Girl Scout Moms Ch. 03 – 70% Club Kickoff Meeting

This is the third in the Girl Scout Moms series. It starts where Part II left off, so you’ll want to read the first two before reading this one.


The next few days after my encounter with Jill at the campout were uneventful. Except for my near-constant rubbing my pussy and diddling my clit while thinking about Jill’s sweet pussy. And Anna’s too. And the pussies of every attractive woman I saw. On Wednesday, I was in my office at a major bank when I got an Outlook calendar invite: “70% Club Research Project Kickoff Meeting.” Thursday night at 7:30 at Anna’s house. My heart stopped, the air was sucked from my lungs and my face flushed. I had been constantly turned on for the last several days, but was this something I should continue? What about Jill? Would she really do this? I got my answer about 10 seconds later when I got the notification that Jill had accepted the invitation. It was kinda ridiculous that I even hesitated because there was no way I was going to miss this.

Anna’s ex-husband picked up their daughters on Thursday afternoon, so she would have the house to herself. Jill was obviously good to go, but I did have to work out some logistics to make this work. A few text messages later, I accepted the invitation and immediately scurried to the restroom. I needed some relief. Badly. I breathlessly entered a stall and didn’t even bother to look to see if anyone else was in any of the other stalls. I sat down, pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties down before rubbing my needy pussy. A gasp escaped my lips even though I had no reason to be surprised by anything. It felt so good and I was so wet I could hear the squishing sound but just couldn’t stop. I needed to cum and was in a fog of lust as my orgasm built. And then I came. And came. My whole body convulsed and a guttural moan escaped my lips as I nearly passed out.

When I opened my eyes, I looked down below the stall door and saw a pair of gorgeous black Christian Louboutin 6-inch heels with their signature red soles attached a pair of muscular, but shapely legs. There was no mystery as to whose legs those were. They belonged to Aileen, the beautiful 40 yr old Senior VP who must have one of the most amazing shoe collections in Miami. She is an extremely fit Puerto Rican with silky brown hair that frames her gorgeous tan face and bewitching smile. Even before my recent lesbian leanings, she was a recurring character in my bedtime vibrator sessions. Those shoes would have been hard for many women to walk in, but Aileen is one of those women who was seemingly born in 6-inch heels. She could probably play tennis in them. Watching her walk from behind, with her perfect ass swaying musically, is a sight to behold. But seeing her outside the stall scared the crap out of me. I didn’t know what to do. She must have heard me. I was sure of it. But I couldn’t get out and face her. I would have to wait until she left the before I could leave.

Then she took a few steps, entered the stall next to mine, and closed the stall door. I didn’t know what to do. Should I wait until she is done and leaves the restroom or should I get out as soon as possible while she is in the stall? I decided to make a break for it. Until I heard her voice.

“Hi Katerina, how are you doing?” she said as she sat down and maneuvered her clothes.

“Oh hi, Aileen, I’m good,” I said.

“I’ll bet you are,” she commented with a wry smile that I couldn’t see but I could hear. “Seems like you’ve been enjoying yourself.”

She obviously knew exactly what I had been doing. I was so embarrassed.

“I’ve got to get back to my desk, busy day,” I said, hoping to end this conversation and get out of there.

As I started to pull my panties up, she said “Please stay for a moment — I need to talk to you.”

I sighed, as I really couldn’t refuse her. “OK”

“How are things with your boyfriend? The cute lawyer” she asked.

“We broke up a little while back. We just weren’t looking for the same thing.” I told her.

“That’s too bad, but sometimes it is for the best,” she said. “When one door closes another one opens up.”

“I guess so” I started to say when I heard her moan. I stopped talking and listened to her ragged breaths and the squishing sound that I know all too well as the sound of fingers frantically rubbing a very wet pussy.

“Maybe it’s time to try something new,” she said between breaths. “Wouldn’t that be exciting?”

Again my face flushed. “I suppose it would,” I said. And then I felt a jolt of courage. I had nothing to be embarrassed about — she was doing the same thing I was doing. “So tell me, how is your dating life going? Anything new and exciting,” I asked.

The squishing sound got faster and louder and she didn’t respond for a few seconds. Her moans got louder too.

“Nothing new and exciting just yet” she said, “but I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I’m definitely curious.”

