Where The Heart Is


This is the opening part of a tale in a present time, but is told through a lot of flashbacks. There should be quite a bit of sexual content featured; but my hope is to capture and present through words all of the emotions of the main characters beneath all of the physical intimacy. Let me know how I am doing in you feel so inclined.


“What you gonna do with all this huh?” I ask challengingly looking into his innocent light brown eyes and standing before him without a stitch of clothing on with my right hip cocked out dramatically and my hands palms up splayed out in a offering gesture of my luscious body. My dark and swollen nipples are extending outward invitingly from my large heaving breasts and I am leaking enough pussy juice down along my inner thighs to form a small retention pond.

“Turn that ass around girl; I’m ’bout to get up in them guts.” Is his cocky reply and the command evokes a strong spasm deep in my sopping cunt at the prospect of slamming my ass back on that monster protruding out menacingly from his hairless groin. This aggressive turn is a new look for him considering his timid nature; but I certainly cannot argue that it is unwarranted when I am presented with nearly a foot of forearm thick rock solid chocolate dick ready to maul my unsuspecting pussy.

My eyes remain fixed on his swollen member with the pronounced right curve of the shaft which droops slightly towards the head from its considerable weight. The mass of the appendage appears to be putting a visible strain on his entire pelvic area, lower abdomen and whole body even, in an effort to hold the heavy stalk up. Now lady that I am I reach out with my left hand to offer my assistance with the difficult task of carrying this massive piece of dark meat.

He stands completely still as I make contact with his plumb sized head with my slim fingers and begin to smear the heavy flow of thick pearly white liquid coming from the small slit in its center all around the head. I eventually grasp the tip firmly and fisting his manhood I lift it up slightly as I begin sliding my hand up along his meaty shaft, shuddering and releasing another gush of lady juice from my dripping slit as I observe my fingers separating farther apart the further up the shaft I venture. I also find myself intrigued by the angry looking veins bulging out under my fist all along and across the muscular penis. By the time I reach the mid point of his anaconda like cock just past the curve where the shaft begins to straighten out, there is about a three inch gap between my fingers and thumb, and I exhale loudly at the image and softly moan his name in pure feminine satisfaction at finding an acceptable mate.

Giving the engorged member as much of a hard squeeze as I possibly can I lift the hulking appendage up few degrees before releasing the wide stalk to allow gravity to do its thing. I actually and unbelievably experience a small but staggering orgasm while watching his third leg bounce up and down heavily, forcing the veins just underneath the tight skin of his abdomen to bulge out like the ropes of a pulley being used to keep the pulsing column from merely falling to his slim yet muscular thighs.

His dick looks…mean somehow to me, I cannot explain it, but that is just how it comes off to me; just mean and dangerous as it waves left to right in front of my eyes, hypnotizing me. I do not seem able to remove my gaze from it and I feel my already aroused body rise to an almost fever pitch just at the image of his intimidating manhood.

My confidence wavers slightly as he quickly grabs my left arm and uses it to swing me around to face the plush burgundy suede sofa. He then pushes me forward by the center of my back causing my arms to shoot out in front of me to catch the back of the sofa as my knees to land securely onto the large seat cushions before he himself leans toward my slightly bent form and with his hand on my right shoulder forces my upper body down to the back of the couch.

I cannot help the ragged moans from exiting my throat as he manhandles me into a favorable position with his hands on my wide flaring hips and immediately places the broad head of his nightstick just inside my drooling snatch. All shit talking and bravado aside this motherfucker is packing some serious wood between his legs, and the thought of having all of that meat stuffed up my little twat is causing nervous chills to course throughout my whole body and goose bumps to rise all along my back, ass and thighs.

“You like this shit don’t you girl?” He asks after delivering a hard slap to my right ass cheek, causing both round globes to jiggle wildly against each other and provoking me to jerk forward a little and spread my thick thighs wider opening my slick outer lips further around his plugged head.

“Ooohhh, hell yeah boy, smack that ass.” I respond without hesitation feeling my entire body heat up significantly and my warm juices continue flowing out of me down along his large organ.

