Don’t Call Me Daddy Anymore

Don’t call me Daddy anymore

“Hey man can you give Janet a ride home? I am leaving with my parents straight for their house since I am helping my dad with backyard projects tomorrow. Janet was hoping to leave soon anyways so I figured it worked out well with your schedule.” I was out with my friend Jim, his wife Janet and Jim’s parents at a local bar that had good live music every Friday night. I had been there for about 2 hours and was about to leave so of course I offered to take Jim’s wife home.

Jim and Janet had been good friends of mine since University. Jim and I were immediate friends when we met in residence. He met Janet about a year after him and I met, her and I have been close since it became obvious that they were serious. After Janet and I said our goodbyes to Jim, we left to find my car which was a little way down the street. As we got into the night air, I started to realize I was more drunk than I thought, and driving would not be a good idea. After briefly discussing it with Janet she agrees a taxi would be the best option. Her and Jim lived much closer to downtown than I did so she offered to let me sleep on their couch since it was a much shorter bus ride back to my car in the morning.

Taxis were busy and it was not easy to get one on short notice, I mentioned this to Janet as we looked for a taxi, but she was confident “I’ll get us a cab. Hold this for a second please.” She handed me her purse as she walked up to the curb, a cab turned a corner down the street and headed our way. Just as I thought he missed us Janet threw up her arms and jumped up ever so slightly which of course caused her breasts to bounce in a way that any man with even a peripheral glance would see. The driver took notice and pulled over quickly, Janet walked up to me with a triumphant smile on her face as she took her purse back. “The busty bounce works every time.” she said as her smile turned into a laugh while she shrugged. I laughed with her and said “I’m glad that you are here, no one would be noticing a guy like me that quickly.” We walked to the door of the taxi while she told me “Don’t sell yourself short you are a good looking guy.” This statement felt a bit out of place. Her and I were decent friends in our own right, but she had never made any statements about my looks before. I did not think too much of it beyond my initial recognition though. As Janet opened the door, she stooped down to step in the door but paused briefly to give the driver her address and she bent over with her butt facing right at me.

I had certainly checked out Janet before in the time that we had known each other but this felt different. She had a plump round butt that was about as big as it could be without someone calling her chubby, which she was not. I couldn’t pull my eyes off it, it must have been the drinks I had that night but I could hear a voice in my head say ‘what a big juicy ass’ I was trying to calm that voice down when Janet turned her head back to me and she crawled over to her seat and caught me red handed. She chuckled and then bursa eskort said, “are you coming or are you gonna just stare at my ass all night?” I apologized and tried to pass it off as anything but what it was, however, she just rolled her eyes at me and laughed. I was glad she wasn’t mad at me for my wandering eyes, but I was also a bit curious at how affectionate she was being with me. Her extended grazes across my shoulders and thighs were certainly making my mind wander. ‘Surely she wasn’t hitting on me’ I thought. It must just be the alcohol and my overactive imagination; I hadn’t been with a woman in a few months, so I was making more out of this than what it was.

However, my initial thoughts proved to be right when we got back to her apartment. We smoked some joints and drank a bit of whiskey on the couch. I wish I could say my memory of how things started is hazy, but I remember it clearly and we both acted towards a shared desire. I was touching her lower to mid-thigh in a way that was not at all common or appropriate for our friendship. All the while she was touching my kneecaps and thighs, tracing the edge of my shorts as we theorized on what would happen to our favorite characters in a show that her and Jim had gotten me into. She started to poke her finger under the leg of my shorts, not far, only an inch or so but it was so suggestive that it caused me to involuntarily make a little noise that caused a sexy smile to slowly form on her face. Things progressed quickly from that point. First, we were kissing then we were groping and taking our clothes off. When she was shuffling to lay down on her stomach to position her face in my lap, I had a moment of clarity. A chance to make the right decision and stop. To try and do right by Jim. By the time I felt her breath on my naked loins this thought faded and it was truly gone by the time her mouth was halfway down my dick. Her boobs squished against my thighs and my hand closest to her drifted down to grab a firm but gentle handful of her butt while her head started to bob up and down in my lap.

Jim and his parents had planned to go right to his parents’ house, but Jim forgot his work boots which he wanted so he decided to stop in at his apartment before they left town. Jim and Janet lived in a two-unit duplex with a common hallway in the middle that led to a shared backyard and laundry/storage at the back of the building. Jim’s parents had not had a chance to say goodnight to Janet at the bar so they decided to come in since Jim figured she would still be awake. When they got in the front door, they could hear loud sex noises. “It sounds like your roommates are having a wild night” Jim’s dad sounded a bit intrigued as he laughed. “Poor Janet, how is she supposed to sleep with that racket next door?” Jim’s mother spoke in a sympathetic tone Jim laughed nervously in agreement as they walked closer to his apartment door. He was nervous because his neighbor’s parking spot was empty, he was fairly sure they had left town for the weekend. Heavy breathing, moaning and the incessant bursa escort bayan sound of two bodies making vigorous contact were clearly audible now that they were a few steps away from the door. As he reached out to the knob, he was almost certain now what position they must be using…’no it couldn’t be’ he told himself but as he turned the doorknob, he heard a familiar drunk voice “Oh yes! Deeper daddy deeper.” Then there was laughter from another familiar voice. When he opened the door, his worst fears were realized.

