Little One Pt. 02

I was in my writing room sitting in my deep, comfortable office chair. I was wearing a simple, pastel rainbow pattern halter neck dress that was well above mid-thigh. I was obeying the house rule of not making unnecessary laundry, so I was wearing no underwear.

I had been writing a particularly erotic scene which had got me rather warm and excited. I could feel the distinct dampness, tingles and warmth in my pussy. I felt the delicious tension in my clit. As a consequence I was more than happy when I heard you tap lightly on the door.

“Come in, little one!” I called out.

I turned in my chair to watch as you entered, completely obeying the house rule by, as usual, wearing nothing. Your nipples were stiff and I looked down to find your own pussy was glistening and your clilt was poking her nose out in that cute way I adore so much.

I looked up into your deep, brown eyes as you said, “Miss Anna… I’m sorry to disturb your writing but…”

I put my hand out and I saw the relief in your eyes when I smiled and pulled you towards me.

“It’s okay little one. I have just finished and… it was a very exciting and delicious scene so I am more than happy to see you.”

A grin spread over your face and you said, “Oh, Miss Anna. Does that mean you would like me to help you a little? I’ve been reading the story about our play time in the garden and it has had the same effect on me.”

I pushed myself back, raised the hem of my dress, lifted and opened my legs and patted the chair in front of me. “Come and sit here, little one. With your back to me. I have something I want to try. Something I just wrote about.”

You came round in front of me and sat, pushing your gorgeous bum against my wet pussy. I wrapped my legs around your waist and then rested my calves on your upper thighs, spreading your legs open with mine. I reached around under your arms and took both of your hard nipples in each hand and gave them a gentle squeeze.

You moaned softly, “Oh, Miss Anna…”

I whispered into your ear, “Now, little one. I want you to start stroking your clit. You can’t come yet, but I will help you.”

I felt your hand move down and felt the familiar stirring in you as you stroked. Your bottom moved a little, adding delicious pressure onto my own clit.

I pushed your long, straight black hair aside with my cheek and kissed your neck, sucking deeply on it. Your contented sigh told me you were enjoying being marked by me. I twisted your nipples as I pinched and I felt your movements speed up a little.

I broke the kiss for a bursa eskort second and said, “No, little one. Not faster. Not yet.”

“Ohhh, Miss Anna,” you said, “I love when you tell me that.”

“I know, little one, it’s why I do it.”

I resumed my kiss on your neck, adding to the depth of the love bite. I grazed your skin gently with my teeth and, as you pushed back into me I released one of your nipples and let my hand glide down over your tummy, your trimmed bush, down past your gently stroking fingers, finally finding your entrance.

You were incredibly wet and very, very warm. I could feel your need reflected in my own cunt. I circled two fingers at your entrance and pushed gently, sliding them in deep.

You groaned out, “Oh fuck. Fuck. So gorgeous.”

I broke my kiss once more, noticing how red the mark now was.

“Your cunt is wonderfully wet, little one. You really are turned on. Miss Anna approves of that.”

I felt your movements speed up a little and said nothing for now. You said, “I wish I was helping you, Miss Anna. This feels selfish.”

“Oh, little one. You are giving me pleasure. And you will help me, but now I want my little one to come for me. Just not yet.”

I curled my fingers up and back inside you as I continued to twist your nipple. I could feel your pussy walls contracting and releasing me, a clear sign, along with your movements and moans that you were close.

I stopped my movements inside you and said, “Stop, little one. Not yet.”

You stopped and I felt your contraction inside. I counted down softly, “Ten… nine… eight… seven… six… five… four… three… two… one… start again, little one. Go faster.”

I felt you start stroking faster and matched your movements with my fingers inside you. You started shaking and I said, “Stop again!”

Your cunt really clamped on my fingers this time. Once more I counted down from ten and without being told, you started when I reached one. I clamped my lips on your neck once more, sucking and biting you as you shook and arched back into me.

I felt your wetness suddenly increase and I started a vigorous movement inside you, stroking you deeper and faster. As I felt and heard you go over the edge, the sounds of your wet pussy became intense.

You cried out, hoarsly, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I’m… coming!”

At that moment I pulled my fingers out quickly and felt the gush of your squirt over my hand.

Your breathing was rapid and shallow. I reduced the intensity of my kiss to little pecks as you calmed.

