Kelly , Haley’s Summer Ch. 02

Haley lay back with the rest of the world a distant thing. Her orgasm had been the most powerful she could ever remember; she had cum this way before by fisting herself to a multiple orgasm, but never had it been so strong. As her senses returned and Haley once again became aware of the world, she felt a new and delightful sensation in her pussy, and as she slowly opened her eyes she saw the reason why: Kelly’s face was between her legs and her tongue was lapping away with carefree abandon at her pussy.

Haley’s new sub, Kelly, knew that she should not be doing what she was doing, but for some reason she could not stop herself. The taste of her best friend’s juices were so good, so sweet and strong, and once again she had the same sensations in her pussy that she’d felt only moments ago when she had masturbated.

Haley looked down upon her friend with a smile, as deliciously dirty thoughts ran trough her mind. Haley realised that this was her opportunity to take possession of Kelly. This new feeling of pleasure was wonderful; it was similar to when she rubbed her clitoris, but at the same time it was completely different, more sensual and powerful. As much as she wanted this to continue Haley knew that she would have to stop Kelly if she was succeed in her plan to enslave Kelly.

“What the fuck do you think your doing?” Haley said loudly with an angry expression on her face that hid her true emotions. Startled, Kelly jumped back into the chair, her full breasts swaying and her mouth and face covered in pussy juice.

“I.I.I.I..,” Kelly stammered in shock. “Jesus,” Kelly thought to herself, “what was I doing? Haley would tell the other girls at college that I was a dirt dyke. God she might even tell my parents – they would kill me!”

Haley knew this was her opportunity and grasped it, quickly sitting up and facing Kelly looking deliberately into Kelly’s deep brown eyes, still with her shirt and bra open and her hard puffy nipples on display, her red tie hanging between her breasts and skirt pulled up exposing her dripping, panty-less, almost hairless dripping pussy.

“You’re a dyke, a fucking dirty les! Is that how you get your kicks, licking out helpless girls cunts? I bet it is. I bet when you were fucking yourself earlier, you were having dirty thoughts about me, weren’t you? I bet you were imagining it was me rubbing your dirty lezzo clit!”

Haley didn’t give Kelly a chance to answer, as tears welled in Kelly’s vulnerable brown eyes. “Admit it, you’re nothing but a dirty lesbian whore. Admit it dyke, admit it now!”

As Haley said this she sprang to her feet and looked down on her soon-to-be slave. “”Admit it, you cunt slut, you filthy dirty dyke! I bet you lie in bed at night dreaming about going down on my beautiful cunt, licking my clit, and fingering my arsehole.” There was a distinct tone of anger in her voice and in her face as she leered down at Kelly’s naked body.

Terrified of what her best friend might say or do, Kelly now had tears running down her cheeks. At the same time her sexual excitement was steadily growing, her nipples and clitoris getting ever harder while her pussy grew wetter and wetter. What Haley didn’t know was that her verbal assault on her friend was hitting very close to the mark. Kelly had often fantasised about going down on Haley; now she knew the true delight of what this meant. As Kelly sat, trembling, in the wicker chair, Haley’s verbal attack continued.

“You make me fucking sick, whore! All those times I’ve let you see me naked in the changing room!” With this, Haley reached down and forcibly seized Kelly’s face and lifted it up so she could look her in the eyes as she humiliated her. “I bet that got you fucking hot, I bet your little cunt started dripping like a tap! Just thinking about you makes me fucking sick, whore!” But as Haley was saying this the hot juice from her pussy was flowing down her legs and landing on her toes.

“I should tell everyone at college about you, I should put your picture up and write next to it DIRTY LESBIAN WHORE, STAY AWAY! Christ, you’re hot now aren’t you, I can smell it, you dirty slag.” With this Haley drew breath and spat in Kelly’s face. Kelly flinched, but Haley’s grip was too strong, and she then began to rub her spit around Kelly’s face, as she did so chanting, “Whore, whore, whore!” in a shrill crescendo. As her finger reached Kelly’s beautiful full lips she pushed it in, finding that Kelly, against her own will instinctively began to suck and lick at Haley’s spit-covered digit.”You are a dirty little lesbian whore, aren’t you? You can’t resist, even now. Do you know what I’m going to do whore? I’m going to make you my cunt slave.”

At these words the terror began to slip away from Kelly’s mind, only to be replaced by new anxieties: what did Haley mean “cunt slave”?

