but she had much more definition in her wiry muscles — her arms, her thighs and calves. We were almost exactly the same height, but I definitely had her beat in the chest department and that’s not saying a lot, because I’m not exactly what most people would call well-endowed. But her modest breasts were perfect for her frame and her nipples, currently unguarded by the silver dragons, were standing up and begging to be licked or suckled or something.

So I did just that. I leaned forward and pulled one of those dark red buds into my mouth to caress it with my lips, and reveled in the feeling of it swelling and stiffening under my tongue.

“A-hem. I do believe you had volunteered to massage my feet, Karin.”

I straightened up. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Mmm, you don’t have to call me mistress you know.” She smiled. “But I certainly like it when you do.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And you’d better do the other one too — go on and get it out of the way before she gets jealous.” Now Betty was just teasing me.

“Yes, Mistress.”

I could hear Desi snickering at our little exchange as she shut off the tap. I was sure she’d give me some ribbing for it later on, particularly after the numerous times I had uttered less than kind remarks about our favorite P.E. teacher and her casual disregard for Desi’s comfort during their sexual encounters. Now here I was completely entranced by her as well, still bearing the tingle from last night’s session with her crop, and looking forward to after lunch when it would be all fucking for the rest of the day as she so gently put it.

“One thing we still haven’t figured out,” Betty muttered as she slid slowly into the warm bath until the tops of her shoulders were just barely visible above the waterline.

“What’s that, Mistress?” I know she said I didn’t need to call her that, but I loved the way it put a smile on her face every time I did, so I did it anyway.

“When we open our own little Lesbian Hogwarts as you girls like to call it, how do we figure out if the girls we’re recruiting are going to be amenable to what we’re proposing?” Betty sank just a little deeper into the tub as I picked up a foot and started rubbing. “We can’t afford to throw around big scholarships as consolation prizes. So how do you quickly gauge submissiveness in girl you’ve only just met and who might not even know if she’s into it herself? And do it without getting ourselves sued for harassment? That’s a pretty delicate conversation if you ask me.”

“True,” I said. I thought about this as I watched Desi massaging Betty’s scalp and bringing up a lather that smelled vaguely of coconuts and really made a wonderful pairing with the aura of jasmine that seemed to surround the slim and tanned woman in the tub.

“What about the questionnaire?” Desi suggested.

I had a feeling that the two of them had discussed this before and were now trying to generate some fresh ideas.

“I don’t know if you want to actually keep written records of things like that Des.” I hated to shoot her idea down so quickly, but it seemed like it was unnecessarily risky. “I mean, let’s talk worst case here — somebody does decide to sue and we have to turn over all the company records. Do you think you really want computers full of documents that say stuff like, ‘Do you like it in the ass? And if so, what diameter dildo do you prefer and how often?'”

Desi crinkled her nose and stuck her tongue out at me.

I already know your answers Desi — extra-large and as often as possible.

“She does have a point, Baby.” Betty drew back the foot that I had been working on and offered up the other one. “So Karin, how would you propose we broach the subject with our recruits?”

“Well, bursa anal yapan escort Mistress.” I paused to enjoy the smile that spread across Betty’s face when I used the M-word. “I think we give the girl a choice. A choice with two possible answers, either of which could put her in a compromised situation, but yet innocent enough not enough to get us in legal hot water.”

“A Sophie’s choice, then?” Desi asked, obviously thinking of the book we had both recently suffered through in Contemporary American Literature.

“Yes,” I said, “but without all the nazis and other depressing shit.”

“And I seriously doubt we’ll ever get Meryl Streep if we do a movie version.” Desi snickered, and it was my turn to stick my tongue out.

“Girls, please.” Betty had pulled her leg back into the water and was sitting up rather attentively right now. “Karin do finish your thought.”

“Well,” I said. “How about, ‘I noticed you’re looking at me, what’s going through your mind?'”

“Too easy to shrug off,” Betty said. “She can always deny she was looking at you. But I like where you’re going with it.”