My bouncy 34C’s become squashed against the top of the couchs’ backrest while my hands grip the thick cushions, and my head hangs over the rear of the sofa. I attempt to quell my nervous trembling as he uses his surprisingly strong grip on my narrow waist and tilts my hips forward slightly raising my ass and causing my back to arch sharply.

With his right hand gripping his shaft he starts stirring his fat dickhead around just inside of my soaked slit covering it with the abundance of juices before he raises his left hand from my hip and brings it down with a firm slap against my left ass cheek, making it bounce and jiggle once again against the other purely for his viewing pleasure.

“Goddamn look at that ass, shit look so damn good.” He grunts out, and the articulated admiration of maybe my most praised feature makes me continue to shake and wiggle my bubble butt before his face; moaning all the while as my clenching outer lips message his dick head.

“Ooohhh papi, that shit feels good.” Is my response to the stinging sensation spreading about my tender cheek, and suddenly I desperately want to hear what he feels as I wrap the tight walls of my boiling sheath around his log.

I then feel him grab both of my hips in a dominate grip and hold them in place as he begins pushing his own hips forward and sliding his truncheon inside of my quivering snatch. The sheer mass of his manhood is breathtaking and my vaginal walls are screaming their displeasure at being so rudely shoved aside by his thick length.

“Aahhhh shit Tim, get up in there; stretch this pussy out with that big ass dick; take that shit!” I begin to yell out while experiencing an absolute pussy resizing from this nineteen year old kid.

Who knew that this quiet, shy, and unsure teenager would have me Stephanie Pearl with the snap back pussy that has had some of the hardest thugs in the city sprung, perched over the back of this couch damn near ready to plead for mercy from the ridiculous pussy stretching his huge fucking dick is performing on my cunt.

I can barely register his loud grunts over my constant screams as his beefy cock continues slicing through layer after layer of once tight tissues inside of my hot box.

He stops after only about the half way point and drags his shaft back out of my swollen tunnel the few inches to the head before he pushes me further into the back of the couch as he bring his legs up one at a time onto the seat cushions. More shifting occurs from behind me as he secures his knees into the overstuffed pillows and slides his right hand up over my back to grip my right shoulder while keeping the left one firmly planted on my hip.

I groan in preparation and a modicum of fear as I anticipate what his next action is to be. Tim does not disappoint as he pulls me by both hip and shoulder into his next heavy thrust. My groans turn to ragged moans, and eventually I am spewing forth unladylike grunts as I experience a filling pressure in my honey pot like nothing else ever before from the steady forcing open of my tender cuntal walls to accommodate his unyielding rod.

I subconsciously attempt to further open my leaking socket for his merciless penetration by sliding my knees outward in opposite directions on either side of his own planted knees spreading my firm trembling thighs apart. He continues to plough deeper and deeper into my clasping sheath seemingly uncaring of my state of distress at his incredible size, and before I can even comprehend how to regain control of the situation I feel a downright painful orgasm roaring through my lower body.

“Fuck, I’m cuuummminng!!!! You got me fucking cumming already, goddamn Tim, you’re soooo Fucking big, you’re killing my pussy!!!!” I scream as there appears to be no defense against his determined pillaging of my sore cunt.

“Hell yeah that’s what I’m talking about, cum all over that dick girl; told you I was gonna bust this pussy open; so shut up and take this dick!!” He yells menacingly as he seems to intensify his stabbing motion into my dark and warm chamber with his massive anchor.

“I’m trying papi, I’m trying to take it, it’s just so fucking huge baby; fuck, you’re deeeppp!!” I shout while feeling his long, veiny member begin to enter unchartered territory inside of my narrow tunnel.

Now Pro that I consider myself to be, I have had the pleasure of experiencing all different shapes and sizes of the male anatomy; large, small, average, straight, thick, curved either to the left or right, thin, curved up or down, all types have I encountered; but this youth’s cock was by far the largest of them all. His is both the longest and thickest piece of man meat I have ever had inserted inside of me; and that strong curve is doing some interesting things in my cunt.

