The Fuck Truck

When my roommate started dating Allison Lee, it didn’t seem like a big deal. He had gone out with a lot of different women, and while she wasn’t his normal type, he wasn’t really all that picky. The Institute we were going to, while great otherwise, had about five men for every woman, so he couldn’t really pick and choose all that much.

Allison wasn’t her real name. She had a Chinese name that I don’t remember, but everyone called her Allison. Even her Asian friends called her Allison. She was not the hottest girl out there. Not by a long shot. She was a tiny little thing, barely five feet and really thin. She had no tits to speak of, and not much of an ass. Her cheeks were sort of puffy and had tiny little pock marks on them like she had bad acne in high school or something. Nothing terrible, but definitely not super hot.

Her only really good feature was her tummy. It was flat and smooth with an adorable navel. While she was thin, it wasn’t like her ribs stuck out. Smooth and nice. She obviously knew it too. She would always wear short shirts that made her stomach visible, either in little hints or all the way exposed up to rib cage.

Maybe that wasn’t her only good feature. She had long smooth hair that she obviously took good care of. It went down past her shoulders, even when she had it braided, which was most of the time. And there was an innocence about her that was pretty attractive too. She had big round deer eyes and just the way she looked and talked, you could tell that no one had ever taken advantage of her or hurt her badly.

She was a freshman at an all women’s college that was our “sister college” about 15 miles away. Both schools are very well regarded and it’s tough to get in. She’d been an honor student and her parents hadn’t let her so much as date in high school. Coming to our house must have seemed like an act of rebellion to her, and going out with a white guy, even more so.

I doubt if she would have even come to our house, but she travelled with a little gaggle of other Asian chicks from her school, and they hit our house together. Jack and I brought them drinks and danced with them, and we hit it off pretty well. Allison was was super shy, and barely talked to anyone but Jack, but they hit it off pretty well. When her friends were leaving, she decided to stay on and keep talking with him. By the end of the night, they were a couple.

Obviously, miss never-dated-in-high-school was a virgin, and my roomie made it his mission to take care of that. He was a charmer, and she was swept off her feet. It took about three weeks before I came up to the room and found a sock on the doorknob. I was happy for him, but also pretty envious. It had been a while since I’d gotten laid, and while virginity is over-rated, there’s still something about it. You’re getting something that no one else can, ever.

Once she started having sex, it was pretty obvious that she liked it. She started being around a lot. That sock on the doorknob was up often enough that it started to get on my nerves. I’m a good friend, though, and I never complained about it. I would sleep on one of the house sofas or crash in one of my other brother’s rooms.

When I saw Jack without Allison, he would complain that she was super clingy. He didn’t have time to hang out with his guy friends or even study, and it was starting to really bother him. I tried to be sympathetic, even though I didn’t think I’d ever complain about a girl who was letting me bang her practically every night.

It came to a head when he was trying to study for an organic chemistry mid-term. Organic is notoriously difficult, and he really was behind on studying. He had gone to the library to study, specifically so she wouldn’t interrupt him. Either someone told her, or she just figured it out on her own. Whatever the case, she showed up wanting his attention, and they had a fight. The librarian actually had to tell them to go outside.

When they got outside, Jack dumped her. He told her they were over, turned around, and walked right back into the library. He told me all about it afterward. We both figured that was the end of it, but it wasn’t.

For a couple of days we didn’t hear from her at all. Then she started calling. This is back before cell phones. We just had one line in the room, and she would call up at any time of the day or night, normally crying. If Jack hung up, she would just call again. I started always answering, and would tell her he was out.

So, during our weekly Friday night party, she showed up at the house. Jack was sort of drunk. He let her drag him upstairs and screw him. When he was sobering up, he realized that this was a huge mistake. He told her it was a one-time thing and that they were still broken up. Then the waterworks started.

When I came up to the room to go to bed, she was still there, crying. It was a bad time, but somehow she seemed to straighten herself up and leave. I guess it was OK to have no dignity in front of your ex boyfriend, but not bursa eskort in front of a third party.