“Something specific then,” Desi said. “I saw you looking at me. Was it my legs or my ass that you were checking out just then?”

“Stockings,” I blurted. Where did that come from?

They both turned to stare at me, waiting for more, but I hadn’t quite finished forming my thought just yet. I just had this flash where Headmistress Hendricks popped into my mind and all I could see right then was her short and tight little pencil skirt just barely covering the tops of those sexy stockings with the seam up the back. And I really wanted nothing more than to get down on my knees and run my tongue right up that seam.

“Do you like my stockings?” I said. “Or is it my legs that turn you on?”

“Oh that is fucking brilliant,” Desi said.

“Karin, I’m definitely appointing you head of Human Resources.” Betty Nguyen was beaming. “Effective immediately. Desi Baby, you’re still in charge of recruitment.”

“And you, Mistress?” I batted my eyes.

“Finding clients on the dominant side, keeping us financially solvent, and keeping you two lovelies under my thumb at all times, of course.”

“Of course,” I said.

“And how will you do that, Honey?” Desi was grinning again. “The under your thumb part.”

“I imagine by the end of the afternoon you both should have it pretty well figured out. If you don’t I can always give you a refresher after dinner.”

I shuddered just a little at the thought, and I think I caught Desi’s eyelids fluttering. I might have even considered skipping lunch for that, but the morning chill in the farmhouse and my excitement about what was to come had been using up my reserve calories at an accelerated rate.

* * *

I’m happy that I didn’t decide to skip lunch, because I definitely needed the energy. But I’m also glad that it wasn’t anything heavy, because I was positively stuffed at the moment. It had nothing to do with the wonderful homemade soup and vegetable g?i cu?n Betty had prepared for us. I’ve always liked the idea of spring rolls, but these are nothing like the cheap and greasy Chinese carry-out variety that I’ve subsisted on up until now. I don’t know if it was the authentic ingredients, or the wonderful sauces for dipping, but they were fucking amazing.

Maybe it had something to do with how much that farmhouse felt and smelled like home, or the fact that Betty Nguyen had produced a pair of matching aprons for Desi and me to wear while we helped assemble the rolls. Like a mother hen, she would check on us occasionally to pinch our bottoms and make sure we hadn’t covered each other in sticky rice paper, but mostly she tended to the batch of soup she was concocting and hummed a nice little tune.

Yeah, satan’s P.E. teacher hums while she cooks. Fucking amazing. But what else was fucking amazing was the fact that after lunch, Betty had indeed kept her promise about the activities that were to follow. And that’s when I really got stuffed.

“If you thought lunch was good, you girls are absolutely going to love dessert.” Mistress Nguyen was grinning while she looked us over and slathered both hands in a generous amount of lube.

I nodded slowly. I figured Betty’s hands were maybe just a bit slimmer than Desi’s so I told myself I would be fine. I reiterated that thought as I watched a couple of Betty’s fingers stroking Desi’s folds for a moment and then press inside.

“Desi and I have been practicing, haven’t we, Baby?”

I don’t think Des muttered a single intelligible thing, but I do recall seeing her eyes roll back and hearing an awful lot of panting coming from her direction.

I pictured the two of them practicing, and in my vision it was not pretty. Mistress Nguyen was up to her elbow and Desi’s tummy was all distended like some sort of alien lifeform was getting ready to burst through and start singing a rag and tap-dancing on her chest. But that was bursa rus escort just my over-active imagination. I forced myself to take a deep breath and think of our hostess as sweet Betty who hums while she makes wonderful homemade soup and spring rolls, and not satan’s personal calisthenics instructor who enjoys spearfishing young women with her bare hands. But honestly, I was panting a little bit too, and not necessarily in a bad way.

I reached over and took Desi’s hand in mine to give her a squeeze. She focused her gaze on me for a second to give a wan little smile before we both turned our attention back to Betty the Impaler who was grinning madly and mumbling something about how much we had cost her at the auction and how much she was looking forward to getting every penny’s worth of out of us.

