Whoring My X Girlfriend Ch. 05


This is going to be a night to remember, taking Mercedes out dressed like a street whore. As I opened the door to her two-door SLK Benz, I watched this gorgeous slut spread her legs apart getting in. I smiled while looking at the nice view of her bare pussy. All I could think about was how many guys were going to be inside that love box of hers. As I sat down in her fabulous driving machine, I was thrilled that she agreed not to hide her cunt with a panty. Not only was I going to have fun driving her car, but I was also going to enjoy watching her get ridden by a lot of guys. At least I hoped she would be amiable to that undertaking. I asked Sam to bring his camera so we could film her in action. The evidence of her regression to show to Tyler was needed. There is nothing better for breaking up their engagement then seeing her getting fucked on film.

Chuckling to myself, I started the car. As I adjusted the seats and mirrors, Mercedes leaned over and sensually said, “So where are we off to Geno?”

I smiled, put my seat belt on while lowering the convertible top and answered, “Where would you like to go gorgeous?”

She giggled and replied, “Oh some place where you can show me off. I want to be your naughty ornament. Sam asked if I would go to the birthday party for Hammer. Maybe you should take me there.”

“Okay Mercedes, if that is where you want to go,” I quickly blurted. “But you have to be aware that he’ll want you to fuck Hammer. So is this something you would be amiable doing?”

She sensually answered, “Silly, I know that is what he wants me to do! Since it’s my last night out before I have to behave again, I want to be real naughty tonight. I’m horny just thinking about it.”

Then leaning over to me, while putting a hand on my leg and with a very sexy voice she said, “Would you like me to be real naughty Geno? I don’t want to do that, if you don’t want me too!”

I smiled thinking that’s exactly what I wanted. I’ll get her to fuck as many guys who want to pay for use of her cunt. But I didn’t want her to know that was my plan all along.

Taking her hand and looking into her beautiful blue eyes that were twinkling with excitement, I replied, “Mercedes, I would love you to be real bad and do whatever you desire tonight. But first let me take you to dinner. I made reservations at Gladstone by the Sea. After we eat, we’ll go to the bar for Hammer’s party and you can misbehave as much as you want. But you may not just fuck Hammer.”

She smiled and said, “Okay, A few more guys would be nice too, but I don’t want to be gang banged.”

I smiled leaned over and kissed her ruby red lips. My hand went immediately between her legs and touched her bare pussy. It was nice and wet, telling me that she was going to be a willing participant in her own demise. As we passionately kissed, I was also getting hard. My thoughts of taking slut Mercedes and making her a well serviced prostitute again had my cock stiff with anticipation. I desired to fuck her right then but didn’t. I had to save her for everyone else first.

I guess I should describe Mercedes for those of you who haven’t read the previous parts to her story or forgotten what she looks like. She is an attractive red head, with medium length hair. She has big blue eyes, a cute smile, and some freckles across her adorable turned up nose. She is 5’4″ tall, long nicely shaped legs. Her measurements are about 34D-23-34. Her ass is rounded and tight, and she looks so fine when on all fours. Her voice is sweet sounding. I would make her a 10, but she only thinks of herself as a 5 because of her low self-esteem. That’s probably why she is a sex addict and thank god she is. There aren’t a lot of tens out there that give themselves as freely for pleasure as Mercedes does. Now that you can imagine what this hot slut looks like, I’ll continue with the story.

When I drove into the restaurant parking lot, the valet opened the door for Mercedes and I noticed his smile as she exited. As we walked to the entrance, I heard the him tell the other valet about Mercedes not wearing a panty. Checking in with the hostess, she told us it would be about 15 minutes before we could be seated. I was more than happy to get Mercedes a drink before the nights escapade started. I spotted two open seats at the bar which we quickly grabbed.

The seats were tall bar stools and her skirt was very short. (For those who didn’t read part 4, she was wearing a very short black school girl hip hugging pleated skirt with no panty, a black tank top without a bra that left her belly button exposed, stockings that went to her knees and shoes were 2″ platform with 6″ heels.) She looked very much like a cheap street whore.

