Soccer Mom Extravaganza, Week 04

(Author’s note: These are the tales of my journey from an unhappily married man to a very sexually active single/divorced man. These stories are based on true events and relationships, although the quotes may not be verbatim, and all events are generally stated as best as I can recall, with some embellishment or artistic license as needed, especially considering I am writing this 20+ years after the events of the first story. But the substance of each story is true.

Everyone was over 18 and everything was consensual. Names and places have been changed or “hidden” to protect identities and privacy.

You may see references to other people or events in my stories, seemingly out of context. I’ve written all my stories as a chronological account of my life after divorce, but each story stands on it’s own unless noted as a new chapter)

Soccer Moms – Week 4

Saturday’s soccer games had a whole different feel for me. Obviously it was the first time I was seeing Jennifer and Susan together since we all knew what was going on, and we had to make it seem like nothing was going on for fear of raising eyebrows. I didn’t want to avoid them, nor could I really, but I also didn’t want to be all right up in their faces. So I casually approached them individually when they weren’t standing together.  

First I walked over to Jennifer when she was standing with another parent, and casually chatted them both up about the game so far. Jennifer was staring at me and I knew if I looked at her I’d bust up laughing.

Soon I wandered away and found Susan in a group, and inserted myself into that conversation as well. Within a few minutes, Jennifer wandered over to join the group too.

At one point Susan reached over and said, “You have something on your face” and pretended to wipe something off my face, and they both laughed.

As the second half started, the rest of the group turned their attention to the game, leaving me, Jennifer and Susan by ourselves.  

Jennifer broke the ice, saying “Are we expecting anyone else to join us?”

Susan responded, “Could he handle any more?”  

I pulled out my phone and looked at my calendar, saying, “Well, I have openings Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.”

Jennifer yelped a little and slapped my arm, drawing only mild attention from a few other parents, who thought nothing of it since we are all very friendly. The game heated up and I turned toward the field saying, “See you Tuesday. And Friday.”  

They both laughed again and we went our own ways.

I thought I wouldn’t see anyone until Jennifer on Tuesday, but Saturday night I was invited to a backyard fire pit gathering at another soccer dad’s house.  I knew Jennifer and Susan would be there, and both husbands were there too, Tom (Jennifer’s husband the doctor) and Ed, (Susan’s government bigwig husband). I got along well enough with Tom usually, though I didn’t like when he and Jennifer would openly fight. Ed was just a douche bag, drunk know it all.

There were about five couples there, plus me, the divorced guy. All of the other wives asked me a million questions about who I was dating, could they fix me up with their friend etc., all very droll and boring. Jennifer and Susan fawned over me too, wanting to fit in and keep things normal. 

They asked things like, “Aren’t you seeing anyone?…  A handsome catch like you must have some interest from the wild cats out there… C’mon, tell us, you must be up to SOMETHING!”

It all got quite a chuckle from the group. Until drunk Ed piped in, “He’s an old man, probably can’t get it up anymore.”  

Trying to be funny of course, but in his drunk state he was anything but. I could see Susan tense up as she contemplated whether I was going to tell drunk Ed that I came on his wife’s face just the day before. But of course I held back, not wanting to risk the good thing I had going for any smart comeback. 

Tom couldn’t resist either, chiming in, “Yeah these financial nerds usually go limp pretty early in life, studying too many numbers will do that.”  

They were clearly jealous of the attention I was getting from their wives and the others, so it didn’t bother me in the least. The other men there, who I was close friends with, rolled their eyes at these two jokers. 

One of them came to my defense, saying, “My man here gets more ass than a toilet seat, more in a month than you two clowns get in a year. Eat your hearts out.”

I looked over at Jennifer who couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She knew I was gonna punish her ass on Tuesday.

As folks started to leave, I made my way out as well, giving hugs to the ladies and handshakes to the men. As I said goodbye to Jennifer, Tom shook my hand and said, “The toilet seat got more ass tonight I guess huh?”

“It’s fine,” I said, “Saturday nights are for rookies and has-beens anyway. All the best pussy is available during the week.” 

Jennifer laughed again and he shot her a look. What a dick.


