A School Mom’s Story


As I’m sitting on my favorite bench of this lonely park, elbows over the back’s top rail, legs wide open, leaning back, and lifting my face against the brightness of a splendorous spring day, I look back on the events that happened to me one day shortly after I divorced.

That day stays vividly in my memories as I will narrate next, sparing no details.

For the first time in my life, it was me who wanted out of a relationship. Anyone in such a situation will tell you this: while the next stage is not an ideal life and you’re all alone, being released from a dead-end relationship feels just right.

In my case, frustrations had run very deep and the sex drought had been way too long. It felt like a total waste of precious years. What was even worse: I hadn’t obtained shared custody of our child. I felt hurt and impotent about that situation, but the judge issued against me and my precarious job situation. One weekend every two weeks. Damn system and damn life.

I was screwed. No exit and no hopes. This was it: Feed myself, pay the rent, working just enough not to be fired, biweekly weekend father visits, and periodical meetings at school to follow up with her progress: general meetings for divorced parents, individual reviews, follow-ups, etc.

In that situation, I hurried to get hold of my expenses, make sure recurring payments and taxes were charged to me, new rental, and tons of tedious day by day stuff. I also made a great effort to get familiar with my new neighborhood: shops, bank, bars, etc. A small town environment where everybody knows each other. I could feel the routine creeping up and I knew it would start getting insufferable sooner or later.

Besides all that, I had plenty of time but not in the mood for any socializing. I wanted nothing to do with women anymore. Well, nothing but… I didn’t feel focused, felt not at ease often and, the truth, I had my good hours to watch as much porn as I wanted and visit as many streaming sites when my dick craved for attention. I felt restless, horny, and desperate. Wouldn’t I had to pay a high rental and pass alimony I’d had gone bankrupt with porn sites subscriptions. You know how these tube and webcamming sites work: escalate from one crave to another because there’s always a new popup that captures your attention.

It had been so long I hadn’t spent any time just on my own that I didn’t know how to. I thought it’d be different. I didn’t really like the person I was, but I couldn’t help it.

Why couldn’t I get laid from time to time? I needed to come badly. Why didn’t I have anyone to suck my dick for hours, like in those camming sites? I thought to myself that those people made hardly any money, but then, heck, so I did.

This wasn’t the clean start I was looking for and I felt very down most of the time. Until one day, when I guess stars aligned and I passed from talking to hardly anybody to get intimate with the most unexpected group of women I’d ever had thought.

It all had really started some months before. When you are a regular of dirty sites, penis enlargement advertisements just get stuck in your brain. One of the many attempts to relive my sex life involved me following a diet containing Andean maca root pills. I wanted to ejaculate like Peter North and I spent most of my free time masturbating, training my edging skills, and basically following dubious websites advice.

It had been almost a month I was taking the required dose (almost twice, to be honest) and I didn’t notice the great improvement I desired or the ones the publicity promised. I was going to give up, as tablets were expensive. But now I believe that the combination of training, supplements, and diet were the perfect ingredients of a one-day-wonder cocktail.


My sleeping schedule was very erratic and, to make things worse, I work on shifts and schedule changes usually affect my mood. I remember that day woke up pretty beaten.

I had a meeting with the Deputy Head at school. Since they discovered that the percentage of divorced parents cases wasn’t negligible anymore, keeping track of broken marriage children performance became a priority.

7:50AM and the doorbell rang. “What the…” I thought to myself.

I have to confess I was still in briefs and all bare chested. I scratched my butt and opened to a slim well stacked lady in a driving uniform and a corporate cap who appeared in front of me with a package and a receipt to sign.

It was surely one of my supplement purchases conveniently hidden inside a cardboard box. These courier companies are the worst… they outsource third parties that have to work the extra mile to be able to fulfill their service agreements, so they appear at your door any day at any time, literally.

When she handled me the page to sign and I could see her face down the cap visor, I don’t think she recognized me but I knew her. I had seen her at the school entrance when I was still able to take my kid everyday and if anything remarkable escort bayan bursa at first sight, I had noticed she always dressed very combining. Even when she wore a tracking suit, she looked as if she was going to some sort of big occasion. She usually walked her boy alone and occasionally did it with a much taller guy. They two really looked alike, clearly siblings.