I ordered her a Martini and we chatted while waiting for dinner. I told her that I wanted her to turn facing sideways to me and cross her legs. She giggled as she followed my instructions. Sitting in this position, I could tell that she was showing a lot of skin. Actually there weren’t a lot of clothes covering her flesh anyway. Glancing back at the room, I noticed a lot of guys staring at us, which was what I wanted. When our table was ready, she guzzled her drink and slowly stepped down off the stool. I watched as her assets were being exposed, but she quickly pulled down what little skirt she had on.

As we walked to our table she was giggled and whispered in my ear, “I think those guys are staring at me Geno.”

I looked over at three guys standing against a wall watching us walk by. Yeah they were staring at her, as she wiggled by.

I whispered back, “See gorgeous, I’m not the only one you have an effect on. You are so beautiful when you let go and just flirt. I love it when guys look at you. I bet they already have pictured you naked.”

Giggling, Mercedes walked sultry past them. She even turned back and gave them a flirty smile.

Then she said, “You mean like that Geno?” All I could was smile, knowing that she was enjoying her teasing.

We had a nice dinner and watched the sunset. She has always became real horny, whenever I add romance into the equation. As we were leaving, she went to the Ladies room to freshen up. I waited in the lobby for her. When she came out, she had a guy with her. He was one of the guys that were staring at her, when we went to dinner.

She walked up to me laughing and said, “Geno this is Greg. He wants to take me home with him and I told him he had to ask you first.”

Greg turned to me and asked, “Dude Mercedes is so hot. I would love to spend a night with her.” Then he whispered in my ear, “How much?”

I hooted and answered, “Not tonight Greg. She’s completely booked. Maybe some other time and if you give me your number I’ll call you when she becomes available again.”

He didn’t like the answer and kept on begging me for a chance with her. So I finally whispered that he had fifteen minutes or one pop for 3 bills. He looked frustrated and kept negotiating trying to get a lower price, but eventually reached in his pocket for the money. He asked where and I told him in the men’s room. Grabbing her hand, he quickly took her back. Mercedes looked back at me and mouthed “Thank you”, so I guess she wanted him to fuck her too. When she returned 20 minutes later, she looked happy but had cum splattered in her hair. So I sent her back to clean up.

While she was gone, Greg came out and thanked me. He told me that she had the hottest pussy he had ever fucked and gave me his number. He said he wanted her to spend the night next week and ask what it would cost. I laughed and told him a grand. He smiled and said that would be fine.

It took a while for Mercedes to freshen up then we left. As we were driving on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) to get to the bar, I stopped at a light. Mercedes and I were discussing her fuck session with Greg and how much fun she had. I had my hand in between her legs rubbing her pussy keeping it nice and juicy as she excitedly recounted her fun. She had them spread apart while I continued my fondling. As I played with her clit, we began talking about how much fun she was going to have tonight and fucking Greg was just a prelude. She was moaning enjoying my fingers on her clit.

Suddenly, I heard someone in the truck next to me say, “Hey Dude, could you let me see what you’re playing with.”

I didn’t notice a 4 x4 four door pick-up truck stopped next to us on my side of the car. With the top down they could look in. I looked up at this young guy wearing a Dodger hat and smiled.

Then he blurted, “C’mon dude! She’s so hot! Let me see her fucking cunt!” I thought he was a rude ass-hole.

The light turned green and I sped away. Mercedes asked if it was okay to tease him. I laughed telling her to do whatever she wanted. I could have run the next light down the road, but instead I quickly stopped but was now in the trucks lane. I wanted to see what she was going to do teasing these guys. He quickly pulled alongside my car again, but this time he moved to our passenger side where he could look down at Mercedes.

The driver stuck his head out the window and nicely said, “Hey gorgeous. Can I please see your tits? You are so fucking beautiful. I would love to see more of that lovely body. Please!”

We heard the other guy saying something about wanting to see her cunt and not the tits. But before I could say anything to Mercedes, she reclined the seat back and pulled up her top exposing her luscious firm tits. The driver stared down making rude comments about wanting to see more and how much to fuck her. While she looked up at him, she cupped her firm breast and pulled on her nipples. It was like she enjoyed enticing him.

Then the other guy jumped in the back seat of the truck to get a look, smiled and yelled, “How about seeing your fucking cunt too and how much for both of us to fuck your whore?”

