Unexpected Encounter at Work

Rebecca had just started her job in a bar after she finished Sixth Form. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life and whilst she made up her mind she needed some money and this job was perfect. She started every day at 6pm and worked until 2am, whereupon she usually had a couple of drinks with her colleagues who were all a similar age and then went home to her mum and stepdad’s house to sleep late and do the same all over again the next day.

Her colleagues were nice enough, mostly wilder than her, usually going out to party after the bar closed. They enjoyed teasing her about her wide-eyed innocence and invited her to try new things with them; mostly she declined but she was starting to come out of her shell, slowly.

The bar managers didn’t usually socialise after the shift ended as they had to count up the money taken that night, by hand, and usually they were less fun as they generally had to be the responsible adult.

This particular night it was a Wednesday, and the bar was running an Oktoberfest themed week. All the staff had been given the traditional German costume to wear. Rebecca was running late to work so she had had to bring her dirndl to change into in the downstairs office, amongst bottles of rum and vodka. There was no one around and so she quickly wriggled out of her leggings and t shirt and stepped into the corsetted dress, using the hook eyes to do up the front. It was somewhat tight and she struggled to fit herself into it. She realised she had worn the wrong bra; it was on show and looked rubbish. She made a split second decision and decided to take it off. The corset of the dress provided sufficient support under her full breasts and the broderie anglais ‘modesty’ top was enough to ensure she didn’t flash any customers. The thought of someone glimpsing her bare breast sent a sudden strike of excitement through her stomach and her vulva tightened. She shook her head and realised she was nearly late for the start of her shift. So she hurriedly finished dressing, including pulling on some white stockings, which she noticed contrasted nicely with her tanned, toned thighs, held up with a frilly suspender belt. As she ran up the stairs, she briskly plaited her honey golden hair into two plaits and fixed them across the top of her head with some hair grips. She looked in the mirror behind the bar, twirled around to see the general effect and was rather pleased with what she saw. The green dirndl highlighted her aquamarine eyes, the corset structure pushed her, already ample, tits up high, begging to be oggled, and the skirt stopped mid thigh, meaning the tops of her stockings were occasionally visible when the skirt skirt swung around. She was short but had shapely legs leading to a peachy bottom that many had eyed up as she walked around the tables in the bar. She felt good in her outfit.

Rebecca had had a few encounters with some spotty teenage boys her own age whilst in sixth form and they had mostly been uninspiring, pawing at her breasts giving slobbering kisses. As a result she generally thought sex with a partner wasn’t worth the effort and preferred to play with herself in the dark, under the covers when her mum and stepdad were definitely asleep and couldn’t accidentally overhear her moans as she came from stroking her soft, wet, pussy, naked under her sheets.

Rebecca found a stressed bar manager on the phone at the far end of the bar. She hadn’t worked with him before but she recognised him from the staff chart downstairs. His name was George. He was quite a bit older than her, about 30 she would say, with a slightly taciturn air. His body was lean and sinewy, dark chest hair visible under his loose white shirt. He was scratching the back of his head which had the effect of flexing his forearm, which Rebecca rather enjoyed. He was also in traditional German costume; a white blouson shirt, tucked into leather lederhosen. The tight trousers gave definition to his muscular legs and arse. Rebecca had a sudden unprompted vision of his naked bottom, pumping up and down whilst he fucked. She licked her lips unconsciously.

She turned away and started to set up her station and her till; the bar was quiet so she could work calmly and methodically the way she liked it. She served the male regulars who were there with their usual drinks. They thanked her as she set the pints in front of them, just about remembering to draw their eyes away from her cleavage in time.

George finally came over to her, looking stressed. “Hi” he said, “I’m George, you’re Rebecca right?'”

Without waiting for a response he went on, “We’re seriously low on staff tonight. Some stomach bug is going round the staff… or they all went out pretty bursa escort bayan hard after the shift last night. There should be 4 of you bartenders, plus me tonight but it’s just going to be the two of us.”

Rebecca’s eyes widened. She stared into his stone grey eyes and chiselled, serious face. “Oh okay. Um… is it going to be busy?”

“It’s meant to be, yeah. The football finishes soon and I’m expecting a few big tables. I need you to step up your game tonight. Ok? You take the bar and I’ll be between here and the floor, taking orders and pouring beers. I’ll need you to take the rest.”

Without giving her time to respond, he rushed off to do checks on the beer lines and ensure they had enough fruit for cocktails. Rebecca stared at the floor and tried to slow her pounding heart. Why was she nervous? She was a good bar tender she could manage this. Was it something about George that made her nervous?

As predicted the bar did get much busier and Rebecca was only focused on pouring drinks and taking money. She didn’t notice how more and more looks were directed at her luscious, full breasts, nor how many customers peered over the bar as she bent from the waist down to pick up the change she had dropped. From one side the male gaze drunk in her cleavage, and from the other end of the bar the onlookers honed in on her peachy cheeks, visible under her skirt and panties for a second or two. There was more than one hardening dick in her vicinity and as the night progressed, tipsy customers pressed larger and larger notes into her hand, wishing they could slip them instead into her top, accidentally caressing her nipples as they did so.

