Lays of St Trinian’s Ch. 08

With the Oscar success, Miss Susie took “leave of absence” to go to California to host her own TV show. She would, she said, be back after the Summer, but that left me as Acting Head, a rôle I had not sought. Who on earth would now tell me what to do? It also meant I had to organise the annual outing.

I didn’t like school trips. I hadn’t when I was a school student, and I didn’t now I was the Acting Head. It wasn’t helped by the fact that this trip was always led by Miss Natalie, as she insisted the girls call her. She was demanding. She was good, and she knew it. She had an ego the size of a small planet, and a temper like a wild fire. The girls were not the only ones to be wary of her. I didn’t think she much liked me, and it shouldn’t have mattered; but it did.

Well, everyone loved the sea-side, and the historic ruins Miss Natalie insisted on showing us all, provided a good excuse for most of the girls to dress down. In most cases this appeared to mean wearing as little as possible. I’d caught Natalie checking out Alyssa’s arse, which, I have to say, was worth it. It suggested that despite being married to a man, Miss Natalie was not averse to a bit of sapphic fun.

‘Hoffy,’ she barked, I paid immediate attention. ‘I do like that simple pinafore dress, but’, and she laughed, ‘given the preferred wear of our charges, you look more like a schoolgirl than most of them.’ She licked her lips and looked at me in what I found a most peculiar way. She had taken to calling me “Hoffy” ever since Miss Susie had left; no doubt she had her reasons. But it did something to me.

I felt myself blushing, but fortunately at that point, young Emm bounced up. When I say bounced, I mean it. Those tits were not built for the bikini top she was wearing, and they threatened to pop out every time the leaned forward, which she was doing – a lot.

‘Yes, Emm,’ said Natalie, her eyes fixed firmly on those wobbling tits.

‘Can we go to the beach now Miss, we are bored with all this history rubbish.’

Ten out of ten for honesty, I thought, and zero for tact. Natalie laughed.

‘Yes, fine, but be at the restaurant for six, we’re eating there before going back to school. That gives you three hours to get your end away with the local lads, now, literally, fuck off.’

Emm, who if Natalie but knew it, most certainly did not like boys, grinned and dashed off to be with Aly. I suspected they’d be under the nearest pier in moments.

Rebecca, our serene and beautiful Head Girl, beloved by all, calmed things down.

‘What Miss Natalie meant is that we should all spend an afternoon improving our minds. I suggest we all do that. I am off to practice my French orals at the Chanel boutique with the friendly Suzie, and I hope the rest of you will find ways to pass the time profitably. No, Emm, not that way, and not that sort of profit.’

With that, the girls scattered.

‘What are you up to Hoffy?’

‘I was going to wander into town, there’s a lovely gallery there, and they sell hand-crafted stuff.’

‘Sounds interesting, show me!’

Damn, I thought, why couldn’t I just say I wanted to be alone?

As we walked into town she told me about her husband, her gilded lifestyle and her ambition to be Head within a decade. Miss Susie would, she was sure, get a better job at a bigger school, and that would be her chance. What, she finally asked, did I want?

To be left alone to get on with things, was my real answer, but I said that I wanted just to get bursa escort bayan on with being the best teacher I could be. I could sense that was the wrong answer.

We went into the gallery. It was one of my favourite places. The shell necklaces were a great favourite, as, indeed, was Cindy, the woman who made them. I had a hopeless crush on her. She was tall, blonde, blue-eyed and, for all I knew, straight as a poker.

As I talked with her about the options, Natalie intervened.

‘You are a fine artist, I think I’d like this whole set, oh, and can you gift wrap them, and as your stock is now sold, come and have a drink with me at the hotel opposite.’

Cindy smiled.

‘Thought you’d never ask, gorgeous. Hoffy, here’s yours, indeed, have it free as your commission on introducing me to your yummy friend.’

Well, never one to look a gift whore in the mouth, I took it and scooted, leaving Cindy and Natalie discussing life, the universe and everything.

At a loose end, I wandered back to the beach, only to bump into Julie and her friend Alicea.

‘Hi, Miss, thought you were off with “Miss” Natalie, seeing to her wants, if you know what I mean?’ She giggled.

I knew Julie fancied me. I knew it because she told me twice a day. She looked particularly delicious in a cropped top which emphasised her boobs, and shorts which were, well, very short. Alicea was similarly attired. I explained that Miss Natalie had gone off with a friend.

