Just a Chance Ch. 02

I have taken the advice of a few reader and tried my best lengthen my chapters.

Everything written is fiction including people, locations, and companies. I edit the story myself so if there are any horrible mistakes I apologize and please disregard them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this chapter.


Sitting at my desk, I was still staring at the small piece of paper that was given to me the night before with the same questions buzzing through my head.

“Amelia? Have you read the email I sent you earlier?”

I hadn’t heard my door open and jumped at the sound of Amanda’s voice.

“Uh, not yet. What was it about again?”

She looked at me with an arched eyebrow.

“It’s the numbers you said you needed immediately.”

I shut my eyes tight trying to think through the fog of Lora and Mel, but the numbers she was referring to didn’t come to mind.

“I’m sorry I’ll look at those right now,” I said hoping she wouldn’t hear the pretense in my voice.

I began clicking away trying to enter into my email when I felt a hand stop my fingers.

“Hey, what’s with you? You aren’t usually this scattered brain.”

I sighed before moving my hands from the keys and closing the laptop.

“You’re right… I have a lot on my mind and Lora is back in town.”

Amanda’s usually poised and stern appearance relaxed a bit, something I didn’t see too often.

Amanda was a person I would call a professional best friend.

She was a beautiful blonde with blue eyes who was as tall as I was, but her personality was completely different.

She would always accuse me of being too lax, while I would mention that she was way too uptight. She always had a strict demeanor with me and hardly ever called us friends, even though we obviously were. It had always been about the business with her, so this small glance at the human being inside her was a small surprise.

She had always been this way as long as I could remember. We had both come from prominent families and even though we had known each other since childhood and went to the same schools, we were mostly rivals.

As we entered our college years and followed our respective paths that competition turned into admiration and friendship and we’ve been partners ever since.

I saw her a business goddess. I may be skilled as an engineer and the years at my father side may have prepared me to take over his business, but it was Amanda who truly helped keep everything on track.


Amanda set her stuff down and leaned against my desk.

“Amelia, you know after all these years we have gotten to know each other quite well. I might even go as far as calling us, close friends. I really don’t think we could run this company as effectively if we weren’t. So, I want to tell you, as a friend, something needs to change.”

I stiffen a bit at her remark. One thing I always cherished about Amanda was that she never questioned my personal life.

“I don’t normally get…”

“Don’t misunderstand me. I have seen how you look at Lora when she comes and visits you. Honestly, I don’t know how the girl doesn’t know you are in love with her or how you can keep your feelings bottled up like this. You need to do something, Amelia. Either fight for what you want or let it go. This whole,” she said while pointing at me, head to toe, “Is starting to get annoying.”

Her words may have sounded harsh to anyone else, but I saw real concern in her eyes.

I sat there quietly as I let the words sink in.

“You’re right. I can’t keep going like this.”

Amanda pushed off my desk taking her stuff back into her arms.

“Ok, now seriously look at those numbers I don’t want you falling behind on your work. In the meantime, I’m going to meet with the team leads.”

“Right,” I said with new determination, reopening my laptop, and focusing on the very important matters in front of me.

I was rubbing my temples as I finished the last pages of work I needed to have done tonight. Having my head filled with my personal problems had in fact gotten me behind and had required me to stay later than usual to catch up.

I was packing a few things to take home and review when my phone started ringing. I smiled when I saw the name on the caller ID, Lora.

“Amelia! Guess what?!”

I chuckled at her enthusiasm as I left the office.

“What? You found a better junk food place than Tim’s?”

“That is impossible, but I think you’re going to like the news.”

I could tell she was pausing to be dramatic.

“Come on, Lora, tell me.”

“Well, since you insist. I’m going to be Mel’s stunt double for her new movie and it’s being shot here in New York!”

I nearly froze in my tracks. Lora only stayed home between movies and this was the first time a movie would be shot here.

“That’s amazing Lora! I’m so happy for you!”

“Mel and I are going to celebrate. bursa escort bayan You should come out with us.”

