Neighbors Ch. 01

It was a boring day in the town of Red Haven. A small town with not that much excitement in it. The only thing exciting thing about this is the gigantic statue of their founder, Michelle Angel. To anybody passing by this is just a normally quiet town…If you believed anything that I just said then you’re a fucking idiot. Yes, everything that was said in the beginning about this town is somewhat fucking true. If you live on the southside of Red Haven. In the suburban area of the town then you are a senior citizen who’s living their best life.

A young married couple who’s looking to start a family or a family that is just looking for a place to settle down. But if you’re in your 20s and/or a college student who’s looking for excitement in your life. Then you have to look no further than the Northside of Red Haven. That’s where the best and outrageous parties are thrown. Where people spend either their Saturday Nights at the bar or a club. A place where the cops just don’t give a fuck and even join in.

This is Red Haven or what people like to call the city of Lust. How should I know? Bitch, I fucking live here. Hi, my name is Katherine Lawrence and I have been living in Red Haven my entire life. I am 24 years old and I own the best bar in town. I also do some modeling on the side for the local photographers here. My parents are both from Red Haven. My dad is from the south side of Red Haven and my mom is from the northside.

I take after my mom the most. My grandma always said that I reminded her of my mom’s wild side when she was my age. I have two siblings my older brother Patrick and my younger sister Sara who is more like my twin. I used to live on the southside of Red Haven with my family but once I graduated from high school, I moved to the northside. And let me tell you that was the best decision I have ever made in my life.

The one thing I love about living in Red Haven is the women. I swear to you Red Haven has the most beautiful women on the planet. No matter what part of town they’re from the women here is gorgeous. Before you ask yes, I did have sex with a few of the women in town. That is not the point; the point is that Red Haven is a town filled with spunk and you’ll not be disappointed when you come here.

Like I said before my name is Katherine Lawrence and this is my story. I’ve been a Red Haven resident since I was born, I lived next door to my best friend Faith Walker. I went to Patience High School in the Northside of town. There I might my other best friend Eddie Hobbs. By the way, if you couldn’t already tell I’m gay and I’m proud to be one. My parents have been super supportive, and my dad even cried when I came out to them. I asked him why he was crying he said to me and I quote “Now, I don’t have to worry sleazy little punk getting my beautiful daughter pregnant,”.

I love my pops. I graduated from Patience High School with honors and attended Lukewater University. I majored in business and minored in graphic design. University was the best experience I ever had in my life. It was there I discovered who I really was and it’s also where everything changed for me…

But that is for a different story.

Anyway, bursa escort I graduated from Lukewater University and moved back home with my parents. After graduating from university, I got a job at a local bar and I had been working there for 4 years. Until I decided to leave and start my own business. My personal baby called Zeus a club that is the center of town gossip. The one place that attracts tourists the most especially the ones who are here for spring break or summer vacation.

Well, I enjoyed my time talking to you guys about this beautiful town and the amazing things that it brings us. I wish I can talk to you guys even longer but I have to get ready for work. So, until next time. See ya.




It was a normal quiet day in the town of Red Haven. The sun was shining, and the kids were playing outside having fun on this warm summer day. The warmth and light from the sun shined through my bedroom waking me up from my wonderful dream. I groaned as I stretched my body getting rid of all the knots. I got out of bed walked into my bathroom to get ready for the day.

After a quick shower and freshen up I got dressed for the day and headed downstairs. When I got there, I saw the girl I brought home last night wearing one of my shirts drinking coffee.

“Good morning,” She said.

“Good morning, Angie,” I greeted back.

She smiled and went back to her coffee, “Thanks for me letting, stay the night. Usually when I do this with a guy, he’ll have an uber waiting for me that same night,” she said.

“Don’t worry about it. My parents raised me better than that. And I had fun last night,” I said getting myself I cup of tea.

You see I hate drinking coffee I’m more of a tea type of person. The only reason why I have a coffee machine is for when I have people staying over at my house. We talked for a little bit more before she had to leave.

“I had a wonderful time. And I know you don’t relationships but if you need anybody to talk to. Give me a call. Here’s my card,” She said as she gave me her card.

“Angie Garcia Licensed Therapist

Open Minded and Empowering


“I might do that. Have a safe trip,” I told her as I put her card in my back pocket.

Once she was gone, I decided that it was time for me to head to work. Even though today is Monday I have to head to the club to make sure that everything was in order and sign for a couple of packages. I walked out of the house with my tea and waved to a couple of my neighbors that were outside with their family. As I got inside my car, I saw a moving truck parked in front of the house next door.

Huh, I guess I’m getting a new neighbor

I shrugged and got inside my car and pulled out of my driveway and drove off. I usually got to the club early but today I wanted to enjoy the scenery before I got to work. So, I decided to take the long way to work. It took me about an hour to reach the club. I got out of my car walked towards the door while checked my phone.

I noticed I received an email from my management team. It looks like I’m getting a photoshoot for a new company that just moved bursa escort bayan into town. Oh, yeah, I’m also a part-time model on the side. I usually model for many different companies and photographers. Red Haven is filled with so many upcoming photographers as well as some big-time photographers as well.

