My Pilot , I


Was I sure I wanted to do this? It was certainly not how I was raised to be a young lady! But…

Work had taken over my life and it was all I did. It was tiring some days, but it kept me occupied, it kept me alert, it certainly paid for my car and house. I was always a simple woman needing very little to move me.

I can’t even remember how I discovered , but I enjoyed the stories and audios and the “friendships” made. One of my friends suggested we have an adventure. He asked, no, he instructed me to wear a black summer dress with no panties and no bra. He would be picking me up at a bar not too far away and wanted me to walk to the bar so that the cool breeze made my nipples hard and cooled my pussy.

Before that day, I would play with myself while we chatted a few times on the phone and there was just something about my moans he loved. He was a gentleman, but in the heat of the moment he took charge of all of me.

The nights we spoke had me on the edge of a cliff – my swollen clit, stiff nipples and soaked sheets. Just the memories of it teased me making me warm in my pussy again.

I sat at a table, had a Tom Collins drink which I loved, and I waited for him. It’s like I was just assessing my life – great job, great life, wet nights because of this voice in my ear, him teasing me with images but never a full body shot. What was I thinking? I could be kidnapped, killed, raped, OMG!! Breathe Candie, I kept saying to myself. I was almost finished with my drink when an elderly man in a suit approached and asked if I was Candie Cane. I smiled and said “yes I am.” He said, “the Pilot awaits your presence outside.”

Oh, I knew my cheeks became red hot! I finished my drink and accompanied the man. I walked outside and met a black vehicle that was tinted dark. The door opened and a slim, tall, handsome, green-eyed man with a pilot hat exited. He was dressed, oh so sexy, in a baby blue shirt and navy pants. He looked at me, at my dress, and immediately saw the outline of my nipples. He teased me and introduced himself as “Pilot” and I smiled the broadest smile ever and said “Candie Cane.”

We went into the vehicle, and he asked if there was anywhere I wanted to go. I was an excellent decision-maker at work and other than that, I was more of a go with the flow person. He just smiled as he saw my brain going at racing speed.

He gave me a drink and I smiled, “Tom Collins,” while he sipped on his scotch.

We drove for a bit and then came to a stop. When I exited the vehicle, we were in front of a hotel. I felt weird, but just followed him in. It seemed like he’d taken care of everything before because he held my hand and took me into the elevator. He ran his fingers over my hard nipples and just teased me with his tongue. I inhaled deeply and braced against the enclosure. We stopped and exited. He led me to a door and before opening it, asked if I was sure I wanted this, to which I said “yes.”

The opened door led to a room, which was cold but warmly lit at the same time. Soft music was playing, a piano I wondered, he smiled and said yes. How he read me was just strange, we were in person, so it wasn’t as strange as when we chatted on the phone.

He offered me wine because I wasn’t a champagne woman, chocolate and fruits because I loved both and couldn’t choose. I quickly turned around and he was right there. My nipples rubbing bursa eskort bayan against the cotton dress and all of me against him now. He gently pulled a curl and liked how it fell back. I was biting my lips, being this close to him. I was so engulfed in his presence, I hadn’t yet scoped out the room. Not huge, but cozy, and the bed seemed like a grand king, not even sure that existed but it was huge. He pulled the dress over my head.

He took off his shirt and belt but kept his trousers on. He sat down and he extended his arm to me. I sat and felt his warmth. Slowly he ran his fingers all over me, not touching my nipples or pussy and God I was going crazy. His breath against my neck was warm as he breathed on it. I heard a door open and saw a naked man and woman emerge from what appeared to be the bathroom. I was a bit confused, and he whispered in my ear that we had the whole night, that they were going to entertain us and then he was going to take me. He bit my neck and sucked it, and I knew he marked me.

The couple started making out, touching each other, fondling each other and then they went on the bed. We of course were sitting in such a way that they faced us. We saw the pleasure on their faces as they continued playing with each other.