“Oh yeah,” I said, “what are you so curious about?”

“Something bursa evi olan escort softer. Sweeter.” Aileen said just as she reached her climax and let out a few low moans before taken a few deep breaths. “We should go out sometime, now that we are both single and looking for something new and exciting.”

“That would be fun,” I said. “I need to get back to work but we should stay in touch.” And then I quickly opened the stall door and bolted for the bathroom door before Aileen could get dressed and out of her stall.

As I left the bathroom I heard Aileen say, with a chuckle, “We should definitely be in touch.”

I couldn’t concentrate at all the rest of the day. Between the encounter and innuendos with Aileen and the impending meeting at Anna’s the next evening, I was a bundle of nerves and my pussy was sopping wet. But I made it through the rest of the day and spent the evening with my vibrator practically attached to my clit.

Thursday took forever. I was both excited and nervous about the meeting at Anna’s. I obviously knew it would not be a regular get-together, but I didn’t quite know what to expect. But I figured I would prepare for the worst. Or best. I dressed to kill, with a tight skirt that hugged by ass perfectly and the 5-inch Jimmy Choo’s that my ex-boyfriend had bought me. And no panties. My pussy was already moist thinking about the evening and I saw no reason to cover it.

When I got to Anna’s house, Jill’s car was parked in the driveway. Jill was never on time, so I knew that if she got there early she must have been as excited as I was. I rang the doorbell and Anna answered the door dressed like a sexy school teacher, which she is. A form fitting black skirt with a white blouse unbuttoned slightly more than would be acceptable at school. She had 5-inch black heels and was wearing pearls around her neck. Her hair was up in a bun and she had black-rimmed glasses. Strangely, she was holding a wooden pointer.

I looked at the pointer with bewilderment and she said, tersely, “You are tardy, Ms. Villa.” Then she said, “Follow me, class is about to begin,” before leading me into the living room. As we entered the living room, I saw Jill, strangely dressed like a Catholic schoolgirl, with a plaid skirt, knee socks and a white blouse. Her blonde hair was in pigtails. On the chair next to her, there was a neatly folded stack of clothes. Another Catholic schoolgirl outfit, identical to the one Jill was wearing. The whole scene was bizarre and ridiculous, but it was also sexy as hell. It was clear that it would be a very exciting evening.

Anna ordered “Strip and put on your uniform!” I looked over at Jill and she shrugged.

Anna said “do as you are told and hurry up — I have a lot to teach you.” The whole thing was crazy, but I started to undress. I took off my blouse and then my bra, revealing my ageless 34 Cs.

Anna said “Beautiful!” and when I looked over she was leaning back and pulling up her skirt to reveal her bare and glistening wet pussy. After everything that was going on, I don’t know why I was surprised but I was, and I gasped. Anna lowered her hand to her pussy and started rubbing her fingers over her clit.

Anna said “Jill, do you like what you see?” I had almost forgotten about Jill, but I turned around and saw Jill, with her mouth agape and her face red. Embarrassed, Jill blushed and just nodded her head.

Anna removed her hand from her pussy and put her fingers in her mouth, saying “mmmm,” and then stood up and picked up the pointer. She said “Welcome to Sapphic Seduction 101.”

Continuing, Anna said “this is the kickoff course for our little experiment. As we discussed, I believe that about 70% of women will have a lesbian experience and eat pussy under the right circumstances. We already know that includes 100% of the women in this classroom. Now for this to be a truly scientific study, we would have to try to seduce a random sample of women, regardless of looks, but I don’t think we need to be that rigid about it. Let’s keep this fun and sexy. So let’s first develop a list of participants. I’m going to first ask each of you to name a woman you know who you have thought about while making yourself cum. Jill, you first.”

“Ok,” Jill said, “you mean someone who is not in this room, right?”

“Yes” Anna confirmed.

“I’m going to say my college roommate, Stephanie,” Jill said. “We still keep in touch and she lives in Coconut Grove. Her tits are amazing. I don’t know if she’s every really done anything major with another girl, but I do know that she once made out with another girl at a fraternity party back in college.”

“Nice,” said Anna, “we will put her in the “likely” category. If she has made out, it’s likely that she can be enticed to go further under the right circumstances. Katerina, who is your nominee for a “likely” labia licker?”

