Step Daughter Takes Over Pt. 01

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Chapter One: “The Beginning”

Caroline Walker, 26 years old, had been a widow now for a year. Her husband, Roger, had died in an auto accident and had left her with an 18 year old Step Daughter named Madison. Caroline was very petite with an angel face and a great body with light brown hair. Madison was a blond, blue eyed beauty with a toned, perfect body. The two got along well, and although neither was a lesbian, there was sexual tension between them. Madison was dominate and knew that Caroline was submissive and took delight in walking around the apartment with little on, showing off her body and touching Caroline.

After Madison graduated high school, they moved to a new city where they knew no one. It was a nice two bedroom apartment with no families, just adults. So, they spend a lot of time together and they couldn’t help but see each other nude at times. Madison knew that with just a nudge, she and Caroline could be lovers. While no sex had happened between them, Madison took more control of Caroline. She could get her to do what she wanted with little effort.

Madison starts to tell Caroline what to wear. At first, Caroline was resistant but very quickly she let Madison choose her clothing each morning. She would come out of the shower, dry off and walk into her room naked and Madison would hand her clothes. Caroline would be both embarrassed and exited at the same time. And Madison always managed to touch Caroline. At any time, Madison knew, she could have her.

One fun thing Madison did with Caroline was to have Caroline dress in one of her old School Girl Uniforms and Madison would dress in one Caroline’s business suits. They would laugh and Role Play a little as Mother and Daughter.

“Caroline really looks like a teenager in that uniform,” Madison would think.

They would to this two or three times a week and sometimes, Madison would take Caroline out while in each other’s clothes, Madison in a business suit, looking older than she was, and Caroline wearing a School Girl Uniform and looking escort much younger than she is. They might go to the mall, or a park, or a movie theater or a grocery store.

When at a mall, Madison would take Caroline to a teen clothing store and have her try on outfits. It was great fun and Caroline would get into it. Madison even had a fake DL made for Caroline, with a different first name, Daisy and a different birth year, making her 18 years old. And when they went out in their Role Play clothing, Caroline always had the fake Id on her.

After one outing, they were both very excited and turned on. And when they got back home, as they were sitting on the sofa, they looked at each other and started to kiss, which led to petting, which led to heavy petting. Soon they were on the floor, in a 69 position, and bringing each other to orgasm.

Caroline felt guilty and said so but Madison said, “We’re not blood related. So it’s not incest. We love each other, it’s natural.”

They did not make love often, maybe once a week, but when they did it was great.

One day, a Tuesday, there was a knock on their door. Madison told Caroline, who was in her “Daisy” clothes, to answer and tell them “I’m not home.”

Caroline opened the door and saw a woman standing there who said, “Hi, my name is Sharon. Is your mother home?”

Caroline, playing the teen, “No, she isn’t.”

Sharon, a woman about 33 years old and very good looking, said, “Oh, I live in the apartment directly above you. I just wanted to say Hi. May I come in?”

Caroline, “Sure, why not.”

Sharon sat down, “These are nice apartments aren’t they?”

Caroline, “Yes, whatever.”

Sharon, “Could you get me some water?”

Caroline, “If you must have one, I guess so.”

Caroline brings Sharon a glass of water and Sharon asks, “What is your name little one?”

Caroline, “Daisy, like you care.”

Sharon, “That’s it young lady.”

And she grabs Caroline, pulls her across her knees and holds her there.

Sharon says, “You have been very rude and disrespectful to me,” and she pulled up Sharon’s bursa eve gelen escort skirt and pulled down her panties and proceeded to spank her ass hard.

Soon Caroline was crying and begging her to stop.

After 20 swats, Sharon stopped and said, “Are you going to behave young lady and do what I say?”

Caroline, “Yes.”

Sharon, “Call me Miss Sharon. And tell me what you are going to do?”

Caroline, “Miss Sharon, I will behave and do what I’m told.”

Sharon released her by shoving her to the floor and said, “Stay.”

Sharon stood up, pulled her panties off, sat back down and said, “Now little one. Have you ever licked a pussy before?”

Caroline, “No Miss Sharon.”

Sharon, “Then it is time you learned. Eat my pussy.”

And she guided Caroline’s head to her pussy.

After she was brought to orgasm, Sharon got up and said, “There is no need to tell your mother about this.”

Caroline, “I won’t Miss Sharon.”

Sharon, “Good.”

And she left. Madison, who saw everything, ran to Caroline, hugged her and said, “You were marvelous. Are you all right?”

Caroline, “Yes, that spanking hurt though.”

Madison, “Poor baby.”

And then she took Caroline by the hand, led her to the bedroom and they made love.

On Thursday, Sharon returned, at the same time as on Tuesday. Caroline answered and when Sharon asked if her mother was home, she said, “No, she not Miss Sharon.”

Sharon, “Good, would you like to lick my pussy little one.”

Caroline, “Yes Miss Sharon.”

Sharon, “A rule. When I come to the door, you will be nude. Understand?”

Caroline, “Yes Miss Sharon.”

Sharon, “Take off your clothes and get on your knees before me.”

Sharon, who was not wearing panties, sat down. Caroline took her clothes off and went before Sharon, who said, “Now. Beg me to eat my pussy.”

Caroline, “Please, let me eat your pussy.”

Sharon smiled, “Yes you may little one.”

Madison was watching and was recording all. After Sharon had come görükle escort twice, she stood up, walked to the door and said, “Very good. You are getting better and better. I will return every Tuesday and Thursday at this time. Be ready.”

Caroline, “Yes Miss Sharon.”

And she left.

Madison came out and said, “Damn I’m hot from watching you. Come with me.”

And took Caroline by the hand and led her to the bedroom where they made love.

The next Tuesday it was the same. Sharon showed up and Caroline answered the door in the nude, then she walked over to the sofa and got into her position, on her knees.

Sharon walked it and said, “Very good little one.”

And she got to her place, spread her legs and said, “Now, do a good job little one.”

After she left, Madison and Caroline made love. On Thursday, when Caroline opened the door, nude as ordered, she saw another woman with Sharon.

She started to back away but Sharon said, “No little one. This is my friend Veronica. And I have told her all about you and the service you provide me. You won’t mind doing her do you?”

Caroline, “No Miss Sharon. If that is what you want.”

Sharon turns to Veronica and says, “Let us sit and Daisy will take care of us.”

The two say down and Caroline ate both out to two orgasms.

After, Veronica said, “You were right. She is good. Here is your fifty dollars.”

And she left. Caroline was so humiliated and embarrassed. She was a whore now, nothing but a dirty little whore.

Sharon said, “Here little one.”

As she handed Caroline a ten dollar bill, “This is your share. We can make lots of money with you. I’ll stop by and talk to your mother soon about you staying over at my place once in a while. I’ll set up parties and you will be the entertainment.”

Caroline was too numb to reply and Sharon continued, “And I will give you 10%.”

And then she left.

After she left, Madison came out, hugged Caroline and said, “I’m sorry mom. I will take care of it. She won’t be back.”

But Caroline said, “No, it’s all right. She’s right, I will make lots of money and we could use it.” Then she said, “If you don’t mind me being a whore.”

Madison took her in her arms and said, “You’re not a whore. I love you.”

They stayed in through the weekend. And then, fate changed.

Chapter Two: “Forced Back to School”

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