French-Kissing the Babysitter Ch. 2

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* * * * *

Donna was eager for her relationship with Angie to become even more sexual. But she was reluctant to press the situation during their first make-out session. She just wasn’t sure how to move to the next step, and was afraid to do it too soon, too quickly. That first evening together got both of them so hot, they were panting for each other, but both were unsure about what to do next. Finally, it was getting late enough so that Donna had to get home without her parents wondering what was going on. They reluctantly broke the last sloppy kiss. They awkwardly hugged good night, but, looking into each other’s eyes at the door, they knew there would be more, much more, to come. Donna didn’t know how long it took her to get home that fateful night, but she was on air. The next thing she knew, she was alone in her bed at home, pleasuring herself to the memories of the breakthrough in her relationship with the older woman. Over and over, she brought herself to powerful orgasm fantasizing about the night’s events and the next stage of their relationship. She would do this every night until their next time together…..

Soon Angie and Donna were making out as soon as the babysitter arrived at the woman’s home and put the kids to bed. They couldn’t wait. Angie didn’t even bother going out, just kept the car in the garage. The beautiful, busty brunette would dress up to go out, but would say “Oh, why don’t we just chat for a while before I leave, Donna?” The two girls would sit on the couch and start making out. They would make out for sometimes two and three hours, wrapped in each other’s arms, and Angie would never leave. It was just kissing and petting, but they really made out hot and heavy, like two lovers, old lovers. Angie was a very wet, submissive kisser. She’d take the blonde teenager’s tongue down her throat, sucking it like a cock. The sexy older woman absolutely loved to receive tongue! She loved being Donna’s bitch, yielding to the aggressive cheerleader. Donna always made sure she wore her bright red lipstick heavily layered on her full, pouting lips, giving the buxom brunette little lipstick kisses all over her face. Angie’s face and mouth would become smeared with Donna’s hot, whorish red lipstick. This turned on the young blonde tremendously, pulling her face back and seeing her kisses on that soft, feminine skin. When she passionately bit the woman’s full lips, she’d get the deep burgundy color on her teeth and lick along the ridges to taste that special lipstick taste from her woman-lover. And of course there was that sweet taste of Angie’s saliva, for they would cover each other’s mouths and chins with slick spit during their make-out sessions. Their tongues would spread the intimate mouth-juice from their noses down to their chins, their lower faces would shine with it.

Donna kissed Angie hard, deep, like the horny girl-lover she was. Over and over, sometimes kissing the woman with the horniness and roughness of a boy, sometimes with the romantic passion of a girl. Donna pressed herself into the older woman hard, very hard, hard enough to break. The young blonde would mash her bee-stung, painted lips into Angie’s full, moist, burgundy lips ravenously. The teenager took control and ravaged the hot older woman!! Donna forced herself down onto Angie as hard as she could, pushing her back on the sofa so they could make out lying down. The cheerleader kept on top of the brunette, lying her entire voluptuous young body down on her, cupping those full, jutting breasts as the seduction moved to the next level. Donna felt Angie’s full, swollen tits in her long-nailed hands. The girl’s mouth on the woman’s. Angie laid back like a good little cunt while the teenager laid on top of her and feverishly made her take that wet tongue. Their lips were entwined, tongues were entwined, bodies were entwined. Their souls were becoming entwined, as Donna and Angie began falling in love with each other, just from this intimate contact!

The woman’s full breasts pressed against the girl’s jutting melons. They sweated into each other. Angie’s sweat dripped onto Donna’s body, and the teenaged beauty licked that fragrant sweat off the older woman’s face. In return, the horny young girl dripped her salty sweat into the sexy brunette’s mouth. Angie would keep her mouth open to catch it. She caught the drops of sweat that fell off the girl’s nose. Donna bit those full, hot lips, kissed her lips, licked her lips, sucked her lips. She parted those womanly lips with her tongue. The teenager put her tongue in Angie’s mouth, deep. Over and over, probing, exploring, deeply exploring the sexy woman’s kisshole with fingers, eyes, lips, mouth and tongue. Donna licked the roof of Angie’s mouth, licked the back of her teeth. bursa yabancı escort Her mouth was wet and hot, and so was Donna’s . The babysitter snowballed her with saliva. The older, sexy cunt loved having the younger girl feed her her drooling spit. Donna felt so naughty, kissing this passionate woman’s beautiful mouth. Like a slut, like a whore, but how the girl loved the feeling! The brunette was so beautiful. She could be with anyone, love anyone, be loved by anyone but she loved Donna.