Jim and his parents were greeted with the sight of Janet on her hands and knees on top of a padded coffee table that Jim’s parents had gifted to them two weeks ago. I was standing behind her between her legs with a guilty look on my face. We were both completely naked and positioned parallel to the doorway so both of us could see the horrified faces of the three onlookers. Janet’s boobs dangled down and jiggled with the momentum of the last thrust that was interrupted. Her hair was disheveled and there were obvious signs of perspiration on both of us, she gripped the edge of the table firmly with each arm to stabilize herself as I had been enthusiastically thrusting into her. We were both flushed from the physical activity, Jim and his parents had stayed for an extra hour and a half after we left so there was plenty of time and from looking at us it looked like we had been at it for a while. Jim was speechless as I stood there holding his wife’s waist and hips.

‘Fuck’ I thought to myself. I should not have done this; I should have left after my first or her first orgasm and I damn sure should have left before my second orgasm but neither of us had any inclinations of stopping anytime soon since we thought Jim would be gone all night, so we kept going. I had always thought being called daddy in sex was a bit weird and silly and I had told Jim and Janet once during a discussion over joints and drinks at their apartment. When Janet first called me that tonight it was meant as a joke, but I was so drunk and high that I encouraged more of it since it sounded satisfying to my drunk sensibilities. I could only imagine Jim’s horror at hearing his wife call his best friend daddy while being fucked by him. I could tell a million things were going through Jim’s head, but he did not want to get into it in front of his parents. There were a few seconds of awkward silence before Janet said “Jim I’m sorry. It just happened” I tried to think of something to say to make this better but there was no good argument I could make to explain myself, all I managed was “Jim. I…uh”

“Just save it you two. I don’t wanna hear it tonight.” Jim’s mom looked furious, but Jim ushered her out the door before she could speak, Jim’s dad looked so uncomfortable that he could only think to grab Jim’s work boots which were sitting by the front door before following his wife. Jim had never been one to explode in anger and I was never more grateful for that than at that moment. “Thanks for making sure my wife got home görükle escort safely buddy. I fucking appreciate it” he slammed the door behind him. Janet turned back to look at me and I down at her for a cue on what came next. She thought briefly before saying.

“I am too drunk and high to think about this right now. Can we just keep going?” After some time to recompose ourselves, I started to slowly insert myself into her again. She liked the new slower pace and her moans started up quickly. ” Oh ya keep fucking me daddy.” She started to giggle as I responded with a laugh saying “don’t call me daddy anymore” as I gave her one thrust harder than the other slow gentle ones. We shared wicked laughter together as I wondered at the bad luck of those three walking in on us in the middle of such an inside joke. I gave her big booty a smack to hear the sound and see the flesh ripple out. I savored the feeling of each centimeter going slowly in and out of her, I savored the sounds of her enjoyment and I hated to admit it, but I savored the feeling of experiencing what should have been my friend’s private special moment. I loved fucking his busty wife. Her large breasts were flattened as she had laid her chest to the table now, but the side boob still looked good as it squished out from the weight of her torso. I continued with a smooth steady pace until I felt a pleasant and familiar tingle that turned into an orgasm that I erupted on her gorgeous round butt.

I quickly cleaned her off with a roll of paper towels and guided her to sit down on the nearby couch. I pulled her to edge by her butt and knelt down on the floor to finish her off with my mouth and fingers. I stroked her labia while gently slipping my tongue upwards on her clitoris. She leaned back with a pleased sigh as I began to insert a wet finger inside her. I inserted it to the second knuckle and kept it still while my licking on her clit picked up. After a few moments I began to pull my finger back and re-insert it slowly to the same depth. I continued the licking and gentle fingering until she announced she was close to cumming. As her orgasm started, she ran her hands through my hair, grabbing a slightly rough handful when the pleasure climaxed. I continued until she gestured me to stop, and we both sat down on the couch to bask in the moment.

I rolled one last joint while she went to get us each a glass of water from the kitchen. I finished the joint as she told me that I was welcome to join her in bed instead of sleeping on the couch, she handed me the glass as I told her I would accept. Now that she was standing in front of me her boobs looked huge, and it made me wonder how I didn’t think to titty fuck her in all the time we had been going at it. As I sipped my water, I thought of how my dick would feel in between her boobs. After we smoked this joint, I would push for us to resume our fun. There would be quite a mess waiting for us with Jim tomorrow but tonight I was experiencing every moment of this. I did not envy Janet one bit either as it would be much worse for her, but I pushed that thought out of my head as Janet took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. It would be two more joints and another hour of sex before we finally fell asleep. I was not sure what kind of damage I had done to my friendship with Jim but Goddamn his wife was a hell of a woman.

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