Lara Goes Back To School Again Ch. 01


Lara had finally got the job she had always wanted. After marrying young and having two children very quickly, she had returned to her studies, gone to medical school and was now employed as the doctor at the very same boarding school she had attended as a young girl. Dressed in her white coat, she sat at her desk and awaited her final appointment of the day. She had been looking forward to this moment ever since she had been appointed.

Normally under her white coat she would wear a white cotton blouse and a sensible knee length skirt, appearing to be the model professional that the nuns who ran the school had employed her to be. Today, however, was different. Today she was waiting to conduct a leaving interview and medical examination with Sara, the first girl in her year to reach her eighteenth birthday.

Sara, the doctor knew, was a very shy girl. In this all-girl boarding school none of the pupils had much chance to become acquainted with boys of their own age and the only male presence in their lives during school term was the few male teachers on the staff. Sara, Lara had noticed, became embarrassed very easily when she was giving guest lectures on biology and, while some of the other girls had gasped aloud when she had been teaching them about human reproduction, Sara had blushed a fierce shade of red and lowered her head to prevent any of her classmates from noticing. That was when Lara knew who her first conquest would be.

She smiled as she heard a tentative knock on her door and, standing up, she went over and opened the door herself.

“Come in, Sara,” she smiled.

The young girl smiled nervously and entered the doctor’s office with no little trepidation. She knew that she would have to undergo a full physical examination and she had barely slept last night worrying about this. Everyone said the new doctor was nice and she had certainly seemed so the other day in class but the things she was talking about had embarrassed Sara so much that she knew her cheeks were burning and she hadn’t been able to ask any of the many questions she had. She also noticed that the new lady doctor must be wearing a very short skirt today because she could see none of it below the level of her white coat which only came down to mid thigh level.

The doctor showed Sara to the waiting chair in front of her large wooden desk. This was a desk that Lara knew well since the Headmistress had once spanked her as she lay across it but she physically shook her head to remove this image from her mind. Not that she wasn’t aroused by the memory but she knew she had to keep her mind on this young beauty sitting in front of her.

For Sara was indeed beautiful. She was almost as tall as the doctor herself, slim, her fitted school blouse showing off her figure well, her short uniform skirt falling to just above her knees. Lara knew that this was shorter than regulation and wondered if the girl had flaunted the uniform rules in any other way. When she was a pupil here she had hated the large navy knickers that all the girls had to wear and had substituted them for her own tiny thongs. She was wearing her favourite white one today and already she could feel her pussy moistening just a little as she looked at Sara’s shaking hands held clasped on her lap.

“Now, Sara, you know why you are here, don’t you?”

“Yes, doctor.”

“Good. Well, I will make it as enjoyable as possible and you can help by trying to relax.”

“Relax?” thought the schoolgirl. “How can I possibly relax? And what did she mean by making it enjoyable.”

Lara could see the confusion in the girl’s face and smiled to herself. She was going to have fun with this young virgin, because she was sure that’s exactly what Sara was – a virgin girl, waiting to be touched, waiting to be fucked. She sat back down at her desk facing the nervous girl and took up her pen.

“I have a few questions for you, Sara, and I want you to answer them as honestly as you can. There is no need to be embarrassed as no-one will ever hear your answers apart from me so you can be totally open. Do you understand?”

Sara simply nodded, knowing that she always got embarrassed when older people said there was no need.

“Good. Now, do you have a boyfriend?”

The schoolgirl didn’t know what that had to do with anything but nodded as the doctor looked up from her file.

“And do you let him touch you?”

Sara could feel her face turning an even deeper shade of red, wondering where this line of questions was going to lead, knowing that she didn’t want to be led there.

“Yes,” she managed to utter.

“Where does he touch you?”

Sara had lost the power of speech by now and knew there was no way she could answer this question so she hesitatingly pointed to her breasts.

“Are you telling me you let your boyfriend feel your tits, Sara? Well, I must admit I’m more than a little surprised but at least you won’t be embarrassed now when I examine them myself. Open your blouse, please.”

