Sacramento Connection


I had been working away from home for about 8 months and found that I was really getting horny!! I went home about every 4 to six weeks. It was at the point that I had to jerk off almost every day and that was getting boring. I was staying in Reno Nevada at the Pepper Mill Casino, one of the nicest places in Reno. When we went there I checked with the front desk manager and asked what kind of deal we could get, as I would be staying for a month and I would have staff coming and going. She put me up in a suite that had a 3 person Jacuzzi and a bar and couches and of course a king size bed!

I had heard of this chat line on the radio and had seen adds in the hotel and one night decided to try it! You had to call in and make a profile and then go on line and listen to the ladies profiles and then try to connect and have live chat with some one! I was just looking to have phone sex because I was horny, wasn’t having much luck. Sent messages to a lot of woman but wasn’t hooking up finally got a message from Cathy that she wanted to talk! She described her self, she was 38 at the time about 5ft 6 long brown hair and she had a 38 full DD cup breasts! We talked for a while and told her I was horny but she said phone sex didn’t do anything for her. Finally I agreed to give her my direct number to the hotel and she called me direct, which we agreed would be ok. We talked for a long time and we really got to know each other very well she was divorced and I was married which didn’t bother her! She lived in Sacramento, which was about 2 hours from Reno. She told me that phone sex just didn’t do it for she liked the real thing, I tried to convince her to help me get off but she wasn’t in to it. Finally while talk to her I filled the Jacuzzi and jumped in, she said what is that noise and I told her and she was excited that I had a Jacuzzi in my room. We talked for a while longer and I asked her a bunch of sexual questions and she answered them all mmmmm!! I was so fucking horny but she would not get into it, bitch!!! I asked her what would be the first thing I would notice when I seen her and she said her tits, I asked her if she had big nipples and she said very, asked if they were sensitive and she said extremely! The conversation ended and I went to sleep frustrated!

The next she called and wanted to come for a visit, but it just didn’t work with my schedule but I could tell she was very interested in meeting in person. We talked several more days and luck would have it I was to go to Sacramento for the day and gaziantep escort she said to call and gave me her cell number. On the weekend I went it was a Saturday I had kept my hotel room in Reno as I was coming back that night. I finished by business around 3 and called her and she was at a family gathering but was willing to cut it short! So I decided to some shopping to kill time and she said she would meet in about an hour and a half. I was nervous with anticipation as I had been married for over 20 years and never done any thing like this. It was the excitement of the uncertainty and what she really looked like! Finally she called back on my cell and told me were to meet once I got there I called her back and told her what I was driving and were I was parked, she said she was 5 minutes away and was driving a blue Celica. She spotted me soon as she drove in the parking lot and waved, she parked about 6 cars away and she stared to walk towards me. She was right the first thing I noticed was her tits, she had on a white tight sweater which showed them of nicely! She had long wave dark hair half way down her back and was good looking, maybe a bit chunky but carried it well. When she got close I got out and gave her a hug, which broke the ice, we were both nervous.

We went in side and had a few drinks and talked we got along well and both liked each other, later I would find our just how much. I finally said we should go eat because I had to drive home and didn’t want to just sit and drink, so she said fine and said she would leave her car there and ride with me. I was driving a SUV, a Montero Sport with bucket seats and a stick shift. She looked through my CD’s and put on some music and it was about a 5-minute drive to be we were going to eat! I must admit I was staring at her tits they did look nice and I was imaging how she had described her nipples and how sensitive they were, I was wondering if I was going to find out?

