Karen’s Second Time (Old Lesbian)

Karen’s second lesbian experience

Julie taught me so much about love, about caring, about caressing and love making. I was so amazed about the gradual and long lasting foreplay methods. Almost every cell tingled with excitement as she touched me and assisted me to learn.

At times, the teacher (Julie) wanted to know if I the student (Karen) was learning. She would play the innocent girl and I would play the lesbian teacher. She would gently suggest and help me if I was too timid or too strong and too fast (generally my issue). Was I in tune with my partner?

I remembered the nights with my husband when I did have a headache or (to be really honest) just didn’t want sex. Sex with him (and I suppose) sex with any man would be like that. He had a little foreplay (why didn’t I tell him what turned me on and what didn’t; and why he needed to go slow to warm me up); then he would suck my breasts (I did love that, but for him it was all working towards the ‘big conclusion’ – when he could cum and he would be done – and I would barely be at ‘warm’ not simmering or boiling or hot.

For my second experience, other than Julie and her partner Mandie, I wanted to try somebody new. Somebody maybe like me – a widow, with deep seated needs that weren’t ever going to be awakened. I thought and thought of old acquaintances and who might be similar to me that I would like, and who would be close enough (location wise) to have a relationship. My mind kept drifting to Kathy Collins, an old friend from campus who retired two years before me. It was Kathy who suggested I rent out my extra room to a college student. We were Facebook friends and I liked seeing her posts and her activities. Like me, she was a widow, although her husband had been gone ten years. I knew she had tried dating again, but that hadn’t done much for her. I talked about how to seduce Karthy with Julie. It might take some time, as Julie had been renting my extra bedroom for almost two months when we became intimate.

I sent Kathy a note on Facebook – asking how she was; how her family was doing; etc. That opened a dialog between us – we were now ‘old friends’ again. I asked her if she wanted to do lunch at Panera Bread. She agreed and two days later, I picked her up at her apartment and we drove to Panera. We both had a nice ‘pick two’ lunch of salad and soup (me) and half-sandwich and salad (her) and we sat and talked about work, retirement, being widows alone and more.

It was a nice lunch meeting. A couple of times I talked about Julie as the young lady renting my room. I told her about her friend coming for weekend visits and how nice they both were. I hinted that they were lesbians. Kathy didn’t react badly to that. She agreed that they must be a nice couple and wasn’t it nice that they could be married. That seemed positive. I touched her hand a few times and she let me do that and she put her hand on top of mine a couple of times as well.. As we left I gave her a gentle but loving hug and she hugged me back a little tighter. I could tell she was very happy to be out with me. At her house I gave her another hug and a kiss on the cheek.

The orhangazi escort next week, Kathy invited me to her house. She made a light lunch for us – some sandwiches, cole slaw, green salad and gooey chocolate bars for dessert. We talked again and again hugged when we meet and again when I left. She seemed to like the kiss and when I tried to kiss her, she met my kiss with her lips briefly.

Again, I talked a little more explicitly about having a lesbian in my condo. She mentioned that her niece was a lesbian and was such a loving and warm person. Hmmm I thought, could we be leading up to something.

The week after than I hosted lunch at my house. Julie was there to help cook, since she was a wonderful cook and for Kathy to see what a nice girl she was. After a hug and cheek kiss at the door, we settled down for lunch – the three of us. Kathy asked Julie about her students and what she thought of Texas and the university. She subtly switched as she asked “Karen indicated that you and your girlfriend are considering marriage. That’s nice. How soon might that be.”

Julie took the cue nicely and went on about how she and Mandie were so close and compatible and how much they loved each other. Kathy asked if there had been a man in her life. I hadn’t heard this before and Julie went into a story about a man who she had been close to and how he was sleeping with several girls and was really a jerk and didn’t really love her then how he had hit her and hurt her.. Julie broke down a couple of times as she remembered the incidence. Kathy soothed Julie by placing her hand on Julie’s hand and saying that men could be such jerks. Julie excused herself, cleared the table, loaded the dishwasher and said she needed to get to campus.

After she left, Kathy said ‘what a nice young lady. I hope she and her partner will be happy together.”

We talked longer, and I kept biting my tongue as I wanted to bridge the gap towards a relationship between us. I held her hand as I talked about the pain in my life from my husband’s death and how I missed him. She also talked about her husband and how they had become just two people and not all that intimate. I finally couldn’t hold it.

I agreed how couples can drift apart and the marriage becomes two people living two lives, living together. I talked of the despair and loneliness. Then I eased into talking how Julie had helped me find love and value in life again. Kathy sat up attentively. Leaning on her elbows on the table and taking in every word.

When I stopped Kathy asked “You and your roomer had a relationship?”

My answer was of course “Yes.” plus “And a very satisfying one. I was hurting and Julie came to me so gently and positively.”

Kathy was quiet and I was quiet too for maybe three minutes – looking at each other. Kathy finally spoke very quietly “Karen, could you hug me too?”

I moved my chair next to her chair and hugged her and then kissed her fully on the lips. This time it wasn’t just a quick peck, but a lingering, meaningful kiss. Kathy reached her hand behind my head and pulled me closer to nilüfer escort her. My right hand found her torso and I could feel her relax in my touch. Our kiss continued as I put my tongue into her mouth. I thought that might turn her off, but found a tongue to meet mine. Her hand strayed to my knee and then up my thigh and then to the outside of my hips. I decided to be bold, so I put my right hand on her breast through her blouse and bra. That opened everything.