There were some sort of Slavic looks about her. Sultry lips and silky hair. She usually wore bras too small. I had noticed that double-tit effect small bras do when she walked fast and hers bounced joyfully beneath her jersey.

She called the elevator and waited outside when I was done with the signing. I should have closed the door but I couldn’t: she looked astounding: she had turned sideways and her butt protruded tightly packed in her uniform. I was leaning towards the frame of my door and found the courage to tell her.

“I have a package for you too if you want an exchange.”

She heard but said nothing, and immediately I felt bad that admiring her looks I had sounded so rude. The comment had come out from very deep inside me. I think I got conscious right then that I was half naked but I felt really conflicted. It was I-had-to-say-it vs I-had-to-be-polite.

“I’m very sorry,” and continued. “This is embarrassing. Please ignore. I’m such a jerk.”

The tense situation was broken by the elevator door opening. She breathed heavily with her eyes closed and it closed without her moving. It was awkward. Then she turned towards me and entered home.

I closed the door and, as soon as I turned around, she jumped over me throwing both of us against it. She hugged me wildly, kissed me sticking her tongue deep inside my mouth, and felt me up all over my chest and arms while she rubbed her spongy tits against me. She got on her knees and pulled my undies down. In no time she took me in her mouth and boobed back and forth my swollen tip giving it a bright texture due to her sloppy slurping.

I leaned down to fondle her breasts. She then pulled her jersey up without removing it, just passing it behind her back and leaving an evocative view of her cleavage. I placed my hands on her sides between her boobs and bra and gave them a good squeeze. Then I moved then softly in front of her caressing her hard nipples. She herself didn’t stop working my pole with earnest.

She paused to get some air while her fist traveled my cock up and down non-stop. I took advantage to undo her bra and release her breasts, a movement she understood as the signal to place my cock between her tits and fuck it good.

“Oh yes, Ooh YES!” I cried while she did.

It felt delicious. I grabbed them again by the sides and pressed them against my penis. They felt so smooth, and my balls were rubbing against her chest driving me crazy. As I did that, her hands got free. She moved them between to her groin and put her right one in between her legs fingering herself while I titty-fucked her.

That went on for a while. The continued flop-flop sound only interrupted by soft moans. I got close to the verge and started drilling more frantically and groping her harder.

“YES, YES, YES, yeees, YES, OH, YEES!”

She must have noticed because she paused her fingering and took her jersey back on by taking it from behind her back and letting it fall over her chest while I started to cum like a good stallion.

She used her jersey to extinguish my fire, though I could see the semen jets get it wet from the inside between her squeezed boobs. I shook strongly several times and got out of them leaning against the door again while she stayed kneeling in front of me, fingering her clit again, this time with a damp area on her uniform by her chest.

I got behind her and knelt, my limpy falling against her butt felt the hardness of her pants and could sense how firm her buttocks were. Then I got my hands around her and continued caressing her tits underneath her jersey. I used my spunk as lotion to massage them and I kissed her neck from behind while I breathed on her ears from time to time.

She was out of her mind, acting like there was no tomorrow, fist moving furiously between her legs, panting and groaning until she remained still for a second, containing her breath, and was overcome by total bliss, coming furiously between my arms. I had to hold her strongly to prevent her from banging her head against the hard door wood.

I waited for her to recover her breath before letting her go. After adjusting her bra and getting her cap back on she left without a word said.

That had been unbelievable delivery. My hook up line had been as lame as “At your place or at mine?” and it had got me incredible sex. I felt I was going to be satisfied for weeks but, at the same time, a high ego boost left my stamina and sex drive unaffected.


I showered and drank a whole carton of pineapple juice before I left way to the school for my appointment. Yes, that was another Internet bursa sinirsiz eskort advice to get a sweet semen taste that ladies really enjoy. I always wondered if I’d ever have a chance to put that in good use and today I almost did.