‘Oh, I see, a “friend,” say no more. Want us to vouch for you in the hotel bar Miss, we look older than you do.’

Julie was not wrong, and I usually carried my ID for such occasions. No doubt it was wonderful to look so young, but there were downsides.

A gin and tonic later, I got a text.

‘Cindy done, had to go unexpectedly, still randy, get up to room 101 now, Hoffy, I am naked and waiting.’

‘What’s that Miss?’ Julie grabbed my phone and showed the text to Alicea. ‘Dirty bitch.’

‘Julie, that’s my phone.’ I whined at her.

‘Is that here, Miss?’

I nodded.

She whipped her phone out and texted.

‘Alicea, Emm and Aly are on their way, I’m going up with the Hoffy. Hoffy, come on.’

Goodness me, I thought, suddenly everyone was treating me as Miss Susie did. They must have realised how much I missed her; so thoughtful of them.

Grabbing my hand, she rushed me to the lift.

‘Oh, my God, got her now.’

So saying, she grabbed me and kissed me squeezing my arse.

‘You’re too tasty for her. Me, on the other hand, woo hoo!’

The door was at the end of the corridor.

I tried the handle, it opened.

‘Hoffy, about time, get your arse in here girl, I need at least two more orgasms before dinner.’

‘Why Miss,’ Julie, towering over me, smiled, ‘are you sure you don’t need someone younger and with a pair of tits to die for?’

Naked on the bed, Natalie instinctively went to cover herself when the strange voice sounded, but when she saw who it was, she stopped, smiled and said:

‘Well if you get those bra busters out, we’ll see. Hoffy, stand down, I’ve a better offer.’

Julie launched herself at Natalie, pushing her back and pressing those enormous tits into her chest as she knocked her back.

‘Miss Hoffy,’ Julie cried, as she was wrestling with Natalie, ‘your side, now!’

Just as Julie fastened a pair of handcuffs to Natalie’s wrist and the bed, I did the same with the other görükle escort wrist. Well, one had to help when asked.

‘What the fuck,’ Natalie began to ask, but Julie, who had her shorts off and panties down, grabbed the latter and stuffed them, wet crotch first, into Natalie’s mouth.

At that point the other girls burst in.

‘Wow!’ Emm’s mouth dropped open, as she watched her Form Mistress struggle.


I didn’t know that clothes could come off so fast, but by the time Emm reached the bed she was nude.

Straddling Natalie’s face, she ripped the panties out of her mouth replacing them with her squelching cunt. The way Natalie began to lick it suggested she was getting into the spirit of things. There was no struggle.

If watching Emm’s big tits bounce as she ground her cunt into Natalie’s face was mesmerising, so too was watching Julie direct Alicea and Aly.

‘Aly, pinch those tits, hard, and slap them if necessary.’

Aly gave an evil grin and, stripping, began doing just that, taking a delight in twisting the nipples, watching her Form Mistress wriggle.

‘Alicea, her ass. Lube your fingers in her cunt first.’

Alicea, whose tits were slightly smaller than the others on view, did as she was told, making Natalie moan.

‘Here, now Hoffy!’

Julie pulled me to her.


It must have been the echoes of Miss Susie in her voice, but I felt compelled to oblige.

‘God, you have such teeny, tiny tits, so cute. Look girls, isn’t Hoffy just the cutest little thing?’

‘Oh, my, God,’ exclaimed Emm, ‘she has no tits at all.’

That seemed the general view. I blushed and waited – just like with Miss Susie really.

Julie knelt in front of Natalie’s defenceless cunt and began to lick it.

‘Kneel too, kiss me,’ she ordered me.

With Alicea taking Natalie’s arse, deep and hard, there was just space for Julie and me, and so we kissed.

I had sometimes wondered what it would taste like to kiss Julie, but not even in my wildest dreams had I dreamed she’d taste like Natalie, let alone of her.

The combined ministrations of Emm’s cunt on her face, Aly’s fingers on her nipples, Alicea’s girl-cock in her ass, and Julie and myself sucking her cunt, meant the inevitable was not long delayed. As Emm came, coating her face in cunt juice and piss, Natalie spasmed. She gushed, splashing Julie and myself.

Emm somehow slid down, allowing Aly to replace her. Aly slapped Natalie’s face first.

‘Did you like that, bitch?’

Natalie was flushed, but so aroused.

‘Bring it on bitch, I want all your cunts.’

Obliging as ever, the girls rallied to the call.