When bursa bayan escort your breathing was a little more even you turned your head back a little and said, “Oh, Miss Anna. Thank you. Thank you.” You got a small catch in your voice as you said, “I think I made a little bit of a mess, Miss Anna. I’m so sorry. I’ll clean everything, I promise.”

I kissed you once more and said, “I know you will, little one, but first Miss Anna needs you for her own pleasure.”

I slid my legs up and away and you slid off the chair. We both looked down at the puddle on the floor. It was more excessive than either of us had witnessed before. I looked up into your worried face and smiled.

“It’s okay, little one. I’m so happy to have made you so happy. Now, let’s see if you can’t mix some of my juices into yours.”

I stood up, we kissed and when we broke I said, “By the way, little one. I’ve left my mark on the back of your neck. I hope it’s not too sore. Now, sit in my chair. I want to experience what you just felt.”

You smiled and rubbed at the red swelling on your neck and told me, “Oh no Miss Anna. I adore it. It’s a sign of our love.”

You turned and sat back in my chair and promptly draped your legs over the arms. I could see how soaked you still were. Your beautiful lips were still puffy and your clit was showing signs of excitement already, her nose still poking out of her hood. I turned and had you unzip my dress which I slid down and stood out of, discarding it over my laptop and sat naked between your legs, pushing myself up against you. I felt your breasts pressed into my back and then felt your legs wrap around my waist and between my upper thighs. My whole body was on fire. I could feel tingles and heat in my cunt. I could see, as I looked down, that I was dripping wet. My anticipation grew and I sighed as I felt your arms come around under mine and you started massaging my breasts. I leaned my head back onto your right shoulder and felt your lips on my neck.

I slid my hands down over my tummy, preparing to touch myself. You stopped briefly and said, “No, Miss Anna, you mustn’t touch yourself down there. That is my job.”

You resumed your kiss on my neck, sucking on it, leaving a mark for me, I was sure. I felt your hands slide down over my tummy and practically reached up with my pussy, trying to feel your touch. I felt one of your fingers start stroking gently above my hood, applying a little pressure that multiplied inside me as twinges of contraction. I then felt the fingers of your bursa ucuz escort other hand at my entrance and felt myself being stretched. I moaned, “Oh fuck, little one. Is that three fingers?”

You stopped your sucking for a second to say, “Yes Miss Anna. You feel ready and I know how you like to be full.” You resumed your kissing once more and I just gave myself into the passion that was rising inside me as you pushed deep into me.

I could feel I was close and I cried out croakily, “Fuck… oh fuck… little one… I’m going to…”

You stopped all your movements and I squirmed as the heat in me built up. You didn’t count, you carried on sucking on my neck. After what seemed like an eternity of beautiful intensity I felt your fingers move more quickly, both inside me and on my clit. I pushed back on you, feeling your wet cunt on my cheeks which made you moan into my neck.

I was close once more, higher peaks were beckoning and, as you always do, you read me perfectly. You stopped and my whole insides clamped down on your fingers as I climbed further. When you resumed your movements I grabbed my tits and mauled them. Pinching, squeezing and pulling on my nipples. Now I felt the speed increase in and out of me and felt my wetness increase around your fingers. I felt my cunt open up and thrilled as you filled me further.

Suddenly I couldn’t have stopped it if I’d tried. I cried out, “Yes! Yes! Fuck! I’m… coming!”

As it rushed out through me I felt sudden emptiness as my cunt squeezed your fingers out and my juices gushed around your hand. I was dizzy. You didn’t stop with your fingers on my clit, you just slowed down a little and just as I thought it was over I felt another orgasm start to build.

It was building and I was still squeezing my tits while you played. I felt your fingers push into me once more and the stretching was all I needed. The second peak was higher than the last. I felt more of my juices squirt out as I shook and cried out in glorious pleasure.

Finally you slowed down as my breathing came under control. I was still gripping my breasts and slowly released them as you withdrew your fingers and wrapped your arms around my midriff. You placed a soft kiss on my shoulder and said, “Was that good for you, Miss Anna?”

I smiled and said, “Wonderful, little one. I love how you know my body so well. I think I may have added a little of my juices to yours.”

You unwrapped yourself from around me and I stood on wobbly legs, my bare feet in a small puddle of our making. You stood and looked down.

“I’ll clean it all up, Miss Anna, I promise.”

I pulled you to me and we kissed. When we broke I said, “No, little one. We both will. It will be fun. I love the scent of us in the air though.”

We kissed deeply, wrapping each other in our arms, pulling our warm, naked bodies together.

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