I walked solemnly down the street feeling very lucky even though I couldn’t drive due to mechanical problems and it wasn’t a short walk. Almost at my destination downtown, I stopped to check the town’s official postings on a corner panel. I wasn’t paying attention, but then I looked up towards the adjacent street, I focused my view at the building and saw a young looking lady on a third floor balcony hanging up her laundry.

Why did that make me stop thinking about the previous sex all of a sudden?

She was smoking and moved with a thuggish attitude. Wearing just a brown sleeveless t-shirt and white panties it was a good view from below. I could even see her bra’s black straps peeking out on the sides of her chest up to her shoulders. And she seemed to have a fine terse butt too.

I also knew her from the school entrance and never knew she lived so close to it. She was young, auburn hair and really appealing to the eyes. She must have had her child late during her teens. I always imagined that the conception took place on the backseat of a car after partying hard on a Saturday night. I imagined that she never knew who the father was or maybe she did, but she dumped him. I know this is judgmental, but I was starting to get used to that small town gossiping mindset.

Several Sundays ago I witnessed, from the same lonely bench as always, how she dated a decent-looking guy. They were chatting and drinking at the terrace of a well-known restaurant. He looked like a winner so I prejudged him as a total jerk. She was wearing a skirt no much longer than a big belt and her looks were extra slutty. A prey from the previous night or a candidate to be her husband? Not the first time I felt like she was looking for a man: she acted like an easy target and I wondered if he nutted her that day.

All these thoughts during an instant lusting got me an internal rush to go and do her. I made mental note of the balcony position and, with only 5 left minutes until my appointment, walked to her building entrance without a plan.

The entrance was wide open. The apartments building looked pretty crappy from the outside. There was no elevator so I climbed upstairs finding that the inside looked pretty seedy. Dust was all over the place, some broken mailboxes and trash on the floor. A lot of open doors on the second floor and some loud music coming from a couple of them. There were some young guys sitting there smoking weed. The third floor corridor had laundry clothes all over the place. I had to avoid running into them until I faced what I thought was her front door.

I rang the bell but it didn’t work, so I knocked it with three determined punches. I heard a pretty mean, “I’m coming,” from the inside. Still no plan.

She opened the door half dressed as I had seen her from the balcony. She kept holding the door with her left hand extended up while she leaned her right one on her hip.

“What!?” she asked me with a pinch of hostility while she looked at me.

I was speechless. The situation didn’t look very favorable.

“Never mind,” I said, and then walked back towards the stairs hands in pockets and head down.

“Hey!” she yelled at me. “Come back now!” she commanded.

I turned around and walked back until I was in front of her. Our eyes locked. She had an intense deep look, and some of her teeth didn’t look healthy. It didn’t look like life was treating her well.

I had no hope and I couldn’t care less, so I took a twenty from my pocket and offered it to her without emitting a word.

“I’m not a whore, you son of a bitch!” she said looking at it. “But yeah, I could use that”. She took the twenty from my hand and stored it in the rack those two nice titties were forming inside her bra.

I went in behind her. I don’t even remember if we closed the door. The only thing I recall is that her living room was as messy as mine. Close to the table, she turned one of the chairs around and sat on in with her face conveniently aligned with my crotch.

Was this Blowjobs Day and I was not aware of it? First she took my cock out and proceeded to lick my shaft. She took her time to leave it completely clean and then proceeded with my balls. One at a time, she sucked them while she pumped my love organ with steady strong squeezes by its root. That was working wonders on me.

When she finally put it in her mouth she went straight to swallow half of it in, and then pulled back until her mouth got hold of the crown and sucked it like a lollipop for a good while.

Next she started bobbing her head back and forth. She was really good at it. Not only I was horny as hell, but also I was in a hurry so I grabbed the back of her head and drove her in. She let me literally fuck escort bayan her face. Several times balls deep. The woman had a talent for that.