Aly ground her cunt into Natalie’s soaked face, while Emm and Alicea were each seeing what effect impaling their cunts on Natalie’s erect nipples might have. As they did so they kissed.

‘Fuck,’ said Emm, ‘in the porn this is always said to be good, it’s fucking not. Give me that strappy, I want to fuck the bitch!’

I’d always had Emm down as the submissive sort, which, given that the rest of the sixth form knew that Aly used her as a toilet, seemed natural enough. But clearly, in the right mood, she could be something else.

‘Hoffy suck it for me, there’s a good girl.’

Well, I was a good girl, so I sucked Emm’s girl-cock, while Julie buggered Natalie. She made way when Emm’s cock was well-lubricated.

Emm was fit, and the speed and heft with which she went bursa escort bayan at Natalie’s cunt soon produced another orgasm from that quarter, with Aly following suit within seconds.

‘My turn now,’ squealed Alicea.

Aly pinched my bum as she went down on Julie, with Emm transferring her attention to Natalie’s arse.

To judge by the bucking and the muffled noises, that was not unwelcome to Natalie, a suspicion confirmed by an immediate new orgasm.

To my left, I saw Aly eating Julie out, the latter climaxing quickly, and then finger-fucking Aly.

‘Enjoying it, Hoffy?’

Emm, her girl-cock still deeply embedded in Natalie’s gaping arsehole, smiled.

‘Well, as long as we are downstairs for six,’ I giggled.

‘Oh,’ said Julie, as Aly came, ‘I doubt she’ll be complaining.’

At that moment Alicea began to cum.

Emm carried on buggering Natalie, occasionally leaning in to slap her tits.

Julie mounted Natalie’s face, letting the latter breath for a few moments.

‘Oh fuck, buggery,’ she moaned, ‘this is so fucking filthy, you bitches, I will …’

We weren’t sure what would have followed, as Julie shut her up effectively by parting her own lips and enveloping Natalie between her thighs, grinding her sopping cunt into her teacher’s face.

‘Fuck it,’ said Emm, removing the strappy but leaving it buried in Natalie’s arse.

She straddled Natalie’s chin, kissing Julie and playing with her tits.

Behind me, Alicea and Aly were eating each other out.

I felt I had died and gone to lesbian heaven.

Emm came, spectacularly this time, like a fountain, she squirted all over Natalie’s body, pissing herself as she came. Julie followed suit, while behind me, Aly and Alicea came. With one great push, Natalie also came.

The hotel room stank of cunt, and piss, thanks to Emm.

As everyone came down to earth, Julie and Emm slid off Natalie.

She had passed out, poor darling.

Her face, hair and upper body were liberally coated in cunt cream, and she stank of piss. But she had a very happy smile on her face.

‘Oh my God, we killed her,’ squealed Alicea.

‘No, silly,’ I said, ‘she’s just passed out, that was her fourth or even fifth orgasm in an hour.’

The girls broke into a chorus of the School Song.

‘We are the best, so screw the rest, we are St Trinian’s.’

And so they were.

‘I’m so proud of you girls. Now, shower and downstairs, the champagne is on me!’

“Hurrah for Hoffy,’ said Emm.

I winked at Julie.

‘Well, you were right.’

‘Why did you think I bribed Cindy with the promise of an afternoon with the Head Girl?’

‘Clever thing,’

I smiled and kissed her.

‘Do you think they know?’ I asked.

‘Know what,’ said Emm, ‘I’m confused.’

I phoned down to reception.

‘There will be one less for dinner. Oh, and if the usual maids want to clean up, they can have a free gift. It’s on the bed,’

So, half an hour later, the cream of St Trinian’s gathered for a champagne supper.

Rebecca, our gorgeous Head Girl, looked immaculate as ever.

‘Cindy sends her regards, Hoffy, she says she was very satisfied.’

‘I am sure, Rebecca, that as ever, you gave of yourself without stint.’

‘Oh, Hoffy, I did indeed. Now, about that oral, can I see you soon?’

‘Of course darling.’

‘Be upstanding for the Toast,’ Julie declared.

‘The Queen,’ I said.

‘The School,’ declared Rebecca.

‘God bless us, everyone,’ Alicea toasted.

‘Confound their knavish tricks,’ said Aly.

‘Absent friends,’ I added.

We all giggled.

‘Why are you all giggling,’ said Emm, ‘I’m confused.’

As usual, she had the last word, and brought the house down. Darling Emm.

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