George came behind the bar about midnight; he needed to reach for a bottle of a particular liquor. He was generally impressed with how Rebecca was doing; she hadn’t needed him at all and no one had complained about service.

Rebecca had just dropped a glass and was bent over trying to reach it from where it had rolled, baring her pert bum to anyone behind the bar, something which, busy as George was, did not go unnoticed. She stood up not realising he was behind her and turned forcefully to run straight up against him. Their bodies were up against each other and loud drum and bass music was playing, reverberating through them. There was little point speaking and both of them were paused in time, up against each other. She could smell him, a woody scent, underlaid with his own individual male smell. She knew if she reached out and licked his neck he would taste the same as he smelt. Her nipples tautened and breasts swelled and she gulped in air. They made eye contact until George came to his senses and grabbed her upper arms, moving her physically to one side so he could squeeze past in the tight space behind the bar to reach the liquor he needed. As he moved past her, his hips met her lower back and bottom and she could discern his hard cock. She gasped and instinctively arched her back so his erection pressed into her bottom on his way back. Her pussy ached with longing. He paused ever so briefly and looked down straight into her cleavage. He sighed unconsciously as he saw straight down into her creamy voluptuous tits and could just discern the hint of her erect right nipple, despite the heat of the bar. She felt his gaze on her and flushed.

All of this took a matter of seconds and Rebecxa was brusquely returned to reality by the shout of customers for their drinks. She refocused and soon was back in the rhythm of the shift. Occasionally she would catch a glimpse of George’s profile passing in front of the bar serving customers. She would remember the smell of him and her pussy would swell with excitement. She continued to get more and more aroused as the night progressed and was looking forward to slipping into her bed, naked with her vibrator where she could replay their interactions in more detail, going further in her imagination. She never dreamt it could become a reality.

Finally the bar closed at 2am and there was a sudden silence when the bouncers had gone and it was just her and George cleaning up. George had avoided her since their run in behind the bar, trying to be responsible, and Rebecca was fine with that as she already knew what she was planning for the remainder of the evening.

The silence was pierced by a sudden shriek as Rebecca, cleaning one of the beer drip trays had misjudged the fullness of it and accidentally upset it as she picked it up to carry to the sink, leaving her covered in cold beer and dripping. George jumped up from where he was counting the takings to see her soaked through, her nipples standing to attention underneath her white shirt. She looked up gorukle escort at him as he instinctively responded to her shriek by coming over to her. She was captivated by his grey stone eyes which held her gaze as he grabbed a towel from the side to help her. They both pawed at the front of her dress to try and save it from the worst of the beer. George lost all his sensibilities looking at the drops of beer running down her breasts and into her shirt. He wanted to lick them up, running his tongue down her breasts, tasting her and the beer together, continuing down to suck her nipples, feel her hard buds on his tongue and then kneel in front of her, push up her dress, roughly pull down her white panties, and then insert his tongue into her hot wet pussy and bring her to orgasm right there in the bar.

Back in reality, he reached out as if controlled by some greater force to soak up the beer on her tits with another clean towel. She stared up at him and her green eyes entranced him. He felt her soft tit under his hand and the towel. Soon the towel dropped away and his hand was stroking her breast and he was breathing hard. Rebecca’s cunt was on fire; she was breathing heavily as she realised her manager was caressing her and how much she wanted him there and then. Their eyes never left each others.

In the silent and darkened bar, George pulled her to him. Up against him, she could feel his hard lean body against her gentle softness. His cock was hard. His hand was still stroking her breast and she moaned as he pushed her top down and exposed her erect nipple to the air. He bent his head and kissed her, softly at first and then with more urgency. His lips were smooth and his tongue neat and precise up against hers. His gentle tongue sent her wild and she pushed herself up against him, her hands in his hair. His free hand that wasn’t stoking her fire by teasing her breast, crept around her waist and down under her skirt, feeling his way through the under skirts to the pert bottom he had glimpsed earlier in the evening. He delighted in the crease between her bottom and her legs and squeezed hard. He couldn’t wait any longer, he wanted to taste her. He suddenly stepped back, lifted her up by the waist and placed her on the bar. She automatically opened her legs to him and he picked up her stockinged leg, stroking along it, looking up at her as he went. He could see she was flushed, with her lips apart and glistening. Her pupils were dilated and she was transfixed by him. He reached her suspenders and started to kiss her bare skin, leading up her inner thigh until he reached her white panties. He could smell her horniness and how much she wanted him. His dick pulsated with desire. He moved his lips to her cotton covered crotch inhaling her and exhaling hot air onto the lips of her pussy. A moan escaped her mouth. He reached up and pushed her knickers to one side, inserting one finger to feel her wetness. He looked her in the eye as he did so and she nearly came there and then. She had never been so turned on. He soon dispensed with her panties. He stroked and licked her hot pussy and she melted further. She felt so slick and warm on his fingers. His calloused fingers and strong tongue inside her were driving her wild, and, throwing her head back as she sat on the bar, her tits bared, her boss brought her to an intense orgasm. As she came, loudly, George felt pre-cum starting to build on the tip of his penis. He needed to be inside her.