Jennifer bursa eskort came earlier than her usual time on Tuesday. I had finished my workout and was still in the shower and didn’t even hear her come in the house. She scared the shit out of me when she opened my shower door and peeked her head inside. 

“No one else in here with you I hope?”

We hadn’t really spoken privately since she found out about Susan, so this would be our first chance to discuss it. 

“Nope,” I said, “all alone, unless you care to join me. C’mon in, the water’s warm.”  

She was way ahead of me, already naked when she opened the door wide and stepped in. When I tell you this woman is a perfect female specimen, I don’t know how I could describe her better. And those dark nipples are just icing on the cake. She stepped right up to me and threw her arms around me, kissing me passionately. 

She said, “You have no idea how much I wanted to do this on Saturday at the game, and Saturday night. It’s all I thought about all night. I’m sorry Tom was such a jerk, you must have wanted to tell our secret.”

“Nah, assholes like him don’t bother me,” I said. “I brush it off.”

She grabbed some soap and started “cleaning” my dick, which was already hardening. 

She said, “He tried to fuck me Saturday night.”

I felt a little pang of jealousy, which I tried to stuff down because who am I to be jealous of a married man trying to fuck his wife? But I was, and she felt it.  

“It’s OK,” she said. “I didn’t let him. It started a fight, what else is new, but I told him I had too much to drink.”

I said, “Look, this is supposed to be a fun thing, not a marriage wrecking thing.  Don’t deny him on my account. Divorce sucks, try to avoid it.” 

She kissed me and grabbed the soap, now rubbing it over her own body. I lost my train of thought. Then she stood under the shower and let the soap rinse off, and I was a goner.  

We switched positions so that I was under the spray and she wasn’t, and Jennifer dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. I let her control the action and was content to look down and watch her do her thing. The whole weekend had been a twisted form of foreplay, and my dick was a loaded weapon. It didn’t take long until I groaned and let loose. 

She got the first shot in her mouth, then pointed my dick at her tits and took the rest on her tits, with one shot hitting her directly on the left nipple and the rest above her tits and slowly sliding down over them. The sight of my white cum on that dark nipple was more than I could take. I bent down and sucked my own cum off of her nipple and tits, then held it in my mouth and shared it with her in a deep kiss. This really turned her on, and she immediately shoved her fingers into her pussy and groaned with her own release. We stood, still kissing, and I turned off the water.

“God that was so hot,” she said.  “You show me something new every time.”

We stepped out and we toweled off. I gave her my light robe and said, “Get comfortable on the bed,” handing her the remote. “I’ll be back with some coffee.”

I made us a couple cups and found her in my bed with a towel on her hair and wearing my robe. She looked like heaven. 

“You’re bed is so big and comfortable,” she said. “I’ll bet you get a great night’s sleep in this thing.”  

“Yeah, I do, gets lonely sometimes though,” I replied as I climbed in next to her.  

“Aw,” she said, and leaned over to peck me on the cheek. I think we both had the same thought, but neither would say it.

We quietly sipped our coffee for about 15 minutes, and I reached over and put my hand on her leg. Slowly I just rubbed her leg, from her knee cap up to mid-thigh, moving higher with each pass. Her legs opened slightly each time my hand got near her inner thigh, until finally my pinky was between her legs and lightly flicking back and forth on her labia. 

I looked over at her and she was biting her lower lip with her eyes closed as I manipulated her pussy. Her pussy lips opened and I could feel her wetness with my little finger.

I removed my hand from between her legs and sat up on my knees to pull the light blanket from her body. I untied the robe belt and opened it to take in the sight of her body. I knelt next to her and traced my fingers up and down her body, lightly tickling her from just below her belly button and up to her throat, stopping to tweak her glorious nipples on each pass. 

My towel had dropped from my waist by this point, and my dick was standing straight out. I looked at it and saw a drop of precum forming on the tip. My hands left her body for a moment, and she watched me scoop up the precum on my finger and bring it toward her. She opened her mouth like a baby bird, and I placed my finger in her mouth for her to suck the juice. I squeezed my dick again and got another drop, this time rubbing it on her lips. A third scoop was rubbed on her left nipple.

Every bursa escort bayan time I did this, her hips would squirm and a slight “mmmm” would escape her lips. It was a very erotic scene.

