Happy Ending

I can’t help but notice the smoothness, the softness of your skin under my hands as I run them up your back. The massage oil allows me to glide easily down, tracing the curve of your waist and hips. You let out a soft moan, and I can feel a tingle between my thighs. I tell myself to get my mind out of the gutter-if I want to do this professionally, I need to be able to give an attractive woman a massage without getting all hot and bothered.

As I pull my mind away from wondering what you look when you cum, I realize that my hands are resting dangerously low and you are breathing harder. My eyes travel along your back from the base of your spine up to your sexily muscled shoulders, then along your delicate neck to your fantastic long, strawberry blonde hair. I put my forearms on your back and lean in as I push up. When I reach your shoulders, I find a knot on the side opposite me. Bending down even more to work it with my elbow, my breasts graze your ribcage. Being so close to you is intoxicating-I can smell your shampoo and all I want to do is bury my face in your neck, kissing and biting it while your hair brushes against my face. You are trembling a little, and I can’t help myself. I bring my hands back down to your sides, letting my fingers trail down to graze along your breasts. You whimper softly, and I can feel my panties getting wetter. I reach under you as I get to your lower stomach and I grab your hip bones, running my bursa escort bayan fingers along them. You moan sharply, and arch your back.

“Is this something you want?” I ask, breath catching in my throat. Face still down, you nod and half say, half moan the word, “Yes.”

I kiss your lower back, then work my way up your spine, hands running up the front of your body. I reach your breasts and cup them, trapping your hard nipples between my fingers. “Oh God…” you whisper, tossing your head back. This shakes your hair, leaving the spot where your neck meets your shoulders perfectly open. That is one of my favourite spots. I pinch your nipples harder as I kiss you there, rolling your nipples as I start to kiss harder, slowly biting down. You gasp a little and I let up, but you let out a disappointed sigh when I do so. I grin to myself, then bite down harder. Keeping my left hand on your nipple, I slide my right hand to the base of your head and get a firm grip on your hair. I pull your head back and your body rolls to the side. I climb onto the bed with you, pulling your hair harder. You press your body up against mine, grinding your pussy into my thigh.

Starting at the hollow of your neck, I lick straight up to your chin then kiss over it to your lips. I kiss you deeply, sucking your lower lip into my mouth. You moan again, and push your body against mine more insistently.

By görükle escort now your hands have found my breasts, and I gasp against your mouth as you reach under my shirt and bra to squeeze my nipple. With one hand on your shoulder, I push you onto your back. Your eyes are closed, and I lean in to whisper in your ear. “Look at me,” I say. I pull back and am met with your beautiful, blue eyes. They are filled with lust, and I keep eye contact while I squeeze your nipple hard. Your eyes widen and you gasp, your back arching high. I inch down to take your nipple in my mouth and my hand falls to your knee. I trail it up your inner thigh, still keeping eye contact. You are whimpering now, a light, breathy kind of moan. Your eyes are desperate, pleading, and I can’t hold back any longer. I let my hand rest over your cunt, sliding my index finger up and down along your pussy lips. You are so wet for me. Then again, I am soaking through my own panties for you.

I run my finger over your clit and you tilt your head back away from me, your eyes suddenly closed tight. I flick your clit several times, each one eliciting a louder cry. I roll my finger around your clit, slowly, building up a faster pace.

“Oh yeah baby,” I whisper, my lips brushing against your ear, “I love feeling how wet your pussy is. The way your body reacts to my touch…Mmm, I’m going to make you cum so hard.” You reach down and put your bursa escort bayan hand on my arm, your fingernails digging in. “Oh God, I am so close,” you say in a throaty voice.

I moan in your ear and slide my index and middle finger into you hard. You jolt forward, but I lean against you to keep you in place. I finger fuck you harder and faster, using my thumb to rub your clit. Your body is rocking back and forth with my motion, humping my fingers like they were a cock. As I pull them out, I make a come-hither motion, rubbing your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. You are making so much noise I’m surprised the neighbours aren’t banging on the wall. Or maybe they’re enjoying the soundtrack. You reach out and grab the sheets, twisting them in your clenched fist. “Cum for me, baby. Cum for me now,” I tell you. You scream my name as your back arches so hard I am pushed back. Your pussy squeezes around my fingers and I can feel your muscles spasm as you climax. I keep up my pace, making you shake and moan and pant as you ride out wave after wave of orgasm. Eventually your grip on my arm lessens, and I take that as my cue to slow down. I keep sliding my fingers in and out of you, but gently, only flicking my thumb over your clit to make you twitch and hear you whimper exhaustedly.

I slide my fingers out of you entirely, with more than a twinge of regret. You sigh, feeling the same thing. I raise my fingers to my mouth and lick them clean, enjoying the sweet, tangy taste. You are looking at my lips, and your tongue darts out to lick your own.

You pull my hand away and pin it to the bed. You are suddenly on top of me, kissing me with renewed heat.

“That was fantastic,” you purr, “but now it’s my turn to play.”

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