She pulled up her skirt but kept her legs tightly together. I don’t think they could see what they were after. Then the light turned green and I sped off. This time I ran the yellow and left them in my dust. We heard the squeal of them braking. Looking in my mirror, I saw that we got away. Mercedes giggled while telling me how much fun that was.

As we turned up the canyon road for the five mile drive to the bar, she stayed exposed. Reaching back over, I began playing with her wet pussy. She moaned telling me how good it felt and couldn’t wait to meet Hammer. That was exactly what I wanted to hear.

The bar was a brown rustic 2 story house that used to be a restaurant. A couple of old biker brothers bought it many years ago, making it a biker haven. It was called the “Dogg Patch” because their last names were Dogg. The older brother used to be called Big Dogg, because he was a huge burly guy. His younger brother was Little Dogg, because he was skinning. They lived upstairs with the downstairs and basement as part of the bar. There was a take-out kitchen off to the left upon entering the front double doors. The bar itself was on the right in the middle of the room against the back wall. To the right of the bar was an area up a few steps that had two pool tables. To the left of the bar was the stairs leading down to the basement where the restrooms were. There were plenty of tables for sitting, a small stage for live music, and a juke box for music to play whenever there wasn’t live entertainment present. When you walked past the pool table area you exited the building to a large deck area that had 8 picnic benches. Off to the left of the deck was stairs leading down to a path that went to the bottom by a creek. Behind the building was a cement area that was used for junk and a sliding door leading to the storage room in the basement. No one ever went down there, unless they wanted to be hidden from the bar for some romance. After a night of boozing, I knew of plenty of women who got fuck down along the path.

We pulled into the side parking lot of the bar. Mercedes covered up and we sat in the car for a few minutes kissing and talking about the night. I wanted to make sure she was still okay going into the rustic biker bar. I knew once guys got a look at her, they all would want to fuck her. Looking around, we saw over a dozen bikes in front and many cars in the lot. We could hear laughter and loud music coming from inside. She tightly held my hand like she was now having second thoughts.

Turning to me she said, “This isn’t exactly what I imagined the place would look like. But I like the music they are playing and you are here to protect me. But if I think it’s too much for me, can we leave?”

I put my arm around her head, pulled her closer to me and kissed her gently on the lips. She didn’t want me to stop kissing and parted her sweet lips for a nice long passionate French kiss. When we broke for air, she smiled.

I looked deep into her beautiful big blue eyes, which were now gleaming with excitement and said, “Mercedes, this evening is for you. You told me that you wanted to be very naughty and come here. This place will definitely allow you to do that. But I have to be honest M. You saw what effect your outfit has on guys. So when you walk in here, you will be noticed and all of the attention wouldn’t be nice. I will protect you as best as I can, but if you do a lot of flirting, I may have a difficult time doing that.”

She kissed me again and thanked me for telling her the truth. As I went to put the top up on the car, she got out.

As we walked toward the front entrance, she tightly held my arm and said, “I’ll just flirt with Hammer and then we can go. I don’t want to be mauled all night, fighting off guys who want to have sex with me. Is that okay with you Geno?”

I told her not to worry because Sam and Justin are already here and that’s enough to fend off all of the other guys. She leaned her head against my shoulder and told me that knowing about Sam and Justin eased her mind. As we walked up the four stairs toward the open door, I was happy that she no longer feared the evening, but also disappointed. I still wanted her to fuck a lot of guys, but now it seemed like she wasn’t going to be a willing participant. But at least she already fucked one strange guy and is comfortable wearing such a revealing outfit, so maybe the evening is still a win.

As we walked in, a few guys looked our way. Big Dogg saw me and yelled, “Hey Geno, long time since you been in. Who’s the hot lady with you?”

Everyone turned to look our way as Mercedes tightly held my arm. There were some whistles with guys saying to bring her over to them. Instead I walked her to the bar and we sat down. Big Dogg came over and asked again who I had with me.

I finally answered, “Dogg, this is Mercedes. She’s here as entertainment for Hammer’s birthday. So where is he?”

Big Dogg smiled and told me that it’s still early and he hasn’t arrived, but some of the guys are out on the deck setting up. Smiling I asked him to get Mercedes a Martini and to keep her safe until I get back. Hearing Big Dogg asking Mercedes if she was a hooker, I left. I didn’t hear her answer.

