A Photo Shoot is Fixed

When she agreed to the photoshoot, Marc knew it had come after a lot of discussion with her husband. Yes, he was someone they both knew, but still a nude shoot was something he wasn’t comfortable with her doing.

It took months of back and forth, but in the end Anya had made it work, and today was the day. Marc had cleaned the place up, and the studio was set up for them. He had all his props, she was bringing make-up, and he had his laptop ready with a folder of pictures he wanted to emulate.

He had been taking photographs off and on for years, and he wanted to do bolder work, so he had collected a number of glamor shot pictures and shown her what he wanted. He asked her so that he could get used to working with a model, knowing she would give him feedback to help him. He hoped some day to move beyond just those shots, but for now he was glad he had a model with whom he was comfortable.

She knocked on the door softly but he heard her. He opened the door and said “Anya, I am so happy to see you. Even after we talked I was afraid you or David would decide this was a bad idea.”

She looked back and replied “No, we talked about this for a long time and we both trust you. Plus he wants the pictures, to be honest. It IS Valentine’s day you know.” She smiled at that.

He gave her a drink. He knew her favorite, vodka and cranberry juice, so he had made it for her. Just a little and he hoped it would relax her. But she really didn’t seem nervous. Maybe it was just him.

They talked for a bit and caught up on each other’s families and jobs. After twenty minutes of that she wanted to get started. She got up, grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom to change.

He went to his studio and looked over his equipment. He wanted this to be easy on her. While he was working, she walked in with her long, grey robe and asked him what he wanted her to do. She had on a fair amount of make-up just as he’d asked. He went to his binder, brought it to her and opened it onto a stool near the backdrop. He opened it and said “I think it will be easiest if we just walk through this one pic at a time, and see if I can recreate them.”

She looked at him and said “I think David might like this first one,” and she flipped through, and finished with a small smile, “and a few of the others.”

She studied the first pic again for a minute, and then took off her robe. She was wearing lingerie and stockings, all red. She looked almost exactly like the pictures he had sent her. She stood, and leaned over another stool, putting her chin into her hand and made sure to show off her breasts. Marc took several pictures from slightly different angles.

He had her run through the book, working hard to ensure that she looked just like the pictures. The poses, her hair style, sometimes even her make-up if possible. After over an hour they were done, and bursa eskort bayan she looked tired.

“I can’t thank you enough, really, and if you’ll give me a minute I’ll copy the pics to a usb drive so you can give them to David. I hope you both have a great Valentine’s Day?” She went into the bathroom to change back into her street clothes, and he made the copy for her.

When she came out, she wasn’t really smiling and all her make-up was gone. “Well, thank you for making this,” she said as she took the drive. “I think David will like what you did, so thanks for that.”

“Would you like to stay for a while and have another drink?,” he asked and waited. “No, I really should be going. I’ll probably email you in a day or two and let you know what David thought. Bye, Marc.” She quickly left.

He felt a little uneasy. Maybe she was just tired, but she didn’t seem too enthused about the pictures. He hadn’t really ever worked with models before but he had expected her to at least smile thinking about the pictures. He thought that he needed to start getting ready for dinner tonight, as he had made plans with Renee for their own Valentine’s celebration. Dinner and a movie, same as last year.

The next day Marc got an unexpected call. It was Anya. “Well, hello. How did David take the pictures,” he asked in hopes of some response.

“David loved them, said they were exactly like the pictures you had me show him. I think he’s going to be looking at them for a while. That said, I was hoping to come over and talk to you about them. Do you have some time?,” she asked.

“For you, I’ll make time. I hope it isn’t too bad,” he asked with some hesitation.

“Nothing that can’t be fixed,” she said and then said she’d be there in an hour. He started to think he might have to do some work in photoshop. Maybe.

Around an hour later, she knocked on the door and he let her in. He noticed she had a backpack with her, but waited for her to tell him what was going on. She sat down and he got her a glass of wine. After a minute she started to tell him why she had come over.

“When I left yesterday, I was a little upset,” she said. He wanted to talk, but just nodded his understanding. “It wasn’t that anything was wrong with the pictures, just that they were kind of boring. And it took me a bit after I left to really understand why. It wasn’t ME in the picture, not really. Yes, they did look like the pictures you used as models and I can see why you’d start that way.” She took another sip. “But, you asked me to help in part to give you a chance to see how to work with a model. You really didn’t. You really just showed me the pics and we did that. There was nothing about me in them,” she waited a second, but he said nothing. Just watched her. “Well, today we’re going to do it MY way, you’re going to take pictures as I tell bursa merkez escort you and I’m going to dress the way I want to be seen.”

