In the Dead of Winter Ch. 04



Lua’s limbs seemed to still be trembling slightly from the orgasm she’d just received.

The throbbing between her legs had ceased but there was some sense of curiosity taking hold.

She wondered briefly how much more amazing The Mistress could make her feel.

Mrs. Bateman had only rubbed her clit for less than five minutes at the most and she’d came so hard that it took more than fifteen minutes for her to stop trembling.

“How was that for you?”

The Mistress asked, gently toying with Lua’s silky corkscrew curls.

The young girl snickered while hiding her eyes.

“It was nice.”

She admitted.

Mrs. Bateman chuckled, Leaning down and kissing her forehead.

“Mhmm, And how would you feel about me putting my mouth down there next?”

Lua blushed that deep shade of red that Mrs. Bateman loved.

“I’ve already made you cum once in these pretty little panties.”

The Mistress explained while moving from behind Lua.

“How many times do you think I can make you cum?”

Mrs. Bateman asked while placing a soft, fluffy pillow behind the girl’s head as she helped to lay her back on the bed.

Lua took a deep breath riddled with anxiety.

“Don’t look so frightened.”

The Mistress said, Reaching up and cupping the girl’s cheek.

“Trust me baby, I know what I’m doing.”

Lua nodded her head nervously.

Once her pants were off she instinctively inverted her thighs.

Mrs. Bateman looked at her young charge while shaking her head.

“What am I going to do with you, hmm?”

She chuckled, Leaning down close to Lua’s face.

For a few short moments they gazed into one another’s eyes.

“Have you ever kissed a woman?”

The Mistress asked as Lua shook her head.

“Have you ever kissed anyone, Lua?”

She continued, Running her fingers through the girl’s unruly hair.

“No mam.”

Lua answered, Looking away in shame.

“Sweet baby girl.”

She cooed, Grasping Lua’s chin and turning the girl’s attention back to her.

“How perfect are you?”

Mrs. Bateman stated, Kissing the girl’s cheek.

“I can’t believe no one has ever tried to kiss these lips.”

Lua smiled shyly at The Mistresses words.

“You have the most gorgeous mouth I’ve ever seen.”

“Your lips are so pouty and pretty.”

Leaning in further Mrs. Bateman slowly pressed her bursa escort bayan lips to Lua’s.

The young girl jolted slightly but then slowly melted into The Mistresses sensuality.

Lua felt warmth in the pit of her stomach and moisture was beginning to build In between her legs again.

Reaching up The Mistress carefully grasped Lua’s Jaw.

“Open up just a little bit, Love.”

Hesitantly she obeyed.

Mrs. Bateman’s soft, warm tongue glided into Lua’s mouth.

Butterflies fluttered deep within Lua and heat rose to her cheeks again.

The twosome kissed for what seemed to be an eternity.

Mrs. Batsman’s skilled tongue guiding Lua’s, showing the young girl the art of kissing.

Suddenly, The Mistresses hand ventured down between Lua’s Legs again.

Lua pulled away from the kiss and looked down nervously.

“Come on.”

The Mistress taunted.

“I’ve already had my hands down there, Remember?”

Her voice was soft and sensitive.

Lua nodded while sighing deeply.

“And Look at these pretty pink panties you have on.”

Mrs. Bateman stated touching the lace on Lua’s underwear.

“I think that they might look even prettier in a pile on my floor.”

The Mistress laughed, Tracing kisses down the girl’s body.

“Stay still.”

The Mistress said as Lua squirmed underneath her.

Hooking her fingertips into Lua’s underwear she began to pull downward.

Lua laid still keeping her legs pressed firmly together, hiding her now bare womanhood.

The Mistress rubbed her thighs soothingly.

“Can I see what now belongs to me?”

The Mistress asked.

Obediently Lua opened her legs.

“Good girl.”

The Mistress stated, climbing forward and planting a gentle kiss to Lua’s forehead.

Pressing her forehead to Lua’s she whispered sweetly.

Her alluring sweet smelling breath warming the girl’s face.

Lua could feel Mrs. Bateman’s moist, plump lips brushing lightly over her own.

She was so close that Lua thought she might kiss her again.

But she didn’t.

Mrs. Bateman gently took Lua’s wrists in her hands.

“I want you to grab hold of the headboard when you begin to feel overwhelmed.”


She asked placing both Lua’s arms above her head.

The girl nodded while finding it hard to regulate her breathing.

She kept her eyes shut but could feel Mrs. Bateman carefully moving back down between her legs.

“Let me see you, Beautiful girl.”

Mrs. görükle escort Bateman commanded, Placing her soft hands on Lua’s bare thighs.

The girl’s heart was beating almost out of her chest as she opened her legs once more.

