Forbidden Dreams


The room was dark with a strange red tint as he softly kissed her lips, gently parting them with his tongue. His hands roamed freely over her body and down her back. He squeezed her ass and pulled her pelvis tightly against his. She could feel his hard cock trying to escape his confining jeans and reach out to her. Her heart pounded and her pussy longed to feel him inside of her.

His kisses moved down to her neck. He pulled away and quickly pulled off her shirt. His lips returned instantly, gently gliding over her throat, sending chills through her body despite the heat of the room. His tongue trailed down in between her breast, and his hands slid down the back of her pants and continued massaging her ass.

Suddenly she became aware of another pair of hands unhooking her bra. She wanted to turn around to see their face, but couldn’t move. As if she were hypnotized, she found herself lost in the sensation of the stranger’s kisses on the back of her neck. The stranger removed her bra and their hands went straight for her breast. She closed her eyes and let out a moan as the soft hands kneaded her tits and squeezed her nipples between their fingers. The kisses on her neck intensified, and the feel of their hot breath made her pussy even wetter. Her head swirled as the four hands and two pairs of lips touched all the right spots on her body.

Her boyfriend kissed his way down her stomach, unzipped her pants, and pulled them down. He kissed her clit through the thin fabric of her panties causing another moan to escape her lips.

Then the stranger removed one hand from her breast and brought it to her chin. They gently turned her head towards them and she could finally see who it was. “It couldn’t be,” she thought. “This is wrong. Not my best friend. I can’t… I shouldn’t…” But something inside her longed to be close to them and yearned for the kiss as their lips moved closer together…

“Good morning! It’s seven o’clock on this beautiful Monday morning here at 105.5 WHUZ,” The sudden cheery voice of the radio announcer woke Sarah with a start. She looked around the room for her boyfriend and friend. It took her a few seconds to realize she’d only been dreaming. It was the same dream she’d been having for a month now. She closed her eyes and brushed the hair out of her face. She could still feel her friend’s gentle kisses on her neck and her panties felt damp from her juices. “Why do I keep dreaming about her?” She asked herself. “I know I’m not gay, plus I love Tom. So why am I having so many wet dreams about Kelly?” She took a deep breath and threw back the covers, still thinking about Kelly. Today was the day she was to see her childhood friend for the first time in five years.

They were more like sisters than friends really. They had shared everything growing up; neither could keep a secret from the other. Sarah was even the first -and only- person Kelly confided in when she was still unsure of her sexuality. Though Sarah didn’t personally understand homosexuality, she had nothing against it. The thought of being with another girl herself, however, usually disgusted Sarah. At least, up until the dreams started. She didn’t want to admit it, but now she could definitely see herself making love to her friend. She knew she wasn’t in love with Kelly though. It was almost as if she was under some sort of sexual spell. But with the feelings in the dreams starting to get so intense, Sarah couldn’t help but wonder if these sexual feelings might’ve in fact became something deeper if she hadn’t been forced to move away when her parent’s divorced. But now that Kelly’s going to be back in her life, even though it was just for a week, the contingency of falling for her friend scared her.

Sarah got up and walked into the bathroom, the thought of Kelly kissing and caressing her still lingered in her mind. Splashing her face with cold water, she tried to focus on other things, but to no avail. As much as she wanted to deny it, her heart skipped a beat with every imaginary touch from Kelly. “OK, take a deep breath,” She inhaled deeply through her nose, and exhaled through her mouth. “I’ve got to pick up Kelly at the airport at eleven and have lots of stuff to do before then. So get a move on,” She told the reflection in the mirror. She started getting dressed and finally managed to concentrate a little better on things other than the dream. At least until she saw Kelly face to face…

The airport was crowded. There were long lines of people waiting impatiently to have their luggage checked, and dozens of people scurrying around the souvenir shops and restaurants. Sarah swallowed hard and tried to settle the butterflies in her stomach as she walked through the crowded terminal. The roar of voices nearly drowned out the sound of her heart beat in her ears. Nervously, she glanced at her watch. 10:59 AM. Any minute now Kelly was going to be getting off the plane.

Even though they wrote letters occasionally, five years was a long time. People change, especially in their last teen years. When they were kids, Kelly was always the clown. Now, in her letters, bursa otele gelen escort she seemed to be more serious than Sarah remembered. Sarah wondered in what other ways Kelly was different.

She nervously tugged on her blouse as the first person getting off the plane finally appeared, and her heartbeat accelerated with each unfamiliar face that entered the terminal. She took one more deep breath, and then Kelly appeared, wearing a white t-shirt tucked into her blue-jean shorts, carrying a book in her hand. Tall, with dark hair and blue eyes to die for, she had definitely developed into a beautiful young woman. Sarah waved to her, and realized she was holding her breath. She exhaled in a sigh as their eyes met.

