Intimacy in the Age of Steam Pt. 05


She was there the next evening but so, alas, were a couple of very respectable ladies up in town from the country. It was a subdued journey with hardly a word spoken. Newspapers were read, crosswords completed and Zephyrine did her homework. The ladies did their knitting. All so disappointing.

The next day, though, found Zephyrine already sitting in the compartment when Hector arrived. She was working at her homework; an exercise book open on her knee and a book in her hand.

“Daddy’s given me this book of aphorisms and epigrams to help me write my essay. Some are really good, but some just so jolly obscure.” She looked at him as she spoke, flicking a pigtail back over a shoulder.

Hector nodded as he settled himself beside her, his eyes resting on her bare knees as he did so. Might his hand rest on them later and perhaps slide up her leg? Such pretty knees. He felt a stirring already. The others joined them and then there were the usual sounds of the train readying to leave. A whistle was blowing. There was shouting. Steam billowing.

“What does this mean?” asked Zephyrine as the train lurched and began to move. “It seems to be about a man called Philaenis.”

Hector read:

‘Cur non basio te, Philaeni? calua es.

Cur non basio te, Philaeni? rufa es.

Cur non basio te, Philaeni? lusca es.

Haec qui basiat, o Philaeni, fellat.’

Hector chuckled, “Very good,” he said, “I’m sure you’ve translated it, Zephyrine.”

“Mostly, but I don’t get the last bit. What is ‘fellat’?”

“Third-person singular present active indicative of fellō, to suck.”

“Yes, but to suck what?”

Another chuckle, and then Hector said, “A translation would be:

Why don’t I kiss you, Philaenis? You are bald.

Why don’t I kiss you Philaenis? You are red.

Why don’t I kiss you, Philaenis? You have one eye.

He who kisses these things is really just sucking a penis!”

Hector looked up at her, he had been delighted by her question, “You see, Zephyrine, the Roman writer, Martial, is being rather naughty here. An erect penis’s head is indeed bald, somewhat red, and certainly has one eye! He, or rather she, who kisses such stated things is really simply engaged in fellatio, sucking upon a penis.”

“Oh, do people really do that?”

“Yes, it’s a very normal thing”

“Does your wife?”

Hector cleared his throat in a rather self-conscious way, “Ah, well, yes, she does.” He glanced at his fellow businessmen. They were looking attentive. There was no smirking at his rather personal revelation. “It’s rather pleasant,” he added. His eyes came to rest on Zephyrine’s pretty and young mouth.

“Do they… I mean do men sometimes… you know…”

“Ejaculate in the mouth? Indeed, Zephyrine, sometimes. Men like doing that.”

Hector again looked around and this time the others were nodding and saying ‘yes.’ They had serious faces, they were not grinning as if the question was in some way stupid. Girls needed to learn and this was an important lesson. Hector went on.

“And the same happens with women. Cunnilingus. it is called in the Latin.”

“Lingus — tongue,” exclaimed Zephyrine. “Golly gosh! Really! But wouldn’t Mr Trowse and your moustaches tickle?”

“Would you like to find out, Zephyrine?”

Her mouth was both open and smiling at the same time. “Would I! But, would that mean I would have to…”

“Wouldn’t you like that too?”

The girl looked pensive, her eyes straying to bulges in trousers that had not been there before, “I suppose, before the conductor comes.”

Hector fumbled and brought out his erection. He did not feel he needed to apologise to his fellow commuters for doing that. Getting penises out in the compartment was becoming very normal. Strangely the more so if they were turgid. Had it been a really old-fashioned train with no corridor, it was not hard to imagine it might be all four of the gentlemen doing that as a matter of course if the schoolgirl was present just as soon as the train began its journey. Zephyrine did seem to cause not inconsiderable swelling and it was more comfortable to be out than tucked away. Indeed not difficult to imagine it becoming the norm to undress rather more in the compartment. Certainly to take all of Zephyrine’s things off and make her more relaxed. She as relaxed as the gentlemen’s penises would be stiff, indeed!