As I went to see what the plan was for the evening, I walked by the pool area there were 6 Asians playing pool. I figured they were the ones that had those speed Jap bikes in front. No real biker would be caught dead on those things. It’s a Harley or nothing.

Once I was outside, I saw Sam sitting with five other dudes drinking beer. Seeing me he yelled, “You did come after all Bro. I hope you brought Mercedes with you. I already told Hammer that I had a hot girl coming for him.”

“Don’t worry Sam,” I spouted back. “She’s in the bar with Big Dogg. I told him to keep an eye on her.”

The other guys got up to look. I could hear them hooting about her. Turning to me one guy asked, “So is the girl you are talking about dressed in a short black skirt with a stunning pair of limbs?”

I told them she was. They laughed and asked if they could have a turn fucking her too. I chuckled and told them that Hammer was free, but everyone else had to pay 2 bills for one pop. Then Sam asked where we were going to fuck her at. I didn’t even think about that.

We quickly left to scout for a nice location. We walked down the path to the creek and found an old dirty mattress under a tree. Sam told me that it wouldn’t do because I wanted to video her in action. So we walked back up and went behind the bar. I tried a sliding door and it opened to a storage area. We walked in and turned on a light. Sam smiled and said it would be perfect. Moving some of the boxes around, we found black leather, beat up, old couch hidden behind them. Sam removed the junk that was on it and I helped him move it to the center of the room. Then he found a towel and wiped the dust off it. He took his small camera, found a spot on a metal shelf, and positioned it to point at the middle of the couch. Laughing, he told me that we would be able to watch all of the action and record it on his lap top. I chuckled at the thought of watching her getting hammered by Hammer. He found an outlet and ran the power to the camera. Then we hid it so just the lens could be seen, that is, if you knew where to look.

Afterwards he said, “This is perfect Bro. I only have 90 minutes of battery for the camera, but now I don’t have to worry. It can run as long as she’s fucking someone.”

He adjusted it with his remote and tested it with me sitting on the couch. Then he told me it’s all set. I left the light on, locked the other door to the bar area, and went to check on Mercedes.

Walking to the bar, I looked for her. She wasn’t where I left her. I panicked, until I saw her up in the pool area playing with the Asians. She saw me and smiled.

Strutting over to me, she kissed me on my lips and said, “I was bored Geno. So I hope you don’t mind me playing with these guys. They were very nice and I’m having fun.”

One of them yelled at her saying, “Hey gorgeous, it’s your shot.” She said her good bye and quickly left.

I watched for a while, as they were playing. Every so often, she would bend over for a shot and the guys would stand behind her. I could tell by their expressions that she was showing them her bare cunt. When she finally won a game, one of the Asians gave her a Martini to drink. He told her that it was a special drink for a winning the game. She took a sip of it, as they started another game. I watched for some time, until Hammer finally showed.

I went back out to check on when they wanted Mercedes and saw over twenty guys with some biker chicks. Hammer was drinking beers and chatting with the guys. I wished him a happy birthday and we talked for some time. Suddenly I remembered about Mercedes and quickly left to get her. As I was walking in, I worried that she left with the Asians. Luckily, she was still playing pool.

I guess she just won another game and the Asians handed her another drink. I watched as one of them made her guzzle it all. She tilted her head back as they helped her swallow all of it.

When she finished I shouted, “Hey sexy, it’s time for your entertainment. So finish up and let’s go.”

A short Asian, blurted back, “What the fuck dude. We just made her swallow.” He was quickly hit by the older tall Asian to shut up.

He took Mercedes hand, kissed it and said, “I hope you come back for another game when you are done with your entertainment gig.”

“I don’t know. It will depend on Geno. I was just having fun,” she sensually replied. Then she walked to me.

As Mercedes was walking ahead of me, the tall Asian grabbed my arm and whispered, “How much to fuck your whore?”

I just hate fucking Asians, they are such arrogant know it all pricks. Laughing, I answered, “Dude you’ll have to wait until everyone else is done and then if she still has enough energy, we can talk. But don’t count on it.”

He laughed and sarcastically said, “Oh I’m sure she’ll have more than enough energy for fucking tonight.”

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