My New Assistant Settles In

After spending the night ‘playing’ with Adian, I showered quickly and dressed to return to my office upstairs to work. Fortunately, most of my office ‘attire’ consisted of black skirts and suit coats with a variety of blouses or sweaters, so it wasn’t obvious that I was wearing the same outfit as I had on yesterday.

I arrived a little earlier than the usual 7:45 am time and spent a few moments reflecting over a cup of coffee. God, she made my pussy cream……..and I contemplated how much I really loved eating her pussy and fucking her ass-but it was confusing me at the same time.

I was married – I loved my husband and I loved sex with him. But having sex with Adian was making me feel sexually heightened and although I felt like a slut, I also liked being a slut when it came to muzzling my lips over her hairless pussy or licking her ass; and I loved watching her pretty face in my pussy as her tongue languished over my thighs and lapped my pussy lips and clit.

‘Ah, shit-time to think about business,’ I thought as I set my coffee cup down and logged on the computer.

Adian came into my office precisely at 8 am with a spreadsheet from a client who claimed they were charged twice for the same thing. She went directly to my computer to pull up the client’s account and I could smell her fresh shower and shampoo but also with a slight scent of pussy as she leaned over my desk to access the account on my computer. She stood next to me as she reached across my desk and I could see her bare ass and pussy lips.

Oh, my! I wanted so bad to run my fingers and tongue around those lips and ass!

“Adian, stop.” I said in a shaking voice. “I can’t look at your pussy without wanting to touch it and lick it. We have to lay some ground rules here so we both don’t get fired for fucking on the job.”

Adian stood up, tugged her skirt down to cover her ass………and then bent in to kiss me.

Her soft lips grazed mine and then she pushed her pointed tongue into my mouth. I moaned and sucked her tongue before flicking my tongue over her lips and into her mouth. Her lips circled my tongue and then sucked it deep into her mouth as her hand gently grazed my cheek.

“Yes, mam.” She said as she pulled her lips from mine-with a sparkle in her eye as she smiled at me.

“I’ll do whatever you want.”

My pussy was already tweaking from the glance of her sweet, bare ass and her hot kiss, so I was quivering a bit as I said, “We have a 15 minute break in the morning and afternoon, and an hour for lunch-unpaid- so that would be on our own time. I think we could fill the time-and NOT get in trouble; whether we’re eating lunch…..or eating pussy. We just need to be very discrete.”

“I understand completely,” Adian smiled. “I can work around those ‘parameters’.

She turned and left the room-still smiling, only to come back thirty minutes later and logged on the client’s account to show me where the mistake had been charged, how she debited the second charge to the client and the letter of apology to the client to acknowledge both the mistake and its correction. Besides being very sexual, Adian was also very competent.

I spent the next hour and a half viewing accounts, pouring over spreadsheets until I glanced up and saw it was 10 am-break time.

I opened the door to my office to find Adian’s desk vacant and Adian nowhere in sight. I went back to my desk disappointed; I thought I might at least run my hand over her pussy and push my finger up her wet hole or spend a few minutes running my tongue down her throat to lead my lips to her luscious nipple.

My panties were wet ….but the minutes ticked by and I realized she was spending her break elsewhere; I could only hope she wasn’t spending her lunch hour the same way.

Damn, that woman knew how to make me want her more!

Reluctantly, I got back into working and was completely absorbed when, two hours later, Adian walked into my office. She shut the bursa escort door and dropped her blouse to the floor- toying with her nipples, which appeared to be rock hard. She pulled her breast up to suck her own nipple and when she released it, her nipple was wet with her saliva.

“It’s lunch time.” She said as she again flicked her tongue over her nipple. “What would you like for lunch?”

“You.” I rasped, smiling. “Licking your body from head to toe, your nipples in my mouth, my face buried in your pussy, and your juice wetting my face. With a little asslicking on the side, of course,” I said smiling. I couldn’t wait to taste her everywhere!

“Drop your skirt.”

Adian turned around and unzipped her skirt, dropping it slowly to give me a view of her flawless ass and her pussy lips-visibly juicy and wet- as she bent to pull the skirt from her ankles.

“Do you like the view?” she said as she arched her back and displayed her ass and pussy. Her hairless pussy lips were wet-I could see the dew on her lips- and my pussy was creaming at the sight and the thought of running my tongue over them.

“Oh, yes” I whispered. “Come closer and spread that pretty little ass over my desk so I can lick it properly.”

Wearing only her shoes, Adian strutted over to me; this woman was very aware of the effect she had on me-and many others, I suspected. She bent over my desk and arched her back; her hairless asshole in full sight, with her glistening pussy lips open and available to my tongue. I kissed my way up her thighs and kissed her ass cheeks before I ran my tongue down her ass crack to tongue her puckered little hole.

