What If…? Ch. 3


We pull into my garage and I reluctantly pull you away from my tool so I can park the car. I contemplate taking the stairs so I can watch my prize as you walk up or taking the elevator. We take the elevator for I might only have 1 load left in me for the night and I want to make it special. As the elevator doors close our bodies crush each other as I kiss you softly and then more passionately. We continue the kiss until we get to my door.

As we enter my apartment you beg me to take you but I insist that we make it last. By now your buzz has warn off and I make you my special drink. You taste it and notice it tastes like pineapple juice with a kick. As you relax and enjoy this drink I disappear. By now you finish your drink and I stand you up and cover your eyes with my hands leading you. All you can hear is running water and smell something sweet. I remove my hands and you notice that the sweet scent is a candle burning in the sink and the tub is filled with sweet smelling bubbles.

I slowly undress you and slowly reveal your breasts with elongated nipples and your stomach covered in goose bumps. You try to remove my clothing but I stop you and continue to strip you until you stand before me in your beauty and the longing in your face shows that you want to be taken at any cost. Was it the teasing or the drink? You don’t care you just want to be filled. I lower you into the tub and let the bubbles engulf you. I again disappear. I return naked holding a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. I hand you a glass but you prefer my manhood in your mouth instead. I fight the urge and join you in the tub. you lean into me and close your eyes sipping the wine as I caress your body. All your senses are on fire.

I leave you in the tub and dry off. when I return I slowly remove you and dry you off stopping to taste your lips, neck, breasts, stomach, pussy, thighs, legs. I then lead you to the bedroom and lay you down. Your body is limp by now and you beg me to take you. The combination of sexual tension and alcohol has your head spinning. You wonder where have all these sexual feelings been hiding. You feel as if the animal in you has finally been released.

I lay down next to you and continue to explore your body. You grab my hand and bring it down to your sex. I can feel the moistness and heat. I trail my tongue down to your sex and lick and tease you until you explode, screaming and soaking my face with your sweet juices. All of a sudden your animalistic urges increase and you begin to passionately kiss me, pushing me down and mounting me. I try to stop you. I try to slow you down. ‘we cant’, I tell you. ‘let me get a condom first’ I say. You continue as a lion seeking its prey. The look of lust on your face is exotic. You scream in passion as you increase your tempo.

The feel of my throbbing member in you all you want. you beg to feel me erupt in you, to fill you. you long to feel my juices and yours running down your legs to feel our juices in you. You slow down to take me deeper, you feel me hit your cervix as you impale yourself on me. Its your turn to have me now as you feel me throb inside you. As I expand and with one final plunge you feel me grab you and hold you tight as I explode in you. The throbbing subsides and sweat pours down our bodies but we are to weak to move. You lay on top of me and enjoy the feel of our juices mingle. You slowly drift off to sleep in my arms dreaming of how I can top this night.

You awake the next morning with an unexplained glow. You look around to see if it was a dream but you can still feel our juices in you and you see my morning hardness glowing with our juices. You are tempted to lick it off but you decide that it is better if I rest. You get up to take a shower contemplating these past few days. You’ve never felt so care free and sexual. You have no clue what has come over you. The swallowing of my juices was one thing but the anal and the want and need to feel my juices in you was another. As you come to the conclusion that this is what you came for anyhow. Your shower is interrupted by my presence joining you.

You smile as I place my arms around you and you look down and ask ‘is that for me?’. My soft slow kiss answers your question as you position my manhood by the entrance to your pussy. I enter you from behind slowly as you savor the feeling. You have no idea where these urges are coming from and you don’t care. You hunger for it now. You climax quickly. You turn around and beg me to drown you in my cum, as your tongue licks the underside of my tool your hands stroke me vigorously trying to coax the cum out. Unable to last long I spew all over your tongue, face, and breasts. A satisfied grin runs across your face.

To Be Continued…

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