Along Came Natalie

This is a true story. A couple of the names have been changed slightly but its completely true. And I guess that’s why I’ve wrote this as I’m still slightly confused as to how I never realised about myself till mid thirties and how things changed so much so fast. I would be keen to know if other woman have went through anything similar in there lives I think.

I suppose I should really start with why I’m even here. If someone would have told me a year ago that this would be the place I would be arriving in my life I would have thought they were stark raving mad. Ok here goes story of the most amazing, scary, terrifying, nervous, exciting, confusing, exhilarating 12 months of my life.

The logical place to start is with myself. I’m Louise. 12 months ago I was a 36 year old woman who, and I’m being honest here, was as happy as I thought most women could be. I had been married to a lovely guy for 12 years and we have 2 fantastic kids, a son 8 and a daughter 10.

We live in west central Scotland on the outskirts of Glasgow. We both work hard and a few years ago we bought a chain of 5 hair and make up salons. We have spent the last 5 years making them a success, which has obviously been hard with the pandemic. Over the years we have brought in lots of staff and they have been such a success that I don’t really have to be there that often and the shops basically run themselves. That has allowed me to spend more time with the kids and have the flexibility to not require childminding etc etc.

With regards to me, I suppose I would admit that I’m not a stunner but I’ve always been pretty happy with my appearance and never been that short of attention or admirers. I’m a little short ass at 5’1, pretty slim (although could always lose a pound or 2), size 10/12, 34b and brown straight hair to my shoulders that is pretty thin and makes it hard to do anything with really.

I met my husband when I was 19. Gary is a good looking guy and never short of a joke. He just kinda wafts though life and gets on with everyone. He works really hard and we got to a point in our life where we had a lovely home, great business and a holiday house in Marbella that we would hop over to 2/3 times a year (until the pandemic hit).

Our families get on great but they are both extremely conservative and marriage and kids was kind of a prerequisite of life. I did what everyone expected of me, Wife/mother, and just got on with life, that for all I knew of myself I was enjoying………

And then along came Natalie!

If its at all possible to imagine the biggest thunderbolt from the blue then that was Natalie.

We had been advertising for a trainee for one of the shops for a few weeks and my Husband had been interviewing people and it had been going on for a while and then one night as we were getting ready for bed he told me that he had picked one. A girl called Natalie and she would be starting the following day. I didn’t really give it much thought, got into bed and started looking through my Instagram.

The following day my plans were fairly simple. I was going to take the kids to school, do some errands in town (bank etc), meet a friend of mine for a coffee at 11am, and then I was planning to pop into the shop that the new trainee had started and introduce myself.

The morning had went fine, everything I had planned to do had went fine and I left my friend as we left costa coffee and headed to the shop. When I walked inside I had almost forgot why I was popping in and I got chatting to Sam, the girl that basically runs the day to day stuff in that shop. We chatted for about 10/15 mins about loads of stuff and I was almost about to turn around and leave when Sam reminded me to say hi to the new member of staff. I turned around and I couldn’t believe what was in front of me.

Here was this 21 year old blonde goddess. All legs, boobs and blonde wavy hair half way down her back. Short skirt, knee high boots and a cleavage you could ski down. She was so pretty it actually hurt and her smile and colour of her skin were just breathtaking. I instantly hated her!!

I know that might sound mad but I just became the green eyed monster. Looking back I’m not sure if my jealousy was me being envious of the way she looked, did I wish I looked like her??? I’m not sure. Was I jealous because I might have thought my husband had only gave her the job because of what she looked like, again I’m just not sure. But one things for sure I hated her!!

She just oozed confidence. She knew exactly how gorgeous she was and she knew the effect she had on people. We spoke very briefly, probably only 30 seconds in total. I seriously couldn’t get any words out. I was her boss but I felt like a little school girl. I was so nervous speaking to her that I almost ran out of the door.

Yeah I pretty much ran out of the door, got in the car and was seething. The main emotion at that point was anger. I was basically thinking in my mind that my husband had been a huge pervert!

How could he employ her, it was obviously because of what she looked like escort bayan wasn’t it!