“You will be my slave, you will do anything I order, you will worship my cunt and you will call me mistress,” Haley said as her eyes lit up and a smile spread across bursa yabancı escort her face. “Now, cunt slave, answer me, are you my fucking slave?”

“Yes,” Kelly said submissively.

“Yes what, whore?”

“Yes mistress.” As Kelly said this the smile on Haley’s face grew, and she began to laugh, as Kelly, now free from being denounced as a dyke, began to wonder what was in store for her.

“What to do with you whore, what to do?” A thousand dirty thoughts raced across Haley’s mind. “Take my clothes off me, whore!” Haley ordered.


“”Yes mistress” is how you address me, whore!”

“Yes mistress,” Kelly said humbly.

“You will be punished for your insolence, whore,” Haley snarled as she turned her back to the still sitting Kelly.

Kelly was worried by what she had meant by “punished,” but at the same time she was also excited. Dutifully Kelly slowly pulled Haley’s now sweat-soaked shirt from her back, as she did so noticing that Haley’s tan ran unfettered across her back, she had no tanlines anywhere. Next she unhooked Haley’s lacy white bra, as she did this daring to brush her hand slowly across her mistress’ now rock-hard nipples, albeit Haley showed no reaction to Kelly’s touch.

Sinking to her knees to remove Haley’s skirt, slowly pulling it down her sleek tanned body, Kelly received a breathtaking close up view of her new controller’s bottom – hard and athletic, unlike her own softly rounded backside.

Haley then turned back round to face Kelly, whose eyes were at the same level of Haley’s near-bald, gleaming pussy. “Stay were you are, bitch, on your knees!”

“Yes mistress,” Kelly enthusiastically replied, now beginning to relish her new role.

“Well done. Now, I need to cum. You may worship my cunt.” As Haley spoke she pulled off her tie and lay back down on the bed, opening her legs for her new slave.

KELLY: “Thank you mistress,” I replied as I once again took up a position between Haley’s delightful legs. She was still wet from earlier when she had put her whole fist inside herself, and her aroma now hit me full force. I again started to lick across her clitoris, though still unsure of quite what to do. I knew that rubbing my bud had always pleased me, as I had demonstrated to Haley, and to have it licked must have felt great. A million thoughts rushed trough my head as I went down on her: why had she said those things earlier? Why had I began to lick her out, what would happen to me now I was Haley’s “cunt slave”?

Putting these thoughts out of my mind as I concentrated on pleasing my mistress, I ran my tongue over her clit, in circles then vertically then horizontally, at the same time rubbing my fingers across the folds of pussy and occasionally her opening. As I did this I noticed how wet Haley was – when I rub myself I became wet, but never like this – juice was oozing out of her (but I guess this was no surprise, considering how earlier she had erupted, juice spilling out of her pussy, when she had her orgasm.

HALEY: The sensation of Kelly’s tongue rubbing accrues my clit felt wonderful, and with hands free I could concentrate on my swollen nipples, which were as hard as I could ever remember them being, they were sticking out like pencil erasers. I pulled at the right one, extending it as far as it would go, then releasing it, letting it flick back, while the left I constantly rubbed and tweaked rather then roughly pulling at it. I was getting hotter and hotter as Kelly’s tongue moved quicker and quicker over my clit.

But this still wasn’t enough for me: I told my new cunt slave to stick her fingers in my hungry cunt. At first she fumbled around, only inserting a fingertip, but I ordered her to stick the whole thing in, which she did, soon finding a steady rhythm I was in heaven; the penetration coupled with the sensation of having my clit lick was blissful.

Still I wanted more. “Put three fingers in my cunt, bitch, and slip one in my arsehole,” I demanded breathlessly.

KELLY: “Yes mistress,” I responded, with a husky voice, pulling my finger out of Haley’s pussy and sticking it into her arsehole. Her hole was so tight it felt nothing like her slick and lubricated pussy, and at first I found it hard to get in but, as I pushed in further, the pussy juice on my finger made it easier. I pushed three fingers of my left hand into Haley’s dripping pussy, almost the direct opposite to her arsehole, wet and willing to be penetrated, although it was still a tight fit. I was still finding it hard to believe what was happening: here I was in my best friend’s bedroom, with half my left hand inserted into her pussy, a finger in her arsehole, and I was licking her clit.

