Taught by my Teacher

In high school, Math wasn’t my strongest subject. I was 18 and in my senior year. If I didn’t pass this math class, college wouldn’t be an option. So my mother hired a tutor. Didn’t work. Tried another. Finally, I spoke with my teacher, Ms. Robards. I explained that I was having trouble but the tutors weren’t helping. Ms. Robards offered to help.

“I can’t do it after school due to cheerleading.” I said. She said no problem we could do evenings and weekends. The first time was scheduled for Friday.

I showed up at her house at 6:00 and she let me into the dining room where we could work. We worked for an hour and then took a break and talked. Ms. Robards is about 35 with a curvy, but fit body. I asked about a husband and she said she hadn’t met anyone yet. I let it drop. We studied for another hour and then I left.

We usually met three times a week. An hour on Tuesday and Thursdays and then for two hours on the weekend. We often talked after the study sessions and during breaks. I was getting to know her pretty well. My math skills started to show strong improvement. Soon I was looking forward to the sessions more for the conversation than anything else.

We would talk about all kinds of things. Even boys. She asked how things were without being to prying. I opened up and felt that I could tell her anything. I soon felt comfortable asking her sex questions that I would be horrified to ask my mom. She was candid and helpful. She had a hot tub out back and I mentioned it several times. One day she said that I should bring a suit and we could try it out after tutoring.

The first time, she came out in a bikini that showed her body off pretty well. Being a teen, my bikini was pretty skimpy. I told her that she looked great and should have plenty of suitors. She laughed it off and let it drop.

The hot tub became a regular thing on weekends for us. One day while sitting in the tub, I mentioned that she hadn’t seemed to be dating anyone over the past several months. She said that she had, but kept it pretty much under wraps. They had just broken up after six months.

I told her I was sorry. I asked how the sex was. She blushed and told me that it had been great. The best part of the relationship. They just hadn’t gotten along well in other areas. I escort bayan told her that my current boyfriend was just ok in the sack. Mainly he would just put it in with little to no foreplay. I was thinking of dumping him.

She laughed and said that men could be like that. I picked up something in the comment and she admitted that she had dated women exclusively since she was 22. I told her that I was so surprised, but honored that she could share that with me.

She smiled and said that with the things at school, she had to keep that part of her life under wraps. I asked her what it was like. She said that women were softer, more caring and took their time with things rather than pushing to get their rocks off.

I asked her how she got started. She said she had done things with girls in junior high and in college. She thought she would grow out of it but kept going back to women.

I gulped and asked if this meant she had gone down on other women. She laughed and said yes, among other things. My mouth got a bit dry and my stomach felt butterflies. I apologized for prying, but said that I was curious, not having know a lesbian before.

She laughed again and said that it wasn’t a big deal. I probably knew some lesbians at school, but didn’t know about their sexuality. Things quieted down for a few moments as we just sat in the hot tub and let things sink in. I spoke up and boldly said that I thought a lot of people could be bi. I once had a crush on another cheerleader. She said that was normal I opened up and told her how I used to watch the girl in the showers after practice. How her body had got me hot. It was only that one girl and she moved last year.

She said that high school had been like that for her as well. Showering after P.E. had been hard but sweet as well. She would admire the other girls firm breasts and toned butts.

The feeling in my stomach spread through my pussy and I boldly asked her if she found me attractive. Yes, very. She told me that I had a great body. I laughed and accused her of checking out my ass whenever we hit the hot tub.

She said that I had a great ass and she had checked it out before. Gulping a bit, I asked if she had thought of me sexually. She said that she didn’t want to ruin our friendship, bursa vip escort but she found me very attractive.

She stood up to refill her wine glass and asked if I wanted more coke. I said no thank you but wouldn’t mind a glass of wine. She smiled and said sure. I found myself looking at her ass as she moved into the house. Under the bubbling water, I found my fingers slipping into my swim suit. I couldn’t believe how horny I was feeling.

She returned and slipped back into the water. I moved closer to her to get my glass of wine. Our knees briefly touched before I pulled back. I said that I was curios about the sex. What other things could you do. She said that there were several ways to pleasure a woman without using a cock.

While we talked I let my foot touch hers. I was tentative, but she didn’t pull back. I reached again for my wine and moved a bit closer. My heart felt like it would burst from my chest. Our legs were now touching I closed my eyes and leaned forward. For a second I felt like a fool, then I felt the soft touch of her lips against mine. Softly for a moment, before pulling back.

I opened my eyes and looked into hers. I slid my body against hers in the tub and she placed an arm around my shoulders. Our lips met again and this time I felt her tongue probe my lips. My lips parted on their own and our tongues began to dance back and forth. I leaned into her body with one hand caressing her side.

I soon felt her other free hand rise up to cup my breast. My nipples tingled. Her other hand freed the ties for my bikini top and it dropped loose from my breasts. I gasped and arched my back.

Tentatively I reached up and caressed her breasts. It was the first time I had touched another woman’s body. She was soft and her breasts were still firm. I melted into her kisses.

For about 10 minutes we did nothing but kiss and gently caress each other’s breasts. Then her hand dropped to my hip and untied my bottoms. I raised my ass up and she pulled the bikini out and set it on the side of the tub. I couldn’t believe that I was sitting naked in a hot tub with another woman.

Her fingers traced my wet pubic hair and my legs parted on their own. She gently pushed a finger into my lips as I gasped. bursa elit escort I could feel an orgasm building and it soon crashed over me.

Rising out of the water, she took my hand and lifted me up. Naked, I stepped out of the tub and she took my towel and dried my body and then herself. Taking my hand again, she led me into the house.

We went down the hall and into her bedroom. Moving to the bed, she threw the pillows off and pulled down the spread. I sat on the edge and she pushed me back onto my back. Kneeling by the edge, she place her hands on my inner thighs and spread them. Her tongue moved between my legs. I moaned and pushed my pelvis towards her face. Her tongue lashed across my labia and I cried out.

Rising, she slid her bikini bottoms down and I gazed upon her mons venus covered in a light growth of hair. She pushed me further onto the bed and climbed in as well. Moving to my face she kissed me. I could taste my own nectar upon her lips. Her leg slid between mine and she ground her pussy against mine. My hands found their way down her back and cupped her ass cheeks.

She moved back down to my pussy and began eating me again. She looked up into my eyes and asked if I was ready to try more. I nodded and said yes. Switching her body around, she swung her legs over my head and I found myself facing her moist pussy. She lowered her head back into my crotch and I lifted my head to taste her.

She tasted sweet and fruity. I found that I liked it. Our orgasms built and hit at the same time. I found myself grasping her ass as I arched my back. I found that I wanted more. I rolled her onto her back and began eating her pussy again. We were now in a 69 position again, but with me on top. She scooted up a bit and spread my ass cheeks. I shuddered as I felt her tongue probe my puckered ass.

Gently she rimmed my ass and I ground back towards her. This felt so taboo and forbidden. Her fingers plunged into my pussy and I felt another orgasm sweep through me.

Rolling off her, I pulled her to her hands and knees. I spread her ass and looked at her cute little pucker. I could do this. I wanted to do this. I leaned forward and licked across her ass. It did not feel dirty. She moaned and ground back towards me. I did as she did and put my fingers into her pussy. My tongue stabbed at her asshole. Soon she was climaxing again as well.

We both fell back onto the bed and softly kissed each other’s lips. Tears rolled from my eyes and she asked what was wrong. I told her that it was just the opposite. Everything felt so right.

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