Your Lips…

Your lips…

I’m imagining how plump they are and how soft they must feel…

Feeling them on my lips, pressing into mine, parting as they grow more hungry, ready to devour.

Feeling your tongue timidly touch them, as if testing to see if it’s ok. My tongue touches your lips answering your question.

Feeling your lips give way and your mouth opens wide as it’s attached to mine. Your tongue folds up against mine as if trying to hug it.

I want to taste you. I want to feel your tongue dance with mine inside our mouths. I want to slide my tongue out and feel your soft lips take hold of it and suck on it, out to the tip then down closer inside my mouth…giving me a tease as to how you would suck my cock.

Kneeling on the bed…no hands yet…our bodies rubbing together…our mouths locked as if magnetically connected. I can feel the heat of your bo thedy radiating into mine. Your lips move faster on mine, as if you can’t get a good enough grip on them. Your saliva coating them, making them slick. Your hot breath mixes with mine as you moan into my mouth.

I can feel the soft skin of your belly touch mine as your body moves closer and presses into me. Your firm breasts press into my chest, our nipples pressing against each other. Your hand touches my side but I push it away. It’s driving you mad that you cannot touch me.

I hold onto you by your bursa escort bayan tongue, drawing it into my mouth. Your breath feels hot on my lips as I slide your tongue between my lips. Saliva is now dripping down our chins, our lips are so slick.

You place your hands behind your head because it’s the only way you can hold them without trying to touch me. My now hard cock is pressed tight between our bellies and you instinctively buck your hips as if calling it to your pussy.

We kiss now, feverishly. You moan loudly, both out of lust and frustration. I break our kiss and begin kissing your neck. Your body presses harder against mine, begging to be touched

I squat lower and startle you as my cock now slides between your dripping pussy lips. Now that it’s locked in place, I slowly slide between them, coating my cock with your juices as I slowly move back and forth.

You moan loudly as our bodies fuck without actual penetration. I take your earlobe in my mouth and suck on it while breathing hard. I can feel your body shudder.

I whisper into your ear how much you turn me on, how hard you make my cock and how I can’t wait to finally be inside you. That last comment makes your body tingle.

You pick up the pace of our rubbing. I feel your belly slapping against mine. I kiss your lips and you hungrily kiss mine back. I can feel your urgency gorukle escort to get your hands on me but I won’t allow it.

The underside of my cock tickles as a steady stream of your juices slowly slides down around my shaft and trails down over my balls.

I break away from your kiss and ask you want you want. You keep trying to kiss me but I turn my head, as if playing hard to get. You tell me through a cracked voice that you want my cock. I lean closer and ask you…”where?” You moan loudly “in my cunt!”

In your cunt. That’s how I know that you’ve hit your breaking point. You only use that word when you are so sexually charged that you need just raw, animalistic sex. And I’m ready to oblige.

With your hands behind your head , your pussy oozing all over my cock and your body shaking from sexual tension, I whisper into your ear “Now!”

In one fluid movement, you wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me hard. You fall backwards pulling me on top of you. Because your pussy was wrapped around my cock, I slide into you and you scream out loud. I feel a torrent of juice squeeze out of your cunt as my cock slides in. The heat of your insides is staggering and you’re wetter than anything I’ve ever felt before.

There’s no way that this is going to be a slow, drawn out, make love kind of experience. No, this is going to be bursa merkez escort bayan over before it even begins. I pull out and thrust into you hard, almost to the point of smashing our pelvises together. Over and over I fuck you and over and over you grunt hard as the animal inside you comes roaring out.

Your grunts get louder and louder. All of the mystery from before…gone…as my cock slices into your cunt.

You start to scream louder as my cock pistons into you. I’m really close but want us to cum together.

I grab your hand and bring it down to your pussy. You immediately begin to masturbate and that was all you needed.

This low, gutteral growl escapes your throat as your entire body begins to convulse. You buck your hips faster and faster until you feel your orgasm wash over you. Your cunt clenches tight around my cock to the point where I can’t move it anymore.

Thankfully, the tightening was all I needed. I push down hard and bottom out. I feel my cum rocket up my cock and begin to squirt out inside of you.

You grab my ass and pull me closer to you as rope after rope of hot fertile cum coats your cervix. We both moan and grunt as our orgasms seems to last forever.

When the last of my seed has been emptied inside of you, I pull back and off of you. There is a coolness on our skin from where our scorching hot bodies used to be connected. I lay back, both of us trying to catch our breath. My cum covered cock lies deflating across my abdomen while a steady stream of cum slowly oozes from your ravaged cunt. Breathing heavily, I crawl over to you and kiss your lips…the same way I kissed them when we started this…soft and gentle.

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