Finally I moved on top of her and kissed her, then started moving down her body. I licked and sucked both her tits, tasting the saltiness of my precum on her nipple as I had on her lips and tongue. I gave one of her hard nipples a little bite, making her squirm even more, which in turn caused me to bite even harder. Her ass practically jumped off the bed at this. 

I moved down and she opened her legs wide for me, that heavenly pussy now wet and open and begging for attention. I licked around her labia and teased her clit with the tip of my tongue. I took a little nibble of her inner thigh and wiggled a finger just outside the entrance of her cunt. I ever so slightly licked her entire pussy. 

I was teasing her, and she was barely hanging on, begging me, “Please, eat my pussy, please, oh God please stop teasing me.”

Finally I gave in, flattening my tongue and running it firmly along the entire length of her opening. She was so wet and sweet. I placed a finger at the entrance and slowly slid it in, then out, then added a second finger, while I worked her clit with my tongue. Removing my fingers, I put my tongue up inside her as far as it would reach and wiggled it, removed it and then sucked all of her labia into my mouth and sucked her clit. 

She was going wild and eventually grabbed my head and forced my face up against her pussy when she exploded. I rubbed my face all over that beautiful pussy and hoped the moment would never end. She gripped my head tight and raised her feet in the air to get maximum pressure, and her orgasm shook like an earthquake.

As she came down, I continued to gently lick her labia, being careful not to put hardly any pressure on her clit. Slowly I licked, and her legs lowered and she relaxed. I raised my eyes to look at her, and she was looking at me.

I lifted my head and said, “I’m going to fuck you now.”

Jennifer nodded in agreement. I moved my body up to match hers in a classic missionary pose, sitting back on my knees to rub the tip of my dick along her slit for a minute before slowly pressing into her. We hadn’t had sex in two weeks, and she was hungry for it, to say the least. I pushed into her and slowly buried my cock in her, and she opened herself wide to accept my full length.

I leaned down on her to kiss her while I began my slow thrusts, and she whispered “Eight inches never felt so good.”

I smiled and increased my pace. She spread her legs wide and began rocking them back and forth, creating the friction on her clit that would soon bring her to another orgasm.

After she came, I sat back again on my heels so I could watch my cock go in and out, then pressed her feet flat against my chest and grabbed the back of her thighs, pushing her knees back toward her head. I love this position just for the visual — I can see the penetration, her tits and her face at the same time, plus use my hands to explore all of these areas as well.

I played a bit, then recalled our conversation when she left last week.

I pulled out and said, “Lay flat on your stomach.”

She smiled and wordlessly rolled over, presenting her gorgeous ass to me. I moved down and buried my face in her ass, tickling her asshole with my tongue for a minute or two while fingering her from behind. I moved back up and positioned my cock at her pussy and pushed back in, sitting back so her ass cheeks spread and I could work my thumb into her ass. I fucked her slowly like this while I prepared her ass for my dick, holding her down firmly by her shoulders as if I was taking her against her will.

I let some saliva drip out of my mouth for some additional lubrication, and before long she was easily taking my whole thumb I her ass.

I said, “I’m going to fuck your ass. Is that what you want?’

“Oh God yes,” she replied. “Fuck my ass, please, fuck me anywhere you want.”

Now I knew she was no anal virgin, having gotten the scoop from Susan, but I also knew it had been a while, so I proceeded with caution. I spread her cheeks with one hand and used my other to guide my cock to her rosebud. I pushed forward and her ass accepted me easily. She groaned as the head popped in, and reached back to help me spread her ass cheeks even further.

“It’s OK, go deeper, slow though” she said, afraid that I might be holding back.

I pushed forward another inch, then pulled back to allow her to continue to stretch. I dropped another dollop of spit down on my dick and rubbed it around before moving forward again.

In true Jennifer style, she looked back and said, “You know dumbass, I brought lube for this.”

I laughed. Only Jennifer would bust balls with three inches of cock in her ass. She reached under the pillows and grabbed a tube of K-Y, which she had stashed there görükle escort when I went for coffee. She handed it back to me and I laughed again.

“Just like a boy scout,” I said, “always prepared.”

