Playa del Carmen

This was the first time I’d be meeting her in person. I’d known Stacey for years, we met back on one on those “dating” apps when I was in the Midwest on business. We had started chatting but weren’t able to meet up that night. Over the last year or so we kept in touch, with “how are yours” and “hope you have a great weekends” but nothing ever too intense. We followed each other on social media, so I was continually reminded of how absolutely gorgeous she was with each of her updates; her big green eyes and her soft full lips popping out of every picture. I hadn’t expressed to her until a few months ago how much she absolutely consumed my sexual fantasies. I had imaged slowly and softly kissing every inch of her smooth skin or holding her long blonde hair tight in my hand as I pushed deep into her from behind, smacking her perfect ass with my open palm just at the moment she came all over my dick. She didn’t know I wanted her this way. How she couldn’t know that every man everywhere would want her this way I failed to understand, but still it was a surprise to her when I finally confessed my absolute obsession. And I’m so glad I did.

A month or so later and here I am in Playa del Carmen headed to her resort to meet her for the first time. Yes I am crazy. No I don’t care. At this point I would have done almost anything to meet this goddess that had been haunting my dreams.

I had a cryptic message from her: meet me on the beach, you know the place. Yeah I knew the resort, it was massive, and the beach was packed. In what had to be one of my finest hours, I walked the beach up and down peering under every umbrella and staring at every beautiful woman whose hair was tucked up under a broad beach cap. Is that blonde? Could that be her? Maybe I wouldn’t be able to recognize her from just her pics. I was starting to get frustrated, and in hindsight I am certain she wanted me in that condition. I had told myself that if I flew all this way and missed my chance of meeting her again I was going to charter a boat and fling myself in the ocean.

Wait. bursa escort bayan That could be her. Long blonde hair and oversized sunglasses and a tiny dark green bikini barely covering her perfect breasts. Long legs ending in petite perfect feet with soft wrinkled soles. She could have given me a hint. Right? “Hey I’ll be the fucking smoking hot bitch in the green bikini.” Easy enough. But where was her fun in that? I decided to make a test run. She was deep in a book and there was a cabana bar behind her. I could walk by and check her out and try to confirm her identity. If it wasn’t her I’d just continue to the bar, because I definitely needed a drink.

With my plan set, I causally strolled towards her chair, trying my best to make sure it was her while she was focused on her book. Fuck. Was it? I still wasn’t a hundred percent sure as I passed by her and headed to the bar.

“Hey, can you get me another one while you’re up there,” a voice came from behind me. It was her, her hand holding onto an empty drink glass. She turned around and pulled down her glasses just enough to make eye contact with me. Fuck, her eyes were even brighter in person. “You think I was just going to torture you and let you walk around all day? I don’t need you completely worn out.”

I smiled. Actually speechless for the first time in a really long time. But I headed to the bar and told the bartender to give me two of whatever the gorgeous lady in green had ordered.

“You’re with her?” he smiled, “You lucky bastard.”

“Yeah. If you tell me this is a dream in a few minutes I’m going to be pissed.” I laughed.

“No dream, mijo.” He said as he handed me our drinks. Then added an “enjoy your time” with a knowing wink.

I planned to.

“Well that was a fun adventure,” I said as I sat down in the chair next to her and handed her a drink.

She took off her glasses and looked at me and smiled, “some things, a.k.a. me, are totally worth the wait.”

I smiled, “that you are babe. That you fucking are. Cheers”

As we gorukle escort sipped our drinks and watched the waves roll in we chatted about almost everything: life, work, family and most definitely sex. The whole time my eyes were focused on the amazing scenery laid out before me. I hoped to have my hands and mouth all over that beautiful body soon. I was looking forward to spending the week getting to know this gorgeous woman, but I had a primal urge to claim her now. She could feel it.

“Yes, let’s go” she said, totally reading my thoughts, and she picked up her towel and headed back past the bar and the pool towards the villas. I followed, leaving my bartender buddy a tip and a wink on the way by.

I watched her open the door to her room. God, every part of her was a vision. Her ass was perfect and I wanted to leave a perfect handprint on it. Soon.

As we walked into the room the dynamic immediately changed. This was my domain, and this is where I took control. I pushed her towards the bed, kissing her softly and slowly all the way down and laid her on her back. I reached down and slid down her bikini bottoms and tossed them to the side. I pushed her legs apart and looked up at her as she watched me. “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to taste anyone more than I want to taste you right now,” I said just before I lowered my mouth to her already swollen pussy lips and kissed all around them. I made her wait just a moment, teasing her before I parted her puffy lips with my tongue, pushing it inside her. I took my time and enjoyed devouring her. I slowly ran my tongue up and down her slit, teasing her clit with flicks before lightly sucking it between my lips. I pushed a finger deeply inside her as I could tell see was getting close. I lifted my mouth from her just long enough to tell her I wanted her cum on my lips and then went back to deeply kissing her perfect pussy. She exploded all over me with an powerful release of all the sexual tension we had been building all day. I kissed my way up her body to her lips bursa merkez escort bayan and let her taste herself off me. I loved the way she kissed. And I took kissing seriously. I knew our sex was going to be mind blowing but I wanted to enjoy her lips for a while longer.

While we kissed, we discarded what was left of our clothing and she moved down to take me in her mouth. My dick quickly grew thick and rock hard between her perfect lips and I held her hair back tight as she begged me with her eyes to fuck her gorgeous face. She was amazing. She made me feel incredible. But she also made me swell to a point that I needed to be inside her. To claim her pussy. I knew that once I pushed in deep and stretched her wide that she would be mine. My slut. My toy to use for my pleasure. And ironically all I wanted was all of her cum. Over and over. All over me.

I knew later I would fuck this lovely creature in every way possible but right now, before dinner, I wanted to look her in her eyes while I filled her with my dick and all my cum. I laid her on her back and took her slim ankles in my hands. I pushed her legs back as she helped guide my rock hard dick inside her. Slowly, deliberately i pushed deep into her tight wet pussy and both her eyes and her smile grew wide. i talked to her and kissed her soft soles and took her toes into my mouth. All while pushing deeper.

“You feel amazing,” I said, “Put your cum all over my dick.”

“Mmmmmmfuck” she moaned as she placed her hands on my hips and held me as my thrusts grew harder and deeper. Over and over I pushed deep into her perfect pussy as she covered me with her cum.

Finally she looked up at me with her doe eyes and said “fill me up daddy, I want it. i want your cum.” That was all it took. My dick was already filled with heat and throbbing inside her, her pussy gripping me like a vise. When she said those words I pushed her legs back further to be as deep as possible and exploded into her. Over and over. So much cum. I couldn’t stop pumping. She felt too fucking good. I filled her completely.

I collapsed on her and kissed all over her neck and chest in the afterglow. Of course I couldn’t wait to be inside her again, but I also couldn’t wait to hold her against me all night. In my arms. Wrapping her securely into me. Both of us knowing who she belonged to now. Mine.

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