So I text him “WTF, we needed someone from jobseekers not the playboy fucking mansion”

I could see that he had read the message but he wasn’t typing back. I gave it a couple of mins and still nothing so I drove off and picked the kids up from school and then basically paced around the house until Gary got home. Looking back I can see that I was handling it all wrong. I mean we have 20 girls working for us in the shops and most of them are really pretty and a couple are drop dead gorgeous but Natalie was just on another level. It is impossible to describe how beautiful this girl actually is, and I knew she was as well, but my anger was clouding everything.

When Gary got in we argued for a good hour. With me doing everything short of actually accusing him of having an affair with Natalie. I must have came across as a loon ball. Obviously Natalie had struck a nerve with me and at that time I thought it was a jealousy nerve. After a while things calmed down and tried to leave it. I never went near the shop for a couple of days but eventually I needed to go in and on the way the feelings started to bubble up again and I was terrified walking back into the shop knowing that she was there.

I walked in and Natalie was on the desk answering the phone. OMG she is just hand chewingly gorgeous. Imagine a more beautiful and more perfect version of Kate Upton and your not even half way there. She was dressed a bit more conservatively that day. She had on a plain white shirt, chest wasn’t on show (was I disappointed??) but a short skirt on again with those gorgeous pins stretching out under it and cute red/black shoes with a little heel.

I tried to maintain my composure and we started chatting. I apologised for not giving her much time the first time I met her. She was so lovely and easy to chat to that I was actually so shocked. I had imagined her to be a bitch because she looked like she did. I started thinking that I needed to pull myself together, that it wasn’t her fault she was so pretty. And then I decided that she was a bitch for being so dam nice and making me like her! ha ha.

So from that day we actually started to get on well and my hatred toward her went away. What didn’t go away was the nerves I was feeling when I was in her presence. I felt so nervous. Why was I feeling this way. I was her boss and 15 years older than her. I was comfortable money wise, pretty successful in work and home life, but here I was feeling completely inadequate next to her. I had these butterflies in my stomach every time I was with her. I just tried to put it down to being in awe of someone so beautiful.

This went on for about 2 weeks. I got to be feeling a bit more comfortable in her presence but I found myself thinking about her constantly. I could see the effect she had on all the people around her, male and female. I wondered if she made the other girls feel like I did. I remember wondering to myself if I actually fancied her but I kept slapping that thought out of my head and telling myself I’m being stupid and its just cause she so pretty.

I had started spending more and more time in that specific shop. I kept telling myself that it was because that shop really needed my help more than the others, but in reality I just wanted to be in Natalie’s presence as often as I could. And again I was lying to myself by justifying in the way that if I’m here with her then my husband isn’t, if that makes any sense.

Again that day Nat was dressed in a plain white shirt and skirt and just looked effortlessly glam. About mid afternoon me and another of the girls were chatting and I was complaining about my hair, about not being able to do anything with it. Nat had been listening on the side and instantly bounced in and asked if she could have a go at my hair. She was so enthusiastic and eager that I didn’t have the heart to say no to her So at the back of 6 all the customers had left and the girls had cleaned up and when the last girl left I locked up and sat in one of the chairs while Nat went and got her stuff from the back room.

Instantly the nervous feelings started again, and they only got worse when Nat came back into the main room and it was obvious she had undone some buttons because her cleavage was back and it was almost falling out. Even though I was telling myself not to I couldn’t stop looking at it and she caught me looking and let out this hellishly sexy giggle and I went scarlet. I was facing a mirror and I could see how flushed my face had went. You could have fried eggs on my face it was that hot.

Nothing was said after she giggled. I was frozen to the spot and she just started getting her stuff and just chatting away about nothing. She kept chatting away but I was only capable of one word answers at best. At one point she walked to get something and I could see the back of her and it crossed my mind that a couple of days before she had worn these painted on leggings showing off her amazing bum and I thought its bursa vip escort being hidden behind that skirt. And then I scolded myself, what the fuck was happening to me. I tried to pull myself together and when she started on my hair again I tried with every once of strength in my body not to look at her cleavage and I kept failing miserably. Kept looking then telling myself I’m just intrigued and lying to myself completely.