The girl loved feeling her hard body against the older woman’s lush, beautiful body. Donna would tell her, “I love being able to kiss you. This is going to help me so much. Thank you, Angie, you are the best friend in the whole world. I love you so much! Please kiss me, again and again.” And Donna kissed her mouth deeply, tongue in her mouth, full girl-lips on swollen woman-lips. She drove her tongue into her so very deeply, moving it, feeling freely in her woman-lover’s mouth. Deeper and deeper, then finding her tongue in her own young girl-mouth and sucking it passionately. Donna let her saliva spill into Angie’s mouth, and then Angie’s into Donna’s. The girl loved the special taste of the mouth-fluid.

The busty blonde babysitter looked deeply into the older woman’s eyes and asked, “Do you love me, Angie?”

“Oh, yes, sweetie,” Angie replied, returning the soulful gaze. “I love you so much, you sexy girl.”

With that, they resumed their lovemaking, or whatever you would call it. They kept their clothes on, keeping the pretence that this was just “pretend”. Donna wanted to go farther, to just get naked and feel that hot woman’s skin against her own. Quivering girl-flesh against quivering woman-flesh. Naked tight body Against naked taught body. Hard, stiff, erect nipples to nipples. Belly to belly. Teenaged, smooth, shaved, slippery engorged cunt-mound pressed against womanly, hairy, slippery engorged cunt-mound. Donna was crazy to feel those full, womanly lips covering her pussy. It was excruciating. But she never pressed it on the woman. One time, after making out for about four hours–a kiss that lasted four wonderful hours, four beautiful, sweaty hours, four glorious hours–the teenager looked down at the blue jeans she wore and it looked like she had peed her pants! The pussy juice was dripping with the lust! Angie must have seen that too. The pungent smell of cunt juice. But the older woman never initiated any sex, only petting. It was as if they were just innocent young lovers afraid to go to “second base”. And the teenager wanted the hot brunette to make the first real sex move. Then Donna would have her in her clutches forever! Yes, they would make out until the hot woman couldn’t stand it anymore! She wanted Angie Fornetti to become her lesbian sex slave!

But eventually, over several “dates”, Donna just couldn’t take it anymore-the girl wanted to take it to the next level of passion–to entwine their cunts and mouths in a 69. Cunt to mouth, cunt to mouth. They had entwined everything else, and were ready to be lovers. The cheerleader decided to bring the matter to a head.

That Friday, Donna got dressed in as sexy an outfit as she had ever worn. This was the night she would fuck the feminine object of her desires! She checked herself out in the mirror before leaving the house for her “babysitting job”. Her full, jutting 34C tits were encased in a low-cut red tank top belly shirt. Her cleavage was particularly inviting tonight! With no bra, her distended nipples poked out from under the tight material. Her two gold rings stood out from her pouting belly button. She had slid into her tightest, shortest black leather mini skirt and matching black leather calf-high platform boots. Tiny black thong panties threading along her ass-crack. Her makeup was perfect, accentuating those moist, red, bee-stung lips, heavy black eyeliner around her large blue eyes. Long nails freshly painted blood red to match her lips. Her favorite perfume in all the “right” places. The tight leather encased her cunt, rubbing it enough to get a slight trickle of cunt juice flowing. And the skirt was still new, so it had that fresh leather odor that added to the erotic aura around the teenager. A wet dream for anyone, male or female. But this night would be Angie Fornetti’s! She practically ran down the steps of her house with a small overnight bag, told her parents she was staying overnight at the Fornetti’s since they were going to a big function, and hopped into her car. If only they knew!

When Angie opened the door, Donna knew this would be a special night. The older woman looked like feminine sex itself. She was dressed in a sheer white silk blouse, scooped down low to show her cleavage to its best advantage, squeezed together by a lacy bra. Those delectable breasts needed no support as they jutted out from that frilly-necked, tight blouse. But it was her pants that were the most stimulating to the babysitter. bursa sınırsız escort They were tight, practically painted on her curvy hips, ass cheeks and legs. But they were made of snakeskin! A brown and white, smooth, leather-like snakeskin! Coupled with her very high brown leather platform shoes, Angie was a girl’s wet dream! She just stared at those special, unusual snakeskin pants. They even hugged her crotch, the one that the girl was aching to bury her face in. The ravishing brunette had plenty of perfect makeup painting her sensual olive face, with thick, glossy burgundy lips and long, long dark lashes and heavy black eyeliner. Her hair was full and loose around her shoulders. And her perfume immediately hit Donna as she took her first long sniff of the woman’s essence. More to come, she hoped.