Sara had known that she was to be taught how to bursa otele gelen escort examine herself properly today but she still dreaded the fact that she was about to show her naked breasts to another person for the very first time. Her boyfriend had touched her there but only through her clothes, much as he had wanted to strip her of them. He had squeezed both her round breasts roughly and declared that she was a “good size to fuck”. She had no idea what he meant; she knew what “fucking” was even if she couldn’t imagine ever allowing someone to do that to her but she had no idea what he meant about fucking her “tits”.

She looked round to locate the screen behind which she would have to undress but the doctor explained that, since they were alone, she should remain where she was. Sara tried to reason in her mind that what the older woman had said made sense but it was still very embarrassing to sit there and start to strip.

As Sara slowly opened the buttons on her white school blouse, she could feel her cheeks blushing even more. Once she had opened all the buttons, at least as far as the waistband of her skirt, she slowly raised her head. She was slightly taken aback by the doctor obviously staring at her small, lacy bra. Sara knew her breasts weren’t as big as some of the girls in her class but, since her boyfriend obviously liked them, she didn’t think she had anything to be ashamed of. Ashamed was exactly how she was feeling now, however, as the doctor seemed unable to tear her gaze away from the young girl’s partially covered breasts.

Again Lara had to practically shake herself to force herself to drag her eyes away from the schoolgirl’s round, pert tits. True, they weren’t as big as her own but she was looking forward to touching them and finding out how Sara responded. Walking round her desk until she was standing behind Sara, she asked, “Do you know how to examine your breasts, Sara?”

“No, doctor. Mother said you would teach me today. Is that right?” she asked, twisting round to see a strange, hungry look on the older woman’s face.

“Yes, indeed. First I will show you what to do then I want you to copy me.”

Lara knelt down behind the girl and put her hands on Sara’s shoulders to allow her to get used to the feeling of another’s hands on her young body. As she moved down, however, she could feel Sara trembling and forced herself to stop as she reached the schoolgirl’s breasts. Sara was breathing hard as the friendly lady doctor smoothed her hands over her young breasts and pushed her pink bra down off them. Sara’s face burned red but she couldn’t stop herself from looking down to see the doctor’s soft hands on her own breasts and was surprised to find that she quite liked the feeling of another woman’s hands there. As the doctor continued to gently fondle her, Sara simply presumed in her innocence that this was how every breast examination was conducted.

What she didn’t understand, though, was why she was starting to feel quite tingly – and not just in her breasts. Her nipples were starting to throb and she could feel something new and very strange between her legs. She tried to ignore these feelings as the doctor continued her exam but when the older woman took a hold of the girl’s engorged nipples and tugged on them, she couldn’t help but let out a small moan.

Lara could see the girl blush all the way down to her beautiful tits and when Sara moaned aloud at the stimulation of her nipples, she knew she was going to have lots of fun with this naive but responsive girl. Reluctantly removing her hands from Sara, she took the young girl’s own hands and brought them to her breasts. Sara shuddered as she touched herself in this way for the very first time. The doctor’s hands covered her own and guided her in what she was doing but Sara knew, she could feel that it was her own hands on her own breasts and, she very quickly realised, she liked this too. When the doctor brought her fingers to her own large nipples and she squeezed them, she couldn’t stop herself from moaning in pleasure again.

As Lara released her hands, she looked over the young girl’s shoulder to see that Sara had not let go of her breasts and was now fondling them of her own accord. She got up from her kneeling position to walk round to face the girl who was now lost in her own lust. Her head was thrown back, her eyes were closed and Sara could feel those new feelings between her legs begin to take over her whole body.

“Right, Sara. That will do.”

The doctor’s voice brought the young girl crashing back to reality and when she opened her eyes she saw the doctor once more staring at her breasts. Sara blushed bright red once more as she realised she had somehow got carried away, somehow she had done so in front of the doctor and, somehow, her knickers felt damp between her legs. She tried to cover her breasts but the doctor simply instructed her to remove the remainder of her clothes. Once again the girl rose from her seat in front of the doctor to make her way to the escort bayan screen but once again the older woman dissuaded her from doing so.

“There’s only you and I here, Sara. No-one else will see you. Just take off your clothes where you are and lay them on the chair.”