I felt her fingers slipping in and clenched my jaw.

At first it was only two fingers like how she had started in on Desi, and she stroked me rather gently as she sought out the place inside that I loved and gave it plenty of reassuring touches. I started to relax. All of this was going on while Desi was moaning and squirming beside me, and when I glanced over at her I knew why. Desi was now up to four fingers, and judging from the sounds emanating from her side of the bed she was sure enjoying those four fingers at the moment. I just felt a third one myself and was already arching my back in anticipation of more.

“Your girlfriend looks absolutely ravaging wouldn’t you say?”

I have no idea which one of us Mistress Nguyen was addressing just then, and yes I did just revert to thinking of her as mistress, because with the things she was able to to Desi and me — simultaneously even — I thought the respect was deserved. I decided that in order to answer to her question I would lean over to give Desi’s scrunched up face a little kiss. That seemed to please everyone involved.

“Ohh,” Desi heaved. I don’t think it was the magic of my kiss that caused that little outburst, I’m pretty sure it was more about the fact that Mistress Nguyen had just tucked her thumb in.

“Desi Baby, you OK?” I whispered.

“Mmm. Think so.”

I noticed that Mistress Nguyen had paused, presumably so that Desi would have some time to get her insides all straightened out again before the current round of all-day fucking began in earnest. But instead of letting me rest too, she took the time to stuff in her thumb. A very efficient woman she is. A very efficient woman whose hands are not quite as small as I had led myself to believe, but certainly no worse than what Desi had subjected me to in the past.

“Oh Mistress,” I said and clenched.

Betty seemed pleased and flexed her hand in response. That made me shudder so I bucked my hips to encourage her. Poor Desi though, she looked like she might need a little help. I rolled a little bit onto my side so I could face her, which let me tell you is a strange and delicate process when you’ve got a woman’s hand anchoring you down below. But when Betty saw what I was going for she did everything she could to help ease the transition — as much as you can do when you’re busy stuffing your two favorite girls like a couple of Thanksgiving turkeys.

“Desi Baby, you alright?” Betty asked.

Oh, this was definitely a day of firsts. I had never heard the mistress ask Desi if she was OK. She always seemed to be too busy taunting me about what she was going to do to split my poor girlfriend in half to ever take the time. But she asked.

Desi sniffled a little, and assured her that everything was indeed just fine. Though judging from her scrunched up face and drops of tears leaking from the corners of her eyes I would guess that she was stretching the truth more than just a little bit.

“It’s alright, Baby,” Betty said. “We can do something else.”

“I’m OK.” Desi insisted, though the look on her face said otherwise.

I cupped Desi’s face in my hands and started planting gentle little kisses all over to take her mind off of her discomfort. Though in truth I think it may have been embarrassment as much as anything else. I think that maybe all this practicing that Desi had been doing might have been a misguided attempt to show her dear Betty that she would not allow herself to be upstaged by me. I don’t know what she was worried about, if anybody had Betty Nguyen’s heart on a string it was Desi.

“Try to relax, OK,” Betty said. “I’m just going to slide out.”

I watched a grimace cross Desi’s face for a moment and then she seemed to relax. It was weird watching it all play out while Betty’s left hand was still firmly lodged inside me.

“Can we try something else?” Desi asked.

“Sure.” Betty flashed a reassuring smile. “Anything you have in mind?”

“I think you know.”

“Can you get it for me? I’m sure Karin would appreciate it if I didn’t move too much.”

Eventually we got the logistics all worked out and our all-day fucking resumed. Both Desi and I were bent at the waist with our sweaty faces firmly planted in the sheets. We had started on all fours, but eventually our arms gave out and that’s just how we ended up, bouncing around like a couple of rag dolls on a marathon roller coaster ride. How Mistress Nguyen kept going I have no idea, but that woman seemed to have boundless energy to go along with her insatiable appetite.

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