“Gross,” she laughed.

I pulled my cock out until just the head was still inside, then popped the top and dropped a generous dose down on my exposed shaft. I rubbed it around my shaft and at the base of her ass, then started to slide back in, deeper this time, maybe around half way, then back out. My next push took me almost all the way in, and her head flew back with a groan.

“Oh my God,” she squealed, “that feels amazing.”

A few short strokes at that depth, then I pulled back and slowly sunk my dick into her all the way to the base, her ass cheeks pressing firmly against my abdomen. I was sitting up, resting on my knees and the backs of her closed legs, looking at my cock buried all the way in her ass.

My how my life had changed in a month, I thought.

I fucked her like this for about a minute, and was afraid I might come soon.

I heard her ask, “Let me get on my hands and knees. But don’t let your dick leave my body.”

Slowly we changed positions, with her getting propped up on her knees and elbows, and finally her hands on the bed. We shifted so now my knees were inside of hers, and I grabbed her hips and resumed my fucking of her glorious ass. I saw her hand go beneath her body, and she was alternating between fingering her pussy and cupping my balls. Soon her focus was only herself, and she rubbed her clit and exploded in yet another amazing orgasm.

I slowed my pace for her to recover, but just for a second. Her hand went back to the bed so she was on all fours. I reached up and grabbed a handful of her wet hair on top of her head and yanked it back.

“Look at me,” I said.

She turned her head and had the most lustful look on her face.

“You like my dick in your ass, buried all the way to my balls?” I asked as I increased my pace.

She nodded as best she could, and said “God yes I love it.”

“You really are such a fuckin’ slut. I’m going to come soon,” I said. “I’m going to fill your ass with cum.”

“Do it, please,” she cried, and I roared with another orgasm that sent cum rocketing into her bowels. It was such a tight fit that most of my cum oozed out of her ass and covered my shaft. We were a damn mess.

I pulled out of her and most of my cum followed. Fortunately the towel I had wrapped around me earlier was right next to me on the bed, so I grabbed it and wiped myself off quickly, then used the other side to clean off her ass and inner thighs. When I was satisfied, I laid down on my back next to her. She was still on her stomach, looking spent and sleepy.

After a minute or so, her eyes opened, and she lifted her head.

“You are amazing,” she said.

“It takes two,” I countered.

Silently, we got dressed. She gave me a peck on the cheek, but had a sad look on her face. Then she was gone.


I didn’t see or hear from Jennifer the rest of the week. She was not at practice when I picked my kids up that night or the following night. I had texted her once but didn’t hear back, so I left her alone.

Susan showed up the following Friday morning. We chatted a bit and then she moved in on me and we started doing our dance. We moved to the bedroom, I sat on the edge of the bed while she started getting undressed.

She stopped and said, “You OK?”

I looked up at her and said, “I’m in a pickle here. This was supposed to be chill, but I’m finding myself with feelings for you. And for Jennifer.”

She pondered that a minute, and said, “I think Jennifer and I both feel the same way. She hasn’t been herself this week and didn’t want to talk about this situation at all when I brought it up the other night. And I found myself feeling a little upset Tuesday morning, knowing what was going on over here.”

Susan got undressed to her bra and panties, knelt in front of me and said, “I think she and I both really like you, and under different circumstances, either one of us could have a great, legitimate relationship with you. But you have to understand, we are both stuck. I haven’t worked in years, and with young kids, leaving Ed would be a nightmare right now. She has no education and nothing to fall back on, and her kids are younger than mine. Plus, if one of us left our husbands, can you imagine what our kids would face if we went public with a relationship?”

She made valid points, and of course I had thought of all of this.

My choices were — call it off with one or both of them, or continue on, as long as each was willing, and try to take the emotions out of it. The sex was off the charts so I’d be crazy to give that up.

Susan reached for my waistband and made the immediate choice easy. She made love to my cock and balls with her mouth for a good 15 minutes, then stood and turned around, riding me reverse cowgirl style while I sat on the edge of the bed. We finally moved to the floor where I fucked her doggy style in front of the mirror. I put a thumb in her ass and came deep inside of her.

As we finished dressing, we sat on the bed together, and she grabbed my hands.

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