White Trash Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Tina’s Turn

Get comfortable because we’re diving right in here. This can stand on its own as a rude, crude, raw and gritty stroker. If you haven’t gotten off by the end finish up with Chapter 1, where I may have accidently provided the barest hint of plot and character development.


I found the skeezy slut sitting on my deck steps rubbing her cunt and hitting the bottle of Jack. “Shit, that girl can hold some liquor,” I thought, amazed at how much the tiny whore could put down and party on. I just hoped she wouldn’t pass out or have to go to the hospital for alcohol poisoning before I fucked her.

I grabbed her just below the barbed wire looking tattoo on her upper arm and said, “Let’s go, skank. I’m gonna tear your ass up!”

“Yeah, fuck me good, asshole. Make me feel it. Fuck me real hard,” she slurred as she stumbled after me.

“Oh, I will cunt, but we’re making a detour first. You stink like shit and I ain’t putting my dick in you until you’ve had some soap on you.”

“Fuck you, asshole. My pussy’s clean,” Tina barked and tried to twist away.

“Maybe so after the way Pegs gobbled you up, but the rest of you smells worse than a homeless alcoholic.”

I tossed her in the shower and turned on the water. Tina squealed and thrashed around until the water warmed up. I stepped in with her and started washing her greasy shoulder length blonde hair. Looked like it about time to dye it again to me, what with all those dark roots. It was sort of slutty hot though. Tina started playing with my dick, but I slapped her hands away and told her to stand still. I told her she’d get plenty of dick, just be patient.

I scrubbed her real clean. I dried her off and blew dry her hair for good measure. I’d wondered what she looked like cleaned up because whenever I saw her over at Pegs she was a filthy skank. I brushed her teeth too; just seemed like the right thing to do.

In my bedroom, I looked Tina over. The slut was warm and pink and dry. “Damn,” I thought looking her over, “She’s smoking hot.” Tina’s little no-see-um tits on her tiny little body were actually pint-sized perfect. My dick started to swell.

“See that, Tina? Just looking at you is getting my dick hard. What do you think about that, you hot little gash?”

She didn’t say a word. She just looked me in the eyes and smiled as she sank to her knees. She grabbed my thick dick and licked the underside like a popsicle before wedging it in her mouth. She had to stretch wide to get my fat hog in there, but she made it. I figured the skank must have a trick jaw because I couldn’t believe how much of my dick she jammed in her tiny little mouth and throat. Jeez she was good. I couldn’t remember the last time I had such pure cocksucking talent down on my bone.

The cunt was slobbering and moaning and putting on such a good show I almost decided to drop a load in her gullet, but instead I grabbed her hair and yanked her off my dick.

“Come here, whore. It’s your turn now. You’re gonna get what Peggy goes all drippy for.”

Her boozy eyes were gleaming as she flopped back on the bed with her arms and legs up, desperate for dick. I crawled between those skinny thighs. Damn, I towered over her, seemed even larger in comparison now that she was flat on her back, where I figured she spent a lot of her onwingiris.biz time.

I decided to give her a real thrill and bore down on that snapper with my magic tongue. I threw the alphabet on that honey cunny then wormed a finger up her ass. I thought the little slag was having a seizure with all the moaning and groaning and wailing and thrashing she was doing. I held on tight and tongued a few lines of some Outlaws songs then moved on to Skynard. The little bitch screamed, went stiff then limp as I tongued fucked her to the guitar solo on Free Bird. Oh yeah.

Tina let go of my head and her nipples and I rose up between her legs and she spread them wide, her natural position. The cunt’s eyes widened as my dick approached her hairless pussy. I grabbed my dick and started slapping her cooze. I slapped my heavy dick right on her clit. She must have been feeling it because she was breathing faster and playing with her nipples again.

I felt her cunt and it was soaked. She actually had a sweet smell and tasted like liquid gold. I scooped up some more pussy juice and fed it to her. She sucked my fingers like she sucked my dick, with gusto.

