My Best Friend’s Husband

I never forgot that night, of course, it was New Years so it was hard to forget the date. But regardless of how much we drank, or how many other people were there, that one moment in time was burned onto my memory.

We’d shared the same circle of friends since he married my best friend. Of course we’d kept it to ourselves that it was in fact me who he’d started to chat up on that very first meeting. But I was already married. In a comedic act of charity I had introduced him to her, and the rest, as they say, was history.

I was maid of honour at their wedding, god mother to their kids, and he always asked my opinion on her gifts. He often spent days watching football with my husband. We were the perfect group of friends.

But it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge that no matter how many years passed, there was still a tension between us. A glance. A sneaky little flirty comment. An accidental touch which sent sparks through my body. I had suppressed it since forever.

New Years was the beginning of the end of that. Full of good food and drunk on great wine and spirits, the conversation turned dirty as it often did when we got rowdy. If only she knew what she did in that moment, what key she turned and what evil spirits she set free. My best friend cast a spell and didn’t even know it. It replays over and over in my mind together with the restaurant ambiance bursa eskort bayan and clinking of tableware and cutlery.

“He has never not made me cum in under a minute when he goes down on me! From the very first time to right before we left the house tonight. It’s amazing and of course very efficient!”

The laughter which followed covered his embarrassment. There was something secret about it. Maybe something he knew that others didn’t. And that moment had played on my mind ever since.

I had decided that the only way to move forward was to ask him what it was he did. Sure, it would be an awkward conversation but I needed to know. I loved being eaten out but it was a laborious task for my husband. When I did finally cum, I came hard but it could take a good hour on a bad night and I could always tell when he was getting frustrated and bored. It made it all the harder.

I caught myself imagining that 60 seconds she referenced. From a cold start to a shuddering orgasm in under a minute. Over and over that thought intruded my day and it was always his face looking up at me. His butter-wouldn’t-melt grin, knowing he had a gift.

The opportunity arose one weekday afternoon. I was working from home and he was returning the vacuum he had kindly fixed for us. As we stood in the kitchen drinking coffee, I blurted it out.

“How do you do it? How bursa merkez escort do you make her cum so quickly?”

A confused look back at first and then a grin. It was the same grin I’d imagined. So much time passed before he spoke that I started to panic that I had made a huge mistake. He pulled out a chair and give me a one word reply.


I froze. Momentarily. There were no prizes for guessing what was about to happen. But should I let it? A million thoughts rushed through my mind and indecision stopped me from speaking. My legs had already made up their mind; I was walking towards the chair. It was like I was no longer in control of my body. My mind wasn’t sure but my body wanted it.

I sat. He knelt. Not a word was said. He undid my jeans and pulled them down and off. I let him. I caught him smiling when he saw my knickers. Nothing sexy about my nautical themed underwear at all and certainly not fitting for the occasion.

I held breath when he pulled them off. I felt vulnerable and exposed. Not only was the first time he had seen my pussy but it was the first time any other man had been close to me in all the time I had been married.

He glanced at the clock, and then at me.


I nodded.

He took both hands and tightly spread my outer labia apart exposing my inner labia and clit. bursa sınırsız escort bayan His hands grasp my inner thighs holding me open and I cant help but watch. My pussy is so pink, moist and shines in the light.

Without hesitation he licks from my asshole all the way up with a hot flat tongue, covering the whole of me with saliva. He stops at my clit to rub, nodding his head like he’s agreeing with questions which aren’t being asked.

I’m instantly shuddering. The whole situation has me aroused but his tongue has flicked a switch.

He sucks my clit just enough to draw the blood to the area and then starts swirling his tongue like a bear trying to find honey. I feel the tip of his tongue searching under the hood for that sweet spot.

And then again, flat tongue all the way up. Pausing. Nodding. Rubbing. Sucking. Tongue searching.

We’re only 30 seconds in and I can feel myself starting to tremble. The voice in my head is narrating his moves. I know my clit is engorging as I feel so much more.

“Fuck if he sucks my clit one more time…”

And lick, from my asshole to my clit. Pause. Nodding. Rubbing. And suck…

A mere 45 seconds since my lips were parted and I sat exposed for my best friends husband, here I was grabbing his head and pulling him into me as he sucked on my pulsating clit.

And he didn’t let go. He knew I was cumming. I continued to fight the pleasure for another 30 seconds and he remained latched on.

Eventually he pulled away. I was speechless. My ears rang and my legs were weak. He leans in and whispers in my ear.

“And now you know. If it makes you feel better I’ve wanted to do that to you since the day I met you.”

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