Simply put the boy is sporting the proper equipment necessary to fuck me like I have never been fucked; and he seems determined to do just that.

I surprise even myself when I attempt to flee from the burning sensation of having that entire dick rammed into my extremely juicy, though tight and foaming gash. I have never in my life been forced to run from a dick, not once. No brother before him has ever had me contemplating the thought of seriously not being able to handle what was between his legs.

Taking the back cushions of the couch in a death grip I desperately try to pull myself forward and over the back of the couch in order to escape the rearranging of my internal organs once I feel the large head of his lengthy shaft slam up against my cervix. Of course his grip on my hip and shoulder holds firm, and I hear him growl harshly at my unspoken plea for asylum before he yanks me viciously back against him, colliding my heavy ass with his bony pelvis, and completing his penetration of my straining sheath and pushing through my cervical opening.

Amazingly I cum once again, and probably the hardest all night as I feel the dual sensations of his large, and heavy hanging scrotum slap against my dripping outer labia making delicious contact with my swollen and exposed clitoris; as well as the agonizing infiltration of my womb with the wide head of his driving stalk. I am gushing warm juices out and all along his painfully embedded column of flesh. The head of his punishing dick is now pressed hard against the back of my uterine wall, an inch deep into my cervical cavity.

I began severely twitching and trembling from the overwhelming battle of pleasure and pain currently taking place at the center of my being. I suddenly lose all awareness of my surroundings as my mouth falls open in a piercing scream, and I begin convulsing uncontrollably against his hard body. My vision goes dark and I am falling into an endless black hole as I feel cracks forming in my psyche and I begin to lose touch with reality while the line between real and fallacious blurs. The experience is a daunting one, though I am at no point really afraid; my only discernable thought is that I do not want to fall forever.

Then just as suddenly I am no longer falling, instead am yanked back into the conscious realm and am surprised to find myself still shaking from my powerful climax. Tim seems to have gotten a more sure hold on my seizing form since he still has me in his grasp, held in the same position, but with a much tighter grip on my sweaty body.

I determinedly begin focusing my mind and body in order to gather my bearings and concentrate enough to show this brother exactly who he is dealing with. I will show him the reason why he and almost every other dude who has had the pleasure of meeting me cannot help but to succumb to my will. The voluptuousness of my body is unmatched, the alluring quality of my sexuality is unparalleled, and with their technique and skill set, my mouth and pussy should be registered as lethal weapons.

In other words, even though he has proven to wield the biggest dick to have ever entered my zone; and even though has already given me probably the most powerful climaxes of my life with said dick, Timothy Simmons is still about to get the fucking of his young life from this sista’.

Stilling my taut form and twitching stomach, I begin a slow rocking motion back and forth over the top millimeters his embedded shaft, biting back as best I can the resulting yelp at feeling his crown slide marginally in and out of my uterus. I feel his grip on my hip and shoulder become vice like while leaning his upper body away from me a little and he groans loudly as my back and forth motion gains speed and more of his belly probing length is being stroked by my spasming walls and inner tissues.

I soon begin squeezing again as best I can my clasping tunnel around the large circumference of his fat prick on my backward lunges and releasing him on the forward pulls.

“Oohh fuck Steph, do that shit, yeah mama move that ass just like that, damn this pussy is tight.” He says causing my confidence to grow and I decide to step it up a notch as I further intensify the swing of my hips along his pulsing shaft.

Using my hands planted against and griping the back cushions of the sofa to push and pull my heaving body over his large pussy pleaser I am sliding what feels to me like half of his long iron hard pole out of my wet and clinging snatch before slamming my heavy ass back onto his plundering shlong.

I am no longer holding back my grunts, yelps and moans as his barreling fuck stick plumbs my fiery depths, knocking strongly on the roof of my battered womb with every power stroke and causing a paroxysm of pain to shoot forth from my cringing uterus at the new sensation.

Becoming further emboldened I start rotating my hips counterclockwise on ever other out stroke twisting my stretched walls around his strong, curved rod; and pausing for a couple seconds at the bottom of my backstroke to grind my wide ass clockwise against his straining pelvis.