Kelly smiled and quickly made her way over to her friend. “Hey!” She wrapped Sarah in a big hug. “I can’t believe it’s been five years. You haven’t changed a bit.”

Sarah inhaled deeply the scent of Kelly’s perfume and felt the same hypnotic sense as in her dreams wash over her. “You have,” she replied. “You look good.”

“I’ve always looked good,” Kelly joked as she pulled away.

“Ha!” Sarah teased. Kelly had looked a little plain when she was younger, but hadn’t exactly been bad looking either.

“Look who’s calling the kettle black,” Kelly retorted.

Both smiling, they walked side by side to pick up Kelly’s luggage.

Ten minutes later, they stood staring at the conveyer belt as the last piece of luggage was picked up. “I can’t believe they lost my luggage,” Kelly complained.

“It’ll show up soon,” Sarah tried to reassure her.

“I knew I should’ve stuck an extra pair of underwear in my pocket just in case.”

Sarah chuckled and gave Kelly a small, one-armed hug around her shoulders. In that instant, she had a towering urge to pull Kelly close and kiss her. Having these thoughts with Kelly right next to her made her blush. This is going to be a long week, she thought to herself.

Later that evening, they were hanging out in the guest room -where Kelly would be sleeping- talking and laughing about old times. “Remember the first time you came over?” Kelly laughed.

“Ugh,” Sarah grimaced.

“You were so shy and scared of my parents that you kept falling down, and dropping things, and sticking your foot in your mouth.”

“I was so embarrassed I refused to come over again for months afterwards,” Sarah recalled.

“Sarah,” Mrs. Fitch appeared in the half-open doorway struggling to fasten a gold earring. “Steve and I are getting ready to leave for that dinner party and we won’t be back ’til pretty late, so don’t wait up.”

Sarah’s stepfather Steve appeared behind her mom. “Try not to burn the house down while we’re gone.”

“Bye,” Sarah waved to her parents and listened to their footsteps as they walked downstairs and out the door. As soon as she heard the car pull out, she went into her room to retrieve her hidden box of alcoholic drinks. “Want a beer?” She offered Kelly when she returned.

“Sure. But aren’t they a bit warm?”

“I can stick them in the freezer and they’ll be cold in about fifteen minutes.” Sarah sat the box down, grabbed a couple cans of beer, and started to the door.

“You know, I tried to talk you into drinking for years, but you were always too much of a goody-two-shoes. When did that change?”

Sarah gave a mischievous grin and left the room without replying. When she returned a minute later she found Kelly snooping around her liquor supply. “Nosy.”

Kelly looked up and grabbed a half empty bottle of vodka. “Fifteen minutes is too long to wait for a buzz,” Now it was Kelly’s turn to give a mischievous grin.

Sarah rolled her eyes, but went back downstairs to get a couple of shot glasses. This time when she returned Kelly was propped up on the bed with a pillow between her back and the head board, and was rolling the bottle between her hands.

She looked up when Sarah appeared. “‘Bout time slow poke,” Kelly teased.

“Shut up,” Sarah walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, handing Kelly a shot glass.

Kelly sat the glass on the bed so she could unscrew the bottle’s lid. After pouring a shot for herself, she handed the bottle to Sarah. “Cheers.” They both held up their glasses and took a drink; Sarah took a sip, Kelly downed it all in one gulp.

“God,” Sarah stared at Kelly’s empty glass, “Thirsty? How can you stand gulping straight vodka?”

Kelly shrugged. “I’m just used to it,” She said as she poured herself another glass.

“You know that stuff’s really bad for you.”

“Well, I’m still alive so far,” Kelly grinned and sipped her vodka this time.

“That’s a shock,” Sarah mumbled.

Kelly ignored her. “So,” Kelly tried to think of something to talk about, “Nice house. Why didn’t you tell me you were living in a mansion? I would’ve visited sooner. Hell I might’ve even moved in.”

Sarah snickered, “It’s hardly a mansion.”

“Please, it’s got, what? Five bedrooms? You’ve even got a balcony for yours.”

“So do my parents,” escort bayan Sarah pointed out.

“No wonder you don’t want to get out and work and get your own place.”

“I’m trying to get a job. It’s just hard in today’s world. Especially since we’re in a recession.”

An awkward silence fell in the room. “After five years, you’d think we’d have more to talk about,” Kelly observed. She took another sip of her vodka.