Sara knew the doctor was making sense but it somehow seemed wrong to be undressing herself in the middle of the room rather than behind the screen. Nevertheless, being a good girl and more than a little submissive, she did as she was told. Pulling her blouse from her skirt, she slipped it off her shoulders and placed it on her chair. Not daring to look at the doctor, she reached behind, undid the clasp of her bra then removed it too.

Now topless, she felt herself blushing but knew that her examination had to continue. Taking a deep breath, she reached behind herself again and unfastened the button on the waistband of her tight skirt. She lowered the zip, wiggled her hips a little as she pulled her skirt down and revealed her knickers to the doctor. Standing there in just her regulation, navy knickers, her knee-high white socks and her black shoes, she suddenly felt very exposed to the doctor’s hungry eyes and crossed her arms over her breasts.

Lara was almost disappointed to see that the girl’s small rebellion hadn’t gone as far as her knickers but knew that they were about to come off anyway so she didn’t allow herself to dwell on the matter. Before Sara had even knocked on her door, she had cleared her desk and the schoolgirl was about to find out why. Indicating to her young patient that she should sit on the large wooden desk, Lara watched as she did what she was told once more and perched her tight bottom on the very edge.

“I want you to lie back now, Sara, as I will have to continue your examination.”

As the girl did as she was told, finding the hard desk uncomfortable and the whole situation strange, Lara encouraged her to raise her knees up so that her feet were flat on the desk top. The perverted doctor now slowly prised the young girl’s knees wide and looked down to see the tell-tale damp patch on the crotch of the Sara’s big knickers.

“I think the best thing we can do with these, Sara, is take them off. Otherwise, how will I be able to examine you properly?”

Sara could see the sense in this once again but she wished fervently that she didn’t. Raising her hips slightly, she allowed the older woman to pull her knickers down over her bottom cheeks and slide then down her slender legs. As she slipped the navy undergarment over Sara’s shoes, first one then the other, Lara looked at the young girl’s naked body and liked what she saw. Sara was not looking as her most private place was suddenly nude in front of another person for the first time since she was an infant. She knew the doctor was a professional but the thought of anyone looking between her legs filled her with shame. Lara, on the other hand, could not get enough of the wonderful sight that lay before her – Sara’s hairy pussy.

Looking at the young girl’s regulation school knickers, she turned them inside out to inspect the crotch and the damp spot she already knew was there. Holding them to her mouth, she allowed her tongue to barely touch that magical spot that, until a moment ago, had covered Sara’s pussy. Now it was the doctor’s turn to moan as she tasted the young girl’s arousal but quickly lowered the underwear when Sara opened her eyes at the sound of the doctor’s pleasure.

“I want you to look at your knickers, Sara. Do you see this damp patch?”

Sara had never felt so humiliated, examining her own knickers under the scrutiny of another woman, even if she was a doctor. She forced herself to look at the spot the Doctor was holding close to her face and simply nodded, unable to believe that she had wet herself even slightly. Lara could see the young girl’s confusion and smiled to herself.

“I know what you are thinking, Sara, but you have not peed yourself. This damp spot is a result of your pussy becoming aroused when you were playing with your tits. It is perfectly normal.”

Sara didn’t know if she was more embarrassed by the words the doctor was using (surely, that wasn’t professional, she thought) or by the fact that the doctor thought she had been “playing” with her breasts. She was very glad, though, that she had not wet herself in the way she had thought and smiled weakly at the doctor.

“Now, Sara, I am going to examine your pussy and show you how to do it yourself so that you will be able to examine yourself on a regular basis.”

Sara could feel her whole body stiffen with nerves at the thought of another person touching her private place but she knew that she had to go through with this. Trying to tell herself that she was a woman now and that this was what women had to undergo, she took a deep breath again and tried to relax. At least it wasn’t a male doctor examining her.

Even so, when she felt the doctor touch her smooth thighs, Sara nearly jumped off the hard desk. Explaining mudanya escort that she was simply separating her legs to allow her access, Lara looked down once more and drank in the sight of the girl’s moist pussy. She could see that the dark, curly hairs around her cunt’s entrance were already matted with her virginal juices and she longed to dip her head and taste this young beauty. Managing to control herself only with great effort, Lara continued her instruction.