Angie smiled with flashing white teeth, just a hint of tongue licking out. “Donna, it’s so nice to see you tonight. I couldn’t wait until we could get together again. Come on in. The kids are fast asleep upstairs. I was going to go out with some friends tonight, but they cancelled, so I’m afraid I’m home tonight. Do you still want to stay in alone with me tonight?” The woman still put up the pretenses and played the game.

Donna noticed the woman’s eyes roving from her tits encased in the red tank belly shirt down to the gold rings in her navel to the tight black leather miniskirt. Then back up to gazing into the girl’s eyes. There was lust painted all over her gorgeous face. Lust for this teenaged babysitter. The girl stepped into the foyer.

“Oh, yes, yes. I was hoping you would be staying home tonight. We can get cozy on the couch together, if you like. Those are great pants, Angie, I’ve never seen any like them before!” Their bodies moved close in the foyer.

“These? Oh, I just got them in town yesterday. You like, sweetie? You can borrow them some time if you’d like.” Angie turned around for the girl, slightly jutting her ass out toward her.

“They are fabulous, dear. Do they come with their own rattle?” Donna laughed and reached a hand out to caress the snakeskin encasing the woman’s thigh. As she turned to show off the pants, Donna’s long-nailed hand slid along to the older woman’s ass cheek. She squeezed slightly, but reveled in the feel of this exotic material and the round, firm woman-ass.

“Ooooooh, Donna, naughty, naughty girl. Are you fondling me?” Angie flirted with the teenager.

“Only if you want me to, honey.” Donna was feeling much more informal with the older woman, since she HAD been making out with her over these past few weeks. Sharing another woman’s lips and tongue does that to a relationship. She laughed again.

“Oh, we’ll see. We have a long night ahead of us, you sexfiend. Let me get us some drinks, why don’t you relax in the living room. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll let you try on these new pants you seem to like so much.” She disappeared with a last preen and jut of ass cheeks.

Was Angie being more aggressively flirtatious with her, the girl thought? She never got this suggestive. Hmmmmmm……

She made herself comfortable on the couch in the living room, then got an idea. She looked into the kitchen to see if Angie was still preoccupied with making drinks. It would be a bit before she returned. The buxom young blond spread her legs under her leather miniskirt and stuck several fingers around her thong and up her cunt, which was already juicing copiously. She began finger-fucking herself, dripping cunt juice all over her hand and fingers. She brought her hand to her mouth and sucked off some of the juice. Donna’s mouth would now taste like her own pretty little cunthole. “Angie will love the taste of my cunt”, she thought as she smeared her full lips with some of those sticky juices, sucking the rest off her fingers. “Now when Angie starts kissing me I know what she’ll be tasting. She’ll get seconds on my cunt!”

The incredibly sexy woman came in and gave a drink to the busty young blond sitting on the couch. Her tits were bursting through the blouse, aching for Donna’s lips and hands. She arched her back as she took a sip, then sat down next to the babysitter. The smell of perfume and leather enveloped them. They breathed its essence deeply. Angie put the drink down, as did Donna. They gazed into each other’s eyes, nostrils flaring, skin flushing. Donna put one arm on the back of the couch, behind the woman. Their beautiful, feminine faces were only inches apart.

“You look so good tonight, Angie. So….really…..good…..” Donna murmured into the woman’s face, gazing at those full, wet burgundy lips. Her breath smelled of peppermint gum.

With a soft moan, Angie just about jumped into the girl’s arms. She wasn’t resisting anymore, playing a game. Not only was she used to French kissing her babysitter, but she seemed to be in complete anticipation. She couldn’t wait to start making out with her teenaged girlfriend. She leaned görükle escort into Donna, her feminine mouth hungering for the girl’s. Donna held her tight in case she smelled the sticky mouth-surprise. Two pairs of huge breasts mashed against each other, nipple on nipple. Female arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders. The two lusty women were in a tight clinch on the couch. Donna’s leather miniskirt creaked as her legs crossed over into the woman. The blonde gave the older woman the most mushy, passionate “be-my-cunt” kiss that she could imagine. The girl smeared her pussy juice-soaked lips all onto hers. She stuck her thick, pussy-tasting tongue as far down the woman’s throat as she could. Almost immediately, she could tell Angie tasted the pungent pussy cream in her mouth. Her eyes grew as big as saucers.