After about 45 mins so said she was almost done and I was so relieved the torture was almost over and then she went to check the lengths. Now you do this by going to the back of me. But Nat just leant over me until her boobs were right in my face, literally about an inch or 2 away. I sat there frozen to the spot with mind racing at a thousand miles an hour…

My mind was screaming “im straight im straight im straight im straight im straight, I dont fancy her I dont fancy her I dont fancy her im straight im straight im straight”

Then she leant that inch further forward and my nose ran right along her cleavage and the thought in my head changed instantly to……”who the fuck am I kidding”

And I couldn’t stop myself sighing into her chest. When I did that she let out that gorgeous giggle again and then just hopped on my lap!

I was terrified, frozen to the chair as she sat on my lap just smiling down at me. So gorgeous, so beautiful. I just sat there and looked up at her. Then I looked down almost scared to look at her, I heard that giggle again and I felt this finger lift my chin and before I knew what was happening I felt these lips on my mine. Just lightly, lips on lips. So soft and I could feel her lipstick on mine. Lasted about 3 seconds. She puled away for a moment and she could see the effect she had on my and straight away I was lost in a world of lips and blonde hair. After a second of this kiss I found my mouth opening and we were snogging properly. OMG the way she tasted, the smell of her hair and perfume. I remember thinking there no way I can’t have this in my life. I knew this was a life changing moment!!

The snog lasted for about a min and then she pulled away from me. My lips tried to follow her for a split second and she giggled again and looked down at me. She knew she had me. I would have done anything for that girl from that moment on and I knew it and she knew it. She giggled again (which I’m sure you can tell by now that I fucking adore ha ha) and then sat up and started undoing the buttons on her shirt one by one. I sat there motionless while she removed her shirt and threw it a couple of meters away. She never moved her gaze from mine while she reached around and unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the floor and just sat there topless on my lap.

She was just looking at me with a Cheshire cat grin on her face and I was looking back at her, so so wanting her to lean forward and kiss me again, but it felt like magnets were pulling my face to tilt it downwards because my gaze went from her face to her neck to her shoulders and the finally focused on her boobs. OH MY FUCKING GOOD GOD, how can anyone be made so perfect. Ive always slagged of men for being boob crazy but here I was literally sitting open mouthed staring at them and basically drooling.

Nat was looking down at me and giggling, seeing the effect she was having on me and ripped my gaze from her tits by lifting my chin again and snogging the face off me. My world was changing and I wanted her so much, I accepted that now, she had me.

As we kissed it popped into my head that we were pretty much on show to the world in my shop. This part of the story is a little hazy but I remember me and her getting up from the chair and somehow making it into the back room in a blizzard of clothes and heels clicking on the floor and us falling in a heap.

This is where I have complete clarity in things now though. I remember lying on my back in the back room and Natalie sitting on top of me straddling me. Her skirt had rode up and she was leaning forward kissing me again. My hands were in her hair and we kissing madly. It just felt so right. I remember thinking how have I got this far in life without experiencing this, it felt so right, so magical.

Natalie broke the kiss and pulled away a couple of inches, smiling at me and yes doing the giggle again. She asked me “are u sure your ok with this”

I could only find my head doing a slow nod to her. There was zero point in lying to myself anymore. I just kept nodding and she giggled again. I went to pull her head down again to kiss and she asked me “what about your husband”.

I stopped and thought about it for all of a split second and then I actually got words out and told her “i dont care” and pulled her down the last inch to snog her again. I just wanted her so so much. Every ounce of emotion was coming out, I realised that all the jealousy and anger was just a cover for me actually fancying another women and not realising it.

She took my hands, that had gotten entwined in her hair, and put each hand around bursa elit escort her until each oy hands were on her bum cheeks. WOW, JEEZO, OMG, she just felt so perfect. This was the bum I had seen in those leggings, pure perfection. For a second I thought she had no knicks on but then I felt the hem of this tiny thong she must be wearing.