“To enable me to gain entry to your pussy and not hurt you, Sara, I first have to make sure that your pussy is wet. There are various ways this can be done. The best way is if you are aroused and your own natural juices will make your slit nice and slippery. If this does not happen, then we can use artificial lubricants. Finally, and most enjoyable is to get someone else to help you. Shall I show you how?”

Sara was totally confused and more than a little embarrassed. She couldn’t understand how her own body had made her wet between her legs just because she had been “playing” with her breasts; she certainly didn’t understand what the doctor meant by letting someone else help her. How could someone else help her to get wet between her legs in her private place? She presumed that this was one of the things her mother had wanted her to learn today so nodded her assent to the doctor.

Lara couldn’t hide the smile that now enlightened her beautiful face. She instructed the young girl to hold her own legs behind her knees and pull them up. Finally believing she had permission to indulge herself, she leaned forward and brought her tongue to Sara’s wet pussy. She licked her softly, slowly, her wet tongue running delicately over the schoolgirl’s pulsing cunt, not wanting to frighten her.

Sara was terrified and perplexed; she couldn’t belief what the doctor was doing to her, and with her tongue. She couldn’t belief that the doctor would do this to the other girls as they reached their eighteenth birthday. She couldn’t belief that other doctors did this to other women, to her mother. Most of all, she couldn’t believe the feelings starting between her raised legs and running through her entire body. She could hear soft moans coming from somewhere in the room and it took a moment or two to realise that they were coming from her. Was she really enjoying this? Was it ok to enjoy this? Would the doctor think she was some kind of slut? Was her face burning as red as it felt?

The schoolgirl remained in this bewildered state as Lara feasted on her dripping pussy. As she felt Sara begin to open up to her insistent tongue, the doctor pressed her tongue deeper into the young girl, eliciting even louder sounds of pleasure. Sara could hold her legs up no more as she gave herself up to these new sensations and, instead, clamped her trembling thighs tightly around the doctor’s head, as the older woman took full advantage of Sara’s innocence.

Lara now had full access to the school girl’s most private part. She stopped for a moment to revel in the sight of Sara’s moist, pink flesh. Then all she could think of herself was eating this young girl and she resumed licking up and down her young patient’s hot cunt, savouring the taste and feel of the young flesh against her wet tongue. The schoolgirl’s juices were flowing like never before and the noises coming from her mouth were unintelligible to either woman but Lara knew she was as turned on as the girl beneath her. Much as she wanted to bring this girl to her first climax, Lara also wanted to prolong the schoolgirl’s enjoyment and make this experience one she would never forget.

Slowly extending her range, Lara began to lick down to the girl’s arsehole, all the way up her soaking pussy until she reached her throbbing clit. Up and down she continued, up and down, so that Sara was now writhing on the hard wooden desk. It was obvious that the young girl was about to have the first orgasm of her life and Lara latched on to her clit, sucking it between her hot lips and flicking it with her tongue.

Sara tried to hold back her cries but, as the doctor sucked and licked then sucked and licked some more, the young girl let rip with an animal noise that came from deep within her very being. Her thighs tightened even more violently around the doctor’s head as she came for the first time ever. Lara fought hard to breathe while drinking in as much of the girl’s juices as she could swallow.

As the young girl’s very first orgasm slowly began to die down, she opened her eyes and saw with shock her legs wrapped around the doctor’s head. As she quickly released them the doctor began to slowly step back, kissing the young girl’s thighs as she did so.

“I think you’re wet enough now, Sara.”

The girl could only lie there, panting, as she realised this ordeal was only just beginning; the doctor hadn’t even begun to examine her very wet private place yet she was already more embarrassed than she had ever been. She could see the juices that she could only think had dripped from her “pussy” around the doctor’s mouth and feel them dribbling down between her bottom cheeks. She squirmed as the moisture reached her dirtiest hole and she realised that she was lying in a small pool of her own making. As the doctor licked all around her mouth, Sara could only wonder what her mother was like when a doctor did this to her.

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