After she left, Jack told me all about it. I told him he was a dumb ass for sleeping with her and started singing Offspring’s “Self Esteem”. He laughed about it. Then he said he needed to clean his sheet because to top it off, she was finishing up her period and made a mess of his bed. We made a lot of shitty jokes about it. We guys are the worst.

A few days later, Jack ran into me and said, “Hey can you do me a favor?”

I said, “Sure. What’s up?”

“I’ve got a date with Allison Carter on Friday. If Allison shows up, can you get her to leave? I don’t want her messing it up.”

“Huh?” I was pretty confused at first.

“I mean, if Allison Lee shows up, get her to leave. I don’t want her messing up my hooking up with Allison Carter.” Now I understood. Two girls, both named Allison. Allison Carter is almost the complete opposite of Allison Lee. She was a total babe. Blond, blue eyes, hourglass figure, the works. She is also had a sparkly, outgoing personality. Some guys have all the luck, I thought.

“How do you want me to get rid of her?” I asked.

“I don’t care. Whatever you need to do. Absolutely anything. We’ll be getting back around eleven. If Allison show up, just get her out of the house by then.”

“I’ll do my best. My absolute best.”

“Thanks man. I owe you.”

Of course, there was a chance that Allison Lee wouldn’t show up, but both of us were pretty sure she would. Jack had let her get him once, so why not try again?

Sure enough, next Friday she arrived at about nine, right when the party was really starting to warm up. It was clear she had dolled herself up as much as she could. She had on a top that looked a little like a black crop-top t-shirt, but was made out of a sort of light-weight sweater material. It did a good job of showing off her tight tummy, while making the rest of her look a little less skinny. Along with that, she wore a red skirt, just a little above the knee and black pumps. That may not sound like a lot, but normally she always had jeans and sneakers, so she was putting in an effort.

I had been watching for her and went right up to her as soon as she arrived. I gave her a drink and greeted her like I was glad to see her. I was the person she knew best other than Jack so I think that put her at ease a bit.

She gulped down most of the drink while we chatted idly, and then finally asked what I knew she had to, “Where’s Jack?” She’d obviously been looking around for him the whole time.

I had decided from the beginning to just pull the bandage off. I was hoping she would get the message and take off. “He’s out on a date, Allison. I’m sorry.” Watching her face would break your heart. I’m sure it was a total gut-punch. She was clearly trying not to start sobbing.

“I. I. Who? Why?” She tried to say something coherent.

“Come here,” I ordered. I grabbed another drink for her as she followed me. She guzzled it, and I had to grab her a third. It seemed like a good idea. Drown a broken heart, they say. We ended up in right next to the punch bowl.

“I don’t understand,” she whined, “What did I do?”

It would have been heartless to tell her that he was going out with a much hotter girl. It might have been worse to tell her that he was just tired of her being around. So I dodged the question. “It doesn’t matter,” I said, “you just need to take care of yourself.”

“What do you do when someone breaks up with you?” She asked.

“Well, I drink a lot. You seem to have that down!” I joked. Seriously, she was just downing the house punch, which was strong stuff. She was a tiny girl and didn’t have all that much experience with drinking. I’d already lost track of how many she’d drunk, and she had just got there. I was a little worried she’d poison herself if she didn’t slow down. Besides, my role was to get her out of the house, not to have her pass out.

I wasn’t heartless. I figured she needed a little attention, and then I would send her on her way. “Then I make sure to have fun,” I suggested, “Let’s dance.” That seemed like a good way to steer her away from the booze for a bit.

Allison was a terrible dancer. That had worked out well for Jack when she first showed up. They sat and talked while I was dancing with her friends. She just didn’t feel the music and was too shy to let go and move. All that drink was not helping. She was a little more wild, but was starting to get clumsy. I don’t think her heals were helping either. I was trying to guide her a bit, but mostly I was just trying to keep her on her feet. After two songs I was glad to move her off to the side and sit down with her.

She was looking sad again. Jeeze, this wasn’t going to be easy. “I was really wanting to see him,” she moaned.

“I know, but he’s not here,” I tried to explain. I realized that it was getting close to time to get her out of there. It was after ten. I would need to find bursa escort bayan a reason for her to leave.

“I’m so horny,” she exclaimed. That caught me off guard a bit. Must be the booze talking. She was normally really shy. I couldn’t imagine her talking about that sort of thing.