“Yeah,” Sarah finished off her glass. “So, what do you wanna do now?”

“I dunno. Is our beer ready yet?”

Sarah glanced at her watch, “It’s only been ten minutes, but I can go get them now if you want.”

Kelly shrugged, “I don’t care.”

Sarah got up to retrieve the beers. As she walked back in the room, Kelly downed the last bit of her vodka. “You’re not gonna get drunk and throw up all over the place are ya?” She asked as she handed her a can of beer.

“Nah,” Kelly set her glass down on the table next to the bed and opened her beer.

Sarah noticed Kelly’s cheeks were starting to flush. Probably buzzed already, she thought to herself. She sat on the bed and scooted up next to Kelly. Laying next to her in bed brought back images of the dream she’d had the night before. Her and Kelly getting ready to make love. Kelly massaging her breasts with just the right amount of pressure and planting soft kisses on the back of her neck and shoulders.

Sarah swallowed hard and opened her can. She thought she saw Kelly staring at her out of the corner of her eye, but when she turned her head Kelly quickly looked away. Sarah’s eyes couldn’t help but trail down Kelly’s perfect body. Her eyes stopped to admire her friend’s bare legs. They were just the right color. Not too tan and not too pale, but perfect. And they looked so smooth and soft Sarah had to restrain herself from rubbing them.

“Like my legs?” Kelly brought a knee up and ran her hand from her knee to the edge of her shorts.

Oh God, Sarah thought. She caught me staring. Sarah’s cheeks got so hot it felt almost like a sunburn.

Kelly noticed her blushing and laughed. “It’s all right. I know my body’s hard to resist,” She said jokingly.

“What?” Sarah acted innocent. “I wasn’t looking at your legs,” She said defensively.

“Uh-huh. Sure,” Kelly teased.

“I was just daydreaming and didn’t realize I was looking in your direction.” It was a bad lie, but it was all she could come up with.

Kelly didn’t buy it, but decided to let the subject go. “So, how’s your love life going?”

“Great. Tom and I are really serious about each other. I think he may be ‘the one’.” Sarah wasn’t sure, but she thought she saw a flicker of disappointment in Kelly’s eyes before she looked away.

“Cool,” Kelly mumbled.

“How about you? Are you a chick magnet yet?”

Kelly laughed. “I wish. I’ve been single so long I’m seriously considering becoming a nun.”

“Don’t you know what ‘nun’ means? I wouldn’t last one week in a convent.”


Sarah stuck her tongue out. “What can I say? Sex is great.”

“How can it be great? All you sleep with are men. You should try the soft touch of a female sometime. Now that’s great,” Kelly winked.

“Gross,” Sarah acted disgusted but knew that was a lie too. She did need the soft touch of a female. She needed Kelly’s touch.

Another silence filled the room, and they sat quietly sipping their beers for a few minutes. Sarah was trying to come up with another topic to talk about, but her mind kept wandering back to Kelly’s words about Sarah needing a female’s touch. Had Kelly picked up on her feelings? “Besides,” She said finally, “How can two women have sex? You need a dick to have sex.”

Kelly blushed slightly, “Use your imagination.”

“No seriously,” Sarah insisted. “What do two women do together?”

“Well,” Kelly cleared her throat nervously, “Women can lick and finger. And like, being a woman myself, I know what feels good and what the other woman wants… Usually.”

“Don’t you ever wonder what being with a guy is like?”

“No. I’ve used a, um, vibe before like you know… How a guy would use his…” Kelly felt her cheeks growing hotter with every word.

Sarah laughed as her friend struggled unsuccessfully to find a non-embarrassing way to put it. “Didn’t you like it?”

“No. Didn’t give me any pleasure at all.”

“Well, a real dick is different, maybe you’d like that.”

“Nah,” Kelly took a gulp of beer to lubricate her dry throat. “I prefer softer things. You should try girls. Maybe you’d like that.”

Sarah hadn’t realized it at first, but all the talk about sex, mixed with laying next to Kelly and the visions of last night’s dream, had started to make her wet. “Whew,” She said nervously, “Think I’m getting buzzed already. Guess I can’t hold my liquor as well as I used to.”

“Me neither.”

Sarah’s head began to swim and she felt a little dizzy. “Better stop drinking this so fast,” She sat her half empty can on the table next to Kelly’s glass.

Kelly took one more drink mudanya escort and handed her can to Kelly, “Set mine over there too would ya?”

Sarah complied, “I’m kinda sleepy, even though it’s early.”

“Alcohol has that effect on people.”