It was a nice restaurant they were playing live music and it was a romantic atmosphere. We had some wine and started to eat our meal, then all of a sudden she leaned over a gave me a passionate kiss which I openly accepted and we frenched kiss and her comments were, you are a very good kisser, I said you have not seen nothing yet! We finished our meal and our wine and there was some more kissing and during supper she was rubbing my crotch with her bare foot and I thought you tease you are going to get it. We got the check and left it was raining out and ran to the vehicle and got inside. Once inside I leaned over and starting kissing her and rubbing her big tits through her sweater and she immediately started to moan, I guess she was telling the truth, I had not even touched the bare puppies! The windows were fogged but people walked by and they could tell what was going on, she was rubbing my hard cock through my pants and I was still working on those big tits! She leaned across the seat on top of me but because of the buckets it was awkward, those big tits were in my face and I realized that when she leaned over the stick shift was rubbing her wet cunt! We stopped after about 10 minutes and said that I needed to go but should drink some coffee before the drive home, she said to take her back to her car and I could go to her place but she had no coffee but said that she had something that would do!!

I followed her home and into her modest one bedroom apartment. She went into the bathroom to freshen up and when she comes out she invited me into her bedroom. The first thing I remember there must have been 20 pairs of shoes all neatly staked against the wall, she lifted the sweater over her head and revealed a nice set of tits in a silky bra! I threw her on the bed and went right to work on those smooth globes, her nipples were piercing the silky fabric and she moaned every time I touched them I spent 10 minutes sucking them and playing with them before even removing her bra, she was wild! I removed her bra and she had the nicest nipples I had ever seen, they were big around and stuck out almost an inch. I sucked and bite softly on them and they were really sensitive, I think they were hooked straight to her clit. I had not even touched her pussy yet and realized she was moaning and thrashing and having her first among many orgasms, o fuck!!!

I finally removed her pants and they were soaked and she said that I had made her come and I removed her panties and they were soaked to. She was lying there naked and me fully clothed, I rolled her over and realized that for a girl her size she basically had no ass. I rolled her on her back and looked at her tits I reached over and picked up a high heel shoe off the floor it had about a 5-inch heel mmmmmm! I put it on her foot and she was naked except for the shoe, I took her other foot and started to suck her toes and it drove her wild! I took the shoe of and sucked her other foot and then took the heel and started to rub her nipples with the heel and slid it down her stomach to her clit and rubbed it and then slowly inserted the heel in her pussy and it diapered in the wet opening! She wanted to fuck so badly and I thought pay back time bitch!!

It seemed like she just had orgasm after orgasm, I sucked her tits licked her clit and fingered fucked her for over an hour! The bed was soaked and she was loving it but wanted my cock bad, I still had all my clothes on but she finally got my jeans off and I was just wearing my boxers. I had never been with a woman that could come so much by just sucking and playing with her tits it was great, I loved giving them the attention they deserved and she loved receiving it. This went on for another hour and she was getting exhausted and I did not now how long I could last with out blowing a load, I would not let her touch my cock I told her she could look but not touch! But she touched every other part of my body.

I straddled her and was on top of her chest and I rubbed my hard cock on her nipples and that is when I really realized how big those nipples were! I slid my cock up and down in her cleavage and it was driving us both nuts, I could feel the pre cum oozing out of my dick and I rubbed it all over her nipples. She wanted my dick so bad she said let me taste you and I said no but you can lick the pre cum of your tits if you want and she started sucking on her own tits and I started to fingered fuck her again and had 3 fingers deep inside her and she was screaming with her tit in her mouth that she was coming, I could feel her pussy tightening around my fingers.

I don’t know how many times she had cum now but every thing was soaked with her sweet cum, and I knew it was not going to be much longer and I was going to be blowing white stuff all over. She was wet with cum and desire and wanted more! I got up from the bed and stood beside her she was lying there and my dick was inches from her face throbbing about ready to explode! I asked her if she liked what she sees and does she want it!! She said she wanted my cock so bad and would do anything to have that hot throbbing cock inside her filling her with cum! In said that was good and put my pants on and got ready to leave, she jumped up and pushed me down and said I was a brat and wasn’t going anywhere. I said yes I was a brat but was going home and left!

I drove home with this raging hard on and don’t now how I resisted her invitation but I did! But I did have to stop half way home and jerk off because I couldn’t concentrate on the drive through the mountains.

Needless to say she called me the next morning and wanted to come to Reno. Did I let her come or not is another story if you want to hear it??

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