Take My Wife?

“I just need to know if my wife is cheating on me.”

Christine gave me a disappointed look, “You married her, you’re supposed to be able to trust her.”

“I know, I know I’m paranoid, I just have this feeling. She seems so distant lately.”

“Tony, have the two of you been… intimate recently?”

“She went down on me about a month ago, but it was over quick and she didn’t let me return the favor.”

“Why not?”

“No idea. I’m not very talented down there though.”

Christine thought for a second, “Assuming I do decide to help you, what’s your plan?”

“Jane likes to go to a local bar Thursday nights. She’s told me that it’s just her and some friends…”

“Sounds easy, why don’t you just spy on her?”

“I have,” I muttered, “I haven’t seen her meet with any men, she would have to being doing it some other time.”


“So, you meet her at the bar and pump her for information. She likes to have a few drinks so she might let her guard might be down.”

Christine held out her palm, “Two hundred.”

“For a friend?”

“For a friend? One-fifty.”

I got out my wallet while I gave her the address.

“I’m going now,” Jane called out.

I looked up from my magazine, “Another night out with the girls, eh?”

She was wearing jeans and a tight yellow sweater, her long blonde hair was done up in a bun. She didn’t seem to be dressing overly sexy, but I still didn’t feel quite right.

“Sure,” She answered, “What do you have planned for the night?”

“There’s a Star Wars marathon tonight, I’ll be out with some buddies until well after midnight, so I won’t be here to let you in. Actually, I’ll be out the door right after you.”

Jane rolled bursa escort bayan her eyes, “You and your science-fiction. Well, have fun I guess!”

She grabbed her purse and made her exit. I slowly counted to fifty then stealthily followed.

The bar was well within walking distance so she didn’t call for a cab. I caught up to her at the first corner then slowed down, carefully keeping her within sight. Nothing unusual happened on the way. There was a large window in the front of the bar, I crossed the street and found myself a wall to lean against while I watched and waited.

Her friends were there already waiting for her. Together they found a table, ordered drinks, and started chatting among themselves. Within an hour they were laughing it up and seemed to be having a great time. I started to feel anxious. Anxious and cold.

There she was!

Christine pulled up in the back seat of a cab. She was wearing a short leather miniskirt with a cherry red low-cut top. Before she entered she bent over to look through the front window, it was quite a sight.

Inside the bar Christine ordered herself a drink then found a stool where she could keep an eye on the group.

A young man approached the table and didn’t get a great response, but others tried their luck, and one by one the little group was picked off until finally Jane was alone at the table. It felt reassuring seeing her resist any male approach. Christine made her way over with a drink in each hand, the two of them seemed to hit it off instantly.

I was tempted to try and sneak in, to hear what was being said, but I held back. They chatted and each ordered yet another drink, eventually Jane made her way to the bathroom. Christine followed shortly.

As bursa anal yapan escort I awaited their return I was surprised by my cell phone ringing, “Tony here,” I answered.

“It’s Christine.”

“What are you doing? Be careful for God’s sake!”

I could practically hear her grinning through the phone, “Don’t worry Tony. I bet I can get her to squeal, I’m just have to get her back to your place.”

“Well, go ahead I guess,” I said with some confusion, “I can keep an eye on the two of you from across the street.”

“I’ll be sure to open a window.”

I could see Cristine coming out of the bathroom with her phone in hand. She handled the bill and, after a short wait, Jane emerged as well. The pair made their way back outside and I followed. Once our building was in sight I hurried across the street.

During my earlier sleuthing I had discovered a building opposite ours had a faulty lock, I went in and made my way up to the rooftop. Our apartment was slightly lower than where I was standing, but there was still a pretty clear view.

The curtains were all drawn in the apartment and I silently cursed at myself. I was preparing to head back down when Christine suddenly appeared, she had given me a clear view into the room. I got down on one knee and waited.

They were drinking again, Jane had pulled some cheap wine out of the fridge and was filling a glass for each of them. They sat together on the couch and continued to talk. Cristine carefully avoided her glass.

Jane was in the middle of refilling her own glass when Christine leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Jane shook her head. Christine stayed in that position, apparently bursa rus escort still whispering. Eventually Jane got up and entered the bedroom.

I continued to wait, shivering in the cool night air. The bedroom window was still covered so I kept my eyes on Christine. She waited for a while, then drank down her glass of wine and stood. She too made her way to the bedroom. The door closed behind her.

The curtains on the bedroom window opened, Christine was as good as her word. I could see the end of our bed from where I knelt, Jane’s bare legs were visible. A moment passed before I realised the implication. Why wasn’t she still wearing her jeans?

Christine walked over to the bed and put her hands down on the covers, between Jane’s feet. Jane slid down the bed slightly, I could see her white cotton panties. Her panties!? I started to panic.

Christine moved her hands up my wife’s legs, trailing her fingers up along the inside. She grabbed Jane’s panties and dragged them down her legs. I moved closer. My wife’s pussy was exposed to another woman!

The two of them seemed to be talking once more. Christine moved up the bed. Jane’s legs were lifted, in a second they were draped over Christine’s shoulders. Christine moved her head between Jane’s thighs.

I knelt there silently and watched as my Christine expertly ate out my wife. I could see Jane’s legs flailing, her nails digging into the sheets. Christine had even opened the window, when Jane started loudly moaning I could hear her. The scream as she came was like nothing I’d ever heard from her in the past.

Jane got up, Christine sat down on the edge of the bed. She seemed reluctant so Christine put a hand on the back of Jane’s head and gently pulled her in. I don’t know if my wife had ever been with a woman before she met me, but she seemed to at least be a fast learner. Very soon a second scream of ecstasy rang out.

My heart was broken, my dick was rock hard. As they moved into a sixty-nine position I unzipped myself.

Might as well get something out of this.

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