The Dad and The Sitter Pt. 02

(the girl in this story is 18)

It had been over a week since the blowjob in the pool house. I hadn’t been able to think about anything since that afternoon. The way her hot young lips felt around my cock. How good her body looked when I took her bikini off. I was getting random erections all day long like a teenage boy. I’ve always had a high sex drive, but she had awakened something primal in me that I hadn’t felt in years. I needed to have her again. I wanted her all the time. Unfortunately I had the ultimate cockblock of all time: two kids. Despite the fact the sitter was at my house four days a week, we had very little success taking the pool house incident much further. Usually the best I could get from her when I was home was a little squeeze of her ass, or her brushing her hand over my crotch, a kiss in the kitchen while the kids played video games in the living room, but nothing more than that. We were texting each other pretty regularly. She was really enjoying sending me pics of her in my bedroom’s bathroom in her underwear. Such a little cocktease. I needed to figure something out soon.

I suggested to her we needed to find some way to be alone, and she told me she had independent studies as her final class of the day and she wasn’t doing any sports or clubs for Spring semester, which meant she had no reason she couldn’t just leave school an hour early every day. Which was also an hour and a half before my kids got out of elementary school, almost two hours if you included the bus ride home. This was perfect. I work for myself so I could play hooky from work whenever I wanted. I told her I was going to come home and wait for her at the house and she better hurry her little ass over here as soon as she could leave school. She promised me she would.

I got to the house escort bursa around 1pm and hopped in the shower to wash the sweat and grime off. And then I waited. And I waited. She was 39 minutes later than she had told me she’d be here. I greeted her at the door and took a quick look around to make sure none of my nosy neighbors saw her. She was nervous as hell and so i didn’t give her any shit for making me wait so long, besides i could tell it was because she’d gone home after school and changed clothes and done her makeup, trying to make herself look as hot as possible. She was in a pair of tight little shorts and a crop top that showed off her perfect stomach. I took her back to our guest bedroom where I keep all of my records and musical equipment. It’s got a desk, a record player, and a little bed. I turned on my turntable and put on T.Rex “Electric Warrior” and told her to sit down on my bed while I sat on the floor. We talked for a few minutes about stupid bullshit. She told me about her day and I listened and then I cut her off and said we were wasting precious alone time. I moved from the floor to the bed and told her she looked incredibly hot.

We started kissing and I told her how our conversations had been driving me crazy the past week and all I’ve able to think about was being alone with her. i felt up her little tits and then pulled her t shirt off. i took off her bra and sucked her perfectly shaped nipples and put my hand between her legs to feel the heat of her crotch. i made her lay down and we made out for a while. i groped her ass and smacked it which made her make a funny little yelp. I told her that for making me wait and that she’d get punished for being tardy again. i made her stand up and take her shorts off for me and show me her panties, she wore this bursa merkez eskort little pink thong with polkadots on the front. I stood up and i took off all my clothes and put my cock in front of her face and told her to stroke it. i asked her if she wanted to suck it again and she said yes. I told her I wanted to try something different. I told her to lay on her back and then hang her head back off the bed and told her to open her mouth so i could stick my dick in it. She did what I said and I just began fucking her mouth for 10 minutes trying my hardest not to cum. she would gag every time i went too deep but she did a good job trying taking me down her throat. i told her she was already a good little cocksucker but I liked facefucking and that we would practice everyday till she learned to deep throat without gagging and then came in her mouth and made her swallow it.

i took her panties off and licked her pussy for a really long time. Sucking on her clit while I shoved my middle finger up her ass. She loved it and was making so much noise I thought the neighbors would hear. She came for me like a good little girl and that made me rock hard again. i climbed on top of her and rubbed my cock between her legs. I teased the head of my cock up and down her wet little slit and I could tell she was scared that i was gonna fuck her.

Me: do you want my cock?

Her: I don’t know. Yes. I just…

Me: what’s wrong?

Her: i don’t know I’m just scared. Will you out on a condom?

Me: I don’t have any. I haven’t used them since before I got married. Are you not on the pill?

Her: i am, I’ve just never let anyone fuck me without one.

Me: well I’m gonna fuck your pussy without one. And we’re gonna put that birth control to bursa sınırsız escort work cuz I’m gonna fill you with lots and lots of my cum. So you better not miss any days.

Her: oh fuck.

Me: you ready?

She nodded and with that I slowly slid the entire length of my cock into her impossibly tight teenage cunt. It was the tightest pussy i’d ever fucked and i told her so. I asked her if she liked having my big cock inside her and she said yes. I told i was gonna fuck it every day after school and i was gonna teach her how to be a good little slut before she went off to college.

Me: do want my cum?

Her: I don’t know

Me: you know I’m going to cum In you no matter what don’t you? This is mine now and I’m going to do whatever I want to it.

Her: oh my god. Fuck. Please. Oh fuck.

She never told me to stop, but i decided to give her a break, so instead i made her roll over on her stomach and i spit on my hand and lubed my cock up, i put it between her cute ass cheeks and thought about putting it in her asshole but instead i just ground my cock between her crack for awhile and i kissed her back and her neck and then i whispered dirty stuff in her ear like how much i had been jerking off to her nonstop and how i wish i had done this sooner. i told her how sexy her ass was and that i was gonna put my cock in it soon and i could tell she was freaked out but she said “okay”. then i made her get up on her hands and knees and i ate her pussy from behind and jerked off and then i stood behind her and made her spread her asscheeks for me and shot my cum all over her asshole. we made out for like another half hour and then we lay in bed and she talked about how nuts this was and how she had the hots for me for a long time but was way too freaked out by how old i was. she said she wasn’t sure if she was ready to let me cum in her but she would think about it. I smiled and said okay and then told her i was gonna leave before my kids got home and that I’d see her again in a few hours.

I left the house smiling and knowing I was going to be addicted to her.

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