When I was about to come, I let her face go back and get some air. I squeezed the base of my cock, and when I released it, the unexpected happened. I think I had never ejaculated that much in my hole life. Spurt after spurt landing on her face. After the first one, she closed her mouth and eyes and leaned her head back to accept the tsunami. I never knew if the pineapple or the celery had done me any good to the taste of my semen but I got good evidence that my diet had had an effect on its production. I wouldn’t stop coming… I think I lost count at seven spurts. I painted her face white.

When she tried to open her eyes, cum was dripping down her chin. She looked at me with difficulty. I lifted her by her armpits before she had time to call me something mean and sat her on the table. I turned the chair around, sat on it, positioned between her legs, opened, and sunk my head between them.

Taking no time for preliminaries, I sucked her outer lips as if I was starving. And indeed I was. I was craving pussy and feasted on hers. She had a good muff, as I like them. I then went straight for her clit. I licked and licked. I sucked. I drank every drop of juice she had to offer. I could hear her moan while she grabbed my head with both hands signaling me not to loose focus on her cunt.

“Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Damn don’t stop… son of a bitch, Oh!” she would yell at me.

It took a while but I managed to make her come several times. On the first one she arched her back front and yelled like a happy lady. She had to lay on her back then and, while in that position, I changed my licking strategy to intense sucking until she started shaking, cumming again, and swearing pretty badly.

“Let me rest please,” she panted. So I did. I stood up to witness her laying there and breathing heavily after her orgasms, with her face and hair still covered with dry cum.

I frankly don’t think I needed the twenty to get between her legs, but I felt it was fair for her to keep them.

“I need to go.” I said. Satisfied, I left before I did something stupid like asking her for a date. With the doubt of the celery effect (I was fine with pineapple juice, but I really hated celery) but I also felt it was fair because I never got to taste smoke from her lips either.

Continuing with taste affairs, I still smelled like her delicious natural groin fragrance but I didn’t think it was a good idea to show up to my appointment like that so I went to a fountain to clean my face.


When I arrived to the school the janitor informed me, with the manners of someone who thinks very high of his job, that I was way too late for my appointment and Steph, the deputy head, was busy with another visit.

So I had missed what was the main goal of my day. Great, I told myself cynically. At least, they rescheduled me for noon. I had plenty of time so I walked back home. I think I took the same way back to see if I could find the slutty mom again. I didn’t, but more or less when I was walking by her door again I came across Mira, whose daughter is a classmate of mine’s.

She was looking through the fence chewing gum as usually and saw me coming. When I got closer, she turned back and grabbed my arm.

“Ok, you motherfucker, let’s put this straight for once and all, ” she told me with a menacing tone. She hurried with me to the back of the alley by the corner, just behind the trash containers.

“Sure I lost grace after my second pregnancy, but I read the story you posted on that pervs erotica stories site about not feeling anything for me and fuck, I’m not ok with it,” she scolded me.

That was true: I wrote a short story inspired on her one night she looked fully blooming and I was just at the beginning of the most unhappy period of my marriage. Neither the readers or her got my raw flattering intentions… I’m a crappy writer, I can’t help it.

I feared the worst, but all of a sudden she left her purse on the floor by her side and grabbed her blouse with both hands by her neck line. I hadn’t noticed that she was grabbing her bra too when she pulled down and produced two massive breasts, the size of watermelons, that hanged and bounced free in front of my eyes. Those eyes all wide open were unable to keep the sight away from them.

“Whoa!” I said.

She got on her knees, cupped them, squeezed them together and massaged them for some minutes, then looked up at my eyes.

“Don’t you like them?” she asked.

What was I to say? Nothing, I said nothing. Mira was a dirty blonde with full figure. Not my kind if I was picky, which I’m not, but certainly a piece of a woman that needed good skills to be handled properly and, what else to be said about those colossal tits!

I pulled down my trunks and my cock sprang free, bouncing up and down in the most obscene way. Not as impressive as her tits, though. I guess that answered her question.

I cupped my balls with my left hand and got a hard grip of my boner. That’s my signature move when I want to finish fast. I got closer to her and started masturbating at a short distance, just between her chin and her huge boobs.

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