After the recent experience and innuendos with Aileen, she was the first person altıparmak escort to come to mind. I told Jill and Anna about the encounter in the restroom and the other banter that we had.

“Sounds like an excellent choice, Katerina,” Anna exclaimed. “Now I want you to think of someone that you have thought about sexually, but whom you don’t know if she has any interest in women. Katerina?”

“My best friend Lorena comes to mind, but I do have an inkling that she might be a bit bi-curious. She’s very complimentary of how I look and often uses words like “sexy” or “hot” instead of “beautiful” or “pretty.” I know she’s been to strip clubs and likes them, so I’m thinking there might be something there.”

“Lorena is super hot,” Jill added. “When my husband met her he was clearly smitten. Me too, to be honest. That night we fucked like rabbits and that is not a common occurrence for my husband.”

“Lorena makes the list,” Anna said. “Jill, who is your next nomination?”

“I’m going to nominate Ellie from the girl scout troupe,” said Jill.

“I had a feeling Ellie would make this list,” Anna said. “Her ass is amazing. I have a feeling she won’t be hard, but I don’t have any insider information on that, just a hunch,” she said, winking.

“OK, for the next category, I want you each to pick someone who you think would claim to be disgusted or grossed out by lesbo action, but who you would love to look down and see them licking your pussy as your own submissive slave,” Anna said.

“Oooh, this is a fun one!” said Jill. “I would love to see Cecilia Warren, the principal at my daughter’s school, looking up from between my legs with her tongue buried in my pussy. She’s such an icy bitch, but still pretty hot.”

“For this category,” I said, “I’m gonna pick my “friend” Someera. She’s Moroccan and pretends to be this righteous Muslim, but she’s a big hypocrite and she is gorgeous. She’d claim to be shocked and horrified by lesbianism, but I’d love to make her my little slave.”

“OK, we have 6 for our first group of test subjects, but we need a 7th,” said Anna. “Five out of 7 is just a bit over 70% so we will see if we can get 5 of our subjects to lick pussy.” Anna continued, “For the 7th spot, I want someone who seems to be almost asexual or disinterested in sex. Any nominations?”

Jill looked at me and I knew exactly what she was thinking. I started to shake my head “no” when Jill blurted out “Susana.” I was horrified.

“Who is Susana?” Anna asked.

“Susana is Katerina’s sister,” Jill explained. “Katerina told me that her sister has never had an orgasm and has no interest in sex. She and her husband have 2 kids, but she supposedly only had sex for procreation purposes and otherwise has no interest. But she’s got Katerina’s genes, so she’s still pretty hot.”

“I don’t want my sister a part of this. If she is, then I don’t want to be part of that seduction,” I said.

“Susana is in,” said Anna. “You don’t have to touch her, of course, but teamwork is a big part of this.” “But I’ll tell you what,” Anna continued, “if you can get your other 3 nominees to lez out, then you don’t have to be there when we seduce your sister. You can help us set it up, but you will have earned a pass for that one.”

Anna went up to the whiteboard and wrote the word “EFFECTS” vertically, from top to bottom. “As I said, teamwork is important here, especially for those inexperienced at Sapphic seduction. For our first few seductions we will develop a strategy in advance and will work together to make it happen. When you feel ready to fly solo, I will set you free, but to start we will work together and will be guided by “EFFECTS.” What does EFFECTS mean or stand for? It’s an acronym.”

“Let’s start with the first E, which stands for Eye Contact,” Anna wrote. “This is basic flirting technique because that is what we are doing. Just as you keep eye contact with a guy you like and like when a guy does it to you, we will do the same to our targets.”

“The first F stands for Flattery,” which she wrote on the whiteboard next to the first F. “Again, basic flirting — compliment the target, tell her how great she looks, tell her how sexy she is.”

“The second F is for Frustration,” Anna said. “Here, we are talking sexual frustration — how horny you are, how unsatisfying your husband or boyfriend is, how infrequently you are having sex. This is the case for most women so they will likely commiserate and share a few complaints of their own. It also starts turning the conversation to sex, which brings us to the next letter.”