Kathy whispered to me “Karen, would you believe that I wanted you in Panera at that first lunch. Your hugs and kisses stirred something deep inside of me.” We kissed deeply again. Then Kathy added “Can we go to your bedroom?”

My heart bounced out of my chest. I quickly whispered back “yes, yes, yes. Let’s go to my bedroom. I want you Kathy, I want to make love to you and you to me.”

Kathy answered “But, I don’t know how to make love to a woman; and it has been over ten years since I was anyone and that was my late husband.”

I assured her “I was like you until Julie came along. Come, let’s go to my bedroom.”

So here I was in a different and maybe more comfortable relationship. An old friend, widowed and lonely just like I was. Yes, she had saggy breasts; yes, she had extra weight (but so do I on both of those counts). I was feeling very cozy with an old friend and going into my bedroom for a loving romp.

At the door, I removed her shoes, blouse and skirt and she did the same for me. It would have been a great picture – two ladies one 69 and one 71 standing next to each other with nothing by bras and panties on.

I decided I needed to lead her on this first experience. I worked my hands and lips up her legs from her toes to her calves to her knees and to her thighs. I could sense she was wet and ready, but I wanted her to have a great experience.

I went to her belly and kissed around her belly, and then moved up a little. Kathy moaned as I neared her breasts, but I went to her arms and kissed up her arm to her shoulder. I came close to her breasts or to her vaginal area several times with my kissed and touched in the next several minutes but always stopped short. If foreplay was important (and it was for a woman), I was working like a pro.

The next time I nuzzled her tummy, she pulled my head to her left breast with great desire. I attacked with sucks on her nipples and kissed and tiny nibbles around her breasts. Kathy moaned again and again with great pleasure.

I stopped and told her “I’m going down on you”. I’m pretty sure she understood as she spread her legs wide and put her own finger into her vagina.

I nibbled up her inside thigh and then around her pussy opening. I took her pussy lips into my mouth at the same time I squeezed a finger into her pussy. She was SO wet it was soon running down my finger.

At what I thought was the right time, my tongue started to like her clitoris in a clockwise fashion – lightly at first. Her body shuddered under my tongue and I was rewarded with her orgasm. She whispered “I haven’t reached orgasm like that in 40 years”. I didn’t türbanlı escort stop until I had licked her clean, and then like Julie (and Mandie before me) I raised my mouth to her mouth to share her juices between us. Her juices were somehow a little different than Julie’s – probably different foods and exercises and activities, but they were the love juices of an old friend and were SOOO good.

I returned to her breasts and her pussy with kisses and massages and once again excited her again. I felt her body let go and the flow of wet secretions onto my tongue again.

That afternoon I gave and I took both. Kathy didn’t quite know what to do, so I gave her an exciting time and I took the joy and excitement of having a friend with me in bed. Exhausted, she said “I need to rest, you’ve given me the joy of love and friendship.” Soon both of us were asleep, my right hand on her thigh, her hand on my vagina. We slept for at least two hours. Kathy was still asleep with I heard the door open. I carefully removed myself from Kathy, put on a housedress and robe and quietly left my bedroom, shutting the door silently behind me. Julie was in the kitchen with a smile. I put my finger on my lips to indicate ‘be quiet’. Motioning to her to follow me to the bathroom. There I told Julie about my time with my old friend and how great it had been. I went back to the bedroom, but didn’t fall back asleep. I looked at Kathy peacefully slumbering away in my bed, naked and with a huge smile on her face. I saw there were some wet spots on the sheets – but I knew that I could do the laundry to fix those. I had peace in my heart.

About 10 minutes later, Kathy rolled over and somehow sensed that she was in my bed, naked and happy. She looked up at me with big eyes and said “That was wonderful”; and I replied “Yes, it was” and as I said it, leaned over and kissed her deeply on her lips. She closed her eyes for a minute, and then as if remembering something said “But, I didn’t touch you or love you”.

I answered that quickly and easily “Kathy, my dear friend, today was for you; to learn to love again, to learn to feel joy deep into your body and into your heart. We’ll have other times for you to make love to me.”

She paused again and said quietly “I love you”; and I replied “I love you too”.

In ten more minutes of bliss Kathy got up and showered and dressed. Julie was in the kitchen working on a new recipe for dinner. She smiled deeply at Kathy.

Kathy said “I don’t know what part you had in this afternoon; but I think you were at the bottom of waking me up. Thank you”.

Julie wrapped her arms around Kathy and myself and the three of stood there in the kitchen, full of live and love.


That, of course was the start of a special relationship. At one point Kathy suggested marriage for the two of us. We passed on the idea as we each had our families to deal with and with plenty of income for both of us, having marriage was not going to bring us much, other than making our lives one; and we were really functioning as one.

Kathy did take her time to please me and of course I got to please her, frequently. Julie and Mandi tried to get Kathy to join them for a sexual encounter, but Kathy had found all that she needed in me.

Kathy and I were honored guests at Julie and Mandie’s wedding, and maybe, just maybe we had as much fun as the two newlyweds did that night!!

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