“I know,” I said, “but he’s got a new girlfriend.”

“I’m so horny,” she said again. This time, she was looking right at me. So, we guys are pretty dense sometimes. You really need to spell stuff out for us to get it. This time, though, I got it. She was asking for it.

OK, obviously this was a bad decision, but it seemed like a good idea. I really thought a good fuck from another man might help her get over Jack. Also, Allison wasn’t the only one of us who was drinking. I wasn’t slamming them down like her, but my judgement might have been a little poor. Obviously, the little head did a lot of my thinking for me. It had been months since I’d gotten laid.

It also occurred to me that if we went back to her place, it would get her out of the house. I wasn’t sure if Jack would appreciate me fucking his Ex, but he did say, absolutely anything.

“Let’s go back to your place,” I suggested. Fortunately, she agreed.

There is a shuttle bus that runs between our two campuses. During the daytime, this is a posh charter bus that lets girls take classes on our campus. I suppose our students could go over there too, but it pretty-much never happens. Late at night on Friday and Saturday, there is a much smaller shuttle so people can go to parties and back. It was not as comfortable, more like a clean city bus. Everyone just called it the “fuck truck”.

We walked over to the stop for the fuck truck and waited for it to arrive. It was just a little chilly. It was getting on into Indian summer, and while the days were warm, nights could get pretty cool. So I put my arms around her to keep her warm. She pulled my head down and started kissing me. She tasted like vodka and fruit punch and desperation. I ran my hands up and down her back and squeezed her ass. It was small, but soft.

The bus pulled up and we headed over to her college. I was worried that she’d start to sober up and cool down, so I pulled her into my lap and started making out with her again. She straddled me, grabbing my jaw and sucking on my tongue. That made me bold. I ran my hands up under her sweater and played with her breasts, pinching her nipples through her thin satin bra. Allison started getting bolder too. She started doing pelvic thrusts, rubbing her pussy on my slack-covered cock.

There were other couples on the but no one else was making out. I caught some of them looking at us. Some single girls too. I can’t blame them. We were putting on quite a show. It was almost like soft-core porn. I wondered if anyone ever actually fucked on the shuttle.

The thought turned me on even more. I reached up under her skirt to rub her panties and found them soaked. I’ve been with a fair number of girls, and I’ve never felt such a wet pair of panties. The gusset was covered with goo, and it was even on the tops of her thighs. I could smell it too — sour and musky and perfect. I slid my middle and ring finger under her panties and rubbed her lips and clit. She was moaning.

I looked up, and everyone was watching us now. Could they smell her too? How could they not? I was still turned on, but it was really embarrassing. I wanted to stop, to back off a bit. I was sort of mortified. On the other hand, I didn’t want her to lose that feeling, so I kept at it. Fortunately, we were pulling into her college, and soon the ride was over.

When we got back to her dorm, we had to be serious for a little while. All male visitors have to sign in at a front desk. Before we entered the stairway to her floor, she called out, “Man coming up!” and before we exited the stairway, “Man in the hall!”

As a quick side note, the entrance and hallway of her dorm had nice carpet, woodwork, painting, the works. They looked like a hotel lobby. The dorm rooms were regular industrial dorm rooms you might see anywhere, but the halls were very fancy. They probably show up on brochures.

As we were about to go into her room, she announced, “I need to use the restroom.” I did too. She had to bang on the door and announce that a man needed to come in. A voice called out, “Just a minute.” After a little while a tall brunette came out. She gave me a once-over look like I was a side of meat and then moved out of the way. It was an odd, somewhat degrading feeling. I wondered if that was what women feel like all the time.

After we were done in the bathroom, Allison led me back to her room. It was a pretty standard double with just enough room for two desks and two beds. Allison didn’t turn the light on when she came in, so I did. She clicked on a lamp on one of the desks and directed me to, “turn it off,” so I did. We both slipped out of our shoes, Allison nearly falling over in the process.