“E is for Erotic Conversation”, she explained. “Start getting a little more detailed and graphic. A little dirty. Show that you are horny and frustrated and like to talk about sex. Encourage the target to do the same. Eventually transition to how much more sexy and beautiful women are than men and joke about giving up on men and going lesbo. One-on-one this can be an awkward gemlik escort conversation, but with two other friends there to giggle, laugh, joke and agree it helps set the target at ease.”

“This brings us to the next letter — C, for Comfort. This is to let her know that she is not alone and that it is common for women to be attracted to other women and even experiment with them. If there are 4 women in a conversation and 3 of them indicate they find women sexy and would consider hooking up with another woman, the 4th is likely to feel more comfortable about admitting the same.”

“T is for Touch. Again, basic flirting and seduction. Hands, hair, knee, butt, boobs, etc. Whatever you think you might be able to do without making her too uncomfortable. Follow your instincts.”

“And finally, S is for Secret. What happens here stays here. We all have an interest in keeping this discrete and secret. And that makes it even sexier. Let her know that nobody will find out and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something she has probably fantasized about for years.”

“So we will start with Jill’s college roommate, Stephanie,” Anna said. “Jill, you said Stephanie made out with a girl in college, right?” Jill nodded. Anna asked “What can you tell us about that?”

“It was at a fraternity party. She was drunk and started dancing. There was this other girl, a soccer player, who started dancing with her and it started getting pretty hot and dirty. They were grinding and twerking and became the center of attention. Then the soccer girl moved in and kissed her and she didn’t pull back. She kissed her right back and it was pretty intense. It probably sent on for about 20 seconds. The other girl then put her hands on Stephanie’s amazing tits and that seemed to freak her out. She looked embarrassed, turned and left the party.”

Jill continued, “When I got back to our room she was already asleep and we never really talked about it. I knew she was kinda embarrassed and didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. Over the years, some others who were there made some little jokes about it and teased her a little. She was a good sport, but you could tell she was a little uncomfortable about it.”

“OK,” Anna said, “we can work with that. We know a little alcohol might limit her inhibitions and that the subject can be raised without her really freaking about it. We can use that event to bring up the subject and you can indicate that you thought it was pretty hot and got turned on by it. I will play the role of the wild, uninhibited one who has plenty of experience with women and loves to talk about it.”

I said, sarcastically, “Wow, Anna, that is really a stretch for you.”

Anna smiled and said, “well, I have the acting range of Jean Claude Van Dam or Steven Segal, so it’s best for me to stick to what I know.” “Katerina, you play the role of Stephanie’s counterpart and conscience. By that I mean, you try to match her experiences but with a very curious and open mind about lez-play. So, for example, your story will be that you had a similar kissing experience when younger, but have always wondered and fantasized about going further and really exploring your bi-curious nature. You see this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do it discretely. You play a lez virgin who wants to lose her virginity.”

“Jill,” Anna continued, “you do you. Seeing her make out all those years ago turned you on and you should tell her how you wanted to explore that with her. But you were too afraid and nervous to try. But more recently you did start exploring that and it changed your life for the better. You wish you hadn’t wasted all those years keeping those feelings bottled up inside.”

“I think all of us should be well within our acting range for those roles,” Jill said slyly.

Anna said, “Stephanie will be naturally curious about who you more recently explored your girl-girl desires with and how that came about. Let’s give her some time and opportunity to ask those questions. If she doesn’t, then it will be your job, Katerina, to steer the conversation there. The answer, of course, will be that you and I have become lovers. And we will start showing it. Katerina, you show and express surprise, followed by how turned on it is making you. Try to bring Stephanie in on that. We will play it by ear as to when we start trying to get physical with Stephanie and who takes the lead on that. I think you will find that it will all become clear and easy.”

The thought of seducing women — presumably straight women — had me turned on beyond belief. And having met Stephanie before I was particularly excited about getting with her. My face was flushed, my nipples were hard and my pussy was wet and tingling. I turned to look at Jill and saw that she was in very much the same state, trying to inconspicuously rub her mound. . Anna noticed too and said to Jill, “You look life you need some relief — go ahead and pet that pretty pussy.” Jill treated that like an order, spread her legs and started to do just that. I turned back to Anna and saw that she was doing the same thing. I was getting lightheaded with my two gorgeous friends rubbing their wet pussies.

Anna said “You like that, don’t you Jill? You are dying for another taste of pussy aren’t you?” Jill nodded.

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