What Would It Take?


“What would it take to get you to suck a dick?” Her voice was strong and cutting. We had been joking around a little but I wasn’t sure if the question was supposed to be a joke.

“A million dollars!” I laugh, deciding to play it like it was a joke. The hotel bar was nearly empty, just the three of us sitting at a table in the corner, getting served by a sleepy bartender watching sports highlights on the TV. Angela and Sam, those were their names. I think that’s their names. We were all killing time in the hotel bar, watching the end of a college football game, and had struck up a conversation. I was stuck here for another night because my plane was overbooked. I don’t know what their story was.??The game had been over for an hour and we were still chatting. Sam had a couple of days of stubble, and wore an expensive watch with a button down shirt and jeans. Angela was a heavyset and comfortable with it. She wore a top that emphasized her generous cleavage and a skirt that emphasized her hips. Her long, black hair was pulled into a braid that casually fell over one shoulder. She wasn’t my type, physically, but she had personality to burn.

She put her beer bottle down on the table with a loud clink. “That’s such a lame answer. Kind of a cop out, isn’t it?” She leans forward now, challenging me. “You’ve never been curious? Not even a little bit?”

I still laugh, “Nope, not at all. Is that so wrong?” I’m lying, and I can’t tell if she knows.

“You’ve had your dick sucked, I assume, and enjoyed that?”

She waits, staring at me and I listen to the silence at our table. How do you even answer that question? “Of course I’ve had my dick sucked, it’s awesome. I just think actually sucking isn’t for me. I admire those who can do it, but it can’t be easy.” I smile my warmest, most flirtatious smile and drink from my beer when I think I can’t hold it any longer, tasting the bitter, warm sips from the bottom of the bottle.

Angela has been a little flirtatious all night, but now she was getting aggressive about it. My eyes glance over at Sam, and I see that he is watching me very closely. Uncomfortably closely. It’s like they know I’m hiding something and want to watch me crack. I should have just said goodnight and gone back to my room, but I like playing with fire. If these people want to stir the pot, I can do that too.

“What’s it take to get you to suck a dick,” I ask Sam.??He laughs. “Not that much, when you think about it. A nice smile and good manners.”

“Really? And how many dicks have you sucked?”


“Five,” she corrects him. “Remember the one…”

He smiles and looks at me. “Oh yeah, the premature, you know. Does that count?”

“You swallowed.”

He finishes his beer and looks at me. “If she says it counts, then it counts. Five.”

Not the answer I was expecting. Not from this urban cowboy, not by a mile. I feel like the whole room has shifted. They could have been playing around, but not anymore. There was a distinct sexual charge in the air.

The truth is I was a little curious about sucking a guy off, but never curious enough to chase it down. Outside of masturbating with a guy friend once at a high school sleepover, I’d never done anything remotely gay in my life. But I was curious, and Angela seemed to know exactly what buttons to push to hook me.

“Let’s get more specific,” Angela said. “What would it take for you to suck Sam’s dick?”

That caught me completely off-guard and made me freeze. Tingles ran down my back. The conversation had been a little flirtatious up until now, but this was a bold declaration. Something in her tone made it anything but hypothetical. I finished my beer and looked at Sam. His strong jaw, broad masculine shoulders, streaks of grey in his short black hair. As soon as she said it, the idea of kneeling in front of him popped into my mind. Would I do it? Could I do it?

Looking at him, maybe I could. Judging from the shiver that ran through me, maybe I really wanted to. Sam was masculine and rugged. The idea of kneeling and looking up at him seemed suddenly quite real. That thought scared the hell out of me, what was happening here? Was she really propositioning me, or was this just more bar talk?

I don’t know how long I thought about how to answer. It was probably just a couple of seconds, but felt like an eternity in my head as I raced through a million different things to say. “Right here? Probably a lot more beer!”

I laughed again, hoping I wouldn’t be laughing alone. Sam smiles and chuckles with me. Angela laughs a little, too. “So we’ve dropped from a million dollars to a couple of beers? You’re a lousy negotiator!”

We all laugh at that. Sam stays leaned back in his chair, long legs and cowboy boots marking off territory under the table, so close to me. Without looking, I know he’s looking at me, staring, and I know the conversation isn’t going to end here. Silence creeps back in for a minute, and I realize they’re serious. I also realize that I can’t stop thinking about giving a blowjob.

Sam leans forward. “We’re here because we were supposed to have a threesome with somebody who flaked on us. But we both like you, and if you want to suck my dick, we can have some fun together.”

I realize that I’m not even debating if I’ll do it or not. Inside my subconscious, I’m not sure there was ever any debate. It’s kind of scary, but I’m in. An hour ago, I was just a tired business traveller watching a boring football game. Now I’m about to go and suck a stranger’s cock while his wife watches. She’s not my type but she’s so sexual, the idea of her watching me do this really turns me on.