My breathing became shorter as he started caressing my breasts. So softly… She was moaning as he sucked her nipples. The Pilot started playing with mine and my head leaned back on him. He continued the journey down her body with his mouth and tongue and her moans were so sexy. The Pilot started pulling my nipples now and sucking and biting my neck. I moaned softly not taking my eyes off the couple.

He got to her pussy and started licking it and I heard the sloppy wetness. He started fingering her and they were both moaning and making these amazing sounds. The Pilot’s hands started trailing down my tummy, down my pussy. He whispered for me to open my legs, which I did, and he could feel how wet I was. He bit down on my neck, marking me again, knowing what he was doing, knowing it was the spot!

She suddenly screamed out with what seemed like an intense orgasm! I was startled a bit, being broken from my euphoria. A few seconds passed and they both got off the bed and stood in front of us. She licked her lips and went down on her knees and took him in her mouth. Ohhhh fuckkk!!!

The sight of that turned me on like wow!! Up and down on that cock she sucked! He moaned, certainly enjoying it. He was so rock hard for her.

I didn’t even realise how my body was reacting and grinding on the chair, pushing back against the Pilot. He started twisting my nipples, Goddddd!!

They went back to the bed and before they started fucking, the man pointed his finger at me and called me. I was startled, confused and just didn’t know what was expected. The Pilot whispered in my ear,”go suck her pussy and make her cum before he fucks her”! OMGGG!!!

I eased off and went to their bed. She looked at me and smiled and opened her legs. He was sucking her nipples again as I started licking her, tasting her juices. This was turning me on so much!! Licking her clit, licking her hole, tasting her juices. I started tongue-fucking her pussy and that together with him sucking her nipples, made her cum! Mmmmmm, tasting pussy after so many years really turned me on.

The Pilot called me back and I returned to my initial position bursa merkez escort licking my lips. The guy asked me how should he fuck her? I told him doggie and rough! The Pilot bit my ear, saying “someone’s ready to have some fun.” He rammed his cock in her soaked pussy and started fucking her hard. She screamed and moaned and fuck I was so turned on! The Pilot opened my legs and started playing with my clit. Babyyyyyyy.

Her moans, the noises, I told him to spank her ass, it was like I was in control and telling them how to fuck, while he played with my pussy! I was so close! So so close!! The Pilot whispered in my ear for me to wait and only when the guy came in her, that I would be allowed to cum.

It seemed like forever, but he finally he came, she orgasmed again, and the Pilot played with my pussy faster, telling me to cum! My head leaned back on him, I bit my lip, and he continued playing with my clit. I screamed out! The Pilot spread my legs further apart as she came over and sucked me deeply.

Our Night – 2

I was shaking as the Pilot steadied me and she then sucked me sooo good as her man just looked on. She got up and kissed him. He smiled and they dressed and left the room. I tried standing up, but the Pilot told me not yet. He ran his nails over my thighs, a bit deep leaving scrape marks. Red lines accentuated my thighs now.

In my mind I felt like he may have marked me all over my neck but he seem to have found some unmarked territory and he bit down. The Pilot started pinching and pulling on my nipples and the pleasurable pain had me moaning. He circled my hard nipples teasing them, while sucking and marking his Candie Cane.

He stood up before I did, and then pulled me up as well. He grabbed my ass as I started opening his pants. The Pilot kept biting my lips and spanking my ass, making me wet, making me want him, making me need him!

As he pulled the sheet off he joked about fluids, and I could see he knew he had me at his fingertips. He asked me to get on my hands and knees in front of him. He kissed each cheek before starting to spank my ass! HARD! SLOW! I was pulling at the sheets! The spanks came faster, and I know I was getting bruised. He saw me becoming wet and started licking me, tasting me, then back to spanking me!


The Pilot finally stopped, and I felt warmth as he started gently massaging me. I was trembling feeling the welts. He was gentle now. My legs were opened, and I felt him playing with my clit. It was so swollen from being turned on, in this vulnerable position I was just totally exposed to the Pilot! I needed to feel the Pilot’s cock in me. Instead, he inserted a vibrator in my pussy and turned it on. Fuckkkk!!!

