Interracial Twist

Anna is your name. The tall, sexy young Black woman I’ve had a crush on ever since I first laid eyes on her. Gay white women like myself can’t resist the likes of you. And you probably don’t even know it. I work as an events co-ordinator in the fashion industry. I’ve had my brief moment under the cruel glimpse of the spotlight, but nowadays I generally interact with models, fashion agencies and sponsors trying to keep everybody happy. Glamour is a part of my job, in order to sell the product of attraction; I have to project that image all the time. It’s tiring, false and gruelling: pandering to people’s expectations and egos at home and at work.

In order to help me do my job, I’m always liaising with different PA’s and secretaries in different cities and countries. My current PA is on maternity leave and I’m in dire need of a temporary replacement so I place an advertisement on various websites and reserve a whole day to interview prospective candidates.

After being suitably unimpressed with most of the interviewees, I’m starting to get annoyed. That’s when you walk in. You’re the tall Black chick I can’t take my eyes off of. You’re polite, on time, and very presentable, your references are impeccable and you show a really keen interest in wanting to get ahead in the industry.

I ask you to tell me a little bit about yourself, as you speak bursa yabancı escort I can’t help but notice how attractive you are. It never fails to annoy me how prejudice the fashion world is. Whenever I meet a Black lady, I’m completely fascinated by how natural your beauty is. The gorgeous richness of your skin and the majestic shape of your figures are quite hypnotic to the eyes. Yet I’m surrounded by pale stick figures, who have the same vacant looks, oversized egos and are basically only good for hanging pretty clothes on.

But you are someone different; you’re exotic, tantalising, charming and self assured. When you flash that beautiful smile with those wonderful lips, I get overcome by some quite embarrassing feelings. You see, the domme in me wants to see you naked, I want to sink my fingers into your luscious flesh, grab your glorious ass and just squeeze it tight!

You carry on talking about your dreams and hopes with the enthusiasm of any truly bright young Black woman. You even give me a cheeky wink as you make a slightly suggestive reference. “Hmmmm…. Is she flirting with me?” I begin to wonder. “There is an unmistakable chemistry between us,” I think, “but maybe it’s just because she wants the job?”

I lean forward and start to examine you more closely. Beneath your pretty smile, I can see bursa sınırsız escort some quiet pain inside. Underneath the confident exterior, I can see the faint remnants of self doubt and hidden among your lively flirtatious ways is a curious soul looking for something more than just another standard affair…interesting.

I decide to take the plunge: “Anna, your references are excellent; you are smart, charismatic and may I say… very attractive. But alas there are several other more worthy candidates as well, what am I to do?” I clear my throat slightly and lean back to take a more forceful tone.

“Let me make myself perfectly clear. I want you to take off all of your clothes and bow down before me right now! I want you to kneel face down at my feet and stick your ass up into the air to await further instructions!”

Your eyes widen and your jaw drops open.

“Now I can see from the shocked look on your face that this may come as a bit of a surprise, but trust me… this will soon feel perfectly natural. I think that deep down in your soul that you want to do this, deep down you want to crawl, grovel and perform before a white woman like me, you just need the right encouragement.”

I pull open a drawer and take out an oversized strap on and a hard paddle with raised ridges on it. I stroke görükle escort the length of the strap-on dildo and play around with its base. “These are just some of the tools that I will use to help you on your way to the place where I know that you secretly want to be.”

Have no illusions Anna, I only offer you humiliation, if you want to trade simple affections with some other silly sluts then feel free to do so, I care not for what they do for you, nor what you do for them. I want to beat you, whip you, gag you and fuck you until you weep. I want to spit on you, slap you, sit on your face and tie you up like an animal and treat you as such.

I’m only going to be happy when I reduce you into a pitiful mess on the floor. The sound of you begging and pleading for mercy is music to my ears. The sight of you with a tight leash around your neck and your tongue faithfully cleaning out my little white butt will make me giggle with delight! Your ass, your pussy and your mouth must always be ready to serve me.

Save your pride for the world outside, it’s a cold place and you’ll need every ounce of it to survive as a Black woman. But with me, you can let go of the pressures and be as wild and crazy as you want to be. We both have needs that sometimes exist outside of the realms of “normality” and I get no thrill from making public my secret desires.

The mood in the room is now silent; we both haven’t said a word and the tension is starting to rise. I pause to take of my shoes and start massaging my feet. I then hold them out in front of you and wiggle my little toes just above the floor…

“Well, my gorgeous sweet Ebony goddess. What are you going to do?”

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