“You think you can take this, Tina?” I said as my dick started playing up and down that slippery hole. “Ever had a dick this big inside your tiny little body?”

“Maybe. I don’t remember. I don’t think so,” she gasped then moaned as I slowly put two thick inches in her.

I fucked her with a little less than a fourth of my dick, letting her get used to the girth. I planned on fucking her hard as shit, but didn’t want to hurt the skeezy bitch. Hell, I had a soft spot for her.

Her muscles were taught and she was breathing through her nose. Shit, I only had two inches in her. This was gonna fucking be fun.

“Just think what it’ll feel like when you get the rest of this shoved up your cunt. Then, after I drag it through your little pussy, I’m gonna bust your ass wide open. I’m gonna love that. I sure hope you do.”

Tina was dripping. She made small grunting sounds as I gave her a two inch fuck. There was a change in her movements. Her legs pulled on me, which I took as a sign she was ready for more.

“Here goes, slut. Brace yourself,” I said, mostly for effect. I pulled all the way out to give her a baseline, then slowly pressed my dick in as far as it would go, and damn if the little cunt didn’t take it all.

“Oh god, I’m so full,” she moaned. “I’ve never felt so stuffed. Oh god, it feels so good.”

“Okay baby, showtime,” I said and started rocking slowly in and out of her all the way. She made “ohhh” sounds as I pulled out and “ooof” sounds as I slid balls deep. Her pussy was tight, man, gripped my dick like a vice. I couldn’t remember fucking a better pussy, and Peg’s cunt was world class.

I put her ankles up by her ears and started to throw down. It was awesome pounding against that tiny body, her tits too small to even jiggle much. God, she felt so fucking good.

I threw her ankles on my shoulder and leaned down over her. I put my arms around her, scrunched her up and rocked into her. I wanted to give her the fuck of her life. I wanted her think ofme whenever and whoever she fucked.

“Yes. Fuck me. Use me. Harder,” she huffed when she could. Suddenly she let out a huge moan and groan and shook all over. She no sooner had stopped when she did it all again. “Don’t stop,” she finally rasped.

I told the roundheeled skank not to worry and pulled her head back and stuck my tongue in that fresh little mouth. Tina’s tongue danced with mine and it felt so right. I wanted to make it good for her. Shit, she was sort of special, I guess.

I spun the petite whore over and commenced to fuck her doggy style. The skank was going “oh, oh, oh” with each thrust. Bitch was loving it. She was pushing back at me, so I grabbed her narrow hips and hit it harder.

“Yes. Do it. Harder,” she cried. I was impressed. Tina could take a pounding and beg for more. I made a mental note to wear this pussy out as often as I could.

Her tight little cunt clamped down on me and she was howling and I couldn’t believe she was creaming on my dick again. That little vise felt like heaven sliding around my thick dick.

I put my hands on her back and pushed her down. Face on the bed, that sexy little body curving ass up to meet my dick as I fucked her hard. A few more strokes and I shouted out my come and kept on fucking.

The skank groaned as she felt my spunk splash deep in her cunny. I surprised her by fucking through my come. Nice talent to have with pussy this ripe.

I slowed down to a moderate pace and grabbed some lube off the bedside table. I figured it was about time Tina got some ass treatment. I squirted some on her heiney hole and worked it in with my thumb.

Tina gave some lazy little coos and reached between her legs to massage my balls when they got within reach. I took my time, slowly opening her hole. When I got a few meaty fingers in I figured it was now or never and put a generous squirt of lube in her ass.

I pulled out of her steamy cunt and lay on my back next to her. Tina snuggled in tight and kissed me and fireworks went off in my brain. I figured the weed was fucking with my neurotransmitters again.

I pulled Tina onto me, and she felt so small and delicate I almost had a feeling. I said gently, “Okay, slut, you’re gonna go cowgirl on me first. I don’t want to tear your asshole. I just want to fuck it hard.”