I took a quick glance at my watch. It was already past eleven.

“Mind if I go in my work clothes?”

“Never, just get your butt down here to The Lantern.”

“I’ll see you in a few, bye.”


I shut my phone as I hurried to my car to drop off my stuff.

The Lantern was a bar close to Reid Engineering. Actually, it was walking distance. It was the bar Amanda and I would visit in times of decompressing and where we went when we were both just interns trying to learn the business.

As I pushed opened the familiar set of wooden doors the air around me filled with the sound of live music.

The crowd was a little thicker than usual and took me a moment to find Lora and Mel sitting at a corner table with the top already filled with a display of differently colored liquids.

As I walked up to them Lora quickly presented me with a shot. Tequila.

“To staying home, creating new memories, and friendships!” Lora said with more happiness I’ve seen in her eyes since she returned.


A few shots later Mel leaned over to Lora and began to whisper in her ear.

Mel’s warm eyes never left mine as I saw her lips move quickly and quietly. There was a heat emanating from them as she spoke that made my cheeks began to burn.

After what seemed like a few moments Lora gave her signature smile before saying, “Go for it!”

I looked at them in confusion as Mel walked around her and took my hand.

“Dance with me, Amelia.”

I quickly looked over at Lora who was now talking to a cute waitress. Almost as if feeling my eyes on her she turned and faced me.

“I’m ok. Have fun with Mel.”

She then turned her focus back to the waitress.

I was still watching Lora as I felt my body begin to move through the crowd to the dance floor.

Feeling Mel’s hands slid around my waist and her body begin to move against mine drew my attention to the woman in front of me.

The dance floor was packed and even if I wanted space between us it was virtually impossible. So instead of fighting it and sulking over Lora dismissal, I decided I would enjoy this and looked into the intense honey eyes that watched me.

“There you are,” Mel whispered as she moved in closer and placing her arms around my neck. Her fragrance enveloped me, and I couldn’t help, but close my eyes and take in the sweet and alluring scent.

Suddenly surprised, I stood almost frozen when she turned around and pressed her nice firm ass into my crouch. I restrained a moan when she began to dip low across down my body.

My hands instinctively went to the small of her back, waist, and with the beat of the music, I began to slowly caress her curves.

It would be an understatement to say she knew how to dance. With every touch and every breath against my skin, she made our dance into something between sweet seduction and painful desire. I could feel my body warming up against hers and a low spark beginning to form in the pit of my stomach.

She pulled me in so close our bodies were pressed tightly against each other and leaving almost nothing to the imagination, yet I wanted to feel more. I wasn’t sure if she realized but with each breath against my ear and the sensitive skin beneath it sent shivers down to my core.

“Amelia, you’re so hot,” she whispered as my body trembled against her.

I allowed my desires to take over and leaned down. Feeling my eyes flutter closed when our mouths connected almost instantly. The kiss was fiery and passionate as her hands roamed over my body.

Before we ended up giving the people around us a show I pulled back.

Reason was now slamming into me.

“I can’t.”

The look on her face was still filled with desire and confidence as she pulled me back into another heated kissed.

The kiss lasted only a few moments before she pulled away slightly.

“Don’t worry. I talked to Lora and told her my intentions this afternoon. I don’t want a fling, Amelia. I truly want to get to know you and I feel you might want the same?”

I was hesitant for a moment. If there could ever be anything between me and Lora she would have said something to Mel.

After seventeen years of wondering if Lora had any feelings for me outside our friendship this should be the answer, right?

“I do.”

“Then let me take you on a date tomorrow?”

I smiled at the beautiful woman in front of me.

“That sounds great.”


I couldn’t understand the pain in my chest as I watched my best friend dance with another woman. It’s not like I hadn’t seen it before, but I could feel something was different this time.

I hadn’t realized I was staring till I heard the huff of the redheaded waitress I was hitting on.

I turned in time to watch her storm off.

My fisted clenched when I görükle escort turned back and now saw that they were kissing. I had to look away to calm myself.