Immediately, Cold air rushed to her core and she shivered.

Opening her eyes, Lua looked upon Mrs. Bateman as she surveyed her.

Gently, The Mistress reached out and spread the girl’s nether lips.


The Mistress grunted under her breath.

Her jaw was grinding as if she was gritting her teeth.

“This sweet pussy of yours is making it so hard for me to take my time with you.”

The Mistress said lowering her head to Lua’s center.

The girl squeezed her eyes shut again.

Mrs. Bateman’s lips weren’t on her immediately but she could feel the warmness of her breath.

“Breathe Lua.”

Mrs. Bateman reminded as the girl realized that she’d been holding her breath.

The Mistress then began to kiss the girl’s inner thighs slowly, sucking flesh into her mouth as she did.

Lua kept her eyes shut contemplating what to do.

She felt awkward, stupid and nieve.

Suddenly, Without notice Mrs. Bateman’s mouth was on her pussy.

Her soft, warm tongue moving agonizingly gentle and slow.

Lua’s breath caught in her throat and she was instantly up on her elbows pulling herself away from Mrs. Bateman.

“Where are you going, Sweetheart?”

The Mistress chuckled.

“Come here.”

Mrs. Bateman smiled, Wrapping her arm around Lua’s hips and pulling the girl back to her.

“It’s okay to let it feel good, Lua.”

The Mistress explained moving her head back in between Lua’s thighs.

“Arms up, I want you to grab the headboard, Baby doll.”

Lua reached up and grasped tightly to the headboard.

The Mistresses mouth was back at it in a instant.

Devouring Lua.

Claiming Lua.

The girl’s breathing was heightened.

The Mistress pressed her mouth to Lua’s clit hard and unrelentingly.

It wasn’t long before the girl’s hands were away from the headboard and in The Mistresses silky hair trying to push her head away.

Roughly The Mistress grabbed Lua’s wrists and forced them behind her back.

“Don’t move.”

She commanded as Lua tried once again to squirm away.

“Don’t make me fucking punish you Lua!”

Mrs. Bateman yelled.

Still feeling her rebellious streak, Lua tried to remove her arms from behind her back.

Mrs. Bateman angrily shoved bursa escort bayan her finger into Lua’s virgin cunt while still sucking the girl’s nub in and out her mouth.

Lua’s instantly went rigid.

Her body arching off the bed.

The Mistress slowly moved her finger in and out of Lua.

“It hurts.”

The girl cried, never having had anything inside her.

“That pain will change I promise but I want you to cum now so that when you’re finished I can bend you over my knee and spank your ass for disobeying me.”

The Mistresses words sent a wave of fear along with a bit of excitement through Lua.

She didn’t quite understand it.

A deep stinging sensation began to radiate where The Mistresses finger was wedged.

The young girl knew what that meant but she couldn’t stop the orgasm that was gaining on her as The Mistress continued to lick her clit savagely.

Pain and pleasure were beginning to mix until Lua couldn’t tell one from the other.

Raspy screams rang out through the room.

It didn’t take Lua long to realize she was hearing her own cries of pleasure.

The feeling of Mrs. Bateman’s mouth on her clit sucking lightly then biting roughly caused gushes of liquids to fly into the air.

“Oh shit!”

The Mistress stated, Jabbing her finger in and out of Lua.

“I think we may have a squirter.”

Lua clawed at the down comforter pulling it right off the mattress.

More and more liquid poured from Lua until the mattress underneath her felt like a soggy sponge.

“Squeeze my finger with that tight pussy.”

Lua arched off the bed again as she came explosively into Mrs. Bateman’s mouth.

When she fell back to the bed she felt empty.

The Mistress pulled her finger out of Lua and sat up, pulling the girl up with her.

Lua was trembling while trying to process what had just occurred.

Her body was soaked with whatever had just come out of her and so was Mrs. Bateman.

The girl was desperate to quiet the whimpers that she knew filled The Mistresses ears.

When she finally opened her eyes she instantly spotted Mrs. Bateman’s blood stained finger.

Her eyebrows furrowed.

“Don’t cry, Baby.”

The Mistress cooed, Grabbing the girl and pulling her into her lap.

Grasping Lua’s jaw The Mistress leaned in and pressed her lips to Lua’s trying to hault her tears.

The kiss was more feral this time.

The Mistresses fingernails dug into Lua’s cheeks as she held her in place.

Lua felt violated.


But she kissed The Mistress back.

She quickly registered the taste of Mrs. Bateman’s mouth.

The taste wasn’t bad but it seemed unfamiliar to her.

Within minites Lua’s face grew hot, She felt Embarrassed again.

It was then that she realized she was tasting herself.

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