Best Friend Got Tipsy

All through High School I’ve had a close friendship with a girl named Gia. I was (and still am) firmly in the friend zone with her, but definitely not in a negative way. She used to date another close friend of mine. That’s how I met her. Then when they broke up, we got closer. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t attracted to her at all. She was most certainly my type on paper. She’s short, below 5 feet I believe, she’s blonde, perky boobs and a nice ass. On paper she’s my type to a T. Then again, I guess because she used to date a good friend of mine, I got used to never looking at her that way.

After high-school, her ex moved away to a different city for uni while Gia and I stayed at the local uni. Pretty soon she got a new SO, but we stayed close even if we ended up moving in different kind of groups.

A few months into uni, one weekend I went out to a bar with some friends. To my surprise, Gia was at the same bar that day as well. It was surprising because she wasn’t a big drinker. Her size didn’t help for sure. She was there with her bf and some friends whom I didn’t know too well. A few hours of not too intense drinking later (I’m broke and in college), I see Gia’s bf go across the street to throw up in a bush. He is totally wasted, not the aggressive drunk but totally incoherent. Thankfully they had a designated driver who apparently drove him back to his place.

Around this time, I had to leave as well. I had to go to work the next morning and it was past 1 AM at that point. After leaving my friends, I went to say goodbye to Gia too.

“Hey, I gotta leave. See you later!” “God, I should be leaving too. Wait a sec.”

She said her goodbyes and we walked away together. She wasn’t drunk, but she was definitely tipsy. Still coherent but loose lipped for sure.

“You had fun?” – I asked “Up until Alex got wasted” “Yeah I saw him throw up. Why didn’t you go with him?” “I just wasn’t in the mood of taking care of ger today.” “Fair enough.”

We reached the intersection where we had to go different ways.

“So, I guess it’s goodbye then” “Yeah… Could bursa escort bayan you please walk me home? I don’t want to go alone…”

She didn’t live far, but this place of town wasn’t the greatest, plus it had basically zero public lighting. I could understand why a tiny girl like her wouldn’t want to go alone. Especially after a few drinks.

“Sure, of course.” “Thank you so much.”

We walked in silence for a bit. We were close enough that these silences weren’t the awkward types.

“Hey Gia. Could you set up with any of your friends?” “What?!” “I’m serious.” “No sorry” – she chuckled a little as she said it “You sure? I heard Veronica’s single now” “I don’t know. She didn’t say anything.”

Now this silence was a bit awkward.

“You aren’t doing well with girls, are you?” “When was I good with girls?” – I chuckled “You aren’t bad.” “I wish”

We arrived at her apartment. She was living with her mother.

“You’re mom’s waiting for you?” “No, she’s away. A business trip again.” “Again?! Does she go every week?” “Definitely feels like it. Wanna come up for a coffee?” “Sure”

We walked up. In the apartment I made myself comfortable on the couch while she made coffee for us. It wasn’t my first time at their place, I knew the layout and was generally comfortable there. She came back with the coffee and sat down next to me.

“Thanks” “You’re welcome.”

We took a few sips. It was late so we were sitting only in the moonlight.

“Why doesn’t Alex want to sleep with me?” “What!?” “We’ve been together for 2 months and we haven’t had sex yet.” “Wow…that’s weird… Also, TMI” “Don’t say that. You’re gonna make me feel worse.” “I. Did you say anything to him?” “Well no… It’s embarrassing. What if he doesn’t find me attractive that way?” “That’s crazy! If he doesn’t find you sexy, he’s not a man!”

She snuggled up to me. Visibly sad. I hugged her. She was quite tense, but it soon faded.

“Thanks” – she said weakly as if fighting tears

I didn’t say anything just held her tighter. After a while she looked up at gorukle escort me. Her small eyes had a twinkle in the moonlight. She went in for a kiss, I wasn’t in the state to think clearly, so I kissed her back. Her small delicate lips were pressed against mine were everything I needed at that point. Her kiss sent shivers down my spine, it became a passionate makeout. Her tongue was tiny too and she used it well. It was probably the best kiss of my life. It felt like the payoff of all the 6 years I knew her. While kissing she wrapped herself around me. After a while I stood up with her holding onto me. I walk over into her bedroom and there she jumps off me. I’m standing at 6 foot 3 inches so compared to me she was tiny.

She was starting in front of me looking up, as cute as ever and at that point was when I realized how attractive she really is. I pulled off her sweater and shirt and she took off her jeans. I took off my shirt too. This was the first time I saw her naked. Her tits were small but super perky a flat stomach and a really cute ass. She reached for my pants, her cold hands touching my skin made me shiver, she pulled off my pants, revealing my cock which was already semi hard. My cock isn’t huge but definitely not below average. She looked up at me her jaws dropped, not the reaction I’m used to from girls, so it made me feel warm. She wrapped her hand around my dick, but since her hands were small it made my cock seem bigger than it was in reality. She stroked it slowly until I became rock hard. The touch of her skin against mine was electric. I haven’t been that hard before or since. She spat on her hands and lubed up my cock and her pussy, then. She jumped up into my arms. I held her by her ass and guided my cock into her pussy. She wasn’t virgin, but as small as she was her pussy was insanely tight. Tight and wet. Super wet. Soaking in fact. That combined with the little lube of spit she applied I still slid in without difficulty. I could tell by her expression that she was about to scream bloody murder which at 2 am wouldn’t be wise. bursa merkez escort bayan To stop that I went in for a kiss. She still screamed through the kiss, but it was muffled for sure.

I started to bounce her on me, slowly up and down my cock. She squeezed my cock so with every thrust the pleasure I felt increased. I couldn’t believe a pussy could feel this great. By her muffled moans I could tell she was enjoying herself as well. Then she pulled away from the kiss.

“Throw me on the bed!” – she said this firmly and fairly loud, so I complied. I took a few steps while still bouncing her on me towards the bed then I lifted her up and threw her on the soft bed. Gia landed with a thump, she moaned and started rubbing her clit. I spread her legs as wide as possible and slammed my cock into her. Holding onto her legs I fucked her like that as hard as I could. At first, her moans were loud and frequent but after a bit, no sound could escape her throat. At this point I should have realized that I didn’t have a condom on. I should have noticed how different the feeling of her insides was to the feeling with a condom on. But I didn’t. So, as she started to cum and tightened up even more, her pussy squeezed my cock even tighter, and this feeling was like nothing I felt before. It pushed me over the edge. As she was cumming I did too. I filed her pussy up with the biggest load of my life.

When I eventually pulled out, no cum spilled out of her. Under usual circumstances I would have been scared beyond belief. But I was drunk, and I just fucked my best female friend. I was overwhelmed and just plopped down on the bed next to her. She leaned over and kissed me once more.

“Thank you” – she said while out of breath. Quietly and satisfied.

She moved up the bed and put on the blanket. She signaled me to join her, so I did. I snuggled up to her. She was the little spoon, obviously. I held her tight, the touch of her skin and the warmth of her body made me fall asleep quickly.

The next day I left. And everything went back to normal. Like literally everything was like before. She still dated Alex. I still didn’t have a gf. And we still talked daily. Although there was 1 thing that changed. The next time Gina’s mom went on a business trip, Gia invited me over. This time we used a condom. It was still incredible, but I’ll never forget the feeling of creampieing her.

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