Almost görükle escort immediately, Allison wrapped her arms around me and went back to her ravenous kissing. I pulled her close to me and ran my hands up her back, pulling off her sweater as I went. In a moment, I found the clasp for her bra and popped it. We went back to kissing while she tried to figure out my belt. After struggling with it for a little bit, she kneeled down in front of me and started pulling at it. As she was doing that, I unbuttoned my shirt, leaving it on so she could slide it off herself. Eventually she got the belt undone and unclasped my pants. She pulled down the pants and boxers together. My cock bopped her on the cheek.

She giggled and said, “Mmmm. That’s a big one!” Honestly, I’m no monster, but it gets the job done. I think women always say stuff like that.

It was my turn now. Putting my hands under her armpits, I pulled her back to her feet and started kissing her. I loved the feel of her warm chest against mine. My cock, trapped between us poked her near her belly button. She slid her hands inside my shirt and then pulled it off. I stepped out of my slacks and started feeling around her waist for a zipper. I had felt it on the bus, so I knew where it was. In no time, I was kneeling in front of her pulling off her skirt and panties.

Her pussy was right in front of my face, and the scent of pussy juice that I had smelled on the bus was much stronger now. I was drawn like a moth to a flame. I gave her a little nudge backward, and she flopped over onto her back on her bed. I spread her legs a bit wider and dove in on her, burying my face in her pussy.

Her hair was not coarse and wiry, like every other pussy I’ve seen both before and since. Instead, her hair was straight and soft. Well, maybe not soft, but not rough either. Her thighs were still sticky with her juice, but not as soaking as they had been on the bus. Looking back on it, she probably wiped herself off in the bathroom. I wasn’t really thinking about that now. I was lapping at her slit, where more juice was oozing out. It was really thick and slimy for some reason, and it kept coming.

I moved up to her clit, and started licking it, first gently and then with more force. I pushed two fingers from my right hand into her box, while with my left I reached up and pinched her nipples.

She just moaned, “Oh, oh, oh!” Over and over, occasionally punctuated with a “Yes!” or, “Right there.” It took almost no time at all before she seized up and I realized she was already orgasming. I gave her a moment to recover and then went right back at it.

After a few orgasms, she grabbed me and started pulling me up her body.

“I want you inside me,” she breathed.

As I wriggled up her body, I took my right hand, and wiped some of her juices off on my cock. Now I lay right on top of her, and she started bucking at me, rubbing her slit along the shaft of my cock, raising up to get it inside.

My roomie always used a condom when they fucked. I knew this because he made sure that the used ones were “accidentally” visible. They would be be dropped on the floor next to the trash can or flopped over the edge instead of all the way in. It was his way of showing off that he was getting some. I was expecting to put one on before we got started, but she didn’t seem to be in the mood.

“Fuck me,” she demanded as she wriggled on my cock. A part of me knew that this was not a good idea. My conscious brain was well aware of the risks. Another, evil part of me thought about how Jack had gotten her virginity, but I could be the first to cum in her. I know, that’s awful. My lizard brain didn’t care about all their. It just didn’t want to stop, find a condom and put it on. It wanted to start fucking right now.

Allison and my lizard brain won out. I grabbed the head of my cock, rubbed it on her goopy lips a couple of times and pushed in. And in. And in. She was tight, but there was so much lube in there, it was practically frictionless. I pushed slowly deeper and deeper, slowly spreading her out, and bottomed out on the first thrust. Wow! It normally takes a few thrusts to spread the juices around, but she was just so wet it went right in. I just held it there, savoring it for a while as we got used to it.

“Oh my god,” she moaned, “It’s so big.”

Now I started to thrust slowly in and out. She was tight enough that I could feel it squeezing my cock. She went back to moaning, “Oh oh oh,” again. I couldn’t tell if she was coming, so she probably wasn’t.

We kept at it for quite a while, getting faster and faster as she started to loosen up. She mostly just laid there groaning while I did all the work. I could feel her cream coating my cock spreading onto my balls, and even matting in my pubes. There was just so much of it. I would have though that I would cum pretty fast. I was really turned on by everything, but I was able to keep going for a long time. Maybe it was the alcohol.

By the time I started building up to my own orgasm, she was just lying there barely even groaning any more. I was getting sweaty and a little tired. I started to take slower, deeper, longer strokes and that seemed to do the trick. I was building up. She could sense it too and started groaning again.

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