Girlfriend’s Cousin Visits

This is a true story. Some details were changed to protect all parties.

Me and my girlfriend have been together for a little over 3 years and in that span I saw her little cousin go from a 18 year old girl to nearly a woman. I still remember the first time I met Rebecca. She was a cute little dancer with a chunky face, flat chest, and unimpressive body. Fast forward a few years and she really filled out. An impressive figure standing 5’6 with brunette hair and green eyes. A sexy lean body but with a nice pair of breasts. I always used to think about what she would look like naked… one night while she was home from college I had my chance.

Rebecca came over while in town on winter break. My girlfriend and her cousin were really close practically growing up together so by extension I was really close with her family. We decided to do a dinner and movie night and she was planning to sleep in our guest room to spend as much time as she could with her cousin before returning to University.

After we finished dinner and cleaning up I put on a movie for us to watch. Juts a comedy to not have to be fully engaged while we laughed, chatted, and drank wine.

I kept noticing Rebecca looking over at me the whole time with those pretty green eyes escort bursa but didn’t think anything of it since we were so close I thought it was natural. After the movie was over and another bottle of wine my girlfriend was falling asleep on the sofa so I took her to the bedroom and get her ready for bed and Rebecca went into the spare to get ready herself.

After a few minutes I realized the pillow and blanket for the bed was in our closet so I grabbed them quickly and ran them over to her. Without thinking I opened the door without knocking and saw her standing there topless right in the middle of getting changed. I was so embarrassed and apologized saying I hadn’t seen anything. In reality I had seen her perfectly sized breasts and sexy flat stomach and it made me almost instantly hard. Rebecca smiled wryly and told me not to be embarrassed that she liked to show off. She walked over to me closing the door behind her and put her hand on my now fully erect cock.

She leaned in close and whispered that she had always found me attractive and was always slightly jealous of her older cousin. She then placed her lips on mine and began to kiss me deeply. It felt so wrong but I couldn’t deny I wanted it too. Her hands were sliding down by bursa merkez eskort body and touching my throbbing cock now.

I knew we shouldn’t be doing this but animal instincts kicked in and I pushed her onto the bed. I ripped her panties off and saw her tight little pink pussy was already slightly swollen. She confessed to touching herself a little during the movie under the blanket. I knew I wasn’t going crazy! She was looking at me and touching herself as well.

I pushed her legs apart and started to tease her with my tongue between her legs. She was squirming and moaning I nearly had to gag her to keep her from waking up her cousin. I could sense she was about to cum, her body was shaking, she was dripping wet and her pussy started to tighten around my finger and I slid in and out of her while licking her gently with my tongue. She moan loudly and said no one had ever made her cum that way before.

She got up and said it was my turn, she shoved me down on my back and began to attack my cock with her mouth. The whole time looking right at me with those pretty green eyes while her spit was beginning to drip down my shaft. With each thrust I found feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm. bursa sınırsız escort Here I was getting the most incredible wet and sloppy head from my girlfriends little cousin while she was asleep in the other room. I didn’t want to cum yet since I wanted to get a turn in that pretty hole first.

I begged her to stop and get on top of me but she was nervous since I didn’t have a condom and she wasn’t on birth control. I promised I would be careful and pull out since neither of us wanted her to get pregnant. She finally agreed and straddled me before slipping me inside her. She was hands down the tightest and wettest pussy I had ever felt. I nearly came the second I got inside of her.

The way she was riding was incredible. She seemed like a real pro for being so young. It turned me on so much knowing she was likely a closeted slut. There’s no way she have such good head and fucked so good without lots of practice.

I soon started to feel a rush of pleasure and my cock was telling me I was going to cum. I told her I was getting close and she whispered to me that I should just come inside her. We were being so risky since my girlfriend could’ve walked in at any point now to finish inside her? I don’t know what got into me but even though my brain was telling me no I did it anyway. I shot a huge sticky load deep inside her pussy. It was leaking out from everywhere but Rebecca kept riding. It was truly the best orgasm of my life.

Than panic set in as I looked up and the door was open and my girlfriend was standing there in shock…

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