Immodest Painters

I helped a girlfriend paint some rooms before the house got sold, and we didn’t want to get paint on our clothes. That inspired this story.

Episode 43: Immodest Painters. (Based on a true story)

The setting is a 2-story condo. There’s nothing in it except for painting supplies on the floor. The bottom floor is nicely tiled. The upper floor has dirty carpet and more painting supplies. One wall in the upstairs master bedroom is freshly painted a light color.

We see an attractive girl come in the apartment and lock the door behind her. She’s wearing a slightly short, black dress. She removes her shoes and dress and lays them neatly by the wall. All she has on under the dress is a v-string. We watch her climb the stairs while humming softly. She goes into the partly painted room and starts painting another wall with the roller.

After a little while, the camera goes back to the front door and another young woman enters. This girl is just wearing a very tight, short white t-shirt. She also has on very distressed jeans. One back pocket is ripped off. She has a thong under the bursa escort bayan jeans because the skin shows where the pocket should be. But we can’t see that yet because she has a light windbreaker tied around her waist. She sees the dress and calls “Nadia, are you here?” She unties her windbreaker as she calls and tosses it by Nadia’s dress.

“I’m up here, Maya. I’m so ready to finish painting the condo so we can get it sold.”

Maya climbs the stairs and replies. “I thought you were going to work.”

She stands in the doorway watching Nadia paint. Nadia answers “hardly anyone’s at the club so I told the manager I’d come work a later shift.”

“Since when did you start painting in the nude?”

“Since I can’t afford to get paint on that dress. And we’ve got the A/C turned off at this apartment, so it’s really too hot to wear much while working here.”

“That’s not the only hot thing here.” Maya walks up behind Nadia. One hand reaches around her to play with a breast and the other hand reaches between her legs to rub her pussy. Nadia twists her head bursa anal yapan escort so they can kiss. The kissing becomes more intense. Nadia turns around, tosses the paint brush into a corner and wraps her arms around Maya. One hand finds the hole in the missing pocket and reaches in to play with her butt.

Maya starts to kneel and pull Nadia down to the floor but Nadia resists. “I’m not lying on that filthy carpet! Do you want to go over to the club? No one’s in the upstairs DJ booth.”

“No, that’s too far away. How about the shower here?” Maya starts to lead Nadia towards the master bath.

Nadia is happy to follow. “Yes, you’re so sexy when you’re wet.”

In the bathroom, Nadia pulls off her thong while Maya is adjusting the shower. Nadia gets in the shower while Maya kicks off her shoes. As she unbuttons her jeans. Nadia takes her hands and is gently pulling her into the shower. “Just get in the shower. I’ll help you take those things off.” Maya gets in the shower, and the water soaks her clothes. The t-shirt is bursa rus escort plastered to her body. Nadia plays with her nipples through the fabric. “I love you in a wet t-shirt.” She sucks on the nipples through the fabric then pulls off the shirt and continues to suck on the breasts and nipples. She kneels down and pulls down the jeans. Her hands go up and down Maya’s legs and then pulls down the thong. Maya steps out of the clothes. She lifts one leg up on the side of the shower and has her hands pushing on the wall for balance. Nadia licks her and plays with her until she has an orgasm. Nadia stands and they embrace and kiss and finger each other in the spray.

As they get worn out, Nadia says “I just thought of something bad. All of our towels are at the new house.”

Maya turns off the water. “Raise your arms.” Nadia raises her arms and Maya uses her hands to push as much water off of Nadia’s body as she can. Then she raises her arms and Nadia does the same for her. “Now, we’ll just have to find something to keep us busy while we dry off.” She climbs out of the shower and sits on the tile with her back against the wall and pats the space next to her. They reach over and we watch them finger each other while they kiss.

Eventually, Nadia tells her “I think it’s going to take a long time for us to dry off.”

“I’m sure.”

They continue fingering and kissing until the scene fades.

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