“Oh!” Adian jumped as my tongue wetted her butt hole. I smiled to myself-I was getting so turned on knowing I could make this beautiful young woman yearn for my tongue.

I dipped down to nuzzle her thigh and lightly ran my tongue over her pussy lips. Her breasts were pushed into my desk as she arched her ass in the air as I sat, still fully clothed, in my chair and ran my hands down her ass cheeks and I kissed her pussy lips- then flicked my tongue lightly over her clit.

“Pull your clothes off, Shelby,” she gasped quietly. “I want to feel your skin next to mine.”

I pushed my chair back and gazed at her pretty little ass bent over my desk and lightly ran my fingers over her smooth cheeks as I removed my clothes. Buck naked, I stood behind her and pushed my breasts into her back as my lips nuzzled her neck, my hands cupping her breasts and then began to kiss my way down her back. I gently licked my way down; I kissed her butt cheeks and then ran my tongue up and down her ass crack before I leaned in to kiss her asshole. I rimmed her hole with my tongue wet with saliva and then watched her butthole spasm and as it opened to my tongue.

“Ah, fuck, Shelby,” she cried as she turned slightly to grasp my hair and push my face into her ass.

I pushed my wet, pointed tongue in her sweet asshole and then rimmed my wet tongue around and around her hole, feeling it spasm as my wet tongue circled her asshole. Her musky smell filled my nose and I was even more turned on by her aroma.

I then sat back a little in my chair to watch her butthole spasm and her pussy juices drip onto my desk.

I kissed my way up her thigh, rubbing my hard nipples over her legs as I snaked my tongue toward her clit, gently flicking it before I lightly kissed her pussy lips. I pushed my tongue as far as I could up her cunt to fuck her with my tongue.

I could feel her wet pussy lips on my cheeks and hear her panting as my tongue fucked her like a little wet cock.

When I heard the office door shut…

I think my heart stopped at that point and I KNOW my mind went totally blank as pulled my tongue out of Adain’s cunt and looked up to see MY boss-the CEO of the company-Mr. Collin- standing in front of the door.

“Oh, fuck.” I heard Adian whisper. My mind went blank-I couldn’t even think bursa escort bayan to say anything at that point.

“I think it would be a good idea if you actually LOCKED the door before engaging in private activities in your office,” Mr. Collin said quietly.

“Ittt was an oversight, Mr. Ccollin,” I stammered, realizing my cheeks must be visibly wet from Adian’s pussy juice.

“We’re on our lunch break-off of company time,” I added lamely.

I didn’t know a lot about Mr. Collin; he sporadically visited my office about once a month since his office was based out of Dallas and about 1500 miles from here-he made random visits-more to check in to help with any problems than to ‘micro-manage’.

He was about my age and although I hadn’t noticed his physical appeal before, I realized that he was quite attractive-tall, quite lean and tanned skin-blonde hair, deep blue eyes.

He reached behind and I heard the lock click shut.

“You’re obviously eating in today,” he said with a half grin. “AND eating out at the same time.”

As he walked closer, I could see the bulge in his dress pants grow as he approached my desk.

“Please…don’t let me disrupt your lunch. Continue eating.” He said as he peered openly into Adian’s ass.

I leaned my face toward Adian’s pussy and lightly ran my tongue over her lips while side-glancing at Mr. Collins. I was feeling extremely self-conscientious but bent in to graze my tongue lightly over her bare pussy lips. I could hear Mr. Collin’s heavy breath as he bent in close to watch me lick Adian’s pussy lips. I ran my tongue slowly up her lips and dipped my tongue into her wet pussy; I could hear my slurping tongue as it fucked her tunnel.

“Oh, YES, Shelby,” she whispered hoarsely, “Fuck me with your tongue.”

“Oh, yes, Shelby,” I heard Mr. Collins rasp from next to me. “I want to watch you fuck her with your tongue. I’ve always had fantasies of watching two women together. Fuck her hard with your tongue.”

I pushed my tongue as far as it would go up her cunt, becoming braver as he goaded me on. I felt Mr. Collin’s cheek next to mine as he poked his face close to my cheek to peer into Adian’s pussy as my tongue strained to fill her tunnel.

I felt his hand cup my breast and his fingers began to play with my nipple and heard his panting breath as he watched me lick her pussy.

“Ah, fuck, Shelby, I’m coming!” Adian cried as she bucked her crotch into my face. I pushed my tongue up as far as it would reach and felt her cunt spasm around my tongue as she came. As her spasms began to slow, I nuzzled her bare pussy lips and ran my pointed tongue lightly across her clit -and then turned to Mr. Collins.

His face was a little red as he slowly reached down to unzip his pants; his breath was heavy on my hair as he bent in close to Adian’s pussy. His hand continued to slowly caress my breast and his fingers played with my hard nipple.