He finally spoke and said “That will be marvelous.” She smiled and took her backpack into the bathroom.

After about ten minutes, during which he got out his equipment and set up, she came out. She was dressed in a business suit, with just a little make-up on. Eye liner, lipstick and a little on her face. She looked entirely different from his reference pictures, and she was astounding. His first response was simply an erection. He tried to ignore it, since she had dropped the bag and looked to see if he was ready.

“Now, how this will work is that I’m going to tell you exactly when and where to shoot. You’ll stand where I say and take the shots I want taken. I know me, and I know what will make me look good the way I want. Is that simple enough?,” and she waited.

He clearly felt chastized, and just said “Yes, please.”

She first stood, fully dressed, and put one leg on the chair, her hose stretched to show off the muscle in her calf. She had on matching black heels, and that just made them stand out even more. She pointed in front, slightly to her left and said shoot from there, maybe 5 feet away. He caught her entire body, slightly off-center and shot a few times, moving slightly either way. This apparently was not an issue for her, she said nothing.

She then began to move around the area, stretching, bending, reaching. There was a sensual poetry in her posing, her movements metered, her commands to shoot punctuation. She led him to shots he wouldn’t have thought to take. She was both more subtle and more raw than he would have asked from her. She used her hips, her legs, her tits to show him what she wanted the viewer to see.

There was a grace to it, she wasn’t moving from static pose to static pose, but she was picking moments from her dancing to capture. She was also taking off clothes, slowly revealing her body again. He knew she had danced for exercise, and they had met in martial arts classes, but he never knew she could move like this. His arousal never dimmed, becoming sharper as she opened her blouse entirely, then slid off the skirt. She was moving as if she owned the room, and this was far better a shoot that he could have dreamed of.

After another 45 minutes, she said that was enough. She was by then entirely nude, sweating some. She looked like a statue, with the merest hint of rain. His head was swimming. He had known her for years, and they were close enough to have talked about almost everything. This, though, was new. There was a completely open sexuality to how she wanted to be seen, and he knew her husband would love these pictures.

She sat in the lounge chair, with her hips straddling the edge. Her legs were open bursa sınırsız escort bayan enough he could see her open pussy. He tried not to stare. It wasn’t working. She spoke. “That went even better than I’d hoped, you were perfect, you followed orders well. I hope it helps you with your photography.”

She waited second, he simply said “Thank you.”

“Now, I want repayment. This is a one-time thing, and it will never be spoken of again. Come over here, and eat me until I come. Make it good, you owe me.” There was a small smile, but also a shine to her eyes that told him she wasn’t kidding about the orgasm.

As he knelt in front of her he slid his hands slowly up her legs. She thought it seemed almost reverent, nearly worshipful. Then he leaned in and kissed her cunt, before backing off to start licking around the outside. He slowly worked his tongue over her outer lips, sucking and licking, his hands now holding her ass, spreading her legs to give more access.

He drove his tongue into her hole, the juices coating the tongue, and it was glorious. He thought it tasted like champaigne, but better. He licked around the hole, then out and around the clitoral hood. He knew not to dive into it, and he spent time playing around the outside, arousing the tissue. He could hear her moaning, and that made him even more determined to make her glad she had done this.

After many minutes of teasing, he finally started to lick and suck the clitoris itself. He knew for some women this could be too much, so he listened intently to her noises, and only increased the pressure when she responded well. He sucked the entire shaft gently into his mouth, and licked it. She actually shuddered, and he wanted to touch his cock. But, only briefly, he wanted, no needed, to give this to her. He felt her begin to moan steadily, and he knew not to change his movements. His hands tightly held her ass, he sucked slowly but deeply and licked around and around. After maybe 10 minutes, it happened. She came, and it was a good one. She jerked, and she would have fallen if he wasn’t big enough to hold her in place.

He slowed down and let her descend. He released her ass once he knew she was securely back on the couch. She sat for a few minutes, nothing said. Nothing needed to be said.

Finally, she stood up and got her original clothes from her bag, She dressed, and he waited. She said “I have to get going, but this was exactly what I thought it could be. You need to stop holding back, and learn to let instincts guide things sometimes.”

“Thank you, I really appreciate how much you helped.”

She smiled as she started to leave. “You know, you really are the only other man I would trust to do that with, ANY of it. I like that about you.”

“I’ve always known you were something special, but I clearly didn’t know anywhere near how special. You’re like Supergirl. I think I’ll call you Kara from now on.” He smiled. “We’ll talk soon, I’ll drop the drive off with the pics tomorrow.”

Just as she opened the door, she turned a said “At least now when you jack off to me, you’ll have something real.” He started to respond, but she just smiled and shut the door.

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