So good to have the schoolgirl looking at it. Sticking up out of his fly was his goodly sized cock with his pale pink ‘helmet’ poking a little out of his foreskin. Hector reached and eased the skin back bursa eskort bayan revealing how the ‘helmet’ went purple at the edge. At its very top his little slit. Was the girl a little nervous about what would come out of that?

Zephyrine licked her lips, readying herself. That gave him quite a thrill. A thrill that developed further as she lowered her face towards his penis. And he could see. His view was not obscured as she came closer, staring at the thing — sort of getting bigger, at least from her perception, as she came closer.

The schoolgirl’s tongue came out and touched, just with its wet tip. A slight touch but it was a touch, nonetheless. A first step rather suggesting she would take the further step — indeed, ‘go the whole hog’! Another little lick came.

“Treat it like a lolly,” whispered James Marlston clearly rather stunned by the development. His voice not as it usually was — almost a croak. And the girl did, running her tongue up and down the so very male organ as she looked up with big eyes at James Marlston.

Quite a big lolly. A lot bigger than the girl would have had as a treat down at the seaside or from the local shop. Thicker too, and not one that would melt, though it might just run and drip on her hand.

“Go on, do it,” whispered James Marlston. And the girl did, taking the whole thing in and making rather fascinating sucking noises.

The sound of “tickets please” came along the corridor, but when Stan appeared all he saw was the usual four gentlemen and Zephyrine, the schoolgirl, rather red faced and startled with her mouth a little open sitting there looking up at him but there was nothing out of the ordinary really to be seen. Except that the gentlemen were not reading their newspapers and Hector Stubb’s newspaper was rather awkwardly cast upon his lap. Tickets were inspected and Stan departed, looking a little puzzled.

“I think I should say,” said Zephyrine, “something like, ‘penises please’. So I can inspect them. In fact, I think I shall — ‘penises please’ out now!”

Hector pulled back his newspaper and there his was, wet from Zephyrine’s mouth. The others fumbled and all their penises were brought out and presented for inspection. All ‘first class’ penises indeed! And Zephyrine said as much. But Zephyrine had to be inspected too and there were no shortage of hands helping. preparing her sex to be inspected. No shortage of male hands up her skirt tugging down her knickers. Indeed, the skirt was completely removed. That had not happened before. Zephyrine in blouse, jacket, and white socks — but nothing around her hips, nothing to obscure her dark curls or the so soft and smooth skin of her bottom. Two of the men standing up and taking her very much in hand, lifting her and opening that dark triangle, opening it to show where the curls were thickest, spreading her legs and lifting her up with her legs apart and presenting her suddenly revealed wet and fleshy sex to… Frederick Trowse. Bringing her sex right up and into his face — and moustache — her knees bent and legs dangling. Strong male hands under her thighs as they pushed her wet sex right into the man’s face. One moment Frederick Trowse had been watching James Marlston and Tom Headman undressing and lifting the girl, the next, even before he could say something like, ‘should you really be doing that,’ he got a face full of virgin girlyness.

There was no spluttering or protest, and most certainly not from Zephyrine. Her face was a picture, her eyes suddenly shut, moans and gasps from her open mouth. Was it perhaps open for a penis? Whatever Frederick Trowse was doing with his lips and tongue was going down well with the girl. James Marlston and Tom Headman just held her there, cufflinks showing at the cuffs of their shirts as their hands held the girl in position. Besuited, respectable gentlemen holding a half-naked schoolgirl aloft. Respectable if it was not for their rigid penises standing up out of their trouser flies. But that was no different for Frederick Trowse. His too sticking up out of his fly. Hector could see that. Indeed, he was the only one who could see all the penises. They were obscured from Zephyrine and the other men. Hector was amused to see Frederick Trowse’s hand sneak to his own erection and stroke whilst he sucked and licked, no doubt, at the girl. Hector joined him, stroking his own. His cock wet from Zephyrine’s mouth.