Donna wondered, “Could she suck all the cunt juice out of my mouth and just pretend not to have noticed? If she did I would just have another surprise for her, I would just get more, although I don’t see how she could.”

Suddenly, Angie drew back a little, breaking their kiss, and exclaimed “Donna!” Her lipstick was smeared, slick with pussy juice.

Quickly, the girl said “Angie, do you like that? Kissing you makes my pussy so wet I wanted to share it with you. Does it taste good, baby?” Any inhibitions the older woman had were gone. Her nostrils flared, eyes lidded heavily. She resumed madly kissing Donna’s mouth, getting the cunt aftertaste. She even licked it off her lips and face. She was sucking it off the girl.

The teenager briefly broke their clinch and the passionate kiss, saying with heavy breathing, “Angie, there’s much more where that came from…”, and slid her hand into her own sopping hole under the skirt. Donna held it up to the woman, teasing, “You’ll like this, it’s fresh and warm.” She then lifted her hand, sticky wet and drenched in hot cunt juice to the lust-filled face. Angie took those wet fingers and sucked the residue off one by one. She savored it. Donna pushed each wet long-nailed finger into her woman-lover’s mouth. She let her lick the cunt juice off of each finger. The busty older woman sucked them hungrily.

With the two incredibly sexy girls clutching each other passionately on the couch, they turned the heat up together. The teenaged girl fed cunt juice over and over off her slender fingers, smeared her intimate fluids all over the woman’s face.

Donna hissed passionately, “I want you to smell like my pussy, baby–wear it. Lick my juice up!” Angie seemed to relish being covered in the girl’s cunt juice. Then they locked lips again, sharing the fruits of that tasty girl-cunt. She licked the cunt juice back off her own face.

“You taste sooooo delicious coated in my pussy goo,” said Donna, then she broke their kiss and gazed soulfully into the brunette’s large, almond eyes. They locked on each other. There was a feeling between them. More than passion. Suddenly, “Angie, I love you so much…. do you love me?” She couldn’t believe she had actually said it so meaningfully!

Donna face melted in emotion for the girl, as she said “Yes, oh yes, my darling girl. I love you too. I do.”

With that Donna raised her leather skirt up her thighs, revealing the drenched thong covering her cunt–the cunt she made wet. She spread her legs as wide as the tiny skirt would let her. The leather creaked again as it slid up her thighs.

“Get on your knees, Angie! Down on your knees, bitch!” The woman didn’t hesitate for a instant, she dropped off the couch to her knees, her face so close to that heated pussy, ready to bury her face in that wet, steaming cunt. But Donna held her back. “No, it won’t be that easy, baby. I know all about your secret life as a lesbian slave. Isn’t that right you little cunt?” Suddenly, she looked a little frightened. “Don’t worry, cunt, I like you as a slave, I like the idea.” Donna could see down the scooped frilly blouse to the deep cleavage of those two mammoth tits. The taught snakeskin pants were stretched even tighter over those slender thighs and full, jutting ass cheeks. She wanted to taste that ass, but that would have to wait.

The teenaged girl spread her pussy so the woman could see up the hole. “Do you like it?”

“Oh yes, sweetheart, I think it’s about the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Do you want to be able to suck it whenever you want?” Angie shook her head yes and at the same time filled her nostrils with the sweet aroma of the pussy right in front of her face.

She really wanted it. She was still on her knees waiting to be served pussy. Her long-nailed hands rested on Donna’s booted calves.

“You’ll have to beg for it. Beg to eat my snatch.”

On her knees, clutching the black leather boots encasing the girl’s legs, running her hands up and down the soft kidskin, “Please Donna, please let me suck your cunt, please! I want it soooo bad. You don’t know how I’ve wanted it for so long. Please give it to me honey, I’m begging you.”

The teenaged girl smiled, “You can have it. It will be yours forever and ever but only if you promise to be my slave. You must serve me totally.”

Angie looked a little hesitant so the girl slid her skirt back down and said “Well if that’s the way you feel, just forget it.”

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