Welcome to New York


6 years later, Darcy and Stephen Reunite for more trysts in the big apple.


Stephen hadn’t seen Darcy for some time now. Since she graduated from USC, he would think of her often, remembering the great times he and Darcy had explored each other’s bodies.

He had lost track of her, hearing rumors of her being scooped up by some large Los Angeles law firm. Walking down the streets of New York, Stephen popped into the law offices of McAlister, Dewey and Grange, for his morning meeting.

Riding the elevator up to the 23rd floor, reminded him that he was playing with the big boys now. Stepping out of the elevator, he spent a moment taking in the rather large reception area; a far cry from what he was used to in California.

After checking in, he was escorted by the rather cute receptionist to the meeting room, where he would meet with Ryan McAlister, the owner of the firm.

He was there to make a presentation regarding a business merger between his California client and a New York client represented by Mr. McAlister.

Stephen was nervous, yet confident, that he could pull this merger off which meant a rather large Financial bonus for him if he was right.

Looking out over the New York skyline through the large conference room windows, he was brought back to reality when he heard the door open.

He immediately recognized Mr. McAlister from the company’s website but did a double take as the next person walked into the room. He looked more closely as he recognized the confident entrance of one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

She was dressed most appropriately, yet had a seductive look to her. As she turned toward him to greet him, his eyes lit up, immediately recognizing the Darcy’s smiling face.

She had a grin on her face, which immediately alerted Stephen to the fact Darcy was aware of his trip to New York, and the surprise it would be for him to see her once again. Hello, Stephen, I’m Darcy. I’m working with Mr. McAlister on this merger.

Stephen stood half way up from his chair, well aware of his cock that was beginning to swell as memories of past interludes with Darcy raced through his mind.

Once the introductions were concluded, the three of them sat down and gaziantep escort began the arduous meeting that was ahead of them.

Four hours passed rather quickly, but at the end Stephen had accomplished what he had set out to do. Shaking Mr. McAlister’s hand, he told Stephen that Darcy would finish up the final paperwork, and excused himself from the room.

The door couldn’t close fast enough for Stephen, but once it was safe he broke out in a big smile and chided Darcy for not telling him she would be a part of this meeting.

Darcy told Stephen that when she saw his name weeks earlier, she got excited over the fact she would be seeing one of her first married lovers once again.

After catching up on how Darcy ended up at such a prestigious firm, she suggested they grab some lunch to reminisce about the past.

Stephen followed alongside Darcy as they moved to street level, where Darcy immediately hailed a cab. Nicely dressed, she didn’t have any problem getting a cab driver to notice her, and in no time, both of them were sitting next to each other in the back of the cab.

Darcy blurted out an address, handed the cab driver a $20 bill, and to which he responded, “Yes Ma’am.” Darcy began to talk but Stephen didn’t hear a thing she was saying.

He was lost in her beauty and the lust of times past. Again, Stephen was brought back to reality when the cab came to a stop in from of a large apartment building.

Darcy opened the door, paid the cab driver, took Stephen’s hand and pulled him along behind her as they entered the posh building.

The doorman tipped his hat as the Darcy led Stephen to the elevator. Once inside, she pressed her hard body against Stephen and embraced him in a deep kiss. The elevator slowed as it reached the 15th floor.

The bell announced their arrival at which time Darcy stopped their embrace and straightened out her dress so as to not give anyone the waiting to enter the elevator, the wrong idea.

Once on the floor, Darcy took Stephen’s hand again, and led him into her apartment. Once inside, she began to pull at Stephen’s suit, undressing him until he was completely naked dropped down on her knees, and proceed to lick his cock and balls as she stroked his manhood with her hand.

Stephen couldn’t believe what was happening. It was as if they had never been apart.

Darcy had not lost her touch as he felt her familiar mouth engulf his hard cock just like he remembered. As Darcy’s head bobbed up and down on his shaft, she began to release herself from her dress.

Unbuttoning the top, she slowly wiggled out of her dress revealing her favorite blue lacy bra and thong panties to Stephens gaze.

Stephen only got more excited as he remembered that this was his favorite set, and he knew it was no coincidence that Darcy was wearing this set today.

Darcy’s mouth left his cock momentarily, long enough for her to tell him that she wanted Stephen to cum in her mouth. Stephen was so close by now, and obeying Darcy’s command let loose with the most mind-blowing orgasm he had had in a while.

He felt his hot spunk making its way from deep within his balls, through his shaft, and watched as it exploded into her hot mouth.

She continued milking Stephen for all he was worth, swallowing most of his hot cum with only a little bit making its way out of the corners of her mouth.

When he was finished climaxing, she licked his shaft clean then stood up to meet Stephen face to face, planting a long kiss on Stephen’s mouth as the two of them enjoyed his cum swirling among their tongues.

After a short time, Stephen’s cock sprang back to life once again. She grabbed his cock and led him to the living room, where she turned her back to him laid over the high edge of the sofa, and guided his cock into her wet cunt.

Stephen was at a loss for words. His thick cock entered her tight cunt and he began to fuck her for all he was worth.

He pulled on Darcy’s hair so that she would look back at him as his cock plowed into her cunt again and again. She could feel the mushroom shaped head ram against her G-spot time and time again as she felt his fingers rubbing her clit harder and harder.

It was just a matter of time before she began to feel that telltale feeling of an impending orgasm. Stephen began to feel the change of temperature on her hips, as he continued to ram his cock deeper inside of her.

She began to shake and scream, which signaled Stephen to release yet another load of cum for his lover.

Her body continued to shudder as Stephen yelled, “I’m cumming inside of your cunt” to which Darcy screamed, “Fuck meeeee”.

Their orgasms completely disabled them both, as Stephen gently guided her to the sofa, where they embraced and kissed once again. “Welcome to New York, Babe.”

Shortly after their first interlude of the day, their “lunch hour” was going to be over soon and both of them had to get back to business at the firm.

Darcy shimmied back into her dress, and black patent heels and Stephen quickly put back on his business suit and fixed his hair.

She grabbed her purse and keys, took him by the hand and made their way back down into the elevator and hauled yet another taxi cab to take them back to the firm. When they got into the cab, she glanced at her watch in relief to see that they still about an hour left until their break was over.

Darcy could feel Stephen’s hot and sticky cream oozing down her inner thighs, and she signaled Stephen to have his fullest attention on what she was about to do.

Much to Stephen’s luck, Darcy had forgotten to wear her thong, which meant that he could have full access to her tight snatch.

Darcy stared deep into Stephen’s wicked blue eyes, as she took her index and middle fingers and began to probe them inside of her, catching a good amount of his cream onto her two fingers and immediately stuck them into her mouth.

She proceeded to suck on them, all while still keeping her gaze directly on Stephen’s eyes.

His cock began to slightly twitch in his slacks, and Darcy developed a wicked grin on her face then proceeded to place her right hand on his semi-hard cock.

Within a few moments, she began to lightly stroke him through his slacks ever so gently. Darcy glanced at the passing cars, from time to time but Stephen’s eyes were still fixated on her hand motions.

The taxi pulled up to the all glass skyscraper, as Darcy and Stephen proceeded to get out and headed inside. Making their way into an empty elevator, this time, Stephen wanted to take control of what is his property now and immediately hiked Darcy’s dress up, and began to rapidly finger fuck her tight hole.

She began to convulse on his thick fingers, and Darcy knew this familiar move as she had experienced it years ago with him. To be continued…

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