They made Zephyrine come. They did not let her down until she had orgasmed. Hector did not have much to do with it. It was Frederick Trowse’s tongue and lips plus bursa merkez escort the help from the other gentlemen in holding the schoolgirl up and in position. Lovely to watch and see her face as her orgasm came.

Slowly she was lowered back onto her seat. Unsurprisingly the gentlemen looked expectant. They had hopes — they had penises! And they were right before her — two of them. Neither James Marlston nor Tom Headman had sat down, they were still standing, holding onto the luggage racks whilst very much pointing their erections at the girl. Was that unnerving for her, a bit much for a girl who had only first tentatively sucked a cock just a few minutes before, having them now being lined up for her? Two rigid male organs with their swollen ‘plums’ right there to have the ‘juice’ extracted.

Seemingly not. With a smile on her face, she reached out and took both in her hands before leaning forward. A kiss to each, a few licks as if the schoolgirl had the treat of two ice-lollies at once. Strawberry and raspberry perhaps.

She mouthed them, one after the other, her lips really opening and absorbing. Sliding down James Marlston’s knob and onto his shaft before doing just the same with Tom Headman. Back and forth between the two with her mouth, as her hands held them straight, pointing them just where her mouth would be. Plentiful sucking but not quite enough to set the two gentlemen off.

“It’s nice,” she said, “but they are all so big!” She giggled, “a real mouthful — several real mouthfuls.”

Indeed, mouthfuls of cock. But so far that was all she had got. Would her mouth be filled by more than cock? Hector was certainly wondering that, as Zephyrine stood up and encouraged James Marlston and Tom Headman to sit. But it was not to him or them she went but to Frederick Trowse, the man who had just particularly pleasured her, and she knelt right between his legs. A grin up to him, a quiver from him of his grey moustache, and then she lowered her head and went down on him. Not that many minutes before Zephyrine had not sucked even one penis. She was now suckling upon her fourth! Good seeing her kneeling there, pink knees on the floor but her white socks not touching, her pink bottom poking out beneath her school blazer. This time the girl did not stop. There was no interruption by Stan as there had been with Hector, and perhaps Zephyrine did not think she needed to move on. She had had a little suck on all. There was no one waiting. Or perhaps she just wished to see, or rather feel and taste what would happen. And happen it did. So obvious to the other three gentlemen by the sudden and startled look upon Frederick Trowse’s face, a very definite quivering of his moustache, followed by a look of considerable contentment. He had done — was doing — that manly thing and in Zephyrine’s young mouth.

The girl came up, a little red in the face but licking her lips. Hector reached and brought out a neatly folded handkerchief but the girl shook her head and they all saw her swallow. That was quite a pleasure to them all, perhaps, but only perhaps, more to Frederick Trowse — it was his semen being swallowed after all.

“That’s all right,” gasped Zephyrine, “um, next?” She settled back in her seat and had James Marlston and Tom Headman come back to her. Both standing once more and, again, she took it in turns moving from one to the other and back again, until there was no need to return to Tom Headman. A pause whilst she got her breath back, and swallowed, and then she was mouthing James Marlston again, as Tom Headman sat back in his seat. It was all watched, the way Zephyrine allowed the penis almost to slip from her mouth, the point — and with James Marlston’s rather pointed knob, it was rather a point — just held by her lips and then her lips spreading out and widening as she pushed back down, the smooth membrane of his glans pushing her lips apart. In and out as the man stood there smiling. Hector and James Marlston the most interested in the ongoing proceedings. They had not yet come — and Hector was starting to wonder if there would be time for him as they could not now be that far from Zephyrine’s station. He was delighted to see James Marlston shudder and know the man was ejaculating. Not that he could see that — it was all so hidden in Zephyrine’s mouth. A private release! He watched her throat moving. She really was just letting ‘it’ slip down her throat. Would there be time enough for him — or had Zephyrine perhaps had enough?

The girl settled back against the seat back, blinking bursa sınırsız escort bayan a little and delightfully licking her lips. Was that really James Marlston’s ejaculate he could see on her lips before it was whisked away by her tongue. Semen or spit certainly!