I soon found a rhythm, as I pushed into her pussy withdrawing from her arsehole, then as I pushed into her arsehole I withdrew form her pussy. The only problem was finding room to get to her clitoris with my tongue. Haley herself found a solution to this, telling bursa sınırsız escort me to move my head back so she could see what was happening. No longer having to pay attention to her clit, it was much easier for me to concentrate on fingering her pussy and arsehole, and it also allowed me to take in the beauties of my mistress. She was a glorious sight, her slender tanned body covered in sweat, her chest and face having taken on a more reddish tone as she became flushed with pleasure. The best sight of all was my slave fingers buried it my mistress’ magnificent pussy, her juices everywhere, soaking my fingers, oozing out of her pussy even as I filled it with my fingers, all this with barley a hair to be seen. Truly a sight to behold! The pleasure she must have been receiving was beyond my wildest dreams, I could only hope that she would do the same to me one day.

HALEY: “That’s a good cunt slave,” I said breathlessly as Kelly put her fingers in my holes, this time more assuredly. It felt wonderful to have my arse and cunt filled at the same time, the stinging in my arse combined beautifully with the pleasure from my cunt. Best of all was the fact that it was my slave doing it, as I had ordered her to.

But I still knew that she was not completely mine. First I would have to punish her to ensure she stayed in-line and then complete her humiliation to guarantee her spirit was broken, then, to top it off, go down on her to show her the pleasure I could bring her if she obeyed.

I ordered her to resume, so I could see myself being fucked by my little slave girl. I watched as Kelly’s fingers rhythmically pumped into me, filling my pussy and arse. I also took a good look at my new possession, those wonderful tits swaying in time, nipples as hard as rocks, her pale skin flushed and those perfect lips smeared with my nectar, which she occasionally licked off.

I couldn’t wait to violate that little arsehole and break that hymen that I knew was still in place, but this would have to wait: today’s time was running short and I would need some supplies for that task. As the thought of fucking by best friend turned slave girl ran across my mind I felt the beginning of my orgasm.

I stop playing with my nips and move my hands down to my cunt, with my left I begin to rub my clit, while I slip my right-hand fingers in-between those of my slave so as to better feel her fucking me. As my orgasm steadily gathers, I scream at Kelly to go harder and faster and deeper, and she obeys. Then, coming closer to my orgasm the nectar from my cunt goes from torrent to tidal wave, pouring out of Kelly’s and my intertwined fingers. My orgasm hits , and I am washed away on a sea of bliss, as pure pleasure erupts throughout my body. I lie there, my head thrown backwards and my best friend’s fingers deep in my cunt and arsehole. Looking up I see a proud smile on my slave’s face.

“Well done, slut you have pleased your mistress,” Haley said once her orgasm had subsided.

“Thank you mistress,” Kelly responded proudly.

Haley took a moment to catch her breath then told her slave to fetch two large bottles of water and to put on her bra and panties again, and be ready for her “punishment.”

Kelly again faced mixed emotions, proud that she had pleased her mistress, but now she was to face her punishment for the earlier disobediences.

Haley ordered her to drink one of the bottles of water while she drank the other, and after downing two litres of water each, Kelly in only her light grey cotton pants and bra turned to face her mistress, ready for her punishment. “Bend over my lap, bitch.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Haley sat on the edge of the bed with her legs close together and feet firmly planted on the floor. Kelly was somewhat unsure what she meant, but attempted what she thought was correct, lying across Haley’s outstretched legs with her arse in the air and her pussy and breasts pressed against either side of Haley’s legs.

“Bring your arse up higher, slut.”

“Yes mistress.” As Haley firmly rubbed Kelly’s arse, eyeing her target. Kelly now realised what her punishment would be: a spanking. Her worry increased but so did her sexual excitement, her nipples and clitoris became harder, pressing against Haley’s soft flesh. Haley noticed Kelly’s pussy getting wetter as a damp patch spread in her pants, and thought she would encourage this by giving it a quick rub. Kelly responded by letting out a quite moan, and her mistress was pleased to see that her slave was going to enjoy her spanking.

“After each stroke of your spanking, I want you to thank your mistress and ask for another. Understood whore?”

“Yes, mistress,” Kelly responded meekly. Then without warning she felt Haley’s hand come crashing down on her backside. Kelly felt a hot, stinging sensation across her bum. It hurt, albeit not as much as she had feared; somehow the pain coupled with her own sexual excitement gave her a sudden görükle escort rush of pleasure. She quickly remembered her orders: “Thank you mistress, may I have another?”

