Glory McBee’s Diary

Murphy’s is closed on Sunday, but there is no religious significance to that custom. The simple fact is that in this neighborhood most of the residence, and the bulk of our trade, probably thinks they are God so they rest. Adding to that speculation is the fact that a good many of them party so hard on Friday and Saturday nights that they need the tranquil time to recuperate for the upcoming 40.

I need the diversion from all the bullshit I have to cope with the six days I keep them in booze. I’ve been doing this for years, so I guess it is a workable arrangement between me and Murphy. All he’s concerned about is the size of his bank deposits. As long as they meet with his approval, the rest is up to me.

The nice thing about my Sunday off is that my little angel comes by to see me and light the fire in my pussy and my boobs. Fannie is a few years younger than me, but somewhere along the road she learned to eat pussy with the best of them. There’s no doubt that she puts a great big smile on my face, and a smoldering satisfaction in my crotch. Life is good.

She was running a little later than usual, but there she is now turning into my driveway. I am already dressed for the occasion. I am wearing a mid-drift knit top that barely covers my breasts, and a pair of very short cutoffs and nothing else. Why bother? My little sex goddess would have me out of a suit of armor in record time if she was horny enough. And, I never saw the time when she wasn’t rearing to go. Sexually, that is to say.

“Come into my house you little bundle of suck and poke. I was about to give up on you, girl.” One of my customary greetings just rolled effortlessly off of my tongue.

“And good morning to you, too, you big tittied, fat assed broad,” she said while grinning from ear to ear. “Are you the only thing in the house that is hot or do you have some coffee on the stove?”

“Check for yourself you little shit,” I said pursuing our usual sarcastic banter.

Fannie ran her hand up under my skimpy top and squeezed a boob lovingly. “You’re feeling better than you look, Hussy.”

“It’s a pity you couldn’t bring more woman with you,” I lashed back in jest. “I’m hornier than Hell, and my pussy is puckered beyond recognition.”

“I’d recognize that sweet hairy monster no matter what,” she said, “and by the way, there is all the woman you need in these jeans, ma’am.” She got her coffee and took a straight back chair at the kitchen table.

“I don’t dare argue with that, Love. When it comes to eating pussy, there’s none better.” I figured it was time to adjust the tone of our chit-chat. Fannie was looking especially fine this morning. Considering her petite frame, she had some of the most mouthwatering breasts in the county. And, today they were bursa yabancı escort mine.

I walked around behind her chair and gently nibbled on her ear and neck. Then I stuck the tip of my tongue in her ear. “Get my message?”

“Loud and wet, Love,” She said softly.

I ran my hand down the front of her jeans until I felt her puffy pussy. It was wet alright. “You feel marvelous,” I whispered back at her ear. As I started to withdraw my hand from under her jeans, she grabbed my wrist and turned her head toward my mouth for her good morning kiss. Our lips met, our tongues danced, and I wiggled my index finger against her swelling clitoris.

“Oh, wow,” she sighed. “I needed that.”

“You’re going to get a lot more, Sugar,” I promised as I joined her at the table.

“I know. I know.” She was beaming with anticipation. “Take off that silly top, girl. It’s not concealing anything anyway; at least from me. I envision those beauties every time I masturbate.”

“You’re naughty,” I said, “but very, very nice.” I slowly removed my mid-drift and exposed my bounty. Sunday was not a bra day – or a panties day either for that matter. “Show me.”

Fannie was wearing a western cut blouse. The snaps came loose with one sharp tug revealing her uplift bra. It was nothing more than a lace platform to hold her loveliness up higher than nature intended. A twist at the catch between her cups freed her completely.

“Now that’s nice, darling.” Then I stood up in front of her. “I’ll show you my pussy if you’ll show me yours.” I had my hand on the top button of my cutoffs as I spoke. She had to unbuckle her belt and unbutton her fly in order to get out of her jeans. I was standing before her butt-assed naked before she worked her panties down to the floor.

“I love that pussy,” she said as she smiled at my fuzzy womanhood.

“Yours ain’t too shabby either, m’love.”

:”Kiss me you big beautiful thing,” she said seductively, “and I’ll show you one of my tricks.”

I knew all about her tricks, and I leaped at the opportunity.

I placed a hand on each of her cheeks and bent over to kiss her warm and inviting lips. In doing so, my breasts swayed forward in marvelous splendor. My petite friend cupped a hand under each breast and performed her magic on them while our lips and tongues stirred up an abundance of emotion. My pussy was practically level with her navel, but I did manage to reach down and fondle her pubic patch and her wet pussy. She squeezed my tits in response, and I buried my tongue deeper into her mouth.