“You guys want another drink?” I really want another beer to steady my nerves. I’m committed to the idea, but I wouldn’t mind the help.

Angela shakes her head no and waves for a bar tab. “First off, no more beers. If you’re going to do this, you will do it sober.” She leans forward, consciously pushing her cleavage up, creating a dark shadow that matches the dark eye liner that underscores the intensity in her eyes. “If you suck his dick, I will do anything you want. So… what will it take to get you to suck his dick?”

Funny how you can think a million thoughts and none at the same time. I was flying out in the morning, and I might never come back here again. The odds of seeing this couple again were zero. Right now, they didn’t even know my full name. I could do this and nobody would ever know.

But how do you answer that question. What would it take? What do you ask for? My body was tingling and my dick was so hard I had to shift in my seat to free it. I guess it does just take good manners, because all I want is the chance to suck a dick. I suppose I should ask for something buy my mind goes blank. I swallow, reflexively, and think about swallowing with a load of cum in my mouth. Somewhere very quickly I went from never having sucked a dick to wanting to suck one very, very badly. Sam was starting to take on a cowboy sexiness now, there was something undeniably rugged about him. I could suck his cock. I probably will suck his cock.

What would it take? “Let’s see what happens.”

A minute later, we’re in the elevator lobby and I feel like I’m having an out of body experience. I said to Angela that I’d want to fuck her, but I’m not sure that’s true. She didn’t bat an eye, she just took my hand and led me here. Sam took my other hand and his touch was mindblowing. It was like some giant flashing ‘gay’ alarm went off in my head, but I was no longer scared of it. I wasn’t gay, I was just going to suck a cock. I wanted to feel a man taking me.

Someone from housekeeping waited for the elevator with us, and none of us spoke, keeping our secret, not wanting to break the spell. Inside the elevator, the three of us stood right next to each other. To the housekeeping maid, it might look like we were giving her cart of towels some space. Between us, the electricity was surging. Angela still held my hand and her touch seemed to put every doubt in my head on mute.

We walked down the hallway to their room. On a nightstand was a couple of bottles of lube and a dildo. A small leather bag on the floor had a few more sex toys. Whoever this couple was, they came prepared.

“Can I see you naked,” I asked Angela? I awkwardly moved my free hand toward her waist, wanting to feel those massive breasts, but she intercepted it and put my hand right back in place.??”No, honey. Let’s just do this.” Her tone was gentle but firm. Her hands holding mine down were much firmer. “You know that you want to.”

Sam leaned against the desk, grabbing the edge with his hands, letting his legs open a little. “Is this how you want to do this?”

“Um, I guess so. Is this how you want it?” Suddenly I start to realize that I have no idea what to do. At all.

“Sure thing, cutie. Come on over here.”

Angela lets my hands go and pats me on the butt. “Go on, it’s OK. He won’t bite.”

I take a tentative step forward, then another, and then I’m just a couple of feet away from him. I can see a bulge in his crotch, waiting for me. What do I do now? Just get down on my knees? Angela sits in a chair near the window, glowing in the cheap orange light of the desk lamp. Her legs are spread and I can see that she’s not wearing any panties.

“Here, honey. You’ll want this.” She throws me one of the pillows from the bed. For a moment I don’t have any clue what I’m supposed to do with it, then the obvious reason hits me. I position the pillow between Sam’s cowboy boots and let myself fall to my knees.

For some reason, taking off a belt that you’re not wearing seems like the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I am shaking, Fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, arms, shoulders, head and neck. Shaking. In a minute I’m going to have a man’s cock in my mouth. This is the gayest thing I’ve ever done, and the surprise of how much I want to try this is amazing. My own cock is throbbing painfully in my jeans and I have to shift so it springs upright. I’m so fucking horny right now that sucking a cock seems like a great fucking idea.

Sam’s pants come down and his cock springs free. I admire it for a moment, it’s bigger than mine, maybe by an inch. How is this going to fit in my mouth? Seriously, here, on my knees, eye to eye with it, I have no idea. What’s really overwhelming is the smell, the powerful, musky scent. The smell is the most intoxicating part, and I close my eyes and breathe in deeply.

Angela is masturbating in her chair, skirt pulled up, hand rubbing her bald pussy. After all this build up, what I do next is pretty unceremonious. I reach up with my right hand and take Sam’s cock into my mouth and boom, just like that, I’m sucking a dick.

I let it sit in my mouth for a second, feeling the warmth, tasting it, feeling how firm it is. It tastes a little salty, and my tongue can feel where the shaft ends and the head begins. Testing it, I suck my cheeks in a little. I breathe in through my nose. It is kind of like having a giant lollipop in your mouth, suction can squeeze it a little, so I test moving my head. Saliva starts to coat his cock and I can slip back and forth, feeling the head of his cock shifting in my mouth.

