Sex at Work

Sex at work on a slow day

It was a cold winters day, there was at least a foot of snow on the ground. That along with the fact it was the holiday season made for a very slow boring day at the hospital.

Tom was the only imaging technician that made it into his department because of the snow, Heather had spent the night at Tom’s house last night because his kids where at Tom’s ex wife’s house for Christmas break this year.

Heather working in the file room, felt like she was locked away in a dungeon somewhere. No windows at all. It was cold, damp, and musty with concrete walls.

Tom was done with all his scheduled patients for the day, but still had to stick around until 4 pm just in case something needed to be done. At least he could browse the internet and look up to see out the window from time to time.

Heather was so bored; her phone hasn’t even rung one time thus far. She is just sitting there, playing on her cell phone doing her best to stay awake. She starts to think about the week the two have had doing this trial live together with his kids gone.

These thoughts quickly lead to the long hot shower the two shared last night. Tom had asked Heather if she wanted to help shovel the snow from the driveway. Heather not being the prissy type of a girl was always up for a little hard work.

After they finished the drive and a little impromptu snowball fight, both soaking wet and cold, they decided a nice warm shower would be a great way to warm up.

Tom’s shower is nothing great or elaborate. Just a stand-up shower made for one person at a time, maybe 3 feet squared. Inside the house the two stripped naked at the door, leaving their wet clothes in a pile.

Once the water was warm, they jumped in and took turns rotating in and out of the water. This turned into a little waltz dance just hugging and hold each other as they rotated around and around.

Tom started getting aroused standing here with 5-foot 4 blonde bombshell, with 34 D’s and a very athletic build. His dick started growing in between them as they continued the dance.

Heather feeling his growing erection on her stomach looks up and kissing him passionately confessing her love for him. She reaches down taking his hard member in her hand and gently strokes it as the continued to kiss and rotate in and out of the water.

Tom’s hands were not still through all this, they started roaming the minute they got in the shower. He said it was to help warm her up, but she knew better.

Tom started to squeeze Heather’s nice round ass, slowly moving his hands to her hips and up her side to her breast. Heather’s nipples were always super sensitive and Tom pinching them sent a tingle straight to her already wet pussy.

Tom continues to tease her nipples pinching them between his fingers as he squeezes her firm tits. The space in the shower is starting to become cramped for her and she is ready to have him inside her, long slow strokes is what she is wanting right now.

She asks Tom if they can go get in the bed, but he has a different idea. He reached his right arm down and pulls one leg up around his waist while moving his other arm behind her back.

Squatting down so his dick can be lined up with her pussy and picking her up in the process. Heather does her best to keep her other leg on the ground but the hight difference is making it difficult for anything other than the very tip of her toes to be touching.

She places the head of his dick at her opening with one hand and braces herself with the other holding the towel rack inside of the shower.

In one smooth and escort bursa complete stroke Tom both drives his pelvis upward and lowers Heather on to himself at the same time. This action takes both of there breath away and they pause right there with tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

Tom starts to slowly withdraw himself about halfway then eases back in as deep as he can go. Heather winces with a touch of pain and pure pleasure with each long deep stroke.

She brings her other leg up around Tom’s waist and grabs the top of the shower door with both hands to help support her own weight.

This allows Tom to have a free hand to roam all over her body while continuing the long slow strokes. Heather moaning feels her orgasm building inside of her and as Tom’s free hand reaches her breast and pinches her nipple she explodes in ecstasy.

Her hips start bucking wildly as she is no longer craving those long slow strokes. Right now, during her orgasm she wants to get fucked. She is trying to increase Tom’s pace on her own and starts to get frustrated as wave after wave rolls through her body.

She manages to get both her legs down on the ground and Tom not wanting to withdraw his dick from what could only be described as pure heaven on earth squatted down and spread his legs to stay inside her.

Heather’s legs now closed tight in between Tom’s she starts to thrust her hips into his to meet his strokes. Tom continues to squeeze her tits, pinching her nipple between his fingers at the same time as he is starting to meet Heather’s thrust with his own.

The two are moaning and breathing very heavy as the smacking sounds of there pelvis hitting together echoes through the shower. The change in angle made Heather start to cum again as the pace was causing Tom to build towards his own orgasm.

The two exploded together, Heather with one arm around Tom; started squeezing her own breast with the free hand as Tom had picked her back up and was slamming into her. As he came inside her she squeezed him tight with her legs and kissed him passionately.

Recalling all this at work while sitting in her dungeon had her completely lost in the daydream. She had leaned back in her chair and without even thinking about it had slid one hand into her panties and the other into her shirt.

She sat there lost, eyes closed, hand feverishly working her clit, while the other had her breast in hand squeezing tightly. She had put one leg up on the desk so she could penetrate herself better.

She starts to feel the building inside her, and she knows she is about to reach the point of no return. As her orgasm exploded through her driving her hips upward and her head forward, she starts to hear clapping behind her. She can’t stop now she is in the middle of an orgasm and all the involuntary muscle contractions and spasms that go along with it.

She rubs faster on her clit and starts to bury two fingers deep inside her hungry cunt. Squeezing her tit with a nipple between her fingers she is completely lost. As her orgasm subsides, she removes her hands and slowly turns around to see who was watching her.

Still having after shocks from her orgasm she feared it was Jason. Jason was the perverted boss whose office was just down the hall from the file room and was always trying to fuck the pretty girls at work.

Heather was embarrassed and in a matter of a minute it took her to remove her hands and compose herself so many things ran through her mind. If it was Jason, would she have to fuck him to keep her job? Would he be willing to just leave it at a free show? bursa merkez eskort Could she get away with a handjob or blowjob.