Zephyrine turned to Hector. “I’d better put my skirt on before… I mean we are getting close.”

He nodded, his eyes dropping from her pretty young face to her triangle of curls. So delightful, nestled there between her thighs. What would it be like to have the opportunity to put his penis there. In the warm, wet place beneath, even just sliding between her lips not penetrating. “May I?” He asked and before she could put her skirt on, his fingers were burrowing down and into her. Fingers into her sex — where Hector would so like to put his penis. The girl stood and the other men wrapped her skirt around the girl and did it up. Hector just sat there, putting his wet fingers to his mouth. Between his legs his erection — the only one now left in the compartment — firm.

Skirt on, Zephyrine settled herself back in her seat and lent across and down. Once again Hector felt the soft, even hot and certainly wet lips and mouth descend over his penis, tongue tickling and stroking his so sensitive knob. The train began to slow.

Soft wet caresses running up and down his glans and beyond, tongue stroking and wriggling all over — along the coronal edge, around the fraenum, at the tip as it tickled the very end and the little slit. Exquisite sensations but all the time the train was slowing and coming into Zephyrine’s station stop.

Up and down the schoolgirl’s head bobbed in Hector’s lap, his large and swollen erection in her mouth.

“Old man, you really need to release — either Zephyrine or yourself!” James Marlston’s concerned voice as the train shuddered to a halt. It was going to be the latter. Hector felt his balls drawing up and knew that he was, all at once, past the point of no return. His penis was about to ‘speak’.

“I’m about to… Zephyrine!” He glanced up and to the window and to the platform and white painted fence at its rear edge. Then doors began to bang as people got off. Luckily no one choosing to exit via the front compartment with the four gentlemen and the rather bent over figure of a schoolgirl. Further along the platform Hector could see walking a tall and distinguished gentlemen, a man walking the wrong way, away from the exit. A gentlemen walking towards the end of the train and the first class compartments. Could that be Zephyrine’s father, come to collect her from the station?

Inarticulate noises as his penis spasmed and released in Zephyrine’s mouth. So pleasurable, so finger clenchingly enjoyable. Spurt after spurt released. Set off so perfectly and now going, almost unbelievably, into the girl’s mouth. But up the platform was coming her father and the sound of doors closing was now coming from the adjoining compartments. The train would be readying to leave.

Zephyrine pulled up, blinking, her tongue licking around her lips. The sudden sight of her face and, very clearly, semen — his own semen — on her tongue. And then she was grabbing her satchel, reaching for the door handle, the door opening and then being slammed and she was gone. Hector watched the girl go straight to the tall man, clear it was her father, and give him a kiss of greeting. The lips that had seconds before been clamped all around Hector’s so swollen erection giving ‘Daddy’ a peck on the cheek. The man clearly saw the gentlemen in their end compartment and brought his hand up in acknowledgement and greeting; seeing the so kind and respectable mature businessmen that he knew took care of Zephyrine on her journey home each day. If only he knew! Perhaps it was more she taking care of them — indeed!

He could not see, could not possibly see, but in the compartment the four immaculately besuited gentlemen waving back to him had, every man jack of them, his penis out of his fly. Three of them lolling all flaccid, yet looking suspiciously ‘spent’ and one completely rigid, sticking up in the air. A penis with a large helmet shaped glans, pale pink and purple fringed and, what was more, still oozing ‘cream’ and wet with his daughter’s saliva. No chance, luckily, for him to come further forward, and talk to them through the window. The train was already moving. What would he have thought? Indeed! What would he have said? But the train pulled away leaving him and Zephyrine on the platform and then they were out of sight.

“That was a bit close,” said James Marlston, “there’s not really time for all four of us is there? Nice to be with Zephyrine for longer. Undress her completely.”

“And we as well, I suppose,” said Hector as his penis shrank and fell over. “That was just so good.”

The men all nodded as they tucked themselves away and reached for their newspapers.

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