I rock back and forth like that a few times, and Sam puts his hands on my shoulders. Just doing that almost makes me cum myself. For some reason, the cock in my mouth is OK, but the hands holding me there on the cock make me feel so submissive and helpless that I’m about to explode. Without using any pressure, his hands gently guide me in a back and forth rhythm, moving his cock in and out of my mouth.

For a minute, that’s all I do, taking in the fact that I’m sucking a dick. Really sucking a dick. But then the weirdest thought I’ve had yet kicks in, if I’m going to suck a cock, I’m going to do it right. I think about what memorable blowjobs have done for me in the past and I bring my hands up. One hand cups his balls, one explores the inside of his thighs. I let my eyes look up, trying to make myself docile and submissive and adoring. Sam looks down at me and smiles, running a hand over my cheek.

Spit and pre-cum drip down my chin, and his cock is slippery from top to bottom. I can’t manage to take more than half of it in my mouth, then I remember the best thing ever with blowjobs. I grab his cock with my right hand, making a tight circle with my thumb and forefinger, and start to pump him. I’m sucking a dick. Just like a woman. Sucking a dick. Sucking a dick. Sucking a dick.

It’s so much harder than it ever looked. Sam’s dick is in my mouth but I can feel every movement of his body. My jaw gets tired from holding the suction, but I can’t stop. I won’t. His hand moves from my shoulder to my neck, grabbing my hair and speeding me up. Realizing I can’t fight him at all is a little scary, but then I relax and let me fuck my face, finding that spot on my tongue to rub. I never, ever would have imagined that’s what this would feel like.

I like it. It’s an incredible feeling. Taking his raw masculine energy inside of me, feeling his excitement build with every twitch of his cock. Just surrendering myself to kneel here and suck another man’s cock makes me wildly happy.

Angela comes over and kisses Sam deeply. I can smell her pussy, and as soon as she breaks the kiss, she goes back to rubbing it, inches away from my face. Sam’s hips shift, and he starts to moan. She’s cumming, I think. Is it weird to be annoyed that she’s horning in on my action? Suddenly I want to say, “hey lady, I’m sucking a cock here” but then before I can do anything I can feel the muscles in his thighs tensing up. I can feel the cock in my mouth pulsing. He doesn’t have to say it, I know he’s going to cum.

I try to moan as sexily as I can, which is damn near impossible with a big cock in your mouth. So much is going on around me now I can barely concentrate. Moaning and pulsing and sucking and throbbing and grabbing and suddenly Sam exhales with a grunt and my mouth is full of cum. There’s so much of it, and it’s just there so quickly that I can’t even feel it spurting out. My mouth is full, and I swallow, getting most of his cum down in one gulp then I sit back, letting his softening cock slip out of my mouth. A glistening trail of spit and cum connects the tip to my lips, and feeling proud, I lean in and kiss the tip and lick my lips clean.

Then I sit back on my heels and close my eyes for a second. Jaw hurting, the taste of his cock and his cum overwhelming, my own cock bursting. I just sucked a cock. For the rest of my life, I can now say I’ve sucked a cock. I’m a cocksucker. Literally. And a good one. My hand is pumping my cock through my jeans and I cum before I realize it. Shivering from head to toe, bending over, pumping a hot load over and over into my underwear. Sam’s hand finds the back of my neck and rubs it while I cum and it’s the most intense feeling I’ve ever hand.

I stay there on my knees for another minute, feeling the glow of my orgasm subside, and then my knees start screaming at me to stand up.

“I did it.”

Angela gives me a huge hug, pressing her huge breasts into me, “You did so good! How do you feel?”

“I’m good, but I kinda need some time to think about this.”

Sam smiles at me. “You did that like a champ. Really good.” I look at him, and suddenly the most awkward moment imaginable hits. I just sucked his cock, do I shake his hand? Give him a hug? What’s the etiquette here? Unable to decide, and really wanting to have some quiet time, I just nod my appreciation.

“Here.” Angela hands me a minibar bottle of vodka and I gulp it down, the sharp alcohol cutting through the musky traces of sweat and cum in my mouth. The cum in my own shorts is rapidly getting colder and stickier. It’s probably already soaked into my pants.

“Thank you, that was… incredible.”

At the door as I’m leaving, Sam speaks up again. “You did a damn good job, number six. Would never know it was your first time.”

I smile and let the door close behind me. I’m number six… fuck, that just sounds sexy. What would it take? Now that I’ve popped my cherry, a cute smile and a please might be all I’d need to do it again.

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