“Seriously Lora,” I said to myself as I moved my hand through my hair. “Get a grip.”

I knew I really needed to stop. I knew she was my best friend and how important that friendship was to both of us.

I couldn’t let these feeling blossom any further.

As they walked back to the table I took a quick shot of whatever was in front of me. Feeling the strong burn had taken the edge away from what I had witnessed on the dance floor, but also made me start questioning my motives.

How had I allowed Mel to enter Amelia’s life like this? Of course, I wanted them to meet and become friends, but an item?

Mel had even asked if there had been something between us and I knew I could have said anything, and Mel would have backed off, but I didn’t.

The true question was what did I really feel about Amelia?

Trying to avoid the questions in my head the rest of the evening seemed to last forever, and I found myself becoming more and more agitated.

“Hey, you ok?”

I looked into Amelia’s light green eyes and saw how she pursed her full lips in concern.

The liquid courage had given me the boldness to really look at Amelia.

She was absolutely stunning even in her work clothes. She stood close to five feet, eight inches tall and could have easily been a model. Her figure was smooth with just the right curves of someone who worked out but didn’t live in the gym.

My mouth watered as my eyes met her breast. They were pushed snuggly against her blouse. I had avoided looking at them as she removed her jacket earlier in the evening, but now I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

Her body was just so perfectly created and was the envy of all the women who saw her.

Her beautiful long light brown hair was down but styled in a way that still gave her the aura of being someone important, someone who is to be respected as any CEO should.

The cherry on top was her light green eyes with the dark ring around her irises that emboldened her gaze and mesmerized anyone who looked into them.

It took me a second to snap out of my trance as I smiled and tried to suppress the deep attraction I had started to feel in the pit of my stomach.

“I’m great! We’re celebrating, aren’t we! Let’s take another round of shots!” I said as I waved at the waiter.

I knew Amelia would see passed my façade, she always did, but I couldn’t tell her the feeling that were arising or why. It felt it was too soon after what happened with Valentina…

I shook my head as the waiter came by and after that last shot, I realized I had taken one too many. Did it stop me from drinking? No.

It didn’t take long before I noticed chunks of time were missing from my memory and somehow, I had ended up in a car looking out the window.

I looked around the vehicle in confusion until I saw Amelia in the driver seat.

“Hey, …you’re too drunk to drive…”

Her laugh filled the small space and I couldn’t help but smile.

“No, sweetie, you’re too drunk to drive especially after you took my last few shots.”

I thought really hard trying to remember, but nothing came to mind.

I looked back towards her as she examined me. God, she gave me chills.

“Amelia you’re fucking hot.”

She laughed again. I couldn’t understand why she was laughing I was being serious, but all she did was pat my leg as she continued driving.

“My home or yours?”


Now I was definitely confused. That was the usual phrased I used when I was about to take women to my house for a fuck.

“I don’t want you throwing up all over your apartment alone, but mine is closer so I’m giving you a choice.”

I sighed in relief, but for some reason also felt a little disappointed.

She glanced at me again.

“Maybe that was too much to ask the woman who was trying to hit on the coat rack.”

“I did?” I asked scratching my head.

“Yup thought it was a blonde then you threw up in the trash can next to it.”

“Ugh…” I groaned as I covered my face. “I can’t believe I did that. I don’t even remember.”

“Ok, so my house it is.”

Trying to keep from further embarrassing myself I tried to focus on not throwing up and lost track of time. Too soon, I felt her arms around me helping me out of the seat.

“Come on let’s get you inside.”

The halls seemed to be moving and everything was in a haze before we made it to her penthouse. It had taken everything in my being not to throw up on her.

As we entered I was hit with the scent I could only describe as Amelia.

It gave me a feeling a security and it was a scent I could just sit and relish in.

As we walked through her massive living room I was conscious enough to know she was leading me to her guest bedroom, but I stopped my feet and in return stopped bursa escort bayan her.

“I don’t want to sleep alone.”

Again, she looked at me with that look of concern. I knew this was out of character for me. Never have I ever asked to sleep with her, well, not since we were kids.

