Just a Kissing Contest?

We had a couple’s dinner cruise scheduled for later tonight….not knowing what to make of a “couples only” cruise, we figured it might get a little wild so we decided to start having our won “pre-party” before we headed down to the marina. Of course I couldn’t keep my hands off of you while you were trying to dry off and get dressed. The more you pushed me away the more I had to grab you…..until finally you were dressed in a cute little sundress and sandals.

We left the resort and walked down the beach towards the marina. There was a bar on the sand right before the marina and we stopped for a pre-cruise libation. After a couple of drinks we realized we needed to get over to the marina or we would miss our boat.

Walking on to the boat we were greeted by the deck hand and a waiter. A couple of tropical drinks in hand we walked on to the 100 ft yacht and made our way back to the entertainment area. There were 30 couples on the boat when we left the dock and headed out to the surrounding islands. The music was going and the liquor was flowing. It was a beautiful night and by now both of us were feeling pretty darn good.

Once out of the harbor the yacht just began to make a couple of big loops around the outer islands. The captain said that dinner would be served in a couple of hours but until then he and the crew had arranged for “couples” games…..and he encouraged everyone to participate. You looked at me and laughed. “Games” you said. bursa escort “Games, really?”

One of the deck hands started talking on the microphone as wanted everyone to come closer together so he could start telling us the rules. He had everyone write their names on a piece of paper and then threw them in a basket. One of the other deck hands pulled out four names and asked for the woman of each couple to come forward to where he had 4 bar stools set up. Of course our name was called and you were one for the first four woman to sit on one of the stools. The first game, so we found out, was to test how well we were able to identify our partner. The objective….he shared….was to determine how well we could identify our partner without visual clues. So all four of you girls where blindfolded…..and then the deckhand shared that each of the four guys who’s girl was blindfolded would be asked to kiss each woman…..and you had to guess which kiss was actually your partner. Seemed easy, or so we thought. The only catch was that if you guessed wrong you had to drink a shot of their special concoction which they called “FOG.”

So there you were…beautiful as ever but blindfolded. Then one by one, each of the four male partners had to move down the line of blindfolded women kissing them passionately without any touching other than the lips…..

I ended up being the third guy to go….and you were third in line. As we kissed I sensed bursa escort you recognized my kiss but you didn’t really signal me. I was wrong because you guessed that guy number two was me! The good news is only one woman got it right….so three of us were given a shot of the FOG. It wasn’t too strong….went down smooth although had a bit of a chemical after taste.

After about 8 rounds of the kissing competition, most of the couples were pretty lit. Now the deck hand announced the the next round of the couples game was a test of the tactile sense. He drew out four names and the four men were called to the chairs. The men were blindfolded this time and their four women were called to the front. This time, he described, the men had to guess who was their partner with only the ability to touch them between the legs. The crowd goes wild with that announcement and we see some women shaking their head as if to say “no way.” But the crowd peer pressure ultimately wins them over….and the first woman makes her way down the row of blindfolded men…taking more time at each stop than they did with the kiss! It is clear that both the women and their men are getting into this anonymous touching game…..and the crowd is going wild. Some of the crowd moves around to get a better view as the women hike up their dresses or pull aside their thong to give the blindfolded men access….

After a couple of rounds it was our turn. I was bursa eskort sitting in chair 4 which meant I wouldn’t get to touch you until the other three men had already had their way with you. That thought was incredibly exciting….and I couldn’t wait to see out this went down. I also wondered if I would be able to recognize you with only the tactile sense being able to explore that part of your body…..

So you were first in line…..and the FOG was making you both horny and a bit unsteady. The first chair was the handsome younger guy that had caught your eye earlier in the evening. Normally you would have been a bit nervous but given he was blindfolded and you were a bit loaded….you just walked right up in front of him, pulled up your sundress and moved forward so his hand was touching your sweet spot. He lightly traced the outside of your mound, and then as more of a inquisition he began exploring your inner depths with his fingers. He started to pull away but you weren’t done and so you moved forward….giving him the sign that he wasn’t done either. You couldn’t believe what was happening, there in front of 26 other people plus the boat crew you were letting a stranger explore you with his hand. After what was literally 3 mins you stepped back….and then moved to the next guy.

All I could hear was the crowds hoots and hollers…obviously something wild was going on that I couldn’t see while I sat there with my hand outstretched. Then I felt skin….and the warmth that most men consider heaven. I gently explored externally but knew that I would recognize your clit if I could feel it. I was surprised and turned how by how wet this pussy was…..and I suspected it must be you.

to be continued

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