Sarah took another drink of her beer then sat it back down on the table. She didn’t remember ever feeling this buzzed after just a couple drinks before. Oh well, she told herself, must just be because I haven’t ate anything in a while.

“I’m kinda sleepy too,” Kelly scooted down in the bed, laid her head on the pillow, and closed her eyes. Her hair gently brushed Sarah’s arm.

Oh, how Sarah wanted to lay over her and kiss her deeply. Nervously, she gulped down the rest of her beer, got up, and put the box of liquor in Kelly’s closet. I shouldn’t be thinking things like that, she scolded herself. It’s wrong, and it’s never going to happen. I gotta get outta here. “I think I’m gonna go lay down in my room.”

Kelly quickly got up to walk Sarah to the door.

Once in the hallway, Sarah turned back to Kelly, “Goodnight. And don’t drink too much.”

Kelly leaned against the door frame and held the door knob in her hand. “I won’t,” She promised. “G’night.”

“G’night.” Sarah said again. For the next few seconds time seemed to stand still as their eyes locked. Kelly’s deep blue eyes seem to magically hold her gaze. Instead of turning towards her room, she instinctively took a step closer to Kelly.

Sarah half expected her to back away, but Kelly stood still, their eyes still locked.

What am I doing? Sarah asked herself. But something kept her moving forward until they were nose to nose.

Kelly tilted her head slightly and moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue.

Sarah raised her arms and placed her hands on Kelly’s hips as their lips met. For a second she thought her heart had skipped out of her chest. Kelly’s kisses were even softer than in her dreams.

The kiss lasted only a few seconds, but Sarah was already starting to breath heavily. Looking into each others eyes again, something told her that more than just a kiss was in store.

Internally, her consciousness was battling with her heart and body. She knew it was wrong, that she should just walk away, but in the end, her body ruled the battle.

Kelly moved her head forward for another kiss. Her hands went up to Sarah’s face and gently caressed her cheeks.

Sarah moved her hands to Kelly’s back and pressed their bodies together.

Kelly wrapped her arms around Sarah too and pulled her back into the room. She broke the kiss long enough to close and lock the door behind them.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Sarah started to protest.

“I know,” Was all Kelly said before planting another deep, passionate kiss on Sarah’s lips. Still kissing, they stumbled to the bed and fell on it, Kelly on top of Sarah.

Kelly’s hands moved from Sarah’s back to her chest. She felt Sarah’s hard nipples poke the palms of her hands and gave her breasts a squeeze. She was surprised at how full and soft they were since Sarah had had more of a boyish figure growing up.

Sarah gently rubbed her tongue over Kelly’s lips. Kelly got the signal and opened her mouth wider to allowed their tongues to meet and do a sort of sensual dance with each other. Sarah’s hands went to the back of Kelly’s head to press their lips tighter against each other.

Kelly pulled away and began softly kissing Sarah’s neck, planting kisses from her shoulder up to her earlobe.

Sarah closed her eyes and ran her fingers through Kelly’s silky hair trying to decide if this was really happening or just another dream. She kept expecting the alarm to wake her up any second, but it never did.

Kelly started to unbutton Sarah’s blouse, kissing a trail down the center of her chest and stomach as the delicate skin became exposed. Once she undid the last button, she pulled the blouse open to find Sarah’s nipples protruding through a very sexy black-lace bra and gave them each a kiss.

Sarah sat up slightly to allow Kelly to pull her blouse completely off. She then scooted back on her elbows ’til she felt the pillows touch her arm. Kelly moved with her and knelt over her, putting one leg on each side of Sarah’s waist.

Kelly then moved her hands to Sarah’s back and unhooked her bra. French kissing her, she lowered Sarah slowly until her head rested on the pillow then sat up to pull the bra off. Kelly’s mouth watered as her eyes fell on the two most perfect breasts she’d ever seen. Round, perky, and just the right size to fit in her mouth. Smiling, she looked lustfully into Sarah’s eyes and kissed her lips again. Her hands found Sarah’s breasts once more and began softly fondling them.

Sarah felt a jolt of electricity surge through her heart and course throughout her body as Kelly’s fingers lightly traced over her nipples. Just like in her dreams, Kelly knew exactly how and where to touch her.

Kelly’s kisses moved to Sarah’s cheek. Her lips gently traced the outline of Sarah’s jaw, then planted several soft pecks on the side of her neck and throat. Slowly, Kelly kissed her way down to her breasts. She took Sarah’s right nipple into her mouth, sucking gently while trailing her tongue back and forth over the tip. Very lightly, she took the nipple between her teeth and gave it a couple of soft tugs.

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