The world could have exploded for all I cared at that moment. I had my hands caressing her bum and this goddess snogging me. I had never felt even a fraction of this alive. I’m not 100% sure if she moved forward or if I pulled her forward but our kiss was broken and she lifted forward a bit. I streched my neck trying to re establish the kiss but she was gone and when I lay back down her lft boob bounced on my chin!!!

Fuck me, I now know why men are so obsessed with boobs ha ha. I finally get it and im a fully paid up member of the boob fan club. Her tits are just so perfect, just like the rest of her. She is slim, a size 8, but she has a 32c chest so they look big on her and they are just mesmerising. I day dream about them constantly. Me, who at the time was a 36 year old wife and mother, I now day dream about another girls tits all the time ha ha, who would have thought.

So when her left boob bounced on my chin she dragged it up my right cheek and it felt just the most exciting thing in the world. I could feel her nipple drag over my cheek and my nose and down the other cheek and eventually popped in the side of my mouth. How can bare skin taste so amazing!!!

As she just made these delicious noises and giggled I just teased myself, let her nipple pop out of my mouth and chase it all around my face, kissing every inch of her boob, and then kissing across her chest and doing same to her other one. No lie I could have done that for hours.

It could have been 5 mins it could have been 5 hours, I had no idea of time, but her left nipple was ripped from my mouth by her moving forward or me pulling her I have no idea. But her boob had gone and I strained again to find it but it was no use, Natalie had sat up. I looked up at this goddess, my vision filled with boobs and blonde hair and I just remember thinking that I cant believe this is happening. No point in lying I was just looking her up and down and realising that there was no going back to men for me, nothing can compare to this. Compared to the attraction that I was feeling now I realised I had never been attracted to men, I just did the wife/mother thing like everyone expected of me and must have buried my head in the sand.

All that popped from my mind though when I stopped looking at her boobs and realised that just above my chin was this little baby blue triangle, and I realised it was the front of her thong. Even though I knew there was no going back (and I didn’t want to go back) I was still terrified/excited/nervous and loads of other emotions when I saw her knicks right in front of my face.

I looked up to maybe find some reassurance but I couldn’t see her face for her boobs and a mass of blonde hair so I looked back down and I knew for a fact I wanted to see what was behind the triangle so almost on autopilot I felt my left hand come off her bum cheek and around the front, and being really careful not to scratch her I pulled the front of this blue triangle to the side.

I was shocked!!

I have no idea what I expected, obviously this was all new to me. But what I saw I was completely unprepared for. Her pussy was beautiful, and I mean beautiful. Just like the rest of her. Completely smooth and just glistening away. A thought popped into my mind that shocked me as well. Like I said only a half hour ago I thought I was a straight wife/mother. And now im looking at this blonde goddess’s pussy and the thought that popped into my head was…..”omg that looks so yummAND IT

And it did. No other description for it. I wanted it. I seriously wanted it. Another girls pussy and I wanted to kiss it. In my head I remember thinking “you know your a lesbian now louise” and I giggled at the thought but I knew it was true.

I think Nat heard my giggle and she lowered herself down an inch and next second, before I really knew what was happening my mouth was wrapped around her pussy. Ive since heard all the stuff about a woman knows what a woman wants and just do what you would want done to you etc etc. my take on that is it seems people are explaining what to do to please the other person. That was completely beside the point for me at that moment. I wasnt trying to please Natalie at that moment. I was lost in her pussy and enjoying every single micro second of it. I never thought about is she enjoying it, I was thinking fuck me this is amazing. I wasnt thinking do what id like done to me. I was doing what I wanted to do in that moment, and that was basically I wanted to french kiss her pussy and I found myself snogging her down there ha ha.

OMG the taste, the texture, the heat, the wetness, the smell. It all combines to be utterly life changing. Without doubt I new I was glasgows newest lesbian. And there was no giggle from me as I knew it for sure and I wanted to be. And whatever I was doing Natalie was obviously enjoying herself as the movements and gorgeous noises were increasing from her, and I would look up and see glimpses of this gorgeous face every few seconds between her boobs.

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