“Mmm. That’s so kind of you, fuckhead. I’m gonna get you in my ass. Then I’m gonna get used to it. Then I want you to fuck me as hard as you fucked my tight little cunt. You ever had a pussy this tight? I’m special that way. You have a thick dick and I have a tight little pussy. And an even tighter ass.”

My dick went diamond and I thought, “Goddamn, this little slag is a firecracker!”

Tina rose off me, put some lube on my dick, which looked massive in her tiny hand. She straddled me, looked me in the eyes and smiled, grabbed the Jack from the night stand and took a hit. She grabbed my hair and pulled. My face came up and she poured some Jack in my mouth, said with a loopy smile, “You’re gonna need that. I don’t want you to come in my tight ass before I’m ready for you to come in my tight ass.”

I couldn’t believe this bitch. She was fucking nuclear! With pussy like this I couldn’t understand why her boyfriend was fucking around on her.

Tina got in position and settled down with my dick at her asshole. I could feel the heat. She closed her eyes and slowly rocked. I stayed still, watching her hair flow with her movements. I watched how sensuous she was, how much pleasure she took in fucking, how uninhibited she was with her body. I couldn’t remember ever having been with such an erotic woman. I marveled at the skank and almost wanted to cuddle, but I had some serious ass fucking to do first.

She slowly rocked deeper and deeper, hisses coming from her lips. I could only imagine what she was feeling. Immense pressure at her tiny ass. A thick pressure slowly spreading her ass rings. Shit, I thought I was at a Lamaze class the way she was sucking in air and whuffing it out.

Slowly, slowly, and finally, with a loud groan she sank halfway down my dick. She was breathing hard, her eyes were closed and her face scrunched up.

“Oh fuck! You’re huge. Gimme a minute,” Tina slurred and kept breathing like my cunt wife did when she had that kid. I suspected the brat wasn’t mine now that I considered it. Shit started clicking into place, but I’d have to think about it later because Tina was almost ready to rock.

Tiny movements up and down. The whore was getting used to my fat dick. She was moving slowly all the way down and all the way back up. I watched the skeeze’s face as it relaxed and a small grin emerged. I thought, “Fucking A. Do your thing.”

The tiny skank started to get into it and was riding my dick like a jockey on the home stretch. Her hair was flying and she was grunting her joy and I let the sexy little skag have her fun.

I finally pegged her to me and flipped us over. It was time to drive her home. She pulled her legs up high and wide to give me room to work and I threw myself at her with a variety of pitches. Jackhammer fastball straight down the middle, a fast down-stroke and a slow side pull, back and forth and in and out. I popped that ass, pulling all the way out and slamming back in. As much as I loved looking at the ecstasy on the little whore’s face, I loved the feeling of my dick in that steamy ass even more. Hell, it was even tighter than Peg’s smoking hot ass. Tina was grunting and moaning and screeching at me to fuck her harder because she was about to come.

It was getting late so I decided to grant her wish. I picked up the pace and she was almost hysterical with the pleasure. She squeezed her barely there tits and rubbed her snatch. I drilled down into that ass over and over and faster and faster, and maybe we’re soulmates because we both yelled and spasmed at the same time. My come blazed into her hot ass, and she groaned and put her arms and legs around me as I collapsed on her tiny body. I rolled to her side, cradled her in my arms and almost had a tender feeling for the slut.

“That was good, girl, real good,” I said softly. “I’m surprised you can take it like you can.”

“Yeah, thatwas good. I love it hard. I may be petite, but I’m tough. By the way, you sure know how to use that thing.”

“You’re staying her tonight, right? You’re in no shape to drive anywhere.”

“Yeah,” she said lazily, “if it’s all right with you.”

“Absolutely. ‘Night, girl,” I said and gave her a gentle squeeze.

“‘Night, asshole,” she said kindly with a small smile on her face.

I was a little surprised to find I did kind of like Tina. Something about her connected with me. I wondered if I’d do anything about it as I drifted off to sleep with her snuggled up against me. I guess I’d have to see what daylight would bring.


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