I walked inside my pride as well as my joy, Club Zeus. The first thing that I saw when I walked in were two best friends as well as co-owners to the club making out on the bar. Talk about an awkward situation to walk into. If I don’t stop them right now, they’re going to be fucking on my bar also once they get started, they won’t stop no matter what. I should know I witnessed it with my own eyes but that is a story for another time.

“Alright, break it up love birds,” I said.

The two of them quickly separated from each other. They started fixing their clothes while they smiled at me.

“Hey, Kat,” Faith said

“Wassup, Katty,” Austin said.

These two are my best friends Eddie Hobbs and Faith Walker. I’ve known Faith since I was a kid, she was the first person I came out to. She was also the first person I love virginity to. Faith has long brown hair that reached to her mid-back with a pair of green eyes. She has a nice tight fit body and a pair of perky breasts. Eddie her boyfriend who is also my other best friend has short black hair with brown eyes. He has a swimmer type body and tan skin.

Even though they get on my nerves sometimes I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. “Sorry, for being late I wanted to take a long way here while also enjoying nature,” I said as I walked towards my office.

“No problem there wasn’t much to do anyway. Eddie and I already did the paperwork and signed for the new shipments,” Faith said.

“So, Katty how was last night?” Eddie asked.

“Boy let me tell you. Last was amazing I have never met a girl who is as freaky as me. We went for four hours straight,” I said.

I began to tell them about last night’s adventures with Ms. Garcia. We talked for a while as we started to get things ready for opening. You see this place is not only a club it is also a bar. On the weekdays it’s a bar. On the weekend (Friday and Saturday) it becomes a club. Once everything was in order, I turned the closed sign to open.

Things started getting busy when the rush hour came around. Around this time, we get a lot of people who just got out of work and wanted a place to relax before they had to go home. Sometimes some people get too drunk and I have to call an uber from them. Red Haven was a small town, so everybody knows everybody. So, it wasn’t too hard to find out where someone lives.




I was flirting with this one woman when someone walked in. Now, this wouldn’t have gotten my attention, but the person who just walked in was a literal goddess. It was like Aphrodite herself just walked into the room. I have never seen someone like her around town, so she either is a tourist or she’s new in town.

She took a seat at a table with her friend that she walked in with. At that moment I knew I needed bursa merkez escort to know who she was. So, I excused myself from the bar. I walked over to their table with a menu.

“Hello, ladies and welcome to Zeus. My name is Katherine Lawrence, and I am the co-owner of this establishment. Here are your menus take your time to look over what you want,” I said.

“I’m glad to see the business booming since the last time I saw this place,” one of the women said to me.

I took a good look at the woman that was sitting next to the goddess and my eyes widen when realized who that was. “BIANCA is that you?!!” I shouted.

Bianca laughed as she got up from her seat to hug me. You see Bianca is my sister-in-law she married my brother Patrick three years ago and they have an adorable little daughter together. My brother and Bianca moved away from Red Haven and lived all the way in New York City. So, it was a surprise to me seeing her here.

“What are you doing here? I thought you guys were still in New York?” I asked pulling away from the hug.

“We were. Well, he still living there, and I moved back here,” Bianca said with a sad look on her face.

Once I saw her face instant warning signs started going off in my head. Thinking about any possible reason why my brother and Bianca aren’t together. Before I can voice my concerns, Bianca changed the subject.

“I’ll explain everything later. Allow me to introduce you to my best friend from college, Danielle Carter. Danielle this is my sister-in-law Katherine Lawrence,” Bianca said.

Danielle turned to me and gave me a smile that almost made me weak in the knees. “It’s nice to meet you,” she said.

“It’s nice to meet you too. So, are you here on vacation, or did you just move here? I have never seen you around town before,” I asked her.

“I just moved into town. Bianca was showing me around town before was decided to take a quick pit stop at your bar,” she said.

“Well, I’m glad you did. Anyway, let me know when you guys are ready to order. It was nice to see you again Bianca. And it was great meeting you Danielle,” I said as I headed back to the bar.

The girls order their drinks as spent a couple of minutes drinking and talking before they had to leave. Once they were out the door, I was able to get a good look at Danielle’s backside. And let me just say that she has one fantastic ass.




It was around midnight when we had to close shop. As our last patron left the bar in his uber we cleaned everything up and closed the bar. After a long day, I just wanted to lie down on my bed and knockout for a couple of hours. As I pulled into my driveway, I noticed that moving trucks were gone and two cars were parked in the driveway. I guess my new neighbors are all settled in.

I’ll greet them in the morning because all I want to do right now is head into dreamland. I was about to open my door when I heard the sound of a car starting. I turned in the direction of the sound and saw one of the cars pulling out of the neighbors’ driveway. As the car drove away, I turned my direction back to the house and saw something that made me extremely happy.

It was Danielle standing at her doorway watching the car drive off. She turned in my direction and waved at me. I waved back and watched her head back inside her house.

No Fucking Way, I’m living right next door to Aphrodite herself. This day couldn’t have gotten any better.

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