I turned to him and pulled his head to my mouth…I ran my tongue around his lips-knowing my mouth was wet from her juices.

“Can you taste her pussy now?” I whispered. “Isn’t she sweet?”

Mr. Collins licked his lips and I saw his hand stroking his cock as he licked the taste of Adian’s pussy off his lips.

“I want to fuck her,” he whispered hoarsely.

“No, not yet,” I said with a smile. “She’s MY employee and I’m not finished.”

“Adian, get up on your knees, please.”

Adian placed her knees on my desk and raised her pretty ass in the air. I started kissing the inside of her knee and ran my tongue up the inside of her leg-stopping just short of where my tongue would touch her pussy and started my tongue running up the other leg.

I could see Mr. Collin stroking and his cock was getting harder as I licked my way up to Adian’s asshole.

My mouth found Adian’s asshole and kissed it like I kissed her mouth.

“Oh, fuck my ass with your bursa merkez escort tongue, Shelby. Oh, PLEASE!” Adian cried.

I licked my tongue around her hole and poked the tip of it into her hole as her ass hole began to spasm.

“She has such a pretty little ass, doesn’t she?” I asked Mr. Collin.

“You don’t just expect me to just watch, do you?!” Mr. Collin whispered hoarsely. I looked over to see his cock at full attention, and very impressive in its size.

“Would you like a little taste of that smooth pussy, Mr. Collin?” Without replying, he bent in to lick her wet pussy lips and I leaned in to lick her wet asshole.

“Shelby, I think our lunch hour is over and you said we can’t ‘play’ on company time, remember?” Adian said with a hint of humor in her voice.

“Fuck the lunch hour,” Mr. Collin rasped. “Consider this time on the clock as a mandatory company meeting!”

I wetted Adian’s ass with my saliva and sat back in my chair. “It’s a pretty impressive cock, Adian. I think you’d love to get fucked up the ass with it.”

“Mmm, love a hard cock in my ass,” Adian panted “but I want to lick your pussy as he fucks me. Sit on my face-please, Shelby?”

I got up out of my chair and ran my fingers up her thighs. “Turn over, dear, and lay on your back.”

Adian turned around and lay with her back on my desk, her long black hair hanging over the edge as I climbed on my desk, placing my knees on each side of her head.

Mr. Collin pushed the chair away from the other side of the desk as I pulled Adian’s legs in the air to give him full view-and access-to her pussy and ass. I squatted down so Adian’s tongue could do its charm on my clit as I watched him push his cock into her pussy a few times to get it wet and then push it slowly into her asshole.

“oh, YES,” I heard Adian’s muffled voice from the depths of my pussy as Mr. Collins pushed the head of his cock inside her ass hole. His eyes were watching Adian’s tongue slither along my pussy lips as he slowly pushed his cock completely into Adian’s ass; my pussy was so wet watching him fuck her, I could feel my juices dripping into Adian’s mouth. Her hot, wet mouth covered my pussy and then her tongue reached out to lick all around and over my clit. The feeling was wonderful!

Mr. Collins began to rub her pussy and clit and he inserted two fingers deep in her pussy as his cock stroked her ass.

“Oh, fuck that feels so good!” Adian’s muffled voice came up from my pussy and as Mr. Collin pushed his cock harder and faster up her ass, she wrapped her hands around my ass to bring my pussy closer to her face as she lapped her oh-so-wet tongue over my clit and sucked the juices from my cunt. I was smothering her face with my pussy, trying to get her entire tongue up my pussy as I watched Mr. Collin push his dick into her ass faster and faster. Her tongue was all over my pussy and I felt my boobs bouncing as I pushed my pussy up and down to meet her tongue.

I felt her mouth encircle my clit and suck it gently…and then harder…and I began to spasm into her beautiful mouth as I saw Mr. Collin push his cock in her ass and throw his head back as he came in Adian’s ass.

“Ahhhh,” he cried as he came. At the same time, Adian’s whole body began to spasm and I could feel the waves come over me as my pussy spasmed around her tongue, my toes curling and chills running down my spine. Her whole mouth covered my pussy, her hands pulling my ass to her as I creamed into her face, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. I bent over her body to kiss her mound as I watched Mr. Collin slowly withdraw his cock from Adian’s ass.

He shook his cock a couple of times and the last remaining cum flew through the air before he tucked his penis back into his pants.

“Ladies, “he said without a stain or a wrinkle in his silk suit, “it’s been a pleasure.”

He walked to the door and looked back before shutting it to get a last view of Adian’s tongue sliding over my wet pussy lips and my mouth on her mound.

“If I didn’t have a meeting in ten minutes, I’d want to carry this one on,” he said as he closed and LOCKED the door to my office.

I assumed that was permission to continue THIS meeting-which we did-for the rest of the day.

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