Soon after I begin clapping my jiggly ass cheeks against each other in between hip circles all along his plunging prick causing the soaked deep inner tissues to twist and turn all around his penetrating shaft. The sound of the wet suction from his insertions and withdrawals in the large room is downright nasty.

By this point I am sliding nearly his entire immense, rock hard dick in and out of my gushing mound while throwing my ass back at and slamming against him at an even faster pace. The pleasure is otherworldly as I feel my slick walls being pulled outward on the out strokes of his thick shaft and squeezing along every pulsating, penetrating inch on every womb reaching in stroke.

True to his word, the boy is indeed all up in my guts, and I find myself enjoying the satisfyingly painful ache and soreness he is producing in my womanhood with his incredible dick.

“Fuck Steph, goddamn that pussy is good as fuck baby, ahhh work that cunt girl, back that fat ass up my dick.” He forcefully says once again gripping my right shoulder hard, aiding my hard thrusts on his meaty pole.

Moaning my appreciation of the complimentary words, I throw myself even harder into my effort to rip the cum right out of his low slung balls. Aside from his groans and growls and my screeches, screams, and yells is the wonderfully erotic sound of wet flesh colliding loudly as my thick ass continues to slam against his narrow pelvis and lower abdomen on every cervix piercing back stroke.

Eventually I switch my hip rotations on the back and forth slide along his cock to clockwise turns and I receive an immediate shock to my system and the breath catches in my throat as I am introduced to the welcome and as of yet felt sensation of g-spot stimulation. The exaggerated right curve of his enormous appendage enables him to locate and irritate my most cherished pleasure point without any real maneuvering. So much so that now on every rotation of my hips on the long strokes back and forth on his rod allows his swollen helmet to scrape against the sensitive raised area, resulting in deep and guttural moans from the back of my throat as well as causing my ever spasming sheath to clamp down even harder on his engorged flesh with each pass.

“Ooohhh shit Tim, you are hitting my spot boy; right there, right there, right there, sooo fucking deeeppp!! I’m cuummminng papi!! I scream as I find my whole body weakening at the intense g-spot stimulated orgasm. My rocking motion falters and I slam my ass savagely against his groin; my eyes nearly crossing I scream my voice raw as the move seems to have landed his hammer unbearably deeper into my dark well.

My ass is planted against his loins, and my head has lowered with the crown being shoved against the back rest cushions of the expensive sofa while I am struggling with trying not to come completely undone by the near debilitating sensations coursing through my body at this point.

His huge damn dick I believe has reached the absolute depths of my accommodating tunnel; there is apparently no more inward space to occupy so it feels like his cock head has left my vaginal region altogether and entered my stomach. Though I know it to be impossible it feels like his dick has hit and is pressed against my diaphragm and is pushing it into my lower ribs causing me to damn near hyperventilate. The pain is more than uncomfortable; it is beyond intense, and well past unbearable, this new discovery has made the packing of his oversized fuck stick inside of my weeping quim excruciating.

My body eventually gives out at some point during my climax and my limbs go limp with my arms falling to the couch below bringing my head and chest along with it once I can no longer muster the strength to hold myself up by gripping the back rest; and my legs tremble and threaten to give out from under me before he finally reacts to the lethargy quickly overcoming my being.

Keeping his monstrosity of a cock buried deep in my belly he moves his right hand back to its original place at my hip to join the left one and pulls me with him away from the back of the sofa as he slides his legs off of the seat cushions and once again plants his bare feet onto the cool tiled floor.

I squeal pitifully as the move seems to drive his rod harder against some previously untouched surface at the bottom of my cunt. I feel a dull ache spread throughout my entire pelvis that reaches my hips from his gut wrenching penetration; I can honestly feel the presence of his massive cock in my whole abdomen.

As the last tremors of my powerful climax fade from my twitching vessel I feel Tim push my head down into the crevice of the couch where the seat and back cushions meat with his roaming right hand on the back of my neck, and then using his slightly bent knees he spreads my thighs even wider on the couch before he presses his hips hard against my meaty ass cheeks ensuring that he stuffed every single inch of his long rod in my kitty.

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