He let her recover and then when she had returned to earth, he helped her down off the bar. She stood facing him, looking up underneath her full eyelashes, quite disheveled with flushed cheeks and full pink lips. She made an attempt to cover herself back up. He dragged one finger along her swollen lips and she was instantly horny for him again. They kissed passionately, Rebecca softly moaning as she grew wet again and she led him over to a table in the bar next to a mirror. She turned to face the mirror and bent over to present George with her delectable arse. He reached out a hand to stroke the available skin, focusing on the crease and admiring the view from the suspenders, up her shapely legs and thinking about how much he wanted his cock in her pussy. She could feel the air on her bottom and wet pussy. He groaned just looking at her from behind, his hand stroking his rock hard member caged in his tight heather lederhosen. He looked up into the mirror and she had released her breasts from her blouse and they were exposed to him, supported by the corset. He was a patient man but he couldn’t resist her any longer. She watched in the mirror as he unbuckled the lederhosen and pulled off the shirt. His hard cock bursa merkez escort bayan stood to attention and he guided it to the tip of her entrance before plunging into her. They both cried out, enjoying the feeling of each other and knowing they wouldn’t be able to last very long. Rebecca was already sensitive from her first orgasm and George had already built up a lot of anticipation. It was all he could do not to come in her immediately. He came out of her before entering forcefully once again, enjoying seeing her breasts jiggle with his movement.

“Is this ok?” He rasped in her ear, bent over her, his hands finding their way to her breasts once more. “Yes”, she breathed, making eye contact with him the mirror, “I want you”.

It took all his control not to cum on those words. He breathed, regained control and fucked her from behind, his hands on her tits and her moans echoing around the empty bar. She remembered the image she had of his naked arse and smiled to herself. He saw her secret smile and wondered what she was thinking. He was going to come very soon if he wasn’t careful.

He stopped and pulled up a chair. She looked round wondering what was next. She looked down at him, sitting naked before her on the chair his cock glistening with their juices and standing to attention. She was panty less, with her suspenders still held up, and her tits sitting outside of their normal blouse prison. He reached out a hand and pulled her towards him, burying his face in her ample cleavage, his tongue finding her nipples and sucking on them. She let out an involuntary groan. He pulled back and said, “Will you be a good girl and sit on my lap?” She obeyed him, and sat on his lap, side saddle, her legs pressed together, avoiding his still hard cock for the moment. They locked eyes and he pulled up to top to cover her breasts. She pouted but he stroked her lips, and then trailing his finger down from her bottom lip, down her neck to her chest, he crept his finger inside her shirt and found her nipples. He stroked her for a while and said, “I find it so hot being totally naked, whilst you look fully dressed. All the while knowing, I could just slip my cock into your available cunt at any time…”

A hot flame leapt up in Rebecca and she bent her head to kiss him. Their tongues explored each others’ mouths and he sucked on her bottom lip, making her pussy even wetter for him. They continued kissing for some time, her hands were in his hair, and his hands roamed her body, taking in her soft skin and teasing her gently. He undid her corset, hook by hook, uncovering her glorious tits again, revelling in their swollen state, her nipples ravaged by his teeth and tongue. His erection was so hard and his need to come growing by the second. She kissed his neck and then, being the good girl she was, made her way down his chest, climbing off his lap so she was kneeling on the dirty bar floor in front of her boss and his hard dick, her tits high and exposed. George groaned in anticipation. He watched as she opened her sweet little mouth, and licked her lips and she eyed his hard cock. He was mesmerised as she leant forward giving him a perfect view of her tits dropping either side of his cock. She used his cock to tease her nipples further, growing in hardness. She stroked them herself, feeling her hard nipples. She lowered her wet tongue to his hard veiny dick. It felt so good in her mouth, meaty and hard. She thought of how it had been in her wet pussy, how good it felt, and how much she wanted to make him come. She took him deep in her throat and looked up at him to see if she was doing it right. He looked down at her, eyes glazed with desire. Her warm mouth on his cock felt incredible. The thought briefly entered his head that shouldn’t be doing this; she was so young compared to him and they were at work. But it evaporated as his cock reached the back of her throat and he felt the softness of throat. She worked hard on his cock, moving her mouth back and forth. She was ready for his cum to hit the back of her throat and she was eager to swallow it. She thought about sucking cock as she writhed in her sheets in the dark at night, hot with lust and now it was really happening. She loved having his hard cock in her mouth and she felt for his balls, stroking them gently and then, without warning taking a firmer grip and squeezing lightly. George lost control and finally came in her mouth. His cum came in spurts and he grunted as he came, drawing back slightly and then accidentally coming and dripping on to her chest. Rebecca was so turned on she reached down and felt the hot cum on her tits, stroking it down onto her nipples and then reaching with her other hand into her hot wet pussy. Within seconds she brought herself to orgasm kneeling in front of her post- orgasmic boss, throwing her head back and crying out as a flush ran up her chest with the intensity of her orgasm.

Sated, and still breathing heavily, they looked at each other, wondering what would happen now.

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