Haley was thrilled to see her slave performing so well, and also noticed the growing patch of pussy juice in Kelly’s panties. She aimed her next blow slightly lower so that half her hand hit Kelly’s pussy. As it connected, Haley noticed Kelly’s body shudder with the force of the blow. Although she herself was not receiving any direct sexual stimulation, Haley found her cunt was again wettening, soaking the already damp sheets. She grabbed a lock of Kelly’s hair and pulled back hard, forcing her slave’s head upwards.

“Thank you mistress, may I have another?” Kelly pleaded, practically in the ear of her mistress. She noticed how this blow had hit her pussy and found it to be even more exciting then the first, and as she asked for her next blow she felt a growing sense of anticipated pleasure.

“You enjoyed that didn’t you, slut? You really are a dirty little fucking lesbian whore!” Haley hissed as she continued to administer the punishment, each time she did her blows being met by the call of “Thank you mistress, may I have another?”

After the 20th blow, Haley stopped, realising that if she continued for much longer, Kelly would cum there in her lap, and she did not want that just yet.

She now took a moment to admire her handiwork: Kelly was covered in sweat that had seeped into her bra, and her panties were soaking wet with the discharge from her pussy. Haley then pulled down Kelly’s panties to reveal a bum covered in pussy juice and sweat, and an even better sight: the white skin of Kelly’s backside had turned a vibrant shade of red, and as Haley stared down she could just make out hand shaped markings. “Get up slave!”

Kelly rolled off Haley’s lap and slowly stood up on unsteady feet, pulling up her panties. The pressure that had been growing in her bladder throughout her punishment, coupled with her need for sexual release, was become almost unbearable. “Please, mistress, I need to pee!” Kelly begged in desperation.

“So bitch, you need to piss? Very well, come with me.”

“Yes mistress.” Kelly followed her naked mistress to the toilet and when the two girls entered the bathroom, Kelly quickly pulled down her panties and made for the toilet.

“Bitch, did I say you could piss? Did I even say you could remove your panties?” Haley barked angrily.

“No mistress, sorry mistress,” Kelly said apologetically as she struggled to pull up her panties and move away from the toilet.

“Whore, get into the bathtub, put the plug in and lie down!”

“Yes mistress.” Kelly did as she was told, but wondered why she was being ordered into the bath.

Her answer soon came as Haley stepped into the bathtub and positioned herself above Kelly.

KELLY: Oh god, she’s going to piss on me, but why? I pleased her, I took my punishment exactly as she told me to.

“Open your month bitch,” Kelly did as she was told. “Now, bitch it’s time for your final humiliation.”

Kelly knew what was coming: her best friend was going to urinate on her. But she felt excited by what was coming with her submission to her beautiful mistress.

With great deliberation, Haley began to piss on Kelly – slowly at first, but the pressure of the two fresh litres in her bladder soon lent urgency to the process, and her piss-jet hit Kelly square in the face, running all over her hair, into her eyes, but most of all her wide-open month, quickly filling it and spilling. Kelly choked a little; before it began she had been sickened by the very idea of a gobful of urine, but now that it was in her mouth it tasted good, salty and pungent, she liked it. She swallowed down what was in her gullet, and again as Haley’s continuing stream refilled it.

“You like that don’t you, bitch; you love the taste of my piss?” Haley teased as she moved down and began to piss on Kelly’s chest, paying particular attention to her large breasts. Kelly’s already damp bra was quickly soaked through, her nipples protruding, and Haley could clearly make out the contours of her smallish areolas. With the bra sopping with piss Haley shifted her aim down to her slave’s pelvis and without pause started to inundate her panties as well.

Kelly began to play with her tingling, hard-strawberry nipples through her urine-drenched bra, seeking her desperately needed release., as Haley dribbled out the last of her bladder-load, soaking the few parts of Kelly’s panties that had not already been impregnated with cunt-slop. As the last droplets of piss emerged, Haley brought her hand to her pee-hole and caught her own piss in her hand, then brought it to Kelly to lick clean. Kelly lapped up the small quantity and licked Haley’s hand clean, as completely as someone emerging from the desert would his first drink.

“That’s it, bitch. Drink up!”

As Haley stepped out of the bathtub to survey her work, she saw that Kelly was drenched in urine from head to toe, and the prominent shapes of her pussy lips could be seen through her panties, as could her hard clitoris, and even the tangled curls of pubic hair.

Kelly began to push her self up from the bathtub, but as she did Haley pushed her back down.

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