Then the thoughts of Tom returned. He would surely break up with her if she did something with there boss, but would he support her if she lost her job? Could she fuck Jason and keep it to themselves? All these things to turn around and have a sigh of relief to see it was Tom standing there clapping his hands.

Heather started to cry and jumped up, ran to Tom, and gave him the biggest hug ever. She asked how long he had been there, he said at least 15 minutes. He came to get her for there lunch break.

Tom asked why she was crying, and she told him she got so horny thinking about the shower last night that she couldn’t help herself and when he had started to clap, she feared it was Jason watching her.

Tom knew that Jason was a pervert, and he would take full advantage of that situation had it happened. He asked Heather would she have let him fuck her and she cried out no way, but she wouldn’t have much of a choice. In the recession no one was hiring, and she couldn’t lose her job.

Tom told her that he would take care of her, and she could live with him, but she should never feel like she must fuck anyone, except for him of course. Then ask if she wanted to sleep with Jason or anyone else.

Heather cries some more telling him that he is the only one for her and she would never want to cheat with anyone. They kiss and head to the café for lunch.

Over lunch the talk is about sex after what had just happened. Heather was embarrassed even though Tom has watched her masturbating before and had video chat sex together. Tom admitted how turned on it made him to watch her here at work.

How the risk of getting caught added a level of excitement to the whole thing. He said he wanted to take her back to the file room and bend her over the small desk and fuck her silly.

As good as that sounded to Heather, the thoughts she had about getting caught wouldn’t allow her to ever do that again. At least not in the file room.

They started talking about were else they could go that would minimize the risk of being caught but still have excitement of the possibility.

The bathroom was an obvious choice but Heather thought that would be to gross. They thought about heading up to an empty patient’s room and using the hospital bed. A little to risky, those doors don’t even lock.

Tom came up with the perfect place. The hot lab in his department. This was a secure room that only Nuclear Medicine technicians had access to, and he was the only one here today.

No one could walk in on them, that pleased Heather, but anyone could see them go in or press an ear to the door and listen. This risk excited Tom.

Getting on the elevator to head back to Tom’s area, more and more people got on. This pushed Tom and Heather to the back corner. Tom reached over and squeezed Heathers ass, everyone was facing the door, so she didn’t stop him or act like anything was wrong.

Her actions encouraged Tom to push the limits a little further, so he stuck his hand down the back of her pants to squeeze her ass. Again, no reaction from her at all. So, he slid his hand between her legs from behind, she leans forward slightly, arching her back to give him access to her sweet pussy.

Tom made a few circles with his fingers around her clit and push a finger into her before they arrived at their floor. When the elevator stopped Tom removed his hand and they exited through the crowd.

Tom laughed outside bursa sınırsız escort of the elevator and Heather playfully smacked his arm. She says to him that if they would’ve gotten caught, they would both be fired.

Back in Tom’s area they hurry into the hot lab. Heather is horny from the self-session prior to lunch and Tom’s touch on the elevator. Tom’s hands are strong, ruff, callous, yet gentle and loving. Heather has always told him that his hands and his touch is what sets her over the edge.

Inside the hot lab, Heather can’t take it anymore. She needs his dick and needs it now. She pulls him to her, kissing him while undoing his pants at the same time. Once undone she pulls out his already hard dick and starts to stroke it nice and slow.

She breaks her kiss and slides straight down to a squatting position looking right in his eye the whole way. She never let go of his cock and without breaking eye contact with him, slowly slid her mouth over the tip of his dick.

She was the best blowjob Tom has ever had and just to keep from coming in her mouth with in the first minute he would often have to think of other things. Abet and Costello, who’s on first was often one of them that would allow him some staying power.

Heather would stroke up and down with her hand while sucking him into her mouth. It was a technique that Tom loved and drove him crazy. Today she decided to pull her mouth off and suck one of his balls into her mouth while continuing to stroke his fat dick.

Every time Tom would look away, Heather having never broken eye contact would say no sir. I’m watching you; you must watch me. She knew he was trying to hold out but wanted to taste his cum going down her throat.

Tom staring into Heathers eyes as she stares into his made him cum in her mouth. He drove his hips forward pushing her head back against the wall. She gagged on his dick as his cum started to overflow out of her mouth and down her chin.

She swallowed as fast as she could but there was to much. Heather stuck her hand down her pants and started playing with her pussy while Tom continued to have after shocks in her mouth.

She was still press up against the wall and although she was anything but a submissive, this really turned her on. She continued to suck keeping his dick hard then he finally relented in the pressure.

Her head free from the wall she stands up and turns around pulling her stretch pants down to mid thigh. She reaches in between her legs grabbing Tom’s dick and guides it straight into her already wet pussy.

Standing at a 45-degree angle, both hands now against the wall while Tom pushed in and out of her juicy cunt. She starts to moan and breathe heavy, trying to keep quite as she can hear activity outside the door.

Tom is forcefully slamming his dick in but not hard enough to make a slapping sound between them. This angle allows him to reach everything she has. He runs his hands from her ass to her hips squeezing them. Holds one hip and moves the other hand up her side under her shirt and pushes her bra up.

He plays with her tit and pinches her nipple. Heather is really getting into this. Tom rotates his hands so that one is on her hip to maintain position and control while the other is playing with a tit. Heather starts driving her hips back into Tom and saying she is gonna cum.

Tom moves one hand to the small of her back to hold her in position and the other over her mouth to keep her from screaming out. He pulls her back into him. From here he starts to fuck her hard and fast.

She cums all over his dick and begs him not to cum inside her. She didn’t want to have swamp crotch the rest of the day.

Tom says I’m Cumming and she pulls off his dick spins around back down in front of him and shoved his dick back in her mouth.

She skillfully takes the second load down her throat without spilling a drop this time.

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