I was glad when she didn’t ask questions and turned us around towards her room. She sat me on her bed as she went to the restroom.

I tried my best to get my shoes off or even my shirt, but apparently, my limbs decided not to listen to me.

Before I knew it, Amelia was standing in front of me with a glass of water. As she handed it to me she began to help me out of my clothes.

I knew the way she touched me meant nothing to her, but her fingertips left me wanting more. They were just so soft, so delicate, and caring against my skin. My body just craved her touch, no it craved and needed her love…

I nearly dropped my glass.

Her love? I want her to love me?


I looked up into her eyes.

“I got some clothes you can wear. I’m going to get cleaned up and I’ll be back in here in a sec. Promise to finish that water before I come back, ok?”

I just nodded as she placed the neatly stacked clothes on the bed next to me and left towards her restroom.

I emptied the glass and changed to the best of my abilities before I crawled into bed. I managed to curl myself into a ball smothering myself with her smell. I was nearly asleep when I felt the shift of the mattress.

I felt the sting of tears as she wrapped her arms around me. I didn’t even have to ask. She knew I needed to talk about the weight on my chest.

“Tell me what happened.”

I knew I had to tell her, but I still felt myself shrink into her even more.

“I met one of the film’s female executives, Valentina. She was the one who got me the overseas job. She was beautiful, exotic, and absolutely charming. She was everything I thought I wanted and I fell in love with her, hard. I was so stupid then. How had did I expected someone like her to actually love me?”

I turned and faced Amelia. I couldn’t see her face in the dark, but I felt her brush her hand across my cheek urging me to continue.

“She bought me gifts, took me to expensive places, lavished me with attention, and all that time I thought it was because she loved me too. A few months before I returned home we had dinner with one of her friends, Camilla. She was as rich as she was beautiful. Towards the end of the night, she slid next to me on the couch and before I even realized what was happening her hand was moving up my dress and nearly sliding inside me. I quickly moved it away and knew I was wearing this shocked expression on my face as I stared at Valentina for help, but instead of helping me she laughed.”

I took a deep breath. No matter if it had been months before that moment was seared into my memory.

“I asked what was going on and she simply replied that she wanted her friend to have a taste before I left. That I wouldn’t regret it and that Camilla would compensate me for my time. I still remember standing there dumbfounded as Camilla stood from the couch and came over to me and began to kiss my neck. I had started to push her away but stopped when I saw the stern look in Valentina’s eyes as she spoke. ‘I promised her a taste and after everything I have done for you, you should at least give her one.’ I was so shocked, so hurt that I dropped my arms and gave them everything. I realized then I had never been Valentine’s girlfriend, nor did her feeling even come close to the love I felt for her. I was nothing more than her property, her toy she played with on set and shared with her friends. Those last months we filmed I reached a point I didn’t even know who I was anymore. When I had completed my last scene, I was finally released from my shackles. I wanted to run, to come home but I couldn’t. I needed to find myself again, so I took a few months on my own and waited for Mel and Travis to finish before I returned.”

I let the breath I hadn’t realized I had been holding out.

“I had kept what happened to me a secret all this time, even from Mel and Travis. I had always been told to be careful that those types of things happened, but I never thought it would happen to me. It changed me.”

I felt Amelia pull me in and warm moisture began to soak through the shirt.

“You should have called me, Lora. I would have gotten you out. I would have saved you.”

I wrapped my arms around her.

“I know you would have.”

I may have told her my darkest secrets, but I kept another closer to my heart. The one that I realized during those three months I was finding myself. That at my lowest, when I felt I had no one and wanted to run away, there was only one place that came to mind, and it was not my home in New York, but my home next to her. To the safety and love, I always felt when I was with her. Even if the love she gave me was just friendship I hadn’t realized how I had taken it for granted till then.


As the morning rays entered my bedroom I watched as Lora slept next to me. Like the time on the couch, she held me tightly to her. I could see the pain from last night had faded except for a shade of green that seemed to be a constantly present.

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