He moved so that he stood before me, naked stroking his cock close to my mouth. Everytime I stuck my tongue out to lick it, he moved back. I felt immobile even though I wasn’t tied up. The vibrator was deep in me, humming. Finally, he put his cock in my mouth. God babyyyy, his dripping precum teased my tongue. Licking the head, the swollen rim as I moved my mouth all around. He held my head, then blew me a kiss and started fucking my mouth.

OMFG!!! Just like that babyyyyyy! Fuck my mouth!!

The vibrator in my pussy got faster and God I was making a mess! Pulling out, he moved away from my mouth. The Pilot turned me around, bursa sınırsız escort bayan so I was on my knees with my back to him. I felt him moving the vibrator in and out of my pussy then spitting in my ass! I felt him massaging my asshole with his finger as the vibrator speed slowed a bit in my pussy, now thoroughly soaked. His finger slipped deep inside my ass, and I inhaled. Gentle but strong, deep but soft, crazy words, crazier thoughts as he started fingering my exposed ass.

I felt him slipping something in me and realised it was a butt plug. I moaned out almost not aware of what was happening. It felt so good having the vibrator in my pussy and then the speed increased again. Babyyyyyyyy!!!

I felt him remove the vibrator and soon I had a thick hard cock easing into my pussy. He wrapped his hand in my curls and pulled them back as he moved in and out of my pussy, his other hand just pulling at the plug, out a bit, back in, out a bit, back in, but not fully out. Yesssssssssss!!!

I have never ever felt so much pleasure, satisfaction and pain all at the same time!! I couldn’t formulate thoughts!

I was lost on the Pilot as he owned his Candie Cane!

He fucked me so good and finally he came inside me! I collapsed forward onto the bed, him on top of me, just kissing me softly on my neck and back. Both our breaths trying to calm down, both our bodies merging into one hot messy mess!

He rolled off, pulling out, and we really did make a mess. He told me we should go shower and we did. The warm water relaxed us both as we soaped and lathered and shared soft kisses.

Wrapped in robes, we came out into what seemed like the Artic. After the warm shower, the room seemed so cold. We just laughed together…

He suggested we step outside on the patio. It was windy but definitely cooler. Of course there just happened to be a lounge chair there. He sat and pulled me onto his lap. He pulled me tight as we just relaxed. Just being close to him, experiencing what we just did, was a little slice of heaven. I snuggled into him, feeling close.

He got up and just looked off into the distance. I stood up reluctantly and slid in front of the Pilot. His warm breath against my face and neck was just perfect as we admired the city below us. I felt him tugging at the bow which held my robe closed and I attempted to question him, to which he said, “Shhhhhhhh”. The Pilot spread my legs with his and opened my robe. The wind of course seemed to be waiting on this cue, as my robe suddenly blew open. I was exposed to the city with my tits and pussy hanging out. He started rubbing my pussy and whispered in my ear, if I made a sound, he would take me home. I certainly did not want that!!

He played, he teased, he fingered, he bit my neck again! I was biting my lips so hard, trembling so much! He made me cum for the world to see! He pulled me into him and eased the robe off, making me bend to touch my toes. He massaged my ass and started fingering my ass hole again! “I want the world to know how much I pleasure you, moan for me Candie Cane!” His cock eased inside my ass after that earlier plug play, and he started moving in and out. FUCKKKK!!!

Godddd he felt so good in me, in public, in my ass as my tits just moved all over. Screams, moans, yessssss!!!

The Pilot fucked me so good! My body reacted to him like wow! My holes opened for him, my Pilot! Fuckkkkk!!!

He came in my ass, and it felt so amazing!! I could feel it sloshing his cock inside me, dripping down my thigh. He held my hips tightly as I raised and held the barrier. His soft kisses went up and down my back again, which I realised I just love! The tenderness of them, feeling like I was truly and only his, my Pilot!!

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