While we were in this passionate embrace Fannie managed to jockey us around to where my butt cheeks were resting on the edge of the kitchen table. Because of our difference bursa sınırsız escort in height, I’m nearly six inches taller than her; she quite often got me in a horizontal position on this table before she devoured my pussy. Naturally, I helped in any way I could.

Still locked at the lips she gently lowered me to the table top. I willingly lay back and at the same time brought my legs up so that my heels rested at the table’s edge. My pussy was ready for her, but she freed her lips and moved directly to my breasts. Using her hands to gather my boobs into huge mounds, she directed her attention to the nipples currently riding high at my chest.

Her mouth and her tongue busied themselves at one nipple and then the other causing my arousal to soar. She had moved into the valley formed by my uplifted legs and crotch, but her focus was still on my breast. My nipples were as big as jelly beans and just as hard. My horny indicator was pegging out. Then she released my breasts and removed her mouth from my nipples.

“Hold on, Sweetheart,” she panted breathlessly, “I have a surprise for you.” She leaned over to reach into her purse where she had left it on the seat of one of the straight backed kitchen chairs. She came away with a charcoal grey object in her hand. She saw the puzzled look on my face and explained.

“It’s called a butt plug, Glory. I know how you nearly pee your pants when I stick my finger up your ass when you are about to come, so I bought this to add to your pleasure for a longer period of time.” She reached back into her purse and retrieved a small tube of lubricant.

“Is that thing going to hurt?” I asked with justifiable concern.

“Of course not, silly. It’s going to add power to your orgasm.”

“I’m happy with the way you do that now, Fannie.”

“Hush, girl,” she said as she busied herself lubricating my asshole and this new device. It was conical in shape with a base that flared out like a Christmas tree stand. The lubricant made entry almost effortless with the slightest stinging sensation as it slipped in to my ass. My pucker string closed magically before the flared base, and held the plug snuggly in place.

It felt great, and it was causing my body temperature to rise noticeably.

“That feels great, Fannie,” I sighed. “How long does it stay in?”

“Until the fat lady sings,” Fannie responded and giggled as she spoke.

Then she returned to her serious play. She wiggled two fingers in my wet pussy before slipping them into my hole. She pushed them as far as they would go, and then she began wiggling them as she moved her hand in and out. I noticed that as my asshole responded to this pleasure Fannie’s new toy tended to move back and forth görükle escort in my colon. I had never had my pussy and my asshole stimulated at the same time, but I was starting to like it very much. In fact, I caught myself contracting my pucker sting vigorously just to make the new toy make its moves, so to speak.

And then there was dependable Fannie who knew exactly where to find my G-spot. She massaged it with intensity, and my passion grew and grew.

I always shot my wad when she played with my go button, and today was no exception. My chances were especially good now that I was equipped with the added stimulation of the new toy. My colon was chewing on it like it was bubble gum. Every time my orgasm created a squirt my new friend seemed to plunge deeper into my colon and then quickly back to await the next squirt.

My orgasm had hardly subsided when Fannie stopped massaging my G-spot and removed her wonderful fingers from my pussy. I was still basking in the bliss of my climax when I felt Fannie’s mouth replace the fingers. Her tongue darted between my pussy lips and immediately began to explore the wonders of my inner vagina. I always liked this part of her seduction because I knew what was just over the horizon.

That sex crazed hussy, my wonderful lover, was on the verge of assaulting my clitoris with her wicked tongue. I cupped my hands behind her head and lovingly pressed her mouth harder against my pussy. I also realized that I was spasmodically working my new toy in my ass. Dual stimulation is amazingly effective at this stage of the game. My heart was pounding hard enough to worry my cardiologist.

Then Fannie, totally unaware of the ecstatic intensity she was causing to my nervous system, predictably moved her mouth from my pussy hole to my clitoris. Even though I was expecting this maneuver, I gasped when her lips engulfed my severely engorged clitoris. Her lips and her tongue magically attacked my clit with a practiced expertise that I was convinced she reserved only for me. My arousal immediately soared to a level that could only be described adequately as earth shattering.

I groaned blissfully between clenched teeth as still another orgasm surged through my body. Burst after burst of sexual splendor raced through my entire being. It was then that I realized my new toy was responding to every burst, every spasm, and every quake of my climax. I was being butt fucked by an inanimate object. But I liked it very much.

As I lay there in a heavenly daze not really wanting to recover from my adventure, I could feel Fannie softly planting warm kisses on my thighs and belly. I could also feel her gently removing the butt plug with which I had become so attached. First I felt a void, and then I was amazed at the way I could feel that cavity return to normal.

As though Fannie was reading my thoughts, “your new little buddy makes a perfect companion when you masturbate.’

“Fannie, you’re precious. How am I ever going to repay you?”

“Oh